c. 1910 Classical Revival – Parsons, KS

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1600 Washington Ave, Parsons, KS 67357

Map: Street

  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2753 Sq Ft
4 bedroom, 2 bath home near downtown Parsons. Original hardwood floors and woodwork, ornamental fireplace and open staircase.

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29 Comments on c. 1910 Classical Revival – Parsons, KS

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  1. Carolyn says: 303 comments

    I’m always amazed at what the realtors take pictures of but even more so of what they DON’T take pictures of. Where is the “open staircase”? I bet this beauty has a lot more to offer than we are seeing. At that price the first thing I’d do is move it to a more dignified plot of land.

  2. Paul Price says: 194 comments

    Exactly, where is the open is the woodwork and open staircase? How about close ups of the façade and rear?

    • Angela says: 187 comments

      You can see more of the outside if you go to the street view. You can see it from the front and from the side. It sits on a corner lot with 1 house about the same style next to it. I personally like where it sits but then I know nothing about Kansas at all. The house and it’s low price attract me. I don’t care that it isn’t in a residential neighborhood or a several acre lot.
      I agree that the attractions the real estate agent talks about are missing in the pictures. It seems if they are that attractive there would be several picture, all angles so you can drool over them before you see them in person.
      The bathtub looks like it might be original to the house but it’s hard to tell from the picture. I also like the 2 entrances as it sits on a corner lot.

  3. Tony says: 75 comments

    I see unreal possibilities here….A big score with tons of pride when finished…!!

  4. CharlestonJohn says: 1090 comments

    A lot of house for the price of a decent midsize sedan. I know from experience that you can’t tell much by pics on a listing, but this home seems to be in reasonably good condition, especially at that price point. The estimated build date is a little late. Maps show it built between 1899 and 1905, which lines up with the Colonial/ Classical Revival details and a bit of a transitional feel with irregular massing and the front corner porch.

  5. SharonSharon says: 599 comments
    OHD Supporter

    2001 Contemporary
    Sedalia, MO

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Old House Dreams lovers! I’m thankful for Kelley and all of the wonders that she brings into my life every day. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving in your new old dream, Kelley.

  6. KevinB says: 116 comments

    I don’t get the real estate agents lack of pictures either. I live in Los Angeles where many homes are over $1 million and even here some agents just take a few pics of the front of the house and that’s it. For $300 bucks you can get professional pictures taken and they don’t do it despite charging 5 to 6 percent commission which is $50k to $60k. Even more shocking is the sellers hire them in the first place.

  7. Mark says: 17 comments

    The house looks tired to me. A good cleaning, painting, stripping etc and she could be a beauty again. Needs someone to love her again.

  8. dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1042 comments

    That’s a lot of house for 30 thousand! Street view not the best, but not that bad either. I would love to see this house renovated. Something I noticed is there is no radiators and there are floor vents, that seems sort of odd for this house, so at one time it must have been renovated a very long time ago.

  9. I love what I can see of this home!
    Parsons, Kansas is located in southeast Kansas, between Independence (to the west) and Pittsburg (to the east). It looks to be about 3 hours from me (Abilene). I

  10. Carolyn Eckenrode says: 65 comments

    The house looks large and impressive on the outside, but the inside is lacking! The bedrooms seem rather small for that size house, and it would have been a plus to see the stairs and other views of the house. The kitchen looks as if an attempt were made to update it in the 1970’s. But, all in all, I could see it being restored back to being quite lovely!

  11. Lottie says: 345 comments

    I love this type of house! The balconies are beautiful! I have 2 questions. Since the house is so close to the streets that border it and the streets are 4 lane streets, is this house and lot zoned commercial? Also, since the house is so close to the town, is the house priced to be demolished and the $30,000 is the price for the lot?

    Traveling around on street view, the town of Parsons looks like a really nice little town! Another concern … In 2000, a tornado hit the town and destroyed 800 houses. Glad this home on Washington Ave. was spared. Maybe the house could be restored for a lawyer office or an insurance office. Would be a beauty restored!

  12. Michelle Garvin says: 27 comments

    I have friends in Abilene and Chapman! *waves*
    Im from Kansas, originally, graduated from K State.
    Im in Nebraska now.
    One of my favorite houses is in Abeline, a big limestone second empire, it may be called the Leopold mansion, but i could be wrong.

  13. sherry says: 23 comments

    I really can’t see enough to even comment on this house the pictures are either blurry or I need better glasses. I think the price is Ok it really depends on the house which I can’t see.

  14. John Shiflet says: 5638 comments

    Parsons may have been my place of birth but only six weeks of my life were spent there so it would be difficult to call it my hometown. I have made a couple of pass-through visits in more recent times but there’s not much encouraging I can say about the old MKT (“KATY”) Railroad town. I first revisited during the winter of 2000-2001 and what remained of the downtown was confined to a small area of a block or two. The rest had been razed. I think the only thing consistent in recent decades is a steady loss of population. The old railroad based economy was gone by the early 1960’s as is the MKT Railroad itself. At least there are a few old Victorians still standing but on my last quick visit around 2005 there was a large Victorian with the walls open on one side that was being slowly demolished. That somewhat bleak economic picture probably accounts for the bargain house prices so this house would be best for someone not dependent on the local economy for a living. Even the Romanesque style (Catholic) hospital I was born at was long ago demolished despite its solid stone and brick construction. I therefore have a sense of sadness when I think of Parsons, Kansas, as well as a sense of relief that I wasn’t there to see all the years of decline in this once prosperous community.

  15. Theresa says: 41 comments

    In 2009 the taxes were 6800.00? Wow!

  16. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 249 comments

    Realtor.com shows price reduced to $24,900 and there are pictures of the lovely staircase.

  17. Philip Poburka says: 20 comments

    If the Bathroom and Kitchen had been left pretty much original, I’d be mighty tempted…

    It’s a huge lot of labor and time to be putting things “back” so they can be right again, including stripping paint and all that, from what is left of the original Woodwork.

    Still, it is a handsome old Home and it has a lot going for it.

    Looks like some rot here or there, 2nd story Porch floor front, and so on, so, definitely would be some amount of serious and fairly expensive project, no matter how purist or non purist one may be.

  18. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 249 comments

    Email from realtor says home was owned by a 97 year old lady and has been vacant for several years. I am going to go take a look after this weekend if it is still available.

  19. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 249 comments

    Went to visit this house last weekend. It was a beauty at one time but has been vacant for so long that it would take a lot of work. The foundation needs help and the only outstanding feature is the staircase. There are no wonderful light fixtures for Ross, most of the woodwork has been painted, and there is a partition that divides the house into two apartments. Parsons is a cute little town of about $10,000. This house is a much bigger project than I can handle.

  20. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12421 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Latest street view shows this was demolished (unless someone can prove it was moved.)

  21. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 5638 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1897 Queen Anne Colonial
    Cadiz, OH

    Not surprising at all. A streetview tour around town shows it’s a ghost of what it once was. Old post cards show it was a thriving town built around the M.K.& T. (“Katy”) railroad until the line, established in the early 1870’s, began to decline in the 1950’s. It’s been downhill for Parsons ever since. Mercy Hospital, a big stone edifice where I was born was demolished in the 1970’s. During a visit in 2001, I noticed several on-going demolitions including a hulking two story Victorian seen going into town with gaping, exposed to the elements, rooms. 25 years from now, Parsons may be approaching ghost town status. Sad.

  22. I live a block from where this house stood, and unfortunately, yes, it was demolished. My husband and I went in on the day it was auctioned, and it was so sad inside. I would have killed for the stairway, but it didn’t fit our old house. Rather than Parsons becoming a ghost town, there are some good things happening here and where that house stood, the highway is going to be widened to accommodate a busy intersection. I personally would much rather have had the beautiful house restored, but some people choose “progress” over beauty.


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