1932 – Eddy, TX – $79,900

Off Market / Archived From 2017
Posted in 2017. Sold status unknown.
Added to OHD on 7/17/17 - Last OHD Update: 2/14/18 - 53 Comments
701 W 3RD St, Eddy, TX 76524

Map: Street View









Historic Home ready for Investors! 3 bdrms & 2 Full Baths. Elegant Living Area with Fireplace, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast Nook off of kitchen, and Sunroom. 1 Car Det Gar. w/att storage room. The house also features large front and back porches. This amazing double lot features an English Type garden with lush landscaping, Gazebo, and Topiaries. This house has so much charm and character! Buyer's must provide preapproval letter for conventional financing only prior to showing. House needs major leveling.
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Pam Tucker, Coldwell Banker      (254) 776-0000
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53 Comments on 1932 – Eddy, TX – $79,900

  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 7764 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I’m seriously going to build our shed to look like a mausoleum. That way when someone asks, “Is that someones grave?”
    “No, it’s where we keep the lawnmower and shovels.”

    Thanks Julles for sharing. The interior of this was unexpected!

  2. Bev H. says: 18 comments

    How charming! I hope someone buys it and can do the leveling work.

  3. Christine says: 8 comments

    I was seriously thinking that was a mausoleum! Lol still cool though. Love this house!

  4. Monica Longer says: 2 comments

    I honestly love ❤ that green bathroom!

  5. Julie says: 2 comments

    What a delightful house!

  6. Debii J says: 2 comments

    Interesting details. It was quite the house in it’s heyday. Hope next owner considers historic details when upgrading.

  7. SueSue says: 1196 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Correct me if I am wrong but the cost of leveling a house is around 10,000 dollars. Why wouldn’t you buy this house? It’s wonderful.

    • Suzyq says: 40 comments

      The foundation work is major. They have estimated and you are looking around $35,000 to fix. Great house.

    • GloriaH says: 55 comments

      Even finding someone who can do the work correctly, especially in rural areas, can really be difficult. I tried to put in an offer on a home and could not get someone to even come and look at it so I could have a clue how much work was really needed. Foundation work has always been my #1 reason to pass on a home. I can’t imagine anyone could get a conventional loan prior to the work being completed.

  8. Pacific Northwest Girl says: 6 comments

    Haha, that is the most wonderful tool shed I’ve ever seen!! I wonder if that is it’s original intended purpose? The interior of this is lovely….I love the half of the kitchen pictured, next to a sitting room area. Pretty.

  9. peeweebcpeeweebc says: 451 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Whoa didn’t see that coming. How delightful ! That mausoleum/potting shed/folly/guest cottage is cool as heck. Love this.

  10. voss99 says: 4 comments

    this house is just oozing with potential!!!!!

  11. kmmoore says: 163 comments
    Weatherford , TX

    I adore this house!

  12. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1254 comments

    Well, that interior was a surprise! And the mausoleum/folly toolshed or whatever it is… hilarious!

  13. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 232 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    Do you think the interior decoration has always been so “bourgeois”? It so doesn’t match the outside look of the house…

    • CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 650 comments

      That’s a good question. The exterior has many Classical/ Colonial Revival elements such as the corner pilasters, the classical front entrance and window lintels, and the fluted porch posts. These match the interior details such like the Colonial Revival fireplace, door and window casings, and crown molding. The wallpaper is what I doubt. Someone who is an expert on papers can identify the whats and whens, but I have a feeling most of it was a later addition that changed the interior feel quite a bit. Having said that, I love the feel of this place.

      • Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 232 comments

        Thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I was meaning: wallpaper and drapery

  14. Coni57 says: 9 comments

    Love it! I got jack and plenty of bricks and blocks!

  15. Retha says: 1 comments

    Totally would live here!!!

  16. Anne Hamilton says: 120 comments

    What a charming, beautiful, home with wonderful interior, full of light and details! Just georgeous! Leveling cost will depend on why it sank, if it’s termited understructure, (support beams or sill plates) then those will need replacing/sistering with new supports, which can add to the cost.Leveling with jacks under the home is not expensive, rebuilding any of the foundation support could be expensive, just all depends on the issues which made it sink in the first place. Getting concentional financing for a home with major issues is a challenge, but would be well worth it for this beauty! Interesting that they want pre-approval for conv. financing, should tell a buyer something!

  17. VMaloney says: 61 comments

    This house has so much character, love it!

  18. Jill says: 1 comments

    I want to move there today…very surprised by this one~

  19. Gina Hill says: 33 comments

    Wonderful house! I would love a project like that!

  20. kathy stokes-phillips says: 175 comments

    this home is just weird enuff that i love it, ha

  21. mschris32 says: 72 comments

    This quirky little place is one of my all-time favorites on OHD. From the mini mausoleum to the funky wallpapered bathroom, this house has a charm all its own. Absolutely wonderful potential for a cottage garden, which is probably where I’d start….while the house levelers are doing their leveling. 🙂

  22. MonChiChiPox says: 181 comments

    This is one of those optical illusion houses. It shouldn’t be that spacious inside. It has everything to love about it. I’m normally extremely picky about the grounds. Probably more picky about that than anything. Here I would keep it the way it is. I’d even keep Grant’s Tomb. All it would need is the pool in the back. Unfortunately people who want to take on a leveling project are going to be few and far between. Especially since the seller seems to want to make it difficult to get info or a viewing and that’s a shame.

    The phrase gets tossed around here a lot but this truly is one of my favorites.

  23. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 673 comments

    I also laughed with delight at the “temple folly” garden shed!

    And man, what an interesting bathroom, opening onto a porch! I can’t tell if that green bath and the green rooms with the bookcases, settee and fireplace are part of an attic suite? Well, I think it’s imaginatively done, and quite charming.

    If this were my house, I would faux-tent the walls of that bath with fabric.

    And as is often the case with these lovely old homes, I would be just as content to live in that cute garage.

  24. oli says: 57 comments

    Since its an English garden, wouldn’t the “mausoleum” shed be indeed a folly?
    I love it, but would strip all the wallpaper out – love the feel in the porch room.

  25. NonaKNonaK says: 43 comments

    This house is everything I don’t like, mainly painted woodwork and wallpaper. But for some reason, I want to move right in and not change a thing! Maybe it’s a good thing the commute to Austin is a bit to far, this is very tempting. Of course, would need to get the deets on the foundation. Very charming house.

    • Bev H. says: 18 comments

      Yes! I usually see painted woodwork and most wallpapers and don’t like it, but something about this house is so delightful and works.

  26. Laurie W. says: 1310 comments

    I liked this house when Julles put it up over the weekend & looking again, like it even more. It is just so charming. Anne Hamilton’s comment is interesting: maybe they’ve been burned by an offer without solid financing. The house is priced to account for costs associated with the work it needs, I would think almost whatever they amount to. Even if someone put 100K or more into it, I can’t think it would be wasted. Eddy is part of Waco metro district, within easy commuting distance. Without knowing the r.e. situation there, I’d hazard a guess fixing this cool place would pay off, both financially and definitely in happiness.

  27. Dreamin' says: 2 comments

    I’m soooo in love with this house! Wow.

  28. Delynn Coronado says: 14 comments

    I would love to see this home! But getting preapproval without knowing what needs to be done to it seems a bit odd to me! We’ve been looking for something just like this for a while now and here it is! In the right area also!

  29. Warbon says: 98 comments

    Could the mausoleum/potting shed have been an old fashioned tea house? It looks a little too decorative on the inside to just be a potting shed. They’ve tried to replicate an English garden, so it would make sense that they would build an English tea house. Just my thoughts on the matter. I loved that house and I’m not sure I would change a thing, except to refinish some of the floors. The upper level was to die for with it’s originality and off-the-wall design choices. I was just simply enchanted with the whole property.

  30. dkzody says: 190 comments

    Such a charming interior, and the yard is just amazing. I too love the folly. It’s perfect with this house.

  31. JJ says: 94 comments

    Maybe it was a mausoleum and it was converted to a tool shed. 😃 Yeah, OK, probably not. But that’s exactly what I thought it was, too!

    Boy, the quiet exterior does not prepare you for the opulence and space inside. I prefer the simple space of the foyer and what looks like a sunporch, though. I do hope someone can do the work needed and bring this home back to it’s roots.

    Kelly, we’ll be waiting for pictures of your mauseleum/toolshed!

  32. Agusta says: 59 comments

    Really a lovely home.

  33. JimHJimH says: 3220 comments
    OHD Supporter

    There’s a landmark house down the street from 1910 with similar massing but Craftsman style by Waco architect R.E. Lane. I wouldn’t be surprised if he designed this house years later. The Classical detail here is pretty elaborate for a modest rural house, and the garden temple is awesome!

  34. Barrie Page Hill says: 1 comments

    I want this house!

  35. jennifer mosier says: 12 comments

    what an amazing home ! Do so hope someone has the money to level/repair what is needed. I wouldn’t do much to the inside, beautiful – the grounds need some tlc and would be wonderful to work on, this is my favorite home !

  36. Brendan says: 68 comments

    Does it come with the awesome furniture?

  37. Dee says: 9 comments

    In TX, it’s state law that the foundation has to be fixed before a house can be sold.
    I had foundationissues on my 1970’s house in Carrollton due to the crap soil there and the foundation companies usually cut you adeal and agree to do the work beforehand once you get a signed contract and then they get paid out of the proceeds. It’s a win win for most as the seller isn’t forking out the money in advance and the buyer isn’t stuck trying to find a company to fix it afterwards, and the company gets paid with no hassles once the house closes.

  38. Wade Clark says: 6 comments

    “The house needs major leveling” I read that 3 times before it clicked that it needed foundation work! I thought, “Why would they doze this house?” And I used to put foundations on old houses for a living! Then I looked at the pictures. Love it! Glad I read it wrong!

  39. Anne Hamilton says: 120 comments

    Dee, that is very interesting info, thanks for that! Would explain why someone CAN get pre approval/financing even with foundation issues. What a great opportunity then for anyone who wants to purchase this beauty! Thanks much, that was priceless info!

  40. Glenn Hahn says: 35 comments

    I once moved a home to a new location (it was going to be torn down as part of a TIF redevelopment) Foundation work is expensive. In this case they had dudg the hole, moved the house over the hole, raised it on supports and then built the foundation up to n=meet the house and when the foundation cured lowered the house onto it. Would never do it again unless I had unlimimted time and resources. Whatever you think it will cost, you can pretty much double it…I would almost say add a zero…. you will end up doing all new utilities anyway…and then of course new plumbing….it never ends. Got that house for $1000, I sold it a few years later at around $170K and was just a little over breakeven. My estimates/and budgets projected about a $50K equity. Lots of stuff can go wrong (the lift shifted the roof causing leaks, resulting in a tearoff and redo etc) Plan for the worse and add a cushion.

  41. Lars says: 1 comments

    I just looked into this property and it has several major issues.
    Foundation Pears have settled were it has thrown everything out of square.
    Asking price is way to much for work that is needed.

  42. Bethster says: 469 comments

    It’s too bad there are major issues with the house that need to be addressed. This is one of the most beautiful properties I’ve seen on OHD. I like “messier” bushes, myself, but overall, it’s such a lush, serene setting. I like the house from the outside but it’s really not my taste inside. I do like the green porch, though.

  43. Les says: 1 comments

    Those must be old pictures, I drove by there today and it is in really bad shape. The one car garage had completely collapsed and part of the flashing was hanging off of the house.

  44. Bev says: 9 comments

    Am I the only one that finds this house a little creepy? It seems like a movie set for Rebecca or The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Seems over the top formal.

  45. MarthAllenaMarthAllena says: 76 comments

    So lovely and surprising


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