1900 Colonial Revival – Snow Hill, NC (George F. Barber)

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111 N Greene St, Snow Hill, NC 28580

  • $84,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • 4105 Sq Ft
  • 0.41 Ac.
Spacious, Historic 2 story home with wraparound porch & rear deck. Home features open foyer, formal living room, formal dining room, den, open kitchen dining area with lots of cabinet & counter space, large master bedroom with sitting area & fireplace, separate laundry room and hardwood floors throughout. Home is a Must See!! Property was built prior to 1978 and lead based paint potentially exists.
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31 Comments on 1900 Colonial Revival – Snow Hill, NC (George F. Barber)

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  1. PhillipPhillip says: 265 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    At that price this place seems quite the bargain. Great bones, too bad so much woodwork has gotten painted. Gorgeous stairwell. You could move right into this one and then work on it over time. Great potential.

  2. Jennifer HT says: 748 comments

    How lovely. Not a fan of the green tile floors, but I love the rest. All for the price of a luxury car.

  3. StevenFStevenF says: 182 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1969 Regency
    Nashville, TN

    When the pluming has been taped over like that to prevent use, does this indicate that the water has been turned off? Why would this occur? does it mean it might have been foreclosed and water shut off for lack of payment?

    • Brandi says: 1 comments

      It said that they had been winterized. Whatever that means. I’m guessing that if there’s a freeze no pipes would burst and cause serious damage.

      • Sandra says: 302 comments

        Most likely the house has been vacant and it has been winterized. Exactly what you said, water shut off to prevent pipes from bursting. I’ve seen some with antifreeze in the toilet even, I don’t know if that’s done in lieu of shutting the water off.

        • GeoffreyPS says: 102 comments

          At my family’s cabin we leave it winterized whenever it is not in use and it is below freezing. That entails shutting off the water, draining all the water lines, draining the water heater, flushing the toilet to clear most of the water from the tank, then either pouring antifreeze into the toilet (including the tank with residual water) and sink/shower traps. The antifreeze prevents freezing AND keeps the traps functional as a mean of preventing sewer gas from backing up into the cabin. We don’t have a washer or dishwasher, but those have their own challenges when winterizing.

          One time, I forgot to flush the toilet and put antifreeze in the tank. The water froze and busted out the back of the tank. There was quite a mess when I turned on the water and it just continued to run because the tank never filled…. but the room started to.

    • Lorelei says: 1 comments

      It is most likely an REO (real estate owned) meaning it’s a foreclosure. The banks have property managers go in and shut down the water supply as those mentioned above said, to prevent freezing or anyone (i.e. vandals) coming in and turning on water and flooding the house. The tape they are using is indicative of the type used by professional property managers used by banks for foreclosures.

    • Grant Erfert says: 1 comments

      It has been winterized. The water has been shut off to avoid frozen pipe breaks. This is a common practice in vacant homes that are in areas that freeze.

    • Betty Ard says: 3 comments

      Winterized. Beautiful home. Would not change anything.

  4. Jackie says: 11 comments

    I agree with Phillip! While the colors aren’t horrible, the red kitchen would be the first thing to go!

  5. Susan says: 1 comments

    Grand looking home. Love everything about it.

  6. Julie says: 1 comments

    I keep falling in love with these old houses and I would love to be in a position to fly out to NC to see this one!

  7. Shelly Green says: 2 comments

    I would move back there if I could afford this house ..It’s beautiful

  8. PhillipPhillip says: 265 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    Even if you shut off the water and drain down the pipes there is still water left in the S traps so that could then freeze and crack the trap. Hence the use of antifreeze.

  9. Josephine says: 1 comments

    This is a dream house . I love the kitchen , mine is the same color . If I didn’t have grandkids I would definitely try for this

  10. Kristi says: 48 comments

    In the 2000 application for the Snow Hill historic district, they say that the third floor has servants quarters and on another site, some locals were talking about this house having an attic fire before it was restored around 2006, so it looks like the finished third floor was destroyed by fire. The plan looks a lot like Barber’s #205 in Modern Dwellings (page 65), but the porch looks more like some other designs. Barber loved to customize!

    • GeoffreyPS says: 102 comments

      I was wondering if some of the black I was seeing in the attic was due to a fire.

      • Michael Mackin says: 2665 comments

        I’ve lived through a house that had a fire in it and this is exactly what it looks like. That said, they didn’t properly treat it after the fire. All the wood that has been exposed to smoke damage (black charred areas) are to be sealed with special paint to prevent the smell of fire from permeating though out the house.

  11. lisa goodwin says: 3 comments

    Beautiful home! The electrical box in the attic concerns me greatly… not so easy to get to…. or see. And it looked like some funky wiring going on… but for the price, ya have it checked out.

  12. Karrie says: 223 comments

    I actually love the red kitchen. But there’s too much beautiful wood painted over that’s gonna be a lot of work to strip that paint and re-stained the wood. But I love this house I could live there and do it just a little letter time

  13. JimW says: 1 comments

    On the face of it, without knowing more info that I do not have, this appears to be the best value for the money that I’ve ever seen on OHD. Looks like a foreclosure and the price might not be real. Lots of remodeling that may not be appropriate, depending on your viewpoint. Might have a basement. Looks like a dead town. Very similar to the situation we purchased last year with far better value for the money. If we had not made our purchase, I would be on a plane tomorrow.

  14. Lindsay G says: 531 comments

    Is..is that the real price? I mean there’s a lot that would need fixing but my goodness this would be the epitome of a steal!

  15. Arlene Bump says: 1 comments

    Yes, this house needs some work but what a beautiful house. I wonder what the taxes are and how close to stores and hospitals. I would live here in a minute. Love the floors, kitchen in nice and large rooms with lots of light.

  16. says: 168 comments

    There is another very interesting old Victorian house across the street several houses down on the corner. I like it.

  17. kathy stokes-phillips says: 179 comments

    wow, thats ALOT of house for a low price

  18. David says: 45 comments

    I’m intrigued by the staircase. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one with that unique “switchback” layout. Thank heavens they didn’t paint it!

  19. Joy Louters says: 112 comments

    I just want to hug this house!

  20. Colleen Johnson says: 1061 comments

    A little TLC and this house is beautiful.

  21. Paula Kenneth says: 1 comments

    This house is listed as “Pending”

  22. Fabulous opportunity!Contract already pending.

  23. SusanS says: 76 comments

    I love this house!! It’s no wonder it is pending–the asking price seems to be a steal for this home.

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