c. 1880 Queen Anne – Hickory, MS

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393 Emanuel St, Hickory, MS 39332

  • $21,000
  • Foreclosure
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3714 Sq Ft
  • 2 Ac.
Beautiful Victorian Home! This historic property, located in Newton County, MS, offers an amazing amount of space and gorgeous features, many of which appear to be original. The home features a total of 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal living and dining, study, large kitchen and an amazing screened back porch! This is a one-of-a-kind property ready to be renovated!
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Amanda Snowden, Winstead Realty
(601) 483-4563

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55 Comments on c. 1880 Queen Anne – Hickory, MS

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  1. jeklstudio says: 1105 comments

    Incredible. 3700 sq ft for $21,000.? Yes, there’s work to do, lots of it, but this could be so charming, so comfortable. I really hope a flipper doesn’t get hold of it. The main roof probably needs replacement, but I think this one is a great bargain for someone looking for an affordable old home.

  2. Christine says: 12 comments

    She just screams make me pretty again. So much potential ❤️

  3. Brian E. Mullin says: 11 comments

    “Holey-Megoley!~ :-O Grab This One!”~ This is similar to our 120-year old House in Iowa.~

  4. Brian E. Mullin says: 11 comments

    Someone on Facebook said that they visited it, and that it is half-destroyed by fire. Is this the case, and if so, why not stated? Signed; ‘Just Wondering in Wabonsai.’

    • DenDen says: 96 comments

      Quick Google search with the address and fire doesn’t show anything, but I didn’t dig far. Maybe that’s why the previous owner allowed it to fall into foreclosure? Does make one wonder – as well as where the fire damage is and how old these photos are. 🙁

    • CharlestonJohn says: 1123 comments

      Well there’s something going on with that left bay roof gable end. The 2014 street view looks fine, but the listing pics have discoloration common to smoke damage. I’m not certain, but at this price, a small interior fire may not matter much.

  5. Cora says: 2058 comments

    These are my favorite. Such an amazing steal!

  6. Valerie says: 1 comments

    Wish there were pictures of the upstairs…I’m sure that there must be extensive water damage and/or work to do or there would be pictures.

    • RossRoss says: 2458 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      We don’t know that.

      The lack of images could simply be a lazy realtor.

      The price is but $21K. Not a lot of incentive for a realtor.

  7. Paul says: 2 comments

    Love it!!! Nothing beats the South 🙂 Currently reside in Illinois, but i just might have to move down there

  8. Veganprideguy says: 1 comments

    What’s the neighborhood like? Would a very diverse looking family be accepted here?

  9. RossRoss says: 2458 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Seems like a fabulous house for 21K!

    Small town. But many people like small towns.

    Large lot.

    A built-in pool is shown. Don’t know condition.

  10. Eric says: 397 comments

    Anyone notice the inground swimming pool in the backyard?

    • GeoffreyPS says: 104 comments

      It appears to have been filled in. So, now the pool slide is just a slide. Probably not a very good one since pool slides need some water to make them slippery.

  11. JimC says: 46 comments

    Hickory is about 20 minutes outside of my hometown of Meridian, MS. It’s a decent size town with about 100,000 in the metro area. Very low cost of living. Meridian has declined since I grew up, but still close enough for any shopping you would need to do. Keep in mind that this is a Fannie Mae Homepath property. $21,000 is the starting bid. Final purchase price may be higher. As of today, there are 15 days left on the First Look program, meaning only owner occupants can make bids. After that, it’s open to flippers and landlords.

  12. Pookha says: 137 comments

    I like that rounded porch.

  13. chichipox says: 205 comments

    I’d like to restore the grounds and the house to pristine condition. Then I’d leave the fence in front exactly as it is because it has seen everything.

  14. BungalowGirl says: 141 comments

    I do love the potential on this one…there’s much left there to love. I have been trying to find the evidence of fire/smoke damage, but just don’t see it. Either way, it looks like a prime candidate for restoration. I’d love to see Nicole Curtis get her hands on this one. She restored a fabulous house in Detroit that suffered fire damage.

  15. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Interior looks like pics. There is remains of vines on exterior that were not pulled down. No fire. Pool was not filled in. Holding water so liner good. It is the pool cover that has some rotting leaves on it that grass has started growing on. Has new wiring and panel box/breakers. Needs some window sills replaced and couple of cracked panes. A 4c8′ sheet of ceiling needs replacing in downstairs ceiling. No water damage there though. Just inadequate installation. Does need new ductwork under house, a lot pulled loose, probably by dogs. Foundation good. Just got through raining when we went. No water inside. Has small hole on porch roof about fist sized that will need fixing. Main upper roof and small upper porch roof are still slate. Other roofs are new shingles. Pocket doors work perfectly. Will need to re-point bricks in some fireplaces. Definitely not as much Work needed as the Marion, Alabama house. Hopefully, we have bought the house. Made offer at advertised price to purchase.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11877 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      You mean the internet lied?! :/

      Appreciate the info on the house. Good luck, let us know if you will be the new owners!

    • RitaB says: 108 comments

      Bonnie, you’re aces! So glad you shared and congrats on the offer. Looks like a great house in better condition than some I looked at just today at 2 or 3 times the price.
      FYI, the agent on the Marion, Al, house told me last week that she had gotten a contract the day I called. It was subject to inspection, and she said the house might need some attention to the foundation.

    • RossRoss says: 2458 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      I am excited for you, and hope you get this FABULOUS house!

    • Michael Mackin says: 2626 comments

      I hope you get the house, Bonny. Just looking at the pictures I can tell it is a beautiful house. I hope you keep us posted on what happens!

  16. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Thanks! Yes the Marion house had serious foundation issues. Floors sinking causing serious cracking on walls. Also still had old original wiring. Believe it is called knob and tube wiring??? Also the kitchen was attached to house off a closed in back porch. Porch still had the slanted floor and that is also how you negotiated from room to room on the L shaped house. But foundation was crumbling and falling out away from structure. The ceiling medallions were the greatest part of interior though. Property was pretty though. We considered it but between structural and wiring and the layout and small kitchen, decided to pass. After seeing this one though, glad we did! This one is larger, much better condition, more land and a pool!

    • GloriaH says: 81 comments

      Foundation repair is a real problem in my rural area. People come in and try and flip some of the older places, yet don’t do anything with the foundations. I had one house I put an offer on, contingent to the foundation inspection. Couldn’t even get anyone to show up to inspect it.

  17. Bonny says: 12 comments

    I’d share some of the upstairs pics I took if I could. Took some while there. Only one bedroom was still a work in progress and the upstairs bath had some Sheetrock that had been taped and floated, but still needed paint. That was the bath in pics with the claw foot tub. I could not believe that there was not pics of upstairs. That was the best rooms. Fireplaces had the ornate metal covers and pretty tile surrounds. The central hall upstairs had pretty chandeliers and painted spindles and stained handrails surrounding the stairwell. Nice paint. Just that one back bedroom that they installed a disappearing set of stairs for attic and broken plaster on back wall that they cut an opening through to access the attic/roof over the kitchen downstairs. Like the idea of putting an access door there and flooring in that little attic for storage. Would be easier to store x-mas totes there rather than lugging then up and down the attic steps!

  18. Diane says: 68 comments

    If I were closer, I would already have gone to see this!
    Can someone explain the odd structure under the second window from the right, second floor? There is red netting partly covering the opening.

    • Bonny says: 12 comments

      To Diane, there is orange plastic barricade netting across an opening on that upstairs balcony. They did a short walk across the front and left an opening, then another short walk from the house and out on the right side. Someone previously had done the decking boards and covered all the upstairs balconies with water barrier rubber to cover the decks and even came up the walls 5-6 inches under the lap siding, so rain would not penetrate.. Have not decided what we may do there. They rolled the rubber over the edge there for water run off.

  19. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Wanted to let everyone know…..got the call today! They accepted our offer for the Hickory house!!! We are getting it!!!!

  20. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11877 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Added a few pics of the upstairs. Thanks Bonny!

  21. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Thanks everyone. Not sure how long you leave these old houses on after sold, but would like to update progress as we get some work done! May even ask for suggestions.

  22. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Everyone keep an eye out for the iron fireplace cover with the dragons on it in pic #7!!!! Was back at house today to. Had to sign more papers because they are moving my closing date up to the 16th. Got to the house before the agent and front door was open. Someone stole the Ito dragon cover out of the house. Figure it may have been someone that another agent took to the house after we left. We made sure everything was secured so either another agent did not make sure it was locked, or someone looking at the home went back behind and left it open to come back later. It is very unique and is probably irreplaceable. But so unique that it is memorable..

  23. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Just wanted to let everyone know…….closed on the house this morning! Everyone in real estate office was so exited for us. Pretty much every agent had large waiting list on it in case we changed our minds! Had to be the fastest purchase, from 1st look to closing 9 days later!

  24. Donna says: 1 comments

    Bonny, I’m curious what your plans are with the house? Flip or reside? Also, was it difficult to get a mortgage on such an older house? Thanks!

  25. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Sorry I did not reply sooner. Plan to reside there. Did not get a mortgage on it, so do not know how hard it would have been. Closed 9 days after viewing house because offered asking price and paid cash.

  26. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Wanted to let everyone know, have been talking to older long time residents in community and have discovered that home actually dates back to 1857, not 1880. So older than originally thought!

  27. Mindy Bradley says: 1 comments

    I live just outside of Meridian and had gone by to see this beauty. Would it be ok if I stop by one day to see the inside. So happy for you. You can look me up on facebook.

  28. Bonny says: 12 comments

    Hi Mindy, yes, would love to show interior. Sent you a friend request on Facebook.

    • Steve says: 1 comments

      My wife’s family owns land down the road from Hickory near Rose Hill…we drive by this house and always wonder what it will become. Love the lot too and the pool.

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