1873 – New Haven, CT – $448,000

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154 E Grand Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
  • $448,000
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 2.5
  • Sqft: 4355
  • Acres: 0.63
  • Map: Street View
When first built in 1876, the Victorian Gothic house was one of three show pieces that graced the highest ridge of Fair Haven Heights . The house was built by Dr. Mary Blair Moody, the first female to practice medicine in the New Haven area. In 1915, the house's second owner, Albert Haasis, a chemist and executive of the Dixon Pencil Company named the house "Chetstone." Passionate about art and horticulture, he kept lavish gardens replete with peacocks and filled the house with artwork, including an attic full of whimsical rabbit paintings, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. In its 138-year history, Chetstone has only had five owners and as a result has retained its architectural integrity and excellence: from its brownstone foundation and cistern pump in the cellar, to original trim, moldings, doors and working gas lamps throughout. Additional historic features include: double parlors with a pocket door, built in bookshelves, marble-topped vanities in three of its bedrooms, inlaid hard wood floors, a wrap-around porch replete with gothic detail, a tower room, two marble fire places (one fitted with an antique gas insert ) and a full-size, wood and rope elevator (still in working condition). Additional features include newly painted exterior, new boiler, radiant-heated floors in kitchen and bathrooms, "guest room" with en-suite bathroom, half bath on first floor, and a stunning kitchen with stainless steel appliances, original cabinetry and a second tea/coffee bar sink.
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Tony Nuzzo, Sotheby's Realty      (203) 605-5231
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61 Comments on 1873 – New Haven, CT – $448,000

    • Hello Kelly!

      Was this fascinating property on the market some time ago and just now re-posted?

      It seems familiar somehow…


  1. Remarkable Gothic beauty!!! I know it is getting more and more expensive to keep up these big beautiful homes, but I like to see them kept as personal homes instead of businesses or offices. But I would rather see them enjoyed and kept up and used as a business than to see them sit and deteriorate.

  2. I love it!
    But I’d go through get period wallpaper and strip away all the white paint.
    Or try to find period photos to restore it.
    nonetheless beautiful!

  3. Dear Gawd! This is Jeff heaven, no doubt.. Not really “Gothic”; this house is a classic Stick style MASTERPIECE. I mean – c’mon; WORKING cistern system, WORKING gas fixtures, WORKING manual elevator —- shivers — just too much! The bronze, siren, gas fixture is just TO DIE FOR! The MOST fabulous period kitchen EVER, and nicely updated. That port hole Zenith – OY! Yes there are problems, and maybe some bad choices, but who cares – lol.. Oh drool, slobber, hyperventilate.. More, more, I must have MORE pix…

  4. My husband’s first comment? “Couldn’t wait to shingle that one…”
    The man has no romance in his soul. He hasn’t shingled our house either and it is a four square hip house! circa 1916 We hire the shingling done.
    Positively love the whole house.

  5. There must of been some salesman that went through New England and had everyone put those awful cardboard ceilings in. You see them everywhere in the old houses in Maine. My house has them. It is the one thing we didn’t fix in this house.
    This is a beauty and an amazing price for CT. I can only guess it is priced so well because it need a new roof? or because it is in Hartford, a not so nice city. Either way it is just incredible.

  6. I think i commented on this one before, but wowzers. THIS is a house! I think this should be used as an example to convert others over to the Old House Club. And look. They didn’t even ruin the kitchen or bathroom! That attic space is wonderful. I can see it as a winter writing studio. With all sorts of cool and creepy antiques surrounding me as inspiration while i worked 😉

  7. I believe this is the first house I’ve looked at – and commented on – that I would not change a single thing. Well, I mean, I’d clean out the attic some, but that seating in that window? TO DIE FOR!

    I need to move to New Haven, apparently.

  8. This is one of my favorite houses on this site. As an Architect, and having seen many great old houses. This one is truly wonderful.

    • Oh my gosh! If you look at the attic pictures on the Chetstone for sale link you can tell that there are murals all over the walls of rabbits, trees, & things! Wow!

  9. You know the sound that Pete made when he heard the Sirens in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I made that sound when I saw this kitchen.

    • Ross, I just can’t resist…any estimates (both time and cost) simply to repaint this beauty? I am simply floored by the possibilities.

  10. This is a stunner! It seems for the past few years it wasn’t lived in, but rented out as a studio for artists, photographers, filmmakers, etc. Very interesting!

    It is certainly right down my alley. The neighborhood looks great too, as does the whole area looking at Google Earth & Streetview.

    It seems to have lots of good press in Connecticut too. I guess the folks renting her out as a studio kept her in a high profile.

    Truly beautiful!

    The FaceBook page for the house is very informative. Lots of excellent photos of the slate & copper roof restoration, and of the restoration of the back porch.

    I’m sold!!! (And I’m in lust!)

  11. A wonderful period marvel, and if someone wants to spend another half million restoring and furnishing it to period, God bless them!

  12. Wouldn’t change a single thing. Everything is tasteful, appropriate to the style and era, but also perfect for modern living.

    This is textbook old house, done to perfection.

  13. First off, I love the old photo with the residents of the home on the porch. That kitchen….I want to hug it! So beautiful!

  14. A house dreams were made for! Love everything about it! Please someone buy it and keep it a historic home!!!

  15. The light on the newel post made me gasp out loud! This house should be 3 times this price. Please God, don’t let any new owners run it.

    • just read the article about he historic preservation grants protecting this house for 20 years. Hooray!

  16. What a treasure! The kitchen, the bathrooms, the entry and oh the attic! Just beautiful!

  17. Beautiful! But I’m tellin’ ya, these folks are after my own heart. Upstairs room is a studio! *sigh* R-o-o-o-o-o-m to spread out. And if I’m not mistaken a gorgeous stained glass lamp just sittin there!

  18. I am in love with this house. It is just perfect. Time to buy another lottery ticket.

  19. Awesome house. What’s that pipe which is visually intrusive in the middle of the second pic?

  20. Jaw. Dropped. Incredible to see the historic photos and photos of today of the exterior, nothing has changed! Remarkable drawings in the attic. This house has character, no doubt about it. I would love to have the chance to explore inside…


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