1773 – Sutherlin, VA

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15125 River Rd, Sutherlin, VA 24594

  • 4 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 4000 Sq Ft
  • 2 Ac.
Carters Tavern is restored to it's old glory. The house is virtually unmolested with all of it's original features intact,such as wood floors, hand graining and marbleizing on the woodwork throughout. Every room you walk into on the 1st floor, including the grand parlor, then to the 2nd floor and onto the ball room on the 3rd floor is a special experience.Truly a stroll back in time. 3 zone heating & cooling. Featured in June 2014 issue of Early American Life. On National Register. Smoke House & Dariy barn.plus many other extras
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Max Sempowski, Hometown Realty
(434) 392-3212
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19 Comments on 1773 – Sutherlin, VA

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12224 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Cora for sharing!

  2. MW says: 923 comments

    Wow! Besides a couple of electric lights here and there, it looks straight out of a 250 yo time capsule.

    Cora, you are on a good roll. Keep it up! If this was in MD closer to family, I’d probably be making some phone calls.

  3. Tommy G says: 40 comments

    Simply stunning! I don’t have the right superlatives. THAT’S a preserved house.

  4. DenDen says: 94 comments

    I can’t even get over how perfect this is. This house is from my favorite period and this is so much why. I love every bit of it.

  5. Kimko says: 11 comments

    What a beauty!!

  6. CharlestonJohn says: 1089 comments

    The larger part appears to date to the Federal period probably built between 1807 and 1821. The smaller section is believed to predate the American Revolution. Some of the wood is the pics is really special.

    Link to NRHP listing…

  7. badkitty says: 10 comments

    This house has to have a family grave plot somewhere on the land—can I bet laid to rest there?

  8. Cora says: 2077 comments

    I don’t see any kitchen photos – as lovely as the rest of this is I’m wondering what it’s like?

    With the 3-zone climate control, and all the obvious work that has been done to preserve this so pristinely…the price seems low to me?

    It is absolutely lovely. I can tell that I would LOVE the current owners. They have some cool stuff.

  9. jb says: 95 comments

    Beautiful restoration! I could easily see my family and I living here. Very nice that some of the wood throughout the home was highlighted close-up in some of the pictures. Each room seemed very comfortable and “inviting”. As long as I could enjoy a roaring fire during any cold days or nights, I’d be a happy camper. Kudo’s to the current owners and how blessed the new owner’s will be, whomever they will be.

  10. Elisa Y says: 25 comments

    Wow! What a house! Thank you to the generations past who did not modernize the house but kept the integrity. That’s so rare. This one is a gem and if I had a job down there I’d wave a fast and furious goodbye to New Jersey!

    • Richard Morris says: 1 comments

      Thank you for all the kind comments. I’m the owner of Carter’s Tavern. Some one said something about the kitchen. If you look at the photo with the long table you can see a portion of the kitchen. That is the original tap room. We wanted to minimize the modern and used 200 yr old heart pine to create the cabinets and shelves. It is located on River Road which features several historic sights.

      • Cora says: 2077 comments

        Richard, your house is a true treasure. Thank you for caring for it and restoring it so thoughtfully. It’s like a dream!

      • Polished Hippy says: 57 comments

        Your work on this house is truly exceptional! I was in awe of the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and taste evident in all elements. And your furniture collection is no less spectacular.

  11. Karen says: 4 comments

    I get the magazine, Early American Life, and i’d recommend it to all of you in here. lots of fascinating articles, on houses, trades and crafts, food, on how people lived, way back when. I vaguely remember this home being featured.

    • JimHJimH says: 5391 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Thanks, Karen. The article summary says the owner is an architect who “revealed an astonishing array of original, untouched paint finishes”.

      A lot of credit should go to the couple who saved the “derelict, decaying” house from ruin in the 1970’s, and refrained from painting the interior. I’d love to see those Before photos.

      If featured on an HGTV show, the whole thing would be brightly painted before the first commercial!

  12. Jean Spencer says: 122 comments

    Curious if some of that wood has been grained, as in faux mahogany. If so, that would also be a rare and special historic feature. It was very popular in 18-19th centuries.

  13. says: 14 comments

    Wow really rustic!

  14. Will says: 59 comments

    A couple years ago I found a mantle in the county landfill very similar to the ones in this house. Maybe it’s a lot older than I first thought. It’s in amazingly good condition. Someone just tossed it into the wood pile, so I put it in my truck and took it home.

    This property is really amazing. Hats off to the owners.

  15. Tory says: 1 comments

    The owners did a spectacular job of restoring this house!

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