c. 1900 – Franklin, NH

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38 Peabody Pl, Franklin, NH 03235

  • $200,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3506 Sq Ft
  • 1.3 Ac.
Contractors take notice!! Tons of period detail in great condition means you can create a real gem out of this historic home on the Winnipesaukee River. Start at the Carriage House with plenty of room for a large apartment. Enter into the grandeur of the huge hall and wide, sweeping staircase. The craftsmanship found here would be impossible to recreate today, with built-ins everywhere: pocket door to the living room, built-in glass cases, dining room china cabinet, butler's pantry lined with cabinets, leaded and stained glass windows, four fireplaces... there is even ...a private island - you have to come and see! This house has a scullery (large pantry behind the kitchen with appliances), back staircase with private bedroom and walk-in linen closet, dumbwaiter(!!) and finished third floor. Plenty of room for extended family, perfect for a B&B. Please come take a look. Worked needed certainly, but well worth it!
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48 Comments on c. 1900 – Franklin, NH

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11836 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Don’t be mad, I kind of like that kitchen wallpaper and the boys soldier wallpaper in the bedroom. Needs a heck of a lot of de-1970-fying. I kind of like the island feel it’s got going on (look at aerial view to see what I mean.)

    • says: 4 comments

      I’m not alone!!! šŸ™‚
      I’ll take that wallpaper any day over some stainless steel and granite.

    • Vicki says: 51 comments

      Hilarious! I hate wallpaper — like with a passion I hate wallpaper, so this place makes me want to run and scream. :-} Love the woodwork, though… That woodwork with some beautifully calm painted walls would be stunning.
      But then, I love stainless steel and granite. Because I love natural stone, in tiles and countertops… Every day I find some new piece of mica or garnet in my granite and it makes me incredibly happy.

      • Christian says: 3 comments

        I like the soldier wallpaper too. The kitchen, not so much. But I hope whoever gets it does not put stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, recessed lighting, wooden flooring all done ad nauseum. It’s gotten so bad I can’t tell when I’m in someone’s older home, modern loft, or cookie cutter condo when I’m in their kitchens.

    • Jessica says: 2 comments

      I totally agree with you Kelly!! I love some of the wall paper too- especially the soldier boy wallpaper!!

    • MazamaGrammy says: 366 comments

      I had a real flash-back when I saw the soldier wallpaper and also the flowered wallpaer in one of the bedrooms. I’m certain my parents had the flowered wallpaper in their bedroom when I was a child and one of the boys on our street had the soldier wallpaper in his bedroom – early ’50’s. It’s amazing how you find such a wide variety of homes to post on your site. Thank you so much! I really enjoy seeing the homes and reading everyone’s comments!

  2. BethanyBethany says: 3498 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    Love the wallpapers!

  3. RosewaterRosewater says: 6545 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Gorgeous interior has a sort of entry level, Stanford White feel to it. Nice. The exterior is a bit of a jumble and doesn’t really “work”. I love these big, rambling, shingled houses, but I can’t imagine the price for replacing all those worn out shingles. Very dear I’m sure..

  4. anne taylor says: 4 comments

    If I hear the words “stainless steel” and “granite” one more time I’m gonna put my own eye out.Give me some CHARACTER.

    • Melissa says: 236 comments

      You are not alone! When I contacted my contractor to do my kitchen, I lead with : “There will be no granite, stainless, counter top seating, islands, peninsulas, glass front cabinetry. Please do not suggest them, even for an idea.”

      They knew me by then, so the understood. That being said, if one is going for an older look, honed granite doesn’t even look like granite and is much cheaper than soapstone.

      • Karen says: 116 comments

        I had glass fronts in my cabinets in my 1909 kitchen, and they were original. I loved them and kept them in my restoration project.

  5. Jen M says: 17 comments

    Wonderful built-ins galore. The exterior does look like a rambling jumble, but I bet this would be a fun house to live in.

  6. Jbilly says: 52 comments

    Really love this one. The entryway and all the lovely built in benches…the glass cabinets in the butlers pantry….but why do the schools have to be so abysmal? Wonder if it is in a flood zone? Lovely setting though.

  7. Wendy Mills says: 12 comments

    Love it– wallpaper and all (though it, I would change a tad… šŸ™‚ )

  8. John Shiflet says: 5470 comments

    When I saw the streetview for this property my first thought was to wonder if the property is prone to periodic flooding from the Winnipesaukee River? Otherwise, the house is a well preserved example of a “Dutch” Colonial from the early 1900’s with interior details characteristic of finer homes from that era. Some cosmetic changes might be needed inside and as noted, some of the exterior shingles might need replacement or at least a fresh coat of paint. The house sits on a generous 1.3 acre lot with over five hundred feet of River frontage. With over 3,500 sq. feet it is suitable for a larger family or, as the listing suggests, repurposing as a bed and breakfast or commercial use. I appreciate that the previous owners did not cover all the woodwork in white paint.

    • says: 413 comments

      Flooding doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with this river (apparently they manage the water levels for various purposes), although with our new weather patterns, heavy snow melts could change this.

      As with many properties, when I saw the tempting price, I guessed there would be an issue, as it usually is, with the location. House is on its own residential island, surrounded by commercial and public areas. Hard to see a B&B, as there are far more appealing areas near by that are more tourism oriented.

      Love the house anyway, inside and out.

    • PhillipPhillip says: 266 comments
      1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

      I was thinking the same thing as i looked at the pics, thank goodness the white paint did not make it to all of the woodwork.

  9. Rob says: 3 comments

    I agree that granite and stainless steel are disappointing. I refer to this genre of “improvements” as home depoting

    • says: 413 comments

      Yes, I watch the HGTV house hunting/renovation shows, where apparently homes without “granite n’ stainless” are unfit for human habitation. I did notice at our “Home Despot” the new dark bronze finish appliances. Perhaps that will be the new stainless.

  10. says: 4 comments

    I would leave my beloved upstate NY just for the beautiful woodwork and built ins. And I hate wallpaper but kind of feeling it just in the window seat area, it would have to come down everywhere else haha.

  11. I would live here. I think I would have the kitchen match the butlers pantry, or the other built ins with leaded glass doors. Wood doors on fridge, dishwasher, etc. Black, brushed copper, or pewter finish on fixtures. Since my fav color is green, I would paint the outside lower level white, the upper a dark green. No 70’s wall paper, or carpeting. If there’s good hardwoods under that carpet, i’d leave them. If not, I’d go with a sage green or oatmeal berber. I anticipate great holidays with family and friends in a house like that. I collect quilts, crocks, and anything sewing. I can see this house done just right! Enough “country” for me, “city” for hubby.

  12. I wonder who owns the island? Going to Maine this weekend, maybe a drive buy is in order…

  13. THE ISLAND IS INCLUDED! oh WOW! Zip-line for the grand kids! Been on the market for over a year now, taxes over 3k. Could be some wiggle-room in that price by now…We’re Great at demo and having a vision of what this house could be. Only thing standing between me and this house is WINNING THE LOTTERY! I expect you all to be here for me if (when) I do!

  14. Hubby is in love with this property. I understand that the house roof needs to be replaced, and there’s a hole in the roof of the carriage house. Truly despise wallpaper in almost all circumstances! Carpet would have to go, oriental rugs on hardware would be lovely.

  15. Joshuatree2010 says: 1 comments

    House is very interesting indeed, new paint on the outside would make a huge difference ( no more wall paper).

  16. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11836 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Been on the site since 2015. Was recently pending but went back to active. Just wanted to give it new views so moved it to the front page.

  17. Bethany Otto says: 3498 comments

    Still love it! I would not change one. single. thing. in that kitchen.

  18. Ross says: 2467 comments

    I totally love this house!

    And the petite island included!

  19. OurPhillyRowOurPhillyRow says: 102 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1852 Greek Revival Rowhouse
    Philadelphia, PA

    Whenever a listing starts out with “Contractors take notice!!” I get a lump in my stomach.

    But Wow! Whats not to love? There are so many delicious things in this house. I love all the built ins, especially the bench in the entry (for putting your shoes on) and the bench by the fire place, but the window seat on the landing at the top of the stairs is really special. The butlers pantry is wonderful and even the back staircase is more than just utilitarian.

    I also love that the footprint of the house is basically a 45 degree “L” giving it lots of fun angles and vantage points. Nothing quite like a house that invites exploration, and all those wonderful nooks and turns just just make me want to see more.

    I was looking at the additional images on Trulia, there has definitely been water infiltration issues, and all those pretty push button light switches likely means a lot of K&T (which can make getting HO insurance a challenge). Funny, I think the $4k a year for property taxes is not all that high for such a large property.

    • JJ says: 96 comments

      I agree the taxes don’t look bad to me, either. I pay almost that much for a condo in the San Francisco Bay Area, so to pay $3000 and have a house, that’s a great deal!

  20. Andrea N says: 82 comments

    I totally agree it needs the 70′ s stuff out of there . Otherwise very nice šŸ™‚

  21. KellyS says: 44 comments

    That woodwork & those built-ins!!!! Wow! I love the kitchen, the wallpaper, the benchseats…. What an amazing home. I wish I was the lucky duck who gets to live there!

  22. Cathy F. says: 2215 comments

    I absolutely *love* this house’s entry hall & staircase (well, sans the carpeting), and the upstairs hall’s window-seat. And all of the other built-ins this house has, of which there are lots!! ??

  23. Teri R says: 283 comments

    I was surprised by the built-ins! The style of the outside had me thinking the inside would be more casual. Love the juxtaposition! The petite island is such a bonus!

  24. Toni Jenschke says: 35 comments

    I love the wallpaper!!!! Carpet not so much

  25. Michael Mackin says: 2530 comments

    I’m in love with this house. I’d want to rethink some of the 70’s-80’s decorating but the nice part is that the house looks intact, interior and exterior. It doesn’t look as if they have changed anything on the house other than decoration and updating the kitchen and bath.

  26. Maureen says: 19 comments

    Can someone describe what they see in picture 18. It looks like it was a door at one time going to a corner, as you can see by the windows, what purpose does it serve?

  27. Barrine says: 33 comments

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the built-ins.

  28. MazamaGrammy says: 366 comments

    Great potential to be an outstanding home. I love the woodwork and the riverfront location. I grew up about a half-mile from the Delaware in NJ and spent many happy hours playing and dreaming on the river bank. I enjoy being near rivers very much. given the age of the house and the apparently sound condition, it doesn’t appear to have been flooded in the past.

  29. Colleen J says: 1168 comments

    This is built in heaven!!!! Kelly the toy soldier wallpaper is awesome .. quirky lovable house.

  30. Carol S. says: 11 comments

    where’s the island?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11836 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      If you click on the aerial view link, to the right of the address, you see it. It’s really small, big enough that it has 3 or 4 small trees. šŸ™‚

  31. carol sorensen says: 11 comments

    Thank you!

  32. says: 3 comments

    Are the entryway and stairs carpeted? Could be a really fun house and property!

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