October 21, 2015: Link Exchange & Discussion

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Happy Friday! This is where you share your old house finds, articles or general chit chat. Link to sites like Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin; no hidden listings that make you register to view. Just paste the link in the comment box below, no HTML codes needed. Keep the links to a maximum of 5 per post (keeps email notifications from getting marked as spam.)

I also share an old photo from the header you see above and supersize it for you. This is the Hughes House built in 1889 at 144 Randolph Avenue. It was designed by William Rotch Ware, built by J. Murray Forbes for his newly wed daughter Sarah and her husband William Hastings Hughes (Milton Historical Society says William Ralph Emerson as the architect). There is no street view but you can see it in the aerial view. The previous post today shows you what it looks like now, link. Have a beautiful weekend! -Kelly

195 Comments on October 21, 2015: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    No notes on who the people are. I’m guessing the photo is between 1908 to the late ’10s.

    I could not research the family but perhaps someone can from the details known.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      What an beautiful house. Amazing in scale and details. Amazing woman too that had all those children.

    • says: 1 comments

      Hi, I just found out that 313 State Street in Curwensville, Pa is for sale for $259,000! through by HowardHanna, Richard&Catherine Ellenberger are the agents (814) 952-6581. It has 9 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms and half bathroom in the basement! Move in ready! It’s beautiful in there! So well maintained and preserved! I know who ever buys this house has a lot of options like B&B, a business, private practice, private home, etc. After all it was FJ Dyers house! the first flour mill company and business man in Curwensville, Pa he was one of the founding fathers of the area!

  2. Cathy says: 2196 comments

    A very cool, and large house. And as the link to it as it is now shows, a lovely interior. But…Look at the height of that one chimney, especially! I wouldn’t want to have been the mason(s) who built that one…

  3. Anne M. says: 708 comments

    William Hasting Hughes was British, born in England, 1833. He was quite a bit older than Sarah Forbes, who was born in Massachusetts in 1854. He was a wine merchant as was his daughter Emily who was evidently from an earlier marriage (born in Spain, 1863). Sarah Forbes father, John Murray Forbes was the president of a railroad – he had a very interesting life!
    Sarah Forbes Hughes edited a 3-vol series of her father’s papers after his death. The Forbes family papers are at the Massachusetts Historical Society.
    Wikipedia includes Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry as a relative but it is not clear if that is accurate.

  4. Kevin says: 6 comments

    Hello everyone! I’ve been following this page for a long while, and have enjoyed every post. I’ve noted numerous designs by the architect George Barber that have come up for sale over the years, and as they seem to be favored and specifically labeled as such, I thought I’d share this one, currently for sale in the Chicago suburb of Berwyn, Illinois. It has had a number of unfortunate alterations (the kitchen is particularly bad), but I thought some might enjoy seeing it. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/3445-Home-Ave_Berwyn_IL_60402_M70600-21742#photo5

  5. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    Charming house. I could see it without the carpets.

  6. Kevin says: 6 comments

    A 1930s Southern Colonial revival house, built for a local industrialist in the charming town of Morris, Illinois, located about an hour from Chicago. I suspect the kitchen and bathrooms may be original, but I would be interested in everyone’s thoughts. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/415-Goold-Park-Dr_Morris_IL_60450_M75794-91647#photo0

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      Love the original kitchen! Wish they hadn’t added granite countertops. I suspect the originals would be those metal-edged red or green linoleum counters. The bathrooms are great too. They look original, I think? I’ve seen bathrooms like those that were installed in the 1950s, so they may be more modern than the 1930s. They are old and charming! It’s a great house in great condition.

      • Cathy says: 2196 comments

        I’m also guessing the 50’s for the bathrooms. I used to live in an apt. in a complex built in the mid-50s and it had the exact same tile floor in the bathroom.

    • BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

      So pretty inside! What a sweet home. Thank you for sharing.

    • Gail M says: 156 comments

      What a pretty, pretty house. Those bathrooms are wonderful.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      What a wonderful and elegant home. I adore the bathrooms too. I was thinking the kitchen is later than 1930’s. The stove looks like a 1950’s GE. The sink could be circa 1930’s,1940’s or ’50’s. Cabinets are a bit modern for the thirties. Perhaps a remodel?

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      SUCH a pretty house! I love it through & through, from front door to screened porch & lovely garden. It manages to be elegant & graceful but still comfortable for living. The tile work in the bathrooms could be mostly original, not sure about the fixtures — they look slightly newer. I’d glom onto this place if I were moving to Illinois!

    • Kevin says: 6 comments

      Thank you for the imput. You may be right about the bathrooms being later, which would make sense…if they were remodeled in the 1950s, the house would have been 20+ years old. In any event, I like the vintage quality.

      I also wanted to share a photo of the house from my flickr page, from 2009. I like it better than the realtor’s photo, as it shows the full width of the house a lot better. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevin301/3436318146/in/album-72157616592395923/

    • JimHJimH says: 4869 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Kevin, the kitchen and baths in Morris IL are original to the house, but the build date is 1942. I thought it must be from the 40’s because the street doesn’t appear on maps until later, and this little article confirms it:

  7. Lindsay G says: 582 comments

    I completely forgot today was Friday and therefore link exchange day! So I have one house from Kansas. It’s a beautiful two story craftsman with lots of charming little features. The stairway window seat is my favorite! http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/908-SW-Munson-Ave-Topeka-KS-66604/77505931_zpid/

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      That’s a charming house with very attractive original features. The price made me fall over! Are houses in Topeka this cheap? Or is it the neighborhood? Wow!

    • BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

      I love this foursquare! So much to love, and easily fix what needs to be fixed… Thank you for sharing it!

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      Lots of nice features & built-ins in this house! Needs some TLC – refinish the floor(s), replace that kitchen door, spiff up the exterior… Wonder if that landing window bench has lift-up seats for storage, as the others seem to have?

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      Lots to love in that house. I love the window seat on the landing & the built-in cupboards & the front porch, plus other stuff. It’s just waiting to be a cozy home for some lucky family.

  8. ChrisICU says: 625 comments

    Kelly I love the house in Griffin and it’s a great price. It’ll need some work, but could be a showplace. Here’s an over-the-top house in a similar style. I think the house in Griffin could easily resemble this. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/7254-Highway-308-S_Donaldsonville_LA_70346_M84267-42235

  9. Cathy says: 2196 comments

    Nice 1910 house w. plenty of nice features. (But the modernized main bath isn’t one of them!) The village of New Hartford is a suburb of Utica where many of the professionals live, & has very good schools. This house’s location is extremely convenient & is in a fine neighborhood. Taxes are ‘up there.’ (When friends moved from Utica to NH, their real estate taxes doubled.)

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      I’m so envious! This is a great house at a great price! I can’t believe it’s only 2100 square feet. It looks much larger. There’s also an attic. And on an acre? Good schools? What a deal. Needs a few updates (I’d paint those kitchen cabinets) but it’s in great shape. Utica is cold, though. Brrrrrr.

    • BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

      What a lovely house! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Cathy says: 2196 comments

    1927 colonial revival, on a very pretty street, in a very convenient (& good) neighborhood. Real estate taxes – good.

    Another Talcott Rd. house, 1928, center hall colonial revival:

  11. jeklstudio says: 1122 comments

    Wow, Kelly, that is one gorgeous house! Thanks for showing it!

  12. Courtney says: 10 comments

    Hi! I love love love browsing all of these old houses. Here’s a pretty one I found the other day, I thought you all might appreciate it!


    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      Love the turquoise bathroom fixtures!

    • BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

      Courtney, I just fell completely in love with this house. (I would not know what to do with the new house sitting in the yard next to it, but the old house is just simply elegant and lovely. Thank you for sharing!

      • Courtney says: 10 comments

        I was thinking the same about the newer construction house bocking the view. I think i’d see if anyone wanted to move it and have it for free. it’s so poorly placed!

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      Whoa… talk about high ceilings! The doorways look tiny in comparison. ? That mint green bath with its gorgeous center stained glass window is sooo cool!

    • Anne M. says: 708 comments

      That house is drop dead gorgeous! I wonder what year it was built? I also wonder why the price was raised a million dollars 4 days after it was listed?

      • Courtney says: 10 comments

        I was also wondering about the price increase, Anne. It definitely left me curious. I’ll see if I can find some more information on this house. 🙂

      • Courtney says: 10 comments

        PS. Anne,
        they have it listed as being built in 1850 and the newer house being built in 1986. No idea if that’s correct, but I would have guessed 1850-1860, myself. 🙂

    • Lancaster John says: 715 comments

      Courtney, thanks for sharing. A lovely but unusual home. I don’t see the price though, even if it for the two houses and the 270 acres, unless it’s in the path of development and there is future value in the land.

      • Courtney says: 10 comments

        I don’t know where they came up with the price either, Lancaster John. Pleasureville is a nice small town, but very rural and farm-centric. When I saw the price I had a hard time believing that it could sell at asking price in that part of Henry County. Maybe I’m just out of touch with that area. 🙂

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      Great house — charming & unique, with even the outbuildings (original ones, that is) matching. Beautiful countryside. Very cool story about its builder! Super find.

    • Teri says: 290 comments

      Whoa! Thanks Courtney for sharing!

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Courtney, this house is amazing. It would be perfect for what my husband an I want to create with a farm that helps and heals the chronically ill. That second home would be put to good use. Now I just have to win the lottery or write a best seller.

      • Courtney says: 10 comments

        Good luck with the lottery and the writing of a best seller! Those are two of my schemes, too 😉 It would be nice if the next owner could put that newer home to good use… I just wish it wasn’t placed so oddly!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 5614 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Fabulous! Thank you for posting..

  13. Michael Mackin says: 2044 comments

    Kelly, you posted some fabulous houses this week. You rock! I hope your move to your new home is going well. Thank you for all you do to keep this going for the rest of us!

  14. KathyB says: 12 comments


    Kelly, I’ve never offered a posting before so I’m not sure of the protocol so I hope this is in the right place.

    • BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

      Kathy B, what a spectacular house! I don’t often say this about modernizing a house like this, but I don’t think I’d change a thing. What unique character and charm! Thank you for sharing! Just wow!

  15. Michaeljoe62 says: 100 comments

    Anyone need a Mansion with its own Chapel…going cheap…?
    Submitting this beauty again for consideration. This amazing home in our neighborhood has not sold and is now going to auction on 10/30 with no reserve. Could be your chance to finally have your own mansion with a full chapel in it. 🙂

    Known as the Bishop Noll Mansion here, the home dates to the 1900s. The Bishop occupied it later and added the beautiful chapel. I’ve admired this home for years.


    From the realtor’s website:
    “This amazing home is being auctioned on Oct. 30th. The price listed on this listing is the APPRAISED VALUE and this is a NO RESERVE AUCTION. Household items will begin at 12:00pm. The house will be auctioned at 1:00pm, then more household items after the house is sold.”

    • Lancaster John says: 715 comments

      Interesting home. Well crafted interior. I hope the owners do not auction the chapel furniture and leave it in place for the new owners!

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      That house is a beauty & so nicely furnished. I’m drooling. The garden is as pretty as the house. The bishop spared no expense or effort on the chapel — quite a place! I’m amazed the house hasn’t sold — is it priced high for Fort Wayne? It’s just so gorgeous.

      • Michaeljoe62 says: 100 comments

        It was originally listed for $890+K, then reduced by $100K. This is purely my opinion, but the initial lack of interest probably had to do with the age-old issue of “Location, Location, Location”… which is unfortunate. The property sits on the edge of a wonderful urban Victorian neighborhood at the place where the city limits used to end. Now, it is a bit “landlocked” between two busy boulevards that connect the downtown area with bustling suburbs. Acreage is limited, so you can definitely notice the traffic going by (though there is a wonderful view of the river and a public park just across the one street). The neighborhood (West Central district) is active and historically-centered and has become a desirable area – and our downtown is surging with revitalization right now, making the location prime from that standpoint. I assume the initial hope was to attract an out-of-state buyer who would have found the original offering a bargain. Though it is an anomaly compared to the homes around it, to acquire it now at $490K would be a steal. To win it for even less would practically be criminal. The owners have put at least 25+ years of restoration, mechanical upgrades and renovations into it. I believe they are selling to downsize due to a family illness.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Oh my. This home is magnificent and the chapel is the jewel in the crown of this home. All it needs is to take the bathrooms and kitchen back to period and it’s perfect. I wish I had the money to buy this one. Sigh.

  16. Janie says: 29 comments

    KathyB, it looks like you found the ultimate party house. Wow! The entertaining spaces outside and in the basement level are really something.

  17. Zoomey says: 498 comments

    Here’s a nice bungalow in Tarboro, NC. Great front porch, nice butler’s pantry and great price!

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      Love the Worcester, MA house! The staircase & its many windows, the generosity & variety of windows throughout the house, the breakfast nook, the porch, the pretty DR, the huge closets…

  18. Kevin says: 6 comments

    A Prairie Style house designed by Chicago-area architect E. E. Roberts. Roberts was a contemporary and neighbor to Frank Lloyd Wright, whose influence on Robert’s work is evident. With this design in particular, the broad flattened overhang on the dormer windows is reminiscent of the Peter Beachy house in Oak Park, designed by Wright and only 1 block from Robert’s home.

    The present owners have lived in this house for decades. Some of the decorating choices are rather bold, and a lot of the woodwork has been painted over, but with some hard work, it could shine again. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/303-W-North-St_Morris_IL_60450_M75838-51763

  19. montana channing says: 256 comments

    if the last pic of the featured house was taken at the same time as the rest, I would date it as late teens to early 20s based on the age of the car. that also means the left addition is a garage making me wonder what it was like when built.

  20. BethanyBethany says: 3324 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    Article from Realtor.com on the oldest home currently for sale in the U.S.

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      Give the realtor a big gold star for having a great attitude! I hope he/she finds the steward this house deserves. What an amazing history — thanks, Bethany!

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      That is an adorable cottage. Might work for retirement for DH and me, in a few years! Zillow lists it as on .58 acres, also perfect. Love the high ceilings, the wainscotting in the living room, the charming kitchen! Enough space, but not too much. I wish it were off the main street, then it would be perfect.

  21. Joe says: 734 comments

    Dear Old House Dreams Regulars,
    I want to ask the advice of the regulars on my latest purchase. You seem so able to research history and also know the styles and dates so well. The neighbor has told me that he has seen a photo at the Maryland Historical Society, which is two blocks away, of the house with Union soldiers in the windows.
    I am also concerned that there might be those who might think that this is an inappropriate use of this space. If so please let me know.
    I am currently rehabbing a Baltimore townhouse, which is twenty feet wide at 815 N Howard Street 21201. Front street view:


    It was built for someone to have a store below and a home above. The front portion is a store and a formal entry hall with a beautiful simple stairway going up. This portion is thirty feet deep and has two rooms with fireplaces on each level.
    The rear portion of the house originally was ten feet wide and twenty four deep. The front portion has high ceilings in the store and second floor. The rear portion has lower ceilings, so it is a step down from the store, a step up from the first stair landing, and a step down from the second landing. The upper part of the house is pretty much intact, but needs major clean up.
    A later owner added a 20 x 50, two-story warehouse and filled in the first floor beside the original back portion. The property backs to Tyson Street so I can show you the rear view.


    Please, if you choose to respond, send it as a reply to this message so I get it in my e-mail inbox.


    Stewart McLean

  22. BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

    I used to live in this neighborhood years ago, and it is a gorgeous area with the Kansas City Art Institute at it’s heart. This is a fabulous 1916 American Foursquare with a textbook exterior, and great potential to come back to its roots inside.

  23. BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

    Gorgeous 1911 neighbor to the previous 1909 I just posted in Kansas City, MO.
    Kansas City has many awesome old houses.

  24. BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

    Great neighborhood in Kansas City, MO., and a simply lovely 1930 cottage.

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      Cute house! The only immediate thing I’d do – other than painting all of those gray walls a warmer ivoy, would be to replace that shell sink in the bathroom. Otherwise, looks good to go!

  25. BungalowGirl says: 148 comments

    Very desirable neighborhood near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO.
    Very sweet 1924 Tudor style cottage.

  26. Teri says: 290 comments

    Revisiting a relisted Victorian Monarch bourbon mansion for sale in Owensboro KY


    Previous thread on Old House Dreams – lots of history and details shared:

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      That is an astonishing house! I swoon over those stained glass windows, the inlaid tile floor in the front hall, the amazing staircase (flying something?) the shutters, beautiful unpainted woodwork, incredible fireplaces and the tile, o, the tile! Wow. Just wow.

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      I’m not generally into Victorians, but… The stained glass in this one is just gorgeous. And I love the flora & fauna/nature tile-work of the fireplaces. The one with the standing (dancing?!?) frog in the center… I’d name him Jeremiah! (How many days did I wake up to that song one year in college?!) ?

    • GeoffreyPS says: 104 comments

      Wow. Just… wow!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 5614 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Sorry it still hasn’t sold.

    • I am soo happy that someone has repaired the roof. This was one of my favorites that I had saved when posted here on Old House Dreams. I wish I was more prepared to move at this time. Still waiting a few more years for retirement.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Does that wonderful car come with this spectacular house?

  27. RT says: 8 comments

    This one had more than 6 pictures yesterday, including what looked to be a fairly rundown carriage house in the rear. Not sure why there’s so few pictures today. http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Mechanicsburg-PA/2096638313_zpid/25841_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/40.228956,-76.974078,40.192184,-77.036992_rect/13_zm/?

  28. Nona says: 219 comments

    I love the porches and the unpainted wood.

    Used to live in Round Rock and always wondered what the inside looked like. I’m not disappointed!

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      The first house… Unusual & interesting front porch & interior archways. Love the lighted cabinet at the base of the staircase. The second house… quite a magnificent property! Esp. love its huge sun/screened porches.

    • Teri says: 290 comments

      WOW! Nona, thanks for sharing. I really liked the Fowzer property and then, the stunning Round Rock mansion!

  29. Lancaster John says: 715 comments

    Two in Kentucky:

    This one story, billed as a Greek Revival, is unusual. I’m not entirely sure I like it, in some ways it looks like it could have been a school or church. The tall windows and ceilings give a great sense of scale. But it is different than most. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/60-Foxley-Ln_Frankfort_KY_40601_M44930-84051

    Classic large 1840’s brick on National Register: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/205-E-4th-St-Perryville-KY-40468/105734829_zpid/

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      The Perryville house looks newer than 1840 to me (but what do I know?). Is it perhaps because the front porch is what, Greek Revival? The proch looks wrong, whereas in the older photo the porch looks appropriate to the house. Also the fireplaces look newer than 1840 to me. The interior is very nice. Love the built-in closets. Excellent condition for such an old house. Could it have been updated in the early 20th century?

      • Lancaster John says: 715 comments

        Zoomey, good eye. I didn’t notice that the porch was different in the old photo. The current one is much more delicate.

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      The 1st house is unusual. I think the windows give it a commercial look — tall & narrow with the heavy lintel on top. Much of its interior proportion seems similar, tall & narrow putting it perhaps toward the Victorian, though the woodwork, etc., is Greek Revival. Interesting & attractive house. The 2nd one, in Perryville, is more typically Greek Revival, lovely place. The note about its being zoned commercial is puzzling since it is located smack in the middle of a residential area in town. Maybe “commercial” for B&B purposes. It probably saw the Battle of Perryville, part of which took place in the village — looks like some of the Rebels are still left over. I’ll go for it, cute little dogs included?

  30. John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

    A California friend notified me about a Second Empire style house for sale in Greendale, Indiana: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/139-Ridge-Ave-Greendale-IN-47025/85167273_zpid/ The textbook 1870’s Second Empire style house is known locally as “Acorn Hall”. Here’s a Flickr photo of it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jefferysview/26980124996 Something of a mystery house as the Zillow listing does not clarify its status. (except that its tenant occupied and do not disturb) My CA contact says the two grainy listing photos were taken from the back of the house. Might be a grand restoration project for someone depending on its current status.

  31. dragonflyspirit14dragonflyspirit14 says: 262 comments
    1913 farmhouse
    Dillon, SC

    Such a sad sad baby 🙁 it’s hard to believe people are actually living in this house in the condition that it is in. Check her out; this Cinderella is praying that Prince Charming will save her. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1752-8th-Ave-Wellborn-FL-32094/47913081_zpid/

    Another sad Dixie-Belle, she isn’t as pretty as Cinderella above but she has some nice features, good bone structure. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/480-Dixie-Lake-Rd-Folkston-GA-31537/105177325_zpid/

    Here’s Pretty Baby, someone loved her once and you can tell by her gracious lines and wood but whoever loved her must have went away and now she is falling apart. Poor Pretty Baby ~ it looks like someone will be loving you again! (Home has a pending offer!!!)

    This Italian(?) Beauty is here for the WOW factor ~ WOW!!! http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3964-Ashville-Hwy-Monticello-FL-32344/80787618_zpid/

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      The house in Boston, GA, is quite pretty. She does not appear to be falling apart. Very high ceilings — they look like 12 feet or more, nice fireplaces, and on three acres. Nice doors and woodwork.

    • RitaB says: 121 comments

      The Boston Ga house is in pretty good shape. I called the agent a couple of months ago when it first went on the market, but he said they had a lot of showings and already had a contract. Then a week or two ago I saw it come back on the market and by the time I called there was already another contract on it. The expansive yard is wonderful. Guess I’ll keep a better watch this time to see if the contract falls through.
      I remember when the Wellborn house went on the market back in 2006 how overpriced I thought it was. It actually looked in better shape then than now. Wellborn is full of these old store buildings and houses. Almost all of them look like this one, though, without a lot of love. And from what I’ve observed, people actually live in houses all across the country that are in worse shape than this one.

  32. Teri says: 290 comments

    W Hollida House, a local landmark since 1811, in Shepardstown, WV

    The exterior!!

  33. Charles B says: 481 comments

    Connecticut Greek Revival–The Augustus C. Shelton House (1838) in Plymouth (note: many of the interior photos for some reason are of the separate apartment wing that was added circa 1958):


  34. Ed Ferris says: 311 comments

    Big places that were not originally houses:
    Church, in the middle of a conversion project. I don’t like the glass.
    Another church. Needs a roof. A good-looking Romanesque with good stained glass.
    A garage in downtown Salem, being used as a graphic arts studio.
    A former Bedford limestone shop, made of stone of course. From the photos it has been made a cosy home or apartment at least. There is some commercial re-development in that part of Bedford. I like the location: at the end of a long drive, surrounded by trees, but within one block of a main street.
    Brick storefront with stone facing in a small town.

  35. HeatherM says: 19 comments

    Here are a few in my town of Versailles, KY. Versailles is full of wonderful old homes and just minutes from Lexington. Elm and Morgan Street are two of the prettiest in town.

    The first one is just down the street from me and I think it is amazing. I shared it quite a while ago and can’t believe it is still available.

    Amazing! http://www.lbar.com/property/200-Morgan-Street-Versailles-KY-40383_1609001.html

    This house is right around the corner from me. http://www.lbar.com/property/111-Camden-Avenue-Versailles-KY-40383_1617183.html

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      That middle house on Morgan Street… wow!!! Too many things I like about it to list them all!

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      I especially like the 2nd house; much historic stuff still there. The antique fireplace bricks take us right back in time as does much else. Get a kick out of the stool in the elevator too. All in all, it’s an impressive place.

  36. Cora says: 2030 comments

    This exterior of this looked familiar, but the house I am thinking of I thought had been destroyed recently in a fire.
    127 Columbia Ave, Centerville, TN 37033
    $129,900 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  37. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Back porch envy:

    2292 Old Gardner Rd, Martin, TN 38237
    $175,000 | 5 Bed • 3 Bath

    Bargain, I like this one a bunch:
    611 S Main St, Anna, IL 62906
    $50,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

  38. Cora says: 2030 comments

    510 S Main St, Sardis, MS 38666
    $230,000 | 5 Bed • 3 Bath

    It looks like some renovation (not restoration) has happened, but still lots of original left. I love the ceiling height, shape and size of the room in photos 11-12:

    201 S Natchez St, Kosciusko, MS 39090
    $95,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    Pretty little southern sweetie:

    415 E Fifth St, Picayune, MS 39466
    $99,900 | 2 Bed • 2 Bath

  39. Teri says: 290 comments

    This one in Quincy IL needs someone to save it from more crumbling

    Another from Quincy IL. This one was built in 1876 in the Queen Ann/East Lake style. Listing says “16th & Maine is listed as one of the most significant corners in America, by the Smithsonian Institute, due to the awesome and diverse homes on the 4 corners” “Morris and Lebra Felsenheld House” The exterior is fabulous.

  40. Cora says: 2030 comments

    I think the exterior architecture of this home is lovely:

    402 E Cayuga St, Bellaire, MI 49615
    $286,000 | 4 Bed • 4 Bath

    • JimHJimH says: 4869 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Cora, the exterior in Bellaire is very pretty with that great bell-roofed tower. Would be even better with some detailing and a period paint job. The interior is really fine too with some B&B updating but nothing grotesque. Thanks for the link!

  41. Diane says: 540 comments

    You can even remove the handles to make it look less basket-ish.

    Perhaps not exactly an old house but certainly historic in an odd and unique kind of way.

    World Famous Basket Building Foreclosing
    Have a picnic in this neck of the woods.
    Learn More

    • JimHJimH says: 4869 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Jennifer HT, I’m going to call you Tigger, since bouncing around the country is what you do best!

      The houses in Uniontown and Mount Curve are wonderful, but the Tudor in Elkins Park with its amazing iron balcony, fencing and garden gate is special. Even with all the updating, there’s some nice woodwork left unmolested inside too.

      • Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

        Haha! There is beauty all over the country, that’s for sure! My dream is to have an old hole someday, not sure where that will put me. 🙂 That Tudor is special. I wasn’t sure whether to call it just a Tudor though. It seemed to have a slightly blended style to me.

      • Zoomey says: 498 comments

        Love, love, love the original gold and red bathroom in the Elkins Park house!

  42. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    This deserves a post of its own…. OMG huge and AMAZING!!!


    • MW says: 844 comments

      Wow, very nice. Wish I had $12M!

      But now here is the really painful part to think about:
      “Last sold: Nov 1994 for $700,000” – only $700K!

  43. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    Don’t give up at the kitchen, keep looking. 🙂

    I am sure the wood was not painted originally, but I still love it and much of the furnishings.

    I am scared at what “monster rehab” means and I want to see more!

    I want interiors of this too!

    The grounds, the baths, just lovely. Mission style.

    • John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

      The Forest City, Iowa, towered Queen Anne is an intriguing house. The listing realtor has posted a video tour of the interior on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzyDHA1svC8 Very “busy” interior but the house itself offers a lot to lovers of the Queen Anne style with many original details. Build date is surely not 1880. (unless an older house was completely made over in the 1895-1900 period) Thanks for sharing.

      • Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

        Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out! I always miss the link when I’m distracted by here being no pics. Wow it is so beautiful inside. Way too much stuff to see the details of the home, but super details.

  44. Matthew Ziehnert says: 98 comments

    Just to update everyone…With a heavy heart I have to say that we lost the auction for our current dream home. There was a bidding war and it just went too high for our current budget. Considering how much work the house needs, it just was not meant to be. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/423-Henry-(Hillside)-Rd-Cragsmoor-NY-12420/2100832447_zpid/
    We will continue to save up and wait for the next place that feels “right” to pop up.

    And in other depressing news, a former home we looked at in 2015 just came back on the market, flipped at more than twice the price and non of the charm it once had. Take a look at the before and after if you have a strong stomach! Before: http://www.estately.com/listings/info/242-beach-road


    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Oh, the afters are….just no.

      Sorry about your dream house. Maybe that means your dream dream house is just around the corner.

    • MW says: 844 comments

      Oh sad. They stripped the soul out of that charming house, inside and outside. It hardly even looks like the same house. Bummer. Looks like they put a lot of work and money into it too. Just wished they had known how to do it in a way that would have saved the character of the house.

    • JimHJimH says: 4869 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Matt, sorry to hear you lost Cragsmoor, but overpaying for a project house is never smart! I suggest you look in the villages that city folks might think are a bit downtrodden – there are bargains to be had!

      • John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

        Matt, sorry to hear the house you cherished was not to be. Perhaps even sadder is the fate of the Beach Road house. Before it looked like something from a Grandma Moses folk art painting but afterwards, it looked like a slick makeover of a non-descript house by the Property Brothers. That aqua painted mantel looked Federal era to me. You are fortunate to live in an area rich in historic period homes so the ideal house still awaits you. Don’t give up.

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      I’m so sorry you lost out on the Cragsmoor house! But there will be an even better house in your future, I’m sure! The second house, oh, how heartbreaking! The before photos are my dream house, and after, charmless and bland! So sad. (How could they take out the old fireplaces and woodwork? Tragic.)

  45. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Really nice arches and built-ins after a somewhat bland exterior:

    1615 W University Ave in Delano, Wichita, KS 67213
    $154,900 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    • Cathy says: 2196 comments

      I agree on all counts. Maybe shutters for the upstairs windows, and windowboxes for the front downstairs windows would make it pop a bit more?

  46. Eric Hoffer says: 2 comments


    Authentic Eastlake Victorian tower home in the heart of Mechanicsburg. From the double entry stained glass doors to the William Morris and Bradbury wallpaper, the interior of this home has been lovingly and purely restored to its former glory. Period features include detailed woodwork, ornate staircase, pocket doors, light fixtures, wainscoting, claw foot tub and built-ins. Home boasts a wrap around porch, 2-story carriage house & beautiful gardens. Exterior requires finishing but is in solid condition.

  47. ChrisICU says: 625 comments

    Nice home in the outskirts of Savannah. Here is another listing of the same property. Hope they don’t tear this down. http://www.christiesrealestate.com/eng/sales/detail/170-l-78226-f1609160301700009/2086-grove-point-road-savannah-ga-31419

  48. This is a $20,000 near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. The interior is just meh, but I love the exterior front of the home.

  49. This home is located on almost 4 acres in Lehigh, Kansas. The house is fine, but the barn! *swoons* It’s a 30 minute drive south of my place. I love that barn. If I had the money, I’d move the barn to my property and bring the barn back to her former glory.

  50. John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

    Californian-in-Kansas, your shared links will not take readers to the subject property. If the link has “saved homes for sale” then that pertains to your own Zillow account (of saved homes) which others cannot access. The proper Zillow link should have the property street address in the link and should not say “saved homes for sale”. Some of the properties you mentioned seemed interesting so perhaps you would want to repost with links everyone can use. Thanks!

  51. John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

    Thanks Kelly. You fixed that so quickly it tells me you are fluent in Zillow. (code) I suspect the 8 digit number pertains to the MLS listing number?

  52. I apologize for messing that up. I’ll be more careful in the future.*embarrassed face* Thank you, Ms. Kelly for fixing it for me!

  53. Hopefully, I’m doing it correctly this time. If not, I ask for your forbearance.
    This property has lovely unpainted woodwork and is on 40 acres in Wamego (Kansas), within commuting distance to both Manhattan and Fort Riley.

  54. Beth Adams says: 1 comments

    3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,191 SQ FT, 1.870 Acres.
    Charming cottage home on almost two acres. Beautiful, mature trees,Certified Organic Garden used for Lulu’s Garden of culinary herbs and vegetables.Three bay garage/outbuilding, greenhouse, newer roof and hvac.A great place to Gather, Create, Grow.

  55. From the listing description:
    “…it has a beautiful fully restored 4 bedroom 2 full bath house originally built in the 1920’s. This 2440 square foot home has all the comforts of a modern home with the character and history of a time period long past. As if that is not enough, walk across the driveway to the original 3 bedroom Stone house built in the 1850’s.”

    The property includes 160 acres of land and two lovely old barns.


  56. The listing description of this Toganoxie, Kansas home is tantalizing, but I’ve only been able to find one (exterior) photo of the home:
    “…245 +/- acres with a historic house that was built in 1888 which served as an Inn with accommodations for passing teamsters hauling freight to Santa Fe New Mexico from Leavenworth. It was a branch of the Santa Fe Trail. A old small cemetery sits in the southwest corner of the property dating back to the 1800s.”


    Same property, different website:

  57. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Some old houses, I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love them – they just have a nice “feel” to them. This is one of those:

    604 N Broadview St in Country Overlook, Wichita, KS 67208
    $118,000 | 2 Bed • 1 Bath

  58. Cora says: 2030 comments

    I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Parts of it I love and I’m so glad they preserved the very old structure, but..I dunno…

    949 River Rd, Kodak, TN 37764
    $950,000 | 2 Bed • 2 Bath

  59. Heidi says: 153 comments

    I’m a little late to the Friday party but I’m going to share. This house is for sale (although this is an older set of pictures—I like them better, the newer listing shows the staging not the stained glass)


  60. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Oooo bargain…love the unique exterior and all the original wood inside:

    402 W 3rd St, Oil City, PA 16301
    $72,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

    • So much potential and so much history! I hope this home finds someone who can restore her to her former glory.

      • John Shiflet says: 5397 comments

        Petersburg, VA, is well known as having a large collection of historic homes from the Colonial era to the Civil War era. Some growth occurred post-war but not enough that “progress” erased the town’s early structures. The problem here is that the structure was heavily “Victorianized” in the mid-19th century changing or removing many of the original late Colonial details. Thus what exists today is a hybrid of Colonial and mid-Victorian era details. Both are now quite old and there may be local preservation covenants requiring the structure not to be changed back solely to a Colonial appearance even if that were possible. A major project ahead for the next buyer no matter what restoration route they take.

  61. Jennifer says: 1 comments

    Our historic Greek Revival is for sale at $274,500 Respectfully asking that you would consider posting it. Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/historicwenwood/

  62. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11732 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I hate updating houses that were flipped. This one makes me all kinds of sad.


  63. SamanthaR says: 4 comments

    Here’s one in TX. I wish I would have known about it. I would have jumped on it. It’s already pending, but beautifully updated for the most part. http://www.har.com/308-w-houston-ave/sale_35878174

  64. Karie Blatnik says: 1 comments

    Beautiful Victorian built in 1900s located in Charleston IL. Click for details of listing.


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