c. 1870 – Lancaster, KY

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218 Danville St, Lancaster, KY 40444

  • $23,500
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 2540 Sq Ft
  • 0.69 Ac.
Stately old house in need of many repairs but still has some charm from yesteryear to admire. The house was recently occupied but is now vacant. It is located in town and about one and a half blocks from the Lancaster Public Square. Being Sold As Is but the lot is zoned R2 and could be used for multiple housing.
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Dan Waters, United Real Estate Lexington
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33 Comments on c. 1870 – Lancaster, KY

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  1. James R. says: 51 comments

    Nice eclectic Victorian. I like the way it just sits on it’s grassy lot, with few (or no) concerns about driveways or automobiles. The modern world has passed it by, and it seems quite content with that state of affairs.

    • reenaroc says: 15 comments

      I agree on how cool she just sits there… but to me she is crying… “Somebody Help Me Please” So Sad, Breaks my heart. But I have to believe that the right new owners will save her.

  2. Paul W says: 466 comments

    I wonder if this house has a hipped roof tower on it? The entry extension looks like its original and the window has the stutters. The second floor window alignment might have been changed. I like the fact its has many of the interior shutters , the slate/cast iron mantels are fine examples and the pocket doors are still there (probably need a little adjustment).

    A couple of years stripping interior woodwork and a Preservation paint job on the outside and this would be a stunner.

    • AudreyAudrey says: 100 comments

      Not sure, but my guess is the second floor above the entry was originally a flat roofed porch. The second floor eaves don’t support the theory of a removed tower. It certainly is odd! Was the first thing that jumped out at me.

  3. RosewaterRosewater says: 7114 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    I think this little house is a real winner, and really hope somebody does right by it and gives it the love and attention it needs. Hard to tell where the oldest part of the building begins and the alterations end, but happily the major alterations ended before 1900 and were done very well and with style. The Aesthetic period touches that were added are of a fine quality and are happily intact, except the one fire surround which was obviously ganked by meth heads and sold on craigslist for $5K – pity.. There is some work here no doubt, but seems VERY doable for the industrious sweat equity type, like myself, who has a library card and can access Youtube. The opportunity to own a gem of a home for very little money, in a beautiful quaint little town, on a nice piece of ground, in a great neighborhood, with nice upside potential is bound to motivate the right person to take on the task. Hope that when they do they’ll find us here and keep us all posted. I’d love to see this one when it’s finished!

  4. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12125 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    On the site since 2014, the photos are from then. Back on the market, don’t believe it sold so moved it to front page.

  5. RosewaterRosewater says: 7114 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    $23K! C’mon people of central Kentucky! I love this little house SO much; and just can’t believe it’s still sittin there unsold. This house has WAY more character than $23K will buy you anywhere else on the planet. Sigh —- 🙁

  6. Donald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 301 comments

    Even with (or maybe especially because of) its weather-beaten condition, this house has real presence and dignity…it would be almost a shame to paint it!

    And the surviving mantels are pretty nifty.

    Hope this house gets the rescue it deserves…

  7. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    This seems to be the Palliser & Palliser Modern Cottage with the tower replaced by a small room built out to the end of the side bay. The window hood in front is very characteristic. On the other hand, the parlor chimney is at the outside wall, not in the center of the house, which makes it hard to account for three fireplaces. The two angled ones are not back-to-back, as shown by the pocket doors, so they must be first- and second-floor. So where is the chimney for the one without a mantelpiece and NOT against an outside wall?
    Also, the stair hall isn’t as cramped as in the Hannibal example we saw earlier. Perhaps it’s a Palliser-like cottage, with variations.

    • Joseph Rice says: 435 comments

      The non-angled fireplace appears to be at end of house where second chimney is; room shown beyond looks like it was an add on. Angle fireplaces appear to be on separate floors – note that the window adjacent has a different height from floor in each picture.

      • Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

        Right, it’s the kitchen chimney. Usually you don’t find the kitchen hearth still there. In the Palliser design, it is on the same wall, but centered on the width of the house.

  8. Don from Manassas says: 41 comments

    There’s still a lady under all of that neglect. I hope someone will take it on and do her right. At that price I don’t see it not happening.

  9. Mary says: 34 comments

    I just love this house! Maybe I should vacate Jersey! Love the proportions and the fireplaces. Would like to see kitchen! Property looks great! Someone mentioned no driveway or walkways. I see a dent in the grass for the front walkway—i bet the grass has grown over it. That’s what happened here, found a concrete walkway under the lawn when we bought our house!
    There has been a lot added on to the back there. I wonder what those rooms look like. Last one is maybe storage.
    I love the shutters also! Hope next owner appreciates them and keeps them! They may not realize how expensive custom made shutters are for big windows like that! We only did 2 windows in our kitchen and was 1000$!

  10. ALH says: 14 comments

    This old house is enough to make me move to Kentucky…….what a diamond in the rough!

  11. Jen says: 73 comments

    A wonderful old ‘home’ not just a house. It is beautiful and makes me wish I was about 50 years younger. I wonder why I cannot get all the pictures. A tiny black square with an X in it just shows. 9 I know I’m missing out on some beauty from the comments.

  12. Andrea says: 7 comments

    This one really tugs at my heart. It’s not in as bad a shape as mine was. I wonder if it still has it’s pipes and wiring. I sure would like to see the kitchen. But the foyer is so beautiful. I can almost feel a warm summer breeze going through those windows and a big vegetable garden growing in that peaceful yard. I want her!

  13. Eleanorjohnson says: 2 comments

    I would love this old house.It has a lot of potentials

  14. Jimbolaya says: 8 comments

    Definitely a candidate for some lovin’. Can’t seem to find it on Google maps. Found 218 Danville Road, but street view shows nothing like this house. I wonder the condition of bathroom and kitchen is….

  15. Dwight says: 32 comments

    In 2007 this house went up for auction. I attended the auction with the intent to purchase. The house sold for $53,000 and it was in the same condition as it currently is except the missing mantel was still in place. I didn’t buy the house because it sold too high for the restoration that I wanted to do. If i had purchased the house and restored it I would have had more money in the house than I could re-coup when I was ready to sell. Property values are very low in Lancaster. Lancaster is a neat little town but it has no grocery and no industry. The house needs everything. There’s no kitchen, not even a cabinet. When I was in the house in 2007 I was amazed at how level and solid the original part of the house was. The two room addition at the rear needed to be torn down. The corner fireplaces are one above the other with one on the first and second floor. The fireplace with the missing mantel uses the chimney you see in photo #5. There is another fireplace not pictured and it’s on the backside of the fireplace with the missing mantel. These two fireplaces had matching wooden mantels with mirrors. The house had beautiful hardwood floors and a beautiful staircase. I hope someone will buy it and give it the love it deserves.

  16. Dinah says: 4 comments

    Here in California, we would be worried about the R2 zoning,someone buying it because it’s so cheap, tearing it down and building multiple units. Hopefully that is not an issue in this little town!

  17. azdi says: 27 comments

    Quite nice on the inside. By the way the outside looked, I was bracing myself for something terrible inside. Has some good bones to work with. It needs work, but someone with the right amount of money and care to detail can really make this old girl shine again.

    I am not sure what the attached buildings (the single story ones) contain…perhaps a garage, workshop, storage, etc, but those have got to go…just make it look clunky and cheapens the overall look of the house.

  18. BungalowGirl says: 129 comments

    What a wonderful gem in the rough! This one will hopefully win the New Owner Lottery, and gain the steward that it so deserves. What a lovely home.

  19. MicheleP says: 69 comments

    What a sweet little house! For that price, it’s a steal! They should show some kitchen pics, just to give an idea of the restoration job to be done. Too bad it’s in Kentucky!!! Are there any jobs anywhere around?

  20. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12125 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Updated the post with one new exterior pic, 1st one in the lineup.

  21. Colleen Johnson says: 1058 comments

    23.5K!!!! My gosh park a trailer to live in while bringing this lady back to her glory days, and it’s not really in that bad shape, though I’m sure it wil need complete wiring but heck at that price, she’s so cute sitting there. Oh how I would love to see this place saved!

  22. Lissie says: 236 comments

    Restoration is needed and it could be a great show place. So beautiful and a great price.
    Someone should buy this one.

  23. Elmer Fudd says: 3 comments

    What a great house, needs lots of TLC but such a pretty family home it would make!

  24. bill whitman says: 232 comments

    and no one mentioned the absolute best feature that’s usually only seen in way fancier houses and that’s the windows that go all the way to the floor. I love those. it gives an entirely different perspective on the outdoors and is really swanky. this is a GREAT house for the price of a Hyundai. and that leaves a lot of money to fix it up

  25. Heidi says: 157 comments

    Why does the front door look like someone cut it off? That is a huge gap at the bottom. Genuinely curious as to the purpose, anyone?

    • joe says: 756 comments

      Quite often, people buy an aluminum piece for bottom weatherstripping that is like a U channel that secures to the bottom of the door. There are a series of rubber flaps on the bottom which are supposed to drag the floor and create an air seal. If you cut off too much of the door, it doesn’t work. Another type is an aluminum threshold piece that one screws to the floor under the door with a rubber piece sticking up like a pinched inner tube in the middle for the door to press down to seal. I have even seen people install one type incorrectly, so they use both. Be wary of “simple” fixes.

  26. Brosia says: 72 comments

    My boyfriend and I both got family not too far from here and my 5th g-grandfather (who came to the area with Daniel Boone in 1775) is buried in nearby Winchester. There’s a lot of history in Central KY and this house is part of it. If I were in the market in this area, I’d snatch it up with a quickness.

    Wasn’t sure what to expect from the exterior but it’s got such good bones. I have to agree with everyone who said the back addition needs taken down. It does the home no justice. The staircase is lovely and the backyard looks like it’d hold a nice garden. I could see a small picket fence around the property (or just the front) and a walkpath from the sidewalk to the door. This promises to be a sweet home for the lucky new owners!

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