1890 – Eldora, IA

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1003 Edgington Ave, Eldora, IA 50627

  • $46,500
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2956 Sq Ft
  • 0.31 Ac.
Large 4-bedroom historical home close to downtown has charm galore! Original woodwork and two sets of stair to second floor are unique features. This has the potential to be a unique bed and breakfast property.
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Leon Herndon, Leonard Realty,
(641) 858-5555
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48 Comments on 1890 – Eldora, IA

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  1. SeanSean says: 158 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    LOVE the exterior! The dark colors, the details, the silhouette and massing, the brick… perfect for my own little haunted house that I’ve always dreamed of.

    But those interiors! It would take some work to bring things back – I assume that’s one of the reasons the asking price is so low. I just pray most of the old details are hiding behind the tacked on false walls and drop ceilings.

    Even with the unfortunate interiors, that exterior has my heart going pitty-pat.

    • Drumdude says: 1 comments

      My son just bought this house and all the crown molding is still in tact!! HUGE beautiful crown mold!

  2. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12203 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    A combo of Stick and Queen Anne. (I hate having to figure out WHAT styles these homes when they hover over two or more styles.)

    It’s got such a cool, unique exterior! Would be fun to back date and bring back to life.

    • John Shiflet says: 5527 comments

      “Eclectic” or hybrid of styles are always safe terms to use when two or more styles are present in the same house. Back in the day, architectural writers and critics often had problems categorizing newly built homes into specific styles. They could have asked the architects themselves about the style but apparently, seldom did. (there was no Facebook in 1880)
      As for this house, I quite often see the term “diamond in the rough” used to describe some homes but that seems more apt here than for most. The best period details appear to remain and who could argue with the bargain price. I see potential in this one.

  3. Ross says: 2412 comments

    The. Poor. Dear.

    • Paul Price says: 194 comments

      I just about spewed my healthy water out of my mouth, Ross! I would just thinking Herman and Lily Munster would be moving into this little place and gothing it up a bit. —-And, Ross was quoting what they would say about their niece Marilyn…”The Poor Dear”.

  4. ChezMoi says: 3 comments

    Can anyone offer an explanation as to why a disproportionately high number of historic homes is located on corner lots? It’s uncanny. Did they originally have the land around them, subsequently sold off for subdivisions?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12203 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I don’t think that’s true at all about corner lots. I’ve posted plenty that are not, probably more so.

      • ChezMoi says: 3 comments

        Yes, of course, there are more houses in the middle of a block than at the ends so the immediate thought is that it doesn’t make sense, but I would not have asked the question if I hadn’t noticed a pattern over a period of many months. Looking back at the grand old homes featured, you will be surprised by the frequency of corner properties.

    • MajolicaDavid says: 54 comments

      ChezMoi I read in several place that the corner lot was considered the best spot on the block.The Victorians want to to display their fine homes and in such a corner gave them that.In my hometown the biggest finest older homes are only on the corner lots.

    • Tommy Q says: 445 comments

      Corner lots were often more expensive and the grander neighborhood homes tended to be built there. Those homes had a chance to be saved when the wrecking ball came around. At least that has been my experience.

  5. MELINDA KARAM says: 3 comments

    I drive by this house everyday. I love it!!!!

    • says: 167 comments

      What do you know about the old house on the corner next door?

      • Kris says: 1 comments

        A couple lives in it. Extensive hail damage from 2009. Would assume it needs a lot of TLC!!

  6. says: 167 comments

    There is an old folk Victorian house next door to this one that
    I like.

  7. James Boots says: 8 comments

    I’m surprised there are no pictures of either staircase since the realtor made a point of mentioning them in the listing. I would love to see more interior photos…

  8. Teri R says: 276 comments

    Sweet, dear house. Seems priced to sell. A visionary person could make a home again with this pretty one.

  9. Veronica says: 1 comments

    This home deserves to be returned to the beauty of her original era.
    All modern updates need to be removed.

  10. hearsetrax says: 241 comments

    be still my heart,love the exterior
    but the interior needs serious attention

    but I agree this would make for interesting place to haunt …
    wishes it was on a slightly bigger lot thought :-\

  11. CharlestonJohn says: 1089 comments

    Tons of beautiful exterior detail for less than my neighbor paid for a Ford pickup truck. How about those gable ends, that roof cresting, and a gold spire on a porch gazebo? There aren’t enough pics to tell how much work the interior really needs. Removing the drop tile ceiling and the carpet would make an immense difference. Who know what you find underneath, but based on the exterior, it’s likely worth restoring.

  12. Jaylena says: 4 comments

    I see old charm and beauty to be re born in this house.I love the built in cupboard. The neighborhood is the downside to this one. 🙁

  13. Matilda says: 4 comments

    I wonder what is hiding umerneath those carpets..

  14. Marc says: 248 comments

    One of the best exteriors I’ve seen. It looks like that gabled structure over the front door used to be an open porch. It’s right next to the fire station, which is great for insurance and impromptu disco parties at 3am. I lived across the street from a fire station once; I grew to find the flashing lights in my windows comforting.

  15. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 248 comments

    Someone has really messed with the interior, but the exterior is wonderful. Wish I could fix “the poor dear”.

  16. Gretchen says: 1 comments

    All I can say is wow! What a grand old house!

  17. Janet Vodder says: 156 comments

    House looks bigger to me than the sq footage mentioned. House is GREAT for the price!!!! Corner lots are always the most desirable….still are!

  18. jb says: 95 comments

    A beautiful place awaiting someone to come home and expose the ceilings and walls as they were originally intended to be exposed. Some finagling of those fireplaces and a “little more work” and this place could be an awesome home. The kitchen seems like a nice size as well w/ cupboards galore.

  19. ddbacker says: 487 comments

    Eldora. Wasn’t that the name of the mother/mother in law in “Bewitched”? Coincidence? Hmm.

  20. Carilyn says: 1 comments

    Is it still available? Willing to work now terms, payments?

  21. Bakermom says: 1 comments

    This house is a jewel in a jewel of a town. Close to the school close to parks. Deserves to be restored to it’s original glory. Should be on a HGTV show.

  22. SeanSean says: 158 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    Doing a little reading on Eldora, IA.

    It was the location of filming for the “Twister” movie, and one grand old Eastlake Victorian in town was one of the movie’s stars! Here’s a page about that house:

    Eldora has a wonderful Romanesque County Courthouse with a high tower overlooking the whole town. In May 2009, 10 blocks of downtown was officially designated as a historic district. A few months later in August 2009, the whole town was wrecked with a freak hailstorm. This caused a lot of rebuilding/restoration downtown and Eldora is proud of what they’ve done since. The town is named in honor of a resident’s dead infant daughter.


    • Dqueen says: 1 comments

      That house is actually not in town. Its about 5-6 miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere.

      • SeanSean says: 158 comments
        1928 Spanish Revival
        Long Beach, CA

        Thanks Dqueen! I did a search on the Folet Mansion (the Twister house) and after some hunting in Google satellite view I think I found it… though there are a lot of farmhouses spotted all over the area, and down Y Street where it is.

  23. James Boots says: 8 comments

    Did a little digging on the assessor’s website…
    House has been owned by the same couple since 1973. Assessed value of the property is $70,000. Definitely priced to sell…

    • Amy says: 4 comments

      It looks loved but maybe by people who didn’t have the money to put it back to original- as it does look livable for sure, and the woodwork…the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere would be plus for me. I hope someone gets it who will restore and love and appreciate it. Wish I had the money to do it.

  24. DreamOn says: 75 comments

    On Bewitched Samantha’s mother’s name was Endora. She’d fit in perfectly with this lovely and spooky old home!

  25. Michael Mackin says: 2948 comments

    It definitely has some curb appeal. I would like to see the porch post back to something period correct. It’s probably missing some ornamentation/brackets there also. It’s such a charming house and the price certainly is something that leaves you a lot to work with to get the interiors to what they should be.

  26. JJ says: 93 comments

    I agree that the interior was a bit of a disappointment after the incredible exterior. It makes sense that the same people have owned it since the 70’s. It was probably updated then, and nothing since. Definitely a 70’s vibe inside. I would love to restore this beauty to its original grandeur, which has always been my dream. Isn’t that why we are all here??

    As for those who are concerned about living next door to a fire department; there is a station on my street and it’s very comforting to know they are so close. And they are very good neighbors. When they have calls late at night they don’t use their sirens until they are out of the residential area. It would be well worth it to have this house next door to the fire department. Don’t let that stop you!

  27. Denise53 says: 28 comments

    It’s weird that several of the interior doors seem to have lost their door handles.

  28. Wow! This is one of those houses that reaches out and grabs me. I’ve looked the listing over several times, made all my mental plans for restoration, and even researched the town to learn more about its history. All I need now is a windfall in resources, and I’ll be on my way. I could easily see myself knee-deep in restoration dust while restoring her to her original grandeur.

  29. JimHJimH says: 5375 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Love the restored copper finial on the porch, but it’s an odd contrast to the raw lumber holding it up and the aluminum storm door. Maybe it will work magic in attracting a committed new owner, hopefully not one that will blow the restoration budget on a fancy new kitchen.

  30. Stacey says: 1 comments

    Needs lot of remodeling. Hopefully hardwood under those carpets, but price is right!

  31. Lottie says: 348 comments

    This gorgeous house has so much potential! I can’t get over the beautiful built-ins with the drawers and closet.
    I would feel very safe with the fire department next door.

  32. Ashley403 says: 76 comments

    Dqueen’s comment “That house is actually not in town. Its about 5-6 miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere” Must not have heard of Google Street View this beauty is not in the middle of nowhere. With this location you can see the tower of the beautiful courthouse and you are in between a funeral home to the left a couple of doors and the fire station to the right. In the mix are neighbors all around. I lived several years ago in Franklin Tennessee and were miles out of Franklin and could go weeks and not see another person except maybe the trash people or mail person. That is my definition of the middle of nowhere and is one of the main reasons, plus the flooding of the Harpeth river I sold and got out of there.I am glad to see sale pending hopefully in Eldora, IA there is not a big need of house flippers and it will be bought to be loved another at least 70 years.

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