1925 – Cleveland, OH

Lost or Demolished
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10316 Brighton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44108

  • 5 Bed
  • 3.5 Bath
  • 2641 Sq Ft
  • 0.52 Ac.
THIS IS NOT A FIXER UPPER; THIS HOUSE NEEDS AN EXTREME MAKEOVER. Great opportunity to makeover a Bratenahl home. It is encouraged to walk through this house with your contractor while you analyze your future investment, leaving it in the same condition you find it. This house sits in a prominent neighborhood of Cuyahoga County approximately five minutes from Uptown and Downtown Cleveland. Whoever lives in this home will enjoy all the spoils of University Circle, Case Western Reserve, dining, shopping, gardens, sports venues, parades, fireworks, Cleveland MetroParks and, above all, the Lake. This house has great potential! Property is sold "As-Is." Buyer assumes POS repairs.
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Latrese Yelder, Howard Hanna,
(216) 221-6585

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36 Comments on 1925 – Cleveland, OH

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  1. Glen says: 55 comments

    Looks are deceiving on this place. Looks amazing from the front, then you see the back and looks like most of it is sinking in the middle. Then you get to the inside.. ugh.. i think this is a salvage then tear down. Looks like the damage is too extensive for a remodel.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11807 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      The back is just a porch addition sinking in the middle.

      • Ross says: 2525 comments

        Where some see a teardown I see a really charming house on a HUGE double lot, in a desirable neighborhood, very close to Lake Erie, and with million-dollar-plus houses a block away.

        I have also seen houses in FAR worse condition which haven been beautifully restored.

        I agree Kelly, the scary looking aspect of the rear is just a poorly conceived addition which I would lop off.

        Nothing else about the house seems undoable.

        LOVE the split staircase! The eyebrow dormer! The sweet round window! Oh, what a charmer this could be again!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 5723 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Looks wonky in the middle all the way up to the dormer. The house has great style. Maybe someone will love it enough to take it on if the numbers make sense. Short of that – RUN!

  2. Julie says: 53 comments

    P*ss pot on the kitchen counter…..that’s interesting. Really hoping an Old House Dreamer gets his/her hands on this one and reels it back from the brink.

  3. Cora says: 2040 comments

    What a heartbreaker she is.

    I can envision this home completely restored. It would be so charming!

    I hope someone sees the potential and snatches this one up.

  4. Wendi Sue says: 72 comments

    the house has so many neat features but it does need a lot of work. That back porch addition is a must go, it would make the house look so much better. Inside the stair case is amazing and love the tile in the kitchen. Wish there were photos of what it looked like back when it was built.

  5. Lindsay G says: 582 comments

    I like the little apple chandelier. I know it’s not an antique or anything but I love little quirky things that you don’t normally see, like that.

  6. kmmoorekmmoore says: 399 comments
    Weatherford , TX

    I wish I could have seen her when she was new. Love the kitchen tile and all the little details.

  7. Joseph Rice says: 356 comments

    As they say, all real estate is local. The price seemed high, given the condition, but looking at Trulia there appears to be a niche market for this neighborhood, perhaps the numbers could work. There is a nicer, larger vesion in the neighborhood for 479 – totally up to date and move in ready: https://www.trulia.com/property/3161875654-324-Corning-Dr-Bratenahl-OH-44108

    Check this zip code in Trulia; there are some waterfront early 20 century mansions for sale that are mind blowing.

    • Ashley403 says: 79 comments

      Hi Joseph It appears to have been bought late last year and maybe cleaned out and then discovered to much work needed.That much damage does not happen in a few months. When they put it up for sale the price was increased. The $115,000 price seems closer to being correct given the condition: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/10316-Brighton-Rd_Cleveland_OH_44108_M34500-51530 Property History for 10316 Brighton Rd
      Property Price
      Date Event Price Price/Sq Ft Source
      03/22/2017 Listed $187,700 $71 NEOHREX
      11/23/2016 Sold $115,000 $44
      10/07/2015 Listed $125,000 $42 NEOHREX

      • Joseph Rice says: 356 comments

        My thought would be selling price is land value so someone can build new. I thought price was high when I saw “Cleveland” in heading, but apparently this suburb is a good market (or bank is hoping to break even on the foreclosure).

  8. says: 14 comments

    Some I see on here are beautiful, charming houses, this to me screams “home”. A lot of hard work and money, just needs someone with who sees the great bones of this house. Love it!!

  9. Devon Hoerner says: 54 comments

    Given the house yesterday and how bad of a shape it was in, I don’t think i will ever look at another old house and think its beyond repair. She just needs some love.. and to be the same color on all sides. I am in love with what I can see of the staircase!

  10. Ladyhart says: 14 comments

    Playing my sad trombone for this one. A shame that someone let this poor house deteriorate like that, especially since that coat of brown slapped on the front makes it look pretty good from a distance. Some great details inside once you demo the addition (and I like the silly apple chandelier, too!).

  11. Momof9 says: 95 comments

    Quick, someone save this beautiful home. The potential this home has is certainly worth saving!

  12. Liz Lemon says: 9 comments

    Can anyone tell me why neither Sellers nor their agents provide a local contractors’ estimate for the cost of making a house basically habitable? I’m not talking about esthetic changes & updates that can be made while the Buyer is living there. Why is each potential buyer responsible for getting their own inspection? This seems like a duplication of effort & easy money for inspectors. I’d like to buy a house like this, but not for $188K or without a good idea of how much additional it’s going to cost before I move in. Who would pay that much for a house that isn’t habitable, but “full of potential?” An investor/flipper?

    I’ve already paid for 2 inspections on old houses that I wanted to buy, but then changed my mind. You can’t rely on the homeowner’s disclosure – even when there is one providing more information than “don’t know.” Is this typical? I live in CO, but want to move to an old house back east. While I flew to NY to look at one before buying it, which saved me from a bad deal, that cost more than the inspector (who didn’t reveal the issues that made me change my mind upon seeing). Are these expenses that I simply have to incur in my situation?

    I’ve been told by agents that they can’t voice an opinion about the location/neighbors/neighborhood without losing their license. I know from personal experience that the condition of a neighborhood is more important than the condition of the house. I love my old house and hate to leave it; but have to escape the unpleasant place its location has become – through the City’s apathy & an ineffectual PD. I don’t want to own the nicest house on a bad block.

    • Joseph Rice says: 356 comments

      Probably too many variables in this case. For example, it may not take a ton of money to have functioning kitchen baths, but for a house of this size and location (based on other listings in the area), basic will not do.

      May as well ask, “How long is a piece of string?”

  13. Cathy F. says: 2218 comments

    This house could be so pretty again. Lovely façade, neat interior features. But needs a lot of help.

  14. Colleen Johnson says: 1211 comments

    Is it just me, or does this look like a “hoarder” lived there, henceforth the work to be done, but definatly awesome property in pretty neighborhood.

    • JJ says: 97 comments

      Based on some of the items left behind it looks like perhaps an older person lived there and maybe the house just got too much for them. I always feel bad to see evidence of that. Older folks deserve to live where they are comfortable and safe without having to worry about a house falling down around them. Jumping off my soapbox now. I do hope someone can bring this once lovely home back to life

      • Colleen says: 1211 comments

        JJ that’s probably a better explanation than mine thanks!!!

        • JJ says: 97 comments

          Or it could have been a hoarder. ? I tend to get sidetracked by the belongings in the abandoned or empty homes rather than the house itself sometimes. And the animals in the homes that are currently lived in!

    • Joseph Rice says: 356 comments

      Since it was listed as a foreclosure, possible that people living there didn’t need to focus on how it wound up and just left stuff as is.

  15. VictorianJoy says: 122 comments

    Yes, this house could be lovely again but at what cost? Visually, I see it needs a new roof, probably electrical and plumbing, all the flooring is warped from being wet, there is a serious mold problem in the bathrooms and other rooms as well. As it sits, this house is not worth what they are asking. Not in Cleveland, OH.

    I like Joseph’s house from Trulia much better! 🙂 I also agree with what Liz said about inspectors. They are paid a lot of money for maybe 30 minutes in your potential home and most, in my opinion, aren’t qualified to inspect a dog house. I don’t mean any disrespect. My comments are from our experiences. The woman who inspected our home saw a corner of a wallpaper border that had come loose and put that down as having to be fixed. She said nothing about a broken window two feet from the wallpaper. Do your homework. Research online and by all means look at their reviews before hiring any of them!

    • Ladyhart says: 14 comments

      VicJoy, I need to put you to my hubby, who is a home inspector. His inspections take 3 hours or more depending on the property size, and he sends the client a 40 – 60 page report which takes several hours to do. I tell him he works too cheap! He’s had many grateful clients send him letters of thanks for alerting them to issues they had no idea about. Definitely check the inspectors’ reviews and talk to them in advance of hiring. There are some bad (or simply lazy) ones out there.

  16. Korina says: 2 comments

    I’m in LOVE with this house!! It does need a LOT of work, however I find I can look past the damage and see the potential and beauty!!!

  17. JullesJulles says: 530 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Talk about great bones! They had me at the eyebrow dormer.

  18. Michael Mackin says: 2111 comments

    My heart goes out to this house! I can see the potential but the cost to get there is going to take more than the house is worth. At least the photographer didn’t hold back when he took the pictures!

  19. sapphy says: 411 comments

    I love the dark wood kitchen! But seriously? Almost 200,000.00 for a house that’s most likely a knock down and rebuild?

  20. pickypete7 says: 9 comments

    I hope the house is saved and thoughtfully restored. So tired of these great well designed houses being ripped down for a cheaply built mansion devoid of quality woods and charm. lets hope for the best. I don’t know the market in Cincinnati but I think well worth it!

  21. Flowerlady says: 82 comments

    Wow, what once was pretty is very hard to look at now. It certainly would take somebody with a great deal of vision and a great deal of time and money.

  22. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11807 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Latest street view shows it’s been demolished. link.

  23. Tmac1Tmac1 says: 7 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1836 origionally log
    Bluffton, IN


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