1890 Queen Anne – Henry, IL

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813 Richard St, Henry, IL 61537

  • $65,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 3924 Sq Ft
  • 0.25 Ac.
Own a piece of Henry history with this beautiful 19th Century 4 BR, 3 BA home with wrap-around porch. Exceptional artistic original woodwork throughout this large home with built-in cabinets, 2 extraordinary ornate fireplaces-fine examples of late Victorian millwork, original hardwood floors, pocket doors, stained glass, Queen Anne light fixtures and open stairway. Large detached 2-story garage/barn-all on a huge deep lot with mature trees, bushes and perennials. Don???t let the exterior of this home fool you- you need to see this one!! It will need some "TLC". Sold as-is.
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Ryan Blackorby, RE/MAX,
(309) 687-5000

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44 Comments on 1890 Queen Anne – Henry, IL

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  1. FergusFergus says: 237 comments
    1705 Queen Anne

    This is a great home, still packed with so many original features. But, is that a tree house I can see? 😀

    • says: 470 comments

      Oh, I guess that probably is a tree house. At first glance, I thought it was a deer stand.

      This house has unusally nice woodwork and floors.

  2. Bob H says: 77 comments

    ot a Queen Ann house fan, but this one is very interesting. Those green FP tiles are amazing. Not seen that style before.

  3. John Shiflet says: 5452 comments

    This house is so understated on the exterior that maybe it should be categorized as a “sleeper”. By that I mean its far more impressive than first glances might indicate. If it does date from 1890, then the Colonial Revival/Neo Classical style front porch columns are later replacements. Perhaps the small porch on the back gives a hint of the original porch style. The interior is especially ornate and what was then called “artistic”. I suspect the fretwork piece may have been installed a few years later-about the time the porch posts were replaced with columns. The ornate fireplace is extraordinary and a fine example of late Victorian millwork. It is reminiscent of a mantel in an Indiana house with a fan design featured on OHD. Millwork catalogs of the era often had dozens of offerings beginning with simple mantels and ending with examples like this one on the high end. Fine art tiles are seen on this mantel surround as well, Stylistically, I would classify the mantel as “Moorish” but the late 1880’s into the early 1890’s was a time of stylistic eclecticism. Fine homes of that era often had rooms divided along thematic lines; thus one could have a “Moorish” room or Turkish Corner and then go into a French themed room or Elizabethan inspired room/parlor. Each room (speaking, of course, of the “public” rooms downstairs) was designed to evoke a different mood or feeling-after all it was the Romantic Age. Depending on the choices of décor, a room could be classified as masculine (as in smoking rooms or gentlemen’s parlors) or feminine with flowery wallpapers and dainty accessories. I personally like this house and would love to see its exterior shroud of white replaced with some period colors. The interior is intact enough to warrant reproduction period papers, IMO. (provided your budget would permit them) It looks considerably larger than the under 2,000 sq. ft. listing figure would indicate.

  4. John Shiflet says: 5452 comments

    Correction: the very similar mantel with a fan design I mentioned, was in a house in Pekin, Illinois, on Walnut street (featured on Old House Dreams and since sold) not in Indiana. My apologies for the error. It makes it even more likely that this fine mantel and the Pekin, IL example may have come from the same (probably Chicago) maker. Chicago developed a regional millwork industry in the years following the Great Fire in 1871 as demand soared and shipped its millwork products by rail to places as far away as Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia. Dover Publication’s reprint of the 1893 Mulliner Box and Planer Co. millwork catalog provides an idea of what was being manufactured in the Windy City back during that era.

  5. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11893 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Added new images.

  6. John Shiflet says: 5452 comments

    The new photos did not subtract from the original listing images. Although not a mansion it is still a solid middle class home of a merchant, banker, or skilled tradesman. It was apparently built before it had indoor plumbing because the awkwardly placed large drain/vent stack next to the staircase landing would not have been seen if it had plumbing installed from day 1. Still, its a nice period home but those familiar with Illinois taxes realize they could be steep. Occasionally, the property taxes are a pleasant surprise but lower than expected taxes are rare in the Land of Lincoln. Notice those great ceiling medallions?

  7. Susan Lind says: 90 comments

    This home is about 20 miles from where I live! Henry is a quiet little town on the Illinois River, about 40 miles north of Peoria.

  8. Jim says: 5149 comments

    I lived in a couple small towns near here way back, and I could live in this house no problem. Why does the listing say it’s less than 2000SF on a quarter acre, but the pictures show a pretty big house on a huge lot?

  9. A visitor to the property says: 2 comments

    This really is a gorgeous house, however it needs a new roof (there are at least 4 layers of shingles on it), new plumbing, new electric (a mix of everything …), plus significant structural work. Additionally, it has no working kitchen (just a sink) and I’m unsure if the upstairs bathrooms work without leaking (pretty sure one of them has problems, one works the other is questionable). So there’s very little chance that a traditional mortgage lender would touch this one with a 10′ pole.

    However, the original details and the fact that it hasn’t been ‘fiddled’ with make it an interesting project.

  10. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11893 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Posted in 2013. Just moving to the front of the site.

  11. EricHtownEricHtown says: 397 comments

    This home as absolutely beautiful woodwork and such elegant details. From looking at the pics I find it hard to believe that this house is only 1962 s.f. Is the square footage correct? That open staircase and balcony takes up a lot of room. If that is correct s.f. the bedrooms must be closet sized.

  12. Ross says: 2457 comments

    I have but three words.




  13. CharlestonJohn says: 1122 comments

    Listings now showing 3924 sq ft… Zillow copied below. I was having the hardest time figuring out how this was 2000 sq ft. I know white makes things look bigger, but come on.


  14. Bethany Otto says: 3510 comments

    Stunning! I can’t believe the great price. I love my home state of Illinois, I wish I could buy this.

  15. Michael Mackin says: 2646 comments

    Looking at the exterior, I wasn’t expecting the interior that was on the inside. John Shiflet’s comments were a great help in understanding the different interior treatments, specifically the fireplaces which are distinctly different. Thanks John!

  16. RosewaterRosewater says: 6656 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Makes me sad when I see a very fine house like this one, (at a seemingly reasonable price), still has not sold. Sheesh…

  17. historybuff says: 43 comments

    We loved Peoria when we visited there a few years ago and since this is nearby it must be a lovely community as well. I’m a sucker for dark wood and stained glass and this house has both. Wowzer!

  18. JB says: 100 comments

    Beautiful home, nice out buildings to work with as well; might need to trim the trees a little bit. Henry, IL, is located not too far from where I was raised. Are those glass frames for the kitchen cupboards designed with lead? With some TLC and plenty of elbow grease, this home would be very comfortable to live within.

  19. Tommy G says: 42 comments

    Now that’s original woodwork. Maybe maple? Way underpriced.

  20. Teri says: 134 comments

    I kind of like these houses that are “meh” from the outside and then stunning on the inside. They sneak up on you! Also love the green tiled fireplaces, my 1915 apartment has two and it’s such a fun pop of color in a room with a lot of dark wood.

  21. Diane says: 551 comments

    Sweet little town high above the Illinois River with all the river lore that goes with the site. I’m betting there’s a “river history” with this home as many large homes in these small river towns belonged to people involved in either boating and/or shipping products. You have to love a town whose slogan is, “Best Town in Illinois by a Dam Site!”

  22. Colleen J says: 1156 comments

    The price, the size, the original woodwork, if it’s a money pit, it’s worth it, this house is beautiful.

  23. montana channing says: 242 comments

    maybe Ross’s wows incurred the great lighting fixtures but if not I’ll say wow for them and the ceiling medallions too and the fireplaces and the stained glass and who cares if that little porch was added later – it’s a peach.
    seems strange in all those years they never boxed that sewer stack in

  24. JimHJimH says: 5149 comments
    OHD Supporter

    There’s not a lot of economic activity in Henry but it’s a quiet and relatively safe place to live within reach of Peoria and Chicago. Taxes at about $3000 aren’t horrible. The downtown area has lost a lot of its character but there’s still an identifiable business district.

    This is a lovely house with wonderful features that’s worthy of attention and investment. On that much most of us would agree. It would be fun to go through the house with a group of preservationists and hear all the different ideas on what could/should be done to preserve specific elements vs. removing them as “not original”. The porch is over 100 years old, though a period photo might show a fabulous earlier porch that “should” be rebuilt. The plumbing and light fixtures seem to span a few periods, though I’m pretty sure the seashell sink and jacuzzi would be voted out! Not much is shown of the kitchen and the leaded glass cabinets hint of something interesting there, most likely the start of another furious argument.
    We all love this old stuff but agreeing on what should be done, and an appropriate/justifiable budget is the hard part, not to mention finding the money and performing the actual preservation work.

  25. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11893 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Price down to $65,900!

  26. Mark tuller says: 1 comments

    buying it, done moving out of cold butt michigan seriously, just emailed the realtor. We owned the Webber House in Portland Michigan 6000 sq, and just redid a big farm house in traverse that will sell quick, on to the next ! can’t wait to figure out a kitchen .

  27. Jo Kramer says: 5 comments

    Mark if you do buy it…start a blog and show us the renovation. Id love to read it. Amazing house!!!

  28. jb says: 100 comments

    WOW! Nice reduction in price, and not to be a naysayer as absolutely adore this property, but I can’t help but wonder if something expensive to repair was recently discovered; other than the entire house. haha…just kidding. Mark, as Jo mentioned I echo a vote of support if you purchase the property to please consider starting a blog so we all may live through the eyes of your dreams as you restore this beauty.

  29. akd1953 says: 195 comments

    This is a very beautiful house, very inviting. I’m surprised at the nice detail inside as the outside looks so bland. One of the drop ceiling lights is etched (?) with the same design on some punch bowls of my mother’s. The punch bowls are paper thin glass and I wonder if this light is also. Lucky person who gets this house.

  30. Marsha Mills Spears says: 1 comments

    No self-respecting Victorian would have painted all of that beautiful exterior white. It would be beautiful in the colors of the Brown Decades. Green, mustard and terra cotta. Makes my heart race just thinking about it!

  31. Mike says: 370 comments

    This house is a prime candidate for an FHA 203K loan. I know that there are lenders in the Peoria area that specialize in them. They loan for the purchase and whatever improvements you want to do, and appraise the property based on its estimated value once the restoration and improvements are done. A golden opportunity for someone…

  32. Mike says: 370 comments

    The Zillow page has several other pictures that tell more about the house; all of the bathrooms need work, but there are two gorgeous clawfoot tubs, one of them has angled corners, never saw that before. Still no pics of the kitchen, so it is either really bad, or really original. The front porch appears to have built-in gutters that have failed. Most upstairs rooms show signs of water damage as a result of the failing roof. This house needs someone soon…but what a house!! Zillow: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/813-Richard-St-Henry-IL-61537/115696633_zpid/

  33. kevinb says: 128 comments

    could easily bring this house back to life. it’s got so much good stuff in tact. i like the exterior as well – less ornate than the interior which means a little less fussy and less maintenance. i don’t mind the basic white but it would be fun to figure out what the original color palate was

  34. J. T. says: 2 comments

    Almost looks like an Eastlake Victorian rather than a Queen Anne.

  35. LadyDi says: 1 comments

    Definitely a diamond in the rough. Mark I hope you were able to make the purchase! We would love to see what creative ideas you have in mind to refurbish this beauty… I see a painted lady in the future 🙂

  36. LADY J says: 1 comments

    This house is unique,,, is it interesting the woodwork and all,, work for sure
    but it is history.. in its day I would have to say very stately..

    Lady J

  37. Sals & L says: 1 comments

    My wife and I just finishing an 1871 Victorian 14 room mansion in Maine.I feel it is reasonably priced unless there are a lot of hidden problems. I am too old to take this one on but for anybody that doe,s make sure you have an inspection done and do your do diligence to avoid surprises. Taxes are right in line for the value.

  38. stephcarbreystephcarbrey says: 2 comments
    1899 Edwardian
    Fort Smith, AR

    We went and saw this beauty but, ended up with another old house in a different state. I still think about this house. I hope some lucky soul saved her.

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