1907 Colonial Revival – Albion, NY

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106 W Park St, Albion, NY 14411

  • $32,900
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3044 Sq Ft
WOW- Opportunity is knocking.... 3000sf for $39,900!! Spend your money on bringing this 5 bedroom home back to life... Giant kitchen w/ 1st floor laundry, HUGE rooms, Stunning woodwork with pocket doos, leaded glass, 1st forr den / office / library. Full walk up attice could add more space. corner lot & close to everything. MUST SEE...
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Andrew Kachaylo, RE/MAX
(585) 346-3700

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43 Comments on 1907 Colonial Revival – Albion, NY

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12133 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks CharlesB for sharing!

  2. MarjaS says: 1 comments

    Be still my heart, this house is AMAZING!!!!! So much potential. You could totally restore it and add a chef’s kitchen and have $$ leftover in the bank. Love it. The woodwork and built-ins are show-stoppers.

  3. CharlesB says: 479 comments

    Albion is at the center of the ‘Fruit Belt’ south of Lake Ontario, and consistently has the warmest winter temperatures in the entire state north of the Tappan Zee Bridge. On top of that it is practically a museum of amazing late-19th-century architecture.

    Here’s a 1909 postcard that shows the house has retained much of its integrity:


    • JimHJimH says: 5269 comments
      OHD Supporter

      CharlesB, thanks for the house and postcard!

      The longtime County Historian did the write-up on this Baptist parsonage for the state survey in 1979. He said the house is “an ugly concoction”, the dormers “too heavy”, and the lower Palladian windows “pretentious”, “out of place and overly contrived.” He did concede that “this Colonial Revival house is well built, using expensive materials with great care for detail,” but the brick and Medina sandstone exterior is “not overly appealing”, and overall the house is “not attractive, inviting or bordering on the beautiful.”

      This fellow is an ardent preservationist who has published a few books on local architecture. It may not be the prettiest house ever built, but his assessment seems oddly harsh.

      • CharlesB says: 479 comments

        Whoa–Never saw a state inventory description that was quite so subjective! American architects in that era of John Philip Sousa marches were designing bold and brassy interpretations of Colonial precedents, not slavish Williamsburg reproductions like they did in the 1970s. This place is a bit in-your-face–perhaps remarkably so as the home of a staid Protestant clergyman–but I see it as a rollicking tour-de-force that celebrates the promise of the new 20th century, American wealth and know-how, and those superb building materials like that Roman brick with the subtle contrast of that quarry-faced sandstone. For me the design has sublime majesty, especially with the cream paint job and red roof shown in the old postcard. And without those ‘too-heavy’ dormers the architectural composition loses its power.

        • JimHJimH says: 5269 comments
          OHD Supporter

          Good response to the critique, CharlesB! I think that the man just doesn’t appreciate the style, which isn’t as quaint as his beloved Cobblestone Greek Revivals. As you say, the design is bold and expressive, and intentionally so, although it’s hardly outlandish or pretentious. I have to admit that Colonial Revival has never been my favorite style but it’s grown on me because of impressive houses like this one.

      • CharlestonJohn says: 1091 comments

        You’d think he was describing a 2005 McMansion. It’s no Villa Cornaro, but he really is being harsh.

  4. CoraCora says: 2059 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN


    What a STEAL!

    Isn’t she gorgeous??

  5. Kenneth Wise says: 2 comments

    WOW what a beautiful home now this is my dream home.

  6. says: 8 comments

    Wondering if the entire heating and plumbing system is missing, or the roof. Otherwise even for the location this price is low. Beautiful house!

    • Cathy F. says: 2260 comments

      I was thinking basically the same thing, re: okay, does it need a whole lotta plumbing &/or electrical work? Because this house is really something for the asking price; even given the spiffing up it needs, it’s a bargain! The bottom portion of that one leaded glass window needs help… looks to be sagging, to me. But worth saving!

      • Michael Mackin says: 2860 comments

        I saw the sagging stain glass window as well. It’s crying out……save me! I’m beautiful and worth saving! Quite a lot of house for the money in my opinion.

  7. Kenneth Wise says: 2 comments

    WOW what a beautiful home now this is my dream home

  8. Clarice says: 1 comments

    In love ?

  9. Polly says: 6 comments

    I live in Galveston, Texas. A house in this condition would sell for around $600,000. Prices have gone through the roof here. Unless there’s something terribly wrong that I’m not seeing in the pictures, this house should be worth a lot more.

  10. Tommy Q says: 445 comments

    Well there’s a biker club to the north and a rendering plant to the,er, uh… house is in what appears to bee a wonderful neighborhood of older homes. Why so cheap??? Polar bears?

  11. Richard Kennedy says: 21 comments

    Short sale perhaps?

  12. LisaLou says: 99 comments

    It looks like you could live there while you work on it. But,,,,,what is wrong? Besides being beautiful, it must have something wrong with this house for it to be this price. I would love to own and live in a home like this.

  13. RossRoss says: 2410 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS




    $39K…for this? THIS?

    Geez. Wow. Zounds. Golly.

    I am quite gobsmacked.

  14. Marige says: 6 comments

    Western NY state is a pretty low-priced market; much lower than the eastern portion. I had family who lived in the Finger Lakes district and I was always amazed at the prices of houses there. So don’t assume there’s some major defect in it. The only “defect” (which I don’t consider a defect) is that it a very rural area. But… there is not a lot of big industry there, either. Thus, the housing market is low.

    • Patrick Connelly says: 7 comments

      You are right. I have a summer home in the Finger Lakes that needs a complete restoration but was only 40k. Many nice Victorians only in the $100k range. Beautiful area in the summertime.

  15. Lissie says: 235 comments

    What a great price! Restoration is the thing to do. Love it.

  16. KD says: 13 comments

    The ceiling is hanging in the one picture opposite the stairs. I am sure it needs more than what we see.

    • Cathy F. says: 2260 comments

      That looks (to me) to be either peeling paint or wallpaper. I’m thinking more along the lines of possible plumbing, HVAC, &/or electrical work…

  17. DianeEG says: 558 comments

    Kelly, you spent your Labor Day finding some great buys. Today’s homes are sure to appeal to the buyers who don’t mind doing hard restoration work. Good asking prices and loads of potential

  18. Glorybe says: 133 comments

    I live about an hour south of Buffalo, New York and have I’m looking for our dream house and maybe this is the one!
    I sure don’t want a project that takes forever, but The Price is Right.
    Hopefully, my husband is up for the challenge…
    Thank you old house dream friends. I love your comments and I learned so much from you about old houses!

  19. velvetdamour says: 1 comments

    I have a cottage in Waterport which is just nearby, but I live in Paris and I can tell you that this area is soooo bucolic, its literally like living in a Forest Gump movie,lol Total steal and its a stunning area. You are close enough to Rochester, Buffalo and even Toronto that should you yearn for a less rural flavor you can do so in an hour or two.

  20. Lauren says: 3 comments

    Oh my gosh! Not only is the house gorgeous, look at the Google Street View and see the churches next to it. WOW!!

  21. At this price?!?! This “lil'” Honey is a sweet, sweet deal! The built-ins, pocket doors, windows, staircase, fireplaces, and tile floor – I love him/her!
    If only my bones, joints, well, everything wasn’t saying, “Move south, “young” man!” – central IN has more than enough cold for me.

  22. Scott Cunningham says: 393 comments

    That is a LOT of house for the price. Obviously the issue is that its in a remote area of upstate NY (and in the snow belt!!) but that still doesn’t offset this being a huge opportunity. The main issue is its location. Its in a high tax/low prosperity area, and that won’t change. You either show up with your money to renovate it (because you probably won’t find many decent paying jobs in this area), or you arrive with some sort of work-from-home or remote/online job that is geographically independent of the parent company.

    In any case, a huge opportunity. Many cosmetic issues, but the bis stuff (structure, HVAC, plumbing, electrical) all appears sound.

  23. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 1066 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Is there some hidden secret about this house? Is it a bad area? What’s the deal with the price?!! This is absolutely beautiful. Adding to my favorites! Gees if we lived there we’d snap it up.

  24. GoddessOdd says: 340 comments

    Like many others, I think this beautiful house looks too good to be true. My guess is that taxes are thru the roof… but even so, at this price…

    Zillow says it sold on 5/3/07 for 63.5k. That is quite a price drop in ten years. I think there more to the story. I think the tax assessment is 69k

  25. Dave says: 11 comments

    I live 10 Minutes west of Albion in Medina, NY. Albion has seen better days. There is a state prison there which has had a profound impact (negative) on the community. The crime rate is relatively high for a rural community. It is a farming community with a lot of migrant workers and the economy is struggling. With that said, there are a lot of grand older homes left in this village. This one is definitely a steal, even given the location. Taxes are high in this area though, but for under $40K – think of what an estate you can have with just some TLC.

  26. Sean Lowry says: 25 comments

    I looked around the area and never saw so many churches gathered so close. It is like almost every corner has a church! Most of the buildings in the adjoining area heading down to center of town are brick and stone as is this home. I think with a little hard work it could shine.

  27. Susan R Oschmann says: 2 comments

    We are just awaiting our closing date to roll up our sleeves and breathe some life back into her. We are completely in love…..

    Love seeing all of these comments.

  28. susanoschmannsusanoschmann says: 2 comments
    1907 Revival
    Albion, NY

    Soooo we closed in January 2018. We moved in before we restored the electric, water, plumbing. We took showers at a local marina. We used our boat port a potty. We used flashlights. We had friendly bats from the attic, we had enormous amount of junk left behind in the attic. We removed the entire roof and structure, all new pex and PVC plumbing, all new electric service, removed all the wallpaper (3 layers, by hand) and completely new kitchen and sliding door ….. still purchase price 25k. We are still ahead of the game. Hovering under 72k to date. I wish I could show you all pictures now. This home has spoken to me since day one. Not even one tired minute made me think that we had made a mistake. IT’S HOME AND WE LOVE EVERY INCH OF HER.

  29. LUCINDA HOWARDLUCINDA HOWARD says: 246 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I had raccoons in the attic of our 1909 Dutch Colonial They left a lot of poop.
    I wish you would post pics. It is so fun to hear from someone who as purchased one of the homes Kelly posted. Thank you

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