1894 Lighthouse – Mathews, VA

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56 Shore Dr, Mathews, VA

  • $249,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 1500 Sq Ft
  • 0.68 Ac.
WOLF TRAP LIGHTHOUSE and WATERFRONT LOT on 56 Shore Drive! Prime Opportunity to Won and Restore a Historic Caisson Lighthouse. Location is about 3 1/2 miles east/south east from Mathews County. Waterfront Lot , 56 Shore Drive Offers a Launch Site from Horn Harbor. WOLF TRAP Offers 5 floors, 3 bedroom with approximately 1500'. AMAZING STRUCTURE! From top Cupola with Light, Mathews Shoreline and Eastern Shore are Visible. WOLF TRAP is Tax Exempt and Recorded in Mathews, Va. Tax Credits Available.
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Laura Pierce, Bay and River Real Estate
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36 Comments on 1894 Lighthouse – Mathews, VA

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  1. Kevin O'Neill says: 156 comments

    Not recommended for people who walk in their sleep. How does the bathroom part work?

  2. Carl Warren says: 2 comments

    While in the Coast Guard I lived on Wolftrap for 18 months. I enjoy just about every bit of the time. The bedroom floor had old forest oak boards. I spent a lot of time hand scraping, sanding and finishing them.
    If I had the money and time left to me I would buy it and move to day .

    • Colleen Johnson says: 1211 comments

      Wow what an experience!!!! Isn’t it sad that we realize the good life after we are too old to be able to upkeep it. I wish I had found my love for “old houses” way back when I could realize the dream of making it my own. I’ve always rented old houses as a single mom, but to own something so historical and have the time, money, and wisdom to own one then would have been wonderful. I may still realzie that dream but it will have to already have the work done, and I’ve only got so much time left. Sad but true.

  3. sam says: 1 comments

    A seperate water front lot is included in the price of the light house.

  4. KLeigh says: 23 comments

    A nearby lighthouse was bought and renovated by a very nice family. If you sail by with a little curiosity they’ll wave you over and give you a tour. Before you touch foot on it (a hop onto a ladder) they hand you a clip board with a legal waver to sign! Smart. The Coast Guard maintains an automatic light on top. Nice neighbors…

  5. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    This was posted in 2011, moving it to the front page after new agent/pics.

  6. Bethany Otto says: 3324 comments

    It obviously needs renovation and yet there’s no where to land or stage for construction except the land parcel. Looks like a daunting job. Hope someone is up to the task!

    • mlsheelermlsheeler says: 57 comments
      1929 Brick Foursquare
      Harrisonburg, VA

      Could probably get drone delivery in the near future, one piece at a time! Maybe contract with Amazon; free shipping in exchange for a great ad campaign on drone delivery roll-out…..

  7. Linda says: 22 comments

    Maybe I’m just clueless (and that highly possible) but why wouldn’t you use marine grade paint? Or will all paint flake off eventually, considering the environment?

  8. marion z says: 81 comments

    That is so cool. I’d finally get some peace and quiet, and the view can’t be beat! ?

  9. Arkham says: 72 comments

    Oooh, I’d like to call dibs on this.
    Living in a lighthouse would be a dream come true.

  10. Emily says: 40 comments

    I would feel trapped. Great place for someone to be a hermit. If married not a good place to be if someone takes the keys for the day if they get mad…..

  11. Mandy says: 10 comments

    You can rent a barge and hook up for working area….will take time. First thing is get a engineer out there to ensure the foundation is good. Then it’ll be a lot of pressure wash and cleaning/scraping to get rid of led paint. Then secure windows and electrical (generator possible?). Then just research solar panels etc…very cool to take on and def put in your portfolio.

  12. mlsheelermlsheeler says: 57 comments
    1929 Brick Foursquare
    Harrisonburg, VA

    Hmmm… but does the basement get wet? 😉

  13. MW says: 844 comments

    So, I guess home schooling would probably be the best bet for kids. Also, is that the outhouse there hanging off the side? If so, I doubt that is going to cut it anymore with the bay conservation folks.

    First task though I guess is stripping and sealing all that likely lead paint. Looks like a pretty big job. But it surprisingly appears to be in nice solid original shape otherwise and still has the light structure on top and everything.

    While it would be awesome to own and visit occasionally, I’m not too sure how practical it would be in reality. Maybe could Air B N B it and just let people get there on their own if they are able. But even then the maintenance and up keep would still be substantial under the best conditions.

    If you like solitude and don’t like having neighbors, this is it though. That’s for sure.

  14. Ross says: 2524 comments

    I am quite disappointed.

    No street view.

  15. Will says: 63 comments

    I suspect one couldn’t even get homeowner’s insurance, much less a mortgage. You’d have to buy it for cash and then spend hundreds of thousands trying to do repairs and renovations. It’s a great space, but the lack of any sort of dock or barge structure makes it pretty creepy too. I think they’ll have to drastically cut the price to entice a buyer. So much risk. It would be amazing fixed up and livable though.

    • Matt A. says: 9 comments

      There are specialty insurance companies whose focus is on weird risks that other companies won’t touch. You’d have to pay up for it, though.

  16. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Wikipedia had a photo of it when it was still painted red and white and maintained:

  17. SeanSean says: 161 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    As an anti-social hermit, I find this wonderful! It would certainly need a ton of work – and it’s pretty far out.

    Tho there isn’t a “Street View” perse, there is a location on Google Earth, satellite view. There’s also a bunch of very nice photos from when it was kept up, covered in glossy paint, and had all kinds of gadgets and doo-dads all over it.

    To see the pics, you’ll need to click on the “thumbtack” icon showing the position of the lighthouse. Then you’ll be taken to a page where there should be a row of pics at the bottom of the page. You can click through them.


  18. CharlestonJohn says: 1046 comments

    How cool is this? If I were an eccentric millionaire, I’d snap this up in a minute as a summer vacation spot.

    I worked a little on the Morris Island Save The Light campaign a few years back. Shoring up that foundation was a multi-million dollar effort, but well worth it…

  19. Pacific Northwest Girl says: 32 comments

    Waterfront! And back! And sides!

  20. Connie Murray says: 125 comments

    Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  21. Pierre says: 2 comments

    Hello Dominos,
    You have one hour to get me 3 large pies.

  22. Carly says: 5 comments

    Quite intriguing, but I’m feeling sea sick just looking at the pictures.

  23. Chris Collins says: 12 comments

    This is A link to the application for the National Registry. It gives an extremely detailed description, including dimensions, materials and construction and history https://www.uscg.mil/history/weblighthouses/Wolftrap_NRHP.asp

  24. Kristin says: 26 comments

    Last thing I thought would see for sale. LOVE IT!!! what a great chance to restore..

  25. jeff says: 1 comments

    When I looked for the waterfront lot which accompanies this it seems to not be waterfront, and seems to be no where near the lighthouse, not even on the same waterway. Whats with that?

  26. Bruce says: 1 comments

    No yard work to do. Half the reason to buy.

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