c. 1890 Queen Anne – Natchez, MS

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201 Arlington Ave, Natchez, MS 39120

  • $154,000
  • Foreclosure
  • 5 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 4100 Sq Ft
  • 0.45 Ac.
This 1900 Victorian construction sits at corner of State Street and Arlington Ave. Wrap around porches at front and 2nd story rear, white picket fence, enormous oaks, and guest house create wonderful curb appeal. The 5 bedrooms, formal dining, kitchen with island, living room, and 3 bathrooms enjoy wood flooring throughout. The stained glass near front door and staircase is beautiful.
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Cameron Smith, Betsy Smith Properties,
(601) 833-6305

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16 Comments on c. 1890 Queen Anne – Natchez, MS

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  1. Bethany Otto says: 3324 comments

    That is one of the most interesting light fixtures I’ve ever ever seen!

  2. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    The house is a good reason to study up on photography. I would have thought this one would have had a TON of comments, looking at the exterior from Google street view, it’s amazing!

    Although the inside is painted, if it had better photography I think more people would be going WOW especially how low in price it is. But instead of what might be awesome about this place, it’s about the weird things, which I’m not calling anyone out, it’s just an observation. 🙂

    • lb says: 2 comments

      I think probably we were expecting more of the inside, I know I was, just because of the amazing outside and by more I mean less reno’s and more of the authentic structure like the kitchen counters ,etc Oh well cant win them all right ! : )

  3. Adele says: 18 comments

    Wow I love this house. It might needs some cosmetic changes on he inside but that’s easily done with some paint. Other than that, change a light fixture, remove the lattice from the bathroom and a smaller/more proportional island in the kitchen – this is a beauty!

  4. DianeEG says: 540 comments

    I think foreclosures of these big old homes points up the huge personal and financial investment that it takes to maintain – let along bring back to it’s original beauty and historical integrity. Although I suppose some foreclosures may be well deserved, but I just imagine the sadness of loosing one of these old homes. (BTW – I agree there are a lot of beautiful parts of this home that could have been photographed. Although I would have missed staring at the pink floral light fixture crafting extravaganza.)

  5. Mary Panzer says: 5 comments

    It’s a little “purpl-y” but, hey, you can do a lot with some well chosen paint. If it were only lighter it would be beautiful!

  6. Denise A says: 28 comments

    This home has plenty of potential. Love the beautiful staircase and stained glass. The floors look to be in good condition as well. Claw foot tub added bonus! In my opinion it just needs some paint and some love!

  7. Mary boyles says: 1 comments

    Beautiful house!

  8. Michelle McVay says: 1 comments

    The exterior of this home is beautiful!! The interior most definitely needs work. With the right buyers & a keen & creative eye this will hopefully be brought back to it’s original beauty!!

  9. Mike says: 15 comments

    I was in this house twice two years ago. It first came on the market at $300,000, then dropped to $200,000, and then taken off the market. It’s back again and quite affordable. The house is lovely inside. Yes, the floors are in great shape, and it’s big and roomy. The woodwork upstairs has never been painted, and the bedrooms are large. I don’t know why someone didn’t use a flash attachment when taking pictures. These photos don’t show the rich woodwork and the roominess of the bedrooms. The bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. Someone told me that it had been used as a bed and breakfast for a short time, and the bathroom additions looked as if that were the case. Just added into rooms with very little thought as to where they should have been placed, if at all. The drawback is the tiny, tiny yard. This is typical of Natchez. I have shopped there for a home for years, and the homes are large and well-appointed, but they sit on a postage-stamp size lot, leaving in many cases, not even a place to park your car. Lots of home owners have to park in the street. Many lots in Natchez are only 50 feet wide, but this house actually sits on two lots, making, if I am not mistaken, a lot twice that wide. With houses crammed so close together, there is no room for shade trees. The shade trees here at this house are beautiful live oaks, but they are on the “parkway,” that small area between the sidewalk and the street, which is city property. Fortunately, Natchez does not cut down trees like many cities and towns, so you do get the shade from these two live oaks out front. The shingles are actually the original metal shingles installed when the house was built, and may need some repair, although I did not see any evidence of leaking. Yes, that mauve/purple/wine color runs throughout the downstairs and is too much. I would also bet that the outside of the house was not originally mauve/purple/wine.

  10. Teri R says: 290 comments

    Charming! Nice proportions to the rooms! Love the large windows!

  11. Jamie K says: 23 comments

    I always say this in my comments but it is 100% about the quality of the pictures! The privacy lattice in the bathroom cracks me up too. Someone could be bathing and another doing their business and neither one would know right?

  12. 2ChihuahuaMom2ChihuahuaMom says: 41 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1944 Cottage
    Bagdad, FL

    Three words, photography, photography, photography. From what can see the house is lovely. Just better color choices, little spit and polish, be a show stopper again.

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