1811 Federal – Deerfield, MA

SOLD / Archived From 2016
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  • $219,900
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Bath
  • 2742 Sq Ft
  • 1.6 Ac.
This historic Deerfield residence sits on 1.6 acres, shaded by maple trees and showcasing a 3 story 1855 barn. The original brick structure features 4 Bedrooms, a formal parlor, study and dining room with 4 original hearths including a beehive oven. the wooden ell now houses a 17 x 23 keeping room and 4 additional unfinished rooms. Original features include wide pine flooring, paneled doors, moldings, hardware and inside sliding shutters. A restoration project worthy of your time and attention.
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18 Comments on 1811 Federal – Deerfield, MA

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  1. AvatarMark says: 162 comments

    Lots of potential. Might be nice to add a small porch back where you can see the visible remnants.
    I would have to wonder how many folks here would accept these photos as part of their listing package on a house where sales commision might be $30k. Sometimes listing photos are not the most informative, but the majority of these are not even in focus. A house like this with a little staging could give you amazing photos.The gable end faces the road which you also wouldn’t know from the photos.

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10342 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Agreed about the listing photos! I did find one that was better quality (as in less pixelated) but still…a $400k house should have clear photos.

      • SueSue says: 1175 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1802 Cape

        I agree. Too many realtors are not good marketers. If I were these people I would demand much better pictures.

    • AvatarMazamaGrammy says: 364 comments

      yes. horrendous photos, my son is a commercial photographer near Austin, TX. every job he does whether small home or huge multimiilion estate gets the same impeccable artistic photos. His clients always claim his photos have a huge impact on their sales especially in a highly competitive market with many fabulous homes.

  2. JeklstudioJeklstudio says: 949 comments

    I agree. However from what’s shown, this place seems pretty incredible. Nice setting. It just looks…peaceful.

  3. AvatarAnne M. says: 559 comments

    Deerfield is pretty historic place with 10 intact 18th century houses open for touring:

    • Avatardreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1260 comments

      Thank you for that link I really enjoyed that, and it made me want to take a trip to Deerfield.

  4. AvatarChris Hartz says: 1 comments

    Deerfield MA is one of the greatest places in America for colonial buildings. The pictures are horrible but the potential is unlimited!

  5. AvatarMicheleP says: 75 comments

    Wow, what a terrific place!!! the agent clearly doesn’t appreciate the historic aspect of this house, or the description would be lots better, and with more pictures – in focus, for sure! Surely, there are stories that go with this house, which could be added to this site. Maybe the local historical society could help with digging up the history on this house. Good luck to the owners! This is a million dollar property!

    • AvatarJane says: 2 comments

      It was owned by a farmer named Jos. Stebbins son of Joseph Stebbins and Lucy Frary. Joseph married Laura Hawks 1805 and they had 7 children. I grew up in this house. It had a pink rose covered portico over the door. “Indian shutters” on all the windows, and a worn granite slab threshhold between the kitchen and main house. It had a giant Maple tree where my dad made me a swing, a Butternut tree, a Willow and a large Lilac by the side diir facing 5&10. It was amazing.

  6. AvatarDiane says: 486 comments

    I always get a chuckle when I see the listing agent moves a flower pot from room to room. I think Kelly (in her spare time) should start a school for realtors on how to list homes.

    • AvatarMelissa says: 250 comments

      I think that’s a great idea! However, the agent did get crafty in disguising the fact that the dishwasher was removed – s/he stuck that bakers rack in the hole and put bowls in it! LOL

  7. AvatarDebster says: 12 comments

    LOL! Yes, these pictures don’t do this place justice! I wanted to see the beautiful window in the attic, too! And nothing on the beehive? Deerfield is a wonderful area.

  8. Avatardreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1260 comments

    Sounds like a dream place to live! And you’re right about the less than perfect pictures. I do like what I see in the kitchen!

  9. AvatarJerry says: 12 comments

    Just FYI, the porch is removed, because a house of this design in this earl likely would have never had a portico.

  10. Miss-Apple37Miss-Apple37 says: 856 comments
    1875 Limestone house
    Loire Valley, France,

    Pocket shutters? wow!

  11. AvatarAmy Sullivan says: 1 comments

    The green windows shown in the pics actually slide into the wall inside. It was to keep the Indians from coming! Way cool. I’m going to a showing on this house later today! We shall see!

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