September 2, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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152 Comments on September 2, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. kizilod says: 48 comments

    1725 Colonial – 45 North Ave, Mendon, MA
    (photos 31-60, from the old listing, are better quality)

    1910 Colonial Revival – 10 Klebart Ave, Webster, MA

    1932 Brick Georgian – 791 School St, Webster, MA
    youtube has three different videos with more (and better quality) photos/videos

    1955 home with fabulous original kitchen and baths – 507 Harris Ave, Woonsocket, RI

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 5611 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      The place in Woonsocket is really great! Why anyone would pay that same money for a ticky tacky McMansion when they could have this SOLID, stylish, quality home is beyond me. The Vitrolite clock is RAD! Thanks’ for the looky..

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      I don’t usually like 1950s houses, but the Woonsocket house is a wonderful time capsule. The coral and black bathroom is amazing! The house looks 100% original. I hope whomever buys it appreciates it and doesn’t tear out that kitchen or those fabulous bathrooms! I’d get rid of the carpeting, but that’s it! Thanks for posting this house!

    • Cathy says: 2194 comments

      I’ll take the 1932 brick house. A pantry and breakfast nook, plus other nice features. Granted, I’d need a pool person and someone to keep those hedges beautifully clipped. And would have to redo those kitchen walls. But overall, a pretty house.

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      The Woonsocket house deserves all the raves — super place. The kitchen is dyno-mite! This house was not standard post-war in terms of size — 6K square feet. We are so used to big houses in this age of McMansions that we don’t think about how MUCH less space the average family lived with then compared to the present. This was a very large house when built.
      The 1st house in Mendon Mass. is wonderful too. I could move right in. Think how much life that place has seen! A gift that so much of its history is still extant, rare indeed.

    • Valerie says: 1 comments

      Architect A.J. Warner & Merwin Austin
      Excellent preservation and original blueprints exist.
      On National & New York State historic registers.
      Non Historic District, no hurdles when construction/repairs
      Victor, NY

  2. Lindsay G says: 582 comments

    Yay I’ve been waiting all week to post this beautiful house! It’s like a Disney princess dream castle on the outside but just wait till you see the inside! I’m so head over heels in love with this home!

    And this here is my second favorite in the line-up. The foyer is incredible. And the built-ins in the dining room are so exquisite.

    This storybook bungalow house is too cute.

    Beautiful craftsman in SLC. Lots of beauties in this area for some reason.

    This one looks very modern on the outside. I’m not sure if it was recently painted and that’s why it looks like that or what. But they left a lot of original details on the inside. I do have to admit though, I really like what they did to the deck outside. I could picture my friends and I sharing cocktails and hanging out there in the evening.

    Another cute little craftsman in SLC.

    • Scott Cunningham says: 390 comments

      Humbolt St house is pretty awesome. I grabbed a few images for my ideas binder

    • says: 2 comments

      That Salt Lake City house is a dream! Very expensive at 8 million but worth every penny.

    • dragonflyspirit14dragonflyspirit14 says: 262 comments
      1913 farmhouse
      Dillon, SC

      Oh my! Salt Lake City Utah Disney Princess House is utterly breathtaking! The only way I would leave is in a pine box and I still would be kicking and screaming … and then my ghost would find a way back! Wow….

    • dragonflyspirit14 says: 262 comments

      Just took a look at your “storybook Bungalow house” aka The “Sugar House. This 2-story home was built by Claude Richards in 1910 for his family”. Wow, so many wonderful features and 70 photos to peruse. Realtor did a good job featuring this home.

  3. RosewaterRosewater says: 5611 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Delightful Italianate cottage on the cheap;

    Top shelf Arts and Craftsman transitional TEMPLE!

  4. CharlesB says: 481 comments

    1872 Italianate–Silver Creek, NY–$97,900. Silver Creek is a laid-back little beach town at the easternmost edge of the Chautauqua County Grape Belt. The community seems to have reached a peak in the years immediately following the Civil War, and it has some rather ambitious Victorian architecture for a town its size:

  5. Sunflower & Poppy says: 52 comments

    Don’t know if anyone has already noticed this 1800 Federal house in Buckfield Maine? Looks like a lot of work, but could be fabulous and with 6 acres too it might be worth the effort

    • Bethany says: 3322 comments

      Wow does this place fire the imagination! What a great old place, and intriguing remmants left behind, like the surprising pantry full of dishes and the great old wagon! I just love it!

    • Rach P says: 6 comments

      I wish we could find bargains like this in NZ, it’s fabulous! I’m intrigued by the photo of the 4 doors, I wanna know what’s behind each one!

    • tc says: 312 comments

      So much potential, hope it finds someone to love it. I crave that cook stove!

    • Mary McG says: 18 comments

      You know this isn’t the run of the mill real estate listing when the first interior shot appears to be a picture of the privy! I’m intrigued by the charming heating stove and the room with the three antique headboards (and dresser).

  6. Betsy M says: 1 comments

    I just found your wonderful site and wanted to share our beloved Madison City Landmark shingle style home called Buell’s Folly which was built in 1894. We have very much enjoyed it for the last 55 years.

    • Anne M. says: 708 comments

      That’s a fantastic house! 19 rooms!

    • ChrisICU says: 625 comments

      Betsy it looks like you and your family lovingly maintained that beautiful house. How nice it is to see that someone really kept the spirit of an old house alive. Well done!

      • John Shiflet says: 5392 comments

        Phenomenal Gothic style woodwork inside. It was rare to see Gothic Revival details from the 1890’s but I have ran across a few isolated examples from that later era. Wonderful house overall; thanks for your stewardship of 55 years. (I wasn’t quite clear if this had been your home or a cherished local landmark) Thanks for sharing.

      • Michael Mackin says: 2043 comments

        What a stunning house! I love the kitchen.

    • DanPDX says: 80 comments

      Love the woodwork and nicely appointed rooms and grounds- bravo!

    • Angela Folmar says: 30 comments

      This home has good energy. I love all the light! Very special home.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Betsy you have an exquisite home. I can imagine my pugs getting their daily exercise just following me from one lovely to another. Everything about it is enchanting.

  7. Anne M. says: 708 comments

    This grand Queen Anne in Burlington,VT currently being used as an office building so not a lot of photos, but enough to make me want to see more!
    And at the other end of the price spectrum, this 1870 house in Montgomery, AL,-85.81009,32.063373,-86.739808_rect/9_zm/2_p/?3col=true

    • Jenny McCoy says: 148 comments

      Best front door ever in the Montgomery house. And the luscious crepe myrtles in the front are wonderful.

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      The Burlington house is stunning. Love the foyer with the intricate floor and beautiful woodwork. The stained glass, stairway, light fixtures, everything is beautiful and original. But I don’t understand the price — is Burlington, VT that expensive? Or is it because it’s been used as a commercial structure? Stunning house in any case.

      • Anne M. says: 708 comments

        Yes, sadly Burlington real estate has become very expensive! But what a great city, I love to visit. Great restaurants, the beautiful lake front, the multitudes of breweries. . .

  8. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    I kinda dig the groove in this funky place. The notice on the porch is interesting though.

    Intriguing house.

    Beautiful old LA home. Only owned by 2 families and comes with original blueprints. What would you call the style? It has a French feel to me.

    • Jenny McCoy says: 148 comments

      The Napa place is definitely intriguing! Do you think the patchwork ceiling is cloth or paper designed to look like cloth? I think the decorator has a wonderful imagination and adventurous spirit. Very cool.

      • YDYD says: 1 comments
        Tigard, OR

        The ceiling is old wallpaper samples. My dad didn’t have any money when he bought the house in 1974 and he covered all of the walls and ceilings from old sample books he got for free. Later he added the wood. The notice on the porch was due to foundation damage sustained during the earthquake in August 2014, a few weeks after he died. Unfortunately, these pictures don’t show most of the stained glass windows that were in the house that added to it’s charm because they were removed prior to the house being listed for sale.

    • Laurie W. says: 1771 comments

      I love the LA house! I’d call it Mediterranean. So 30s & so nice! Love the arched windows in the master bedroom. I can see Lana Turner or Joan Crawford swanning around there, holding a cocktail.

  9. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    I want to see inside. 🙁

    Someone needs to save this before it gets any worse. 🙁 Why does it look like they bricked up windows and a door.

    Ooooh interesting light on the newel post.

  10. Rusty Slider says: 34 comments

    For those of you who love staircases, don’t miss this one in a in Wellsville, Ohio house. Great price of $110,000.

    And, for those of you who like beautiful unpainted wood/millwork, check out this one in Davenport, Iowa

    Both houses have wonderful views of the river near them.

    • EileenM says: 288 comments

      That is the most beautiful staircase I have ever seen. This place is speaking to me “buy me, buy me”. If only ……..

    • Marie says: 227 comments

      That staircase is to die for and the views! I would take my tea and sit all day.

    • Lancaster John says: 715 comments

      Seems like an excellent price for the one in Wellsville. And tiny $1400 in taxes to boot! And only about an hour to the urban pleasures of Pittsburgh PA and its very good airport. This could make someone a great home on a budget. And, may I add, having once built a straight-run stairway, I am in total awe of the carpenters who made that happen. Magnificent!

    • Scott Cunningham says: 390 comments

      I stopped by and checked out the Davenport house when I was last in town. Its a gem…A bit on the high side for the prices in that area, but overall its a great house with a great view, in a cool small city (and the best part is its on the Iowa side vs the Illinois side!!)

    • John Shiflet says: 5392 comments

      That incredible spiral staircase is one of the finest I’ve ever seen in a Victorian era house! It must have been hand built by a master stair-builder as an “exhibition” piece…it’s THAT good, IMO. I usually don’t get too excited by Italianate style homes but this house is in the one of a kind category. I sincerely hope it gets picked as a featured OHD house in the coming days. I’m completely blown away by that staircase. Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Rach P says: 6 comments

      I was considering becoming an illegal immigrant for the farm in Maine, but now I’m moving to Wellsville instead- don’t tell anyone!
      That house has a wonderful feel and the staircase is gorgeous – I love it all!

    • CharlestonJohn says: 1045 comments

      You just don’t see Italianate staircases like that. It would cost many times the cost of this house to replicate it.

      • John Shiflet says: 5392 comments

        Agreed. The precise curves remind me of the master carpenter/builder hand built staircases of the Federal era. By the time this house was built, most of the millwork pieces were being mass produced but the precision with which this was constructed elevates it to a work of art. If not in the H.A.B.S. survey, it should be in my humble opinion. Wish I knew the story behind its construction and who was responsible for it.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Wow, for the staircase and wow, for the price. It is really a lovely home.

      The Davenport house is also stunning. A grand mansion. You gotta love the seventies vibe of some of the wall paper and that amazing carpeted sunken tub.

  11. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Poor old house. I know it looks pitiful…but look very carefully at the photos. The built-ins, the wonderful kitchen cabinets you can glimpse through the living room, the window seat, wood columns…and that porch. This was a lovely home.
    Less than $10k.
    I hope the flippers don’t snag it and ruin all that’s still left:

    3434 S Benton Ave in Oak Park Northwest, Kansas City, MO 64128
    $9,900 | 4 Bed • 1 Bath

  12. Rozaroni says: 21 comments

    I fell in love with this 1840 Stone House in Landenberg, PA. I have a dear friend who lives in the area and while looking for a property for her, I stumbled across this. Loved everything until I got to the addition, but the house still has many more good points than that one simple issue.

    • Lindsay G says: 582 comments

      Wow what a darling home. The outside definitely belies the in. It’s out of my price range for a two bedroom though. Darn 🙁

  13. ChrisICU says: 625 comments

    I don’t remember seeing this one. Despite one very questionable design addition (looks like from the 1990’s), this is a beautiful home. It looks like it’s currently a B&B.

  14. Cathy says: 2194 comments

    The lead house pics for this time: Assuming it’s a 4th of July pic? Wonder what the top fabric streamers – attached from the attic window – looked like, in color? Have never seen any bunting/streamers quite like those.

    In one pic the girl is holding her teddy bear, in the other she’s holding a book (or 2 books) – but her bear is sitting nearby. Wonder if he was a Steiff? He has the long arms, & appears to be jointed. Can’t tell if there’s a button in his ear, but then many parents removed the button. The ladies… the kids’ mom & aunt, maybe?

  15. Michael Fleming says: 17 comments

    Great house available in Commerce, Ga. I spent a lot of time around here in the 70’s and 80’s. My great grandparents lived in Commerce. Then, It was a small town outside of Atlanta. Now, almost a suburb.

  16. Rachel Shoemaker says: 47 comments

    Sharing a house in Hominy, Oklahoma. The Drummond home was built in 1905. If you ever make it this direction stop in for a tour! Here’s a link to my flickr where you can see several photos of it and on my facebook page there’s a tour through the rooms which are filled with the original furnishings and contents, even the kids toys! All of the wall paper was reproduced to match the original. It’s like a step back in time. Nothing has been updated.

    It’s a pattern home from St Louis Mo architect Herbert Caleb Chivers.

    Check it out! Old house lovers are going to enjoy this one!
    and see the inside here!

  17. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11723 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

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    It does seem that when you verify your email after leaving a comment to receive notifications, you are actually signed up after you click the link, you just cannot manage any subscriptions.

  18. Charles B says: 481 comments

    The quintessential Connecticut homestead–unfortunately, looks like one of those ‘open concept’ vandals had a go at the interior:

  19. Anne Hamilton says: 207 comments

    Some lovely old ones in sleepy South Carolina towns

    Marysville is close to Florence SC:

    Marion is within commuting distance to Charleston:

    And the Davis Plantaion in Jenkinsvilke is back on the market. It was purchased in 2013 and updated extensively. They split the original acreage with the new lot running down to the lake, so there is good lake frontage on lake Monticello. This is close to Columbia SC:

  20. Anne Hamilton says: 207 comments

    Sorry, my phone likes to “auto incorrect” the above should read “Davis plantation in Jenkinsville SC”!

  21. Charles B says: 481 comments

    The bargain of the week? A $15,000 Italianate villa in the heartland of the Western Reserve in NE Ohio:

    • JimHJimH says: 4867 comments
      OHD Supporter

      CharlesB, for sure a bargain at $15k in Austinburg. It was built for Travis A. Miller, a pioneer, storekeeper, farmer, teacher, mathematician, navigation expert, postmaster, Justice of the Peace, and Brigadier General in the militia.

    • Lori says: 27 comments

      Love love love this home!! I’m ready to move in!! Great fixer upper!! Don’t know a thing about NE Ohio or Austinburg! Wish we could see the inside!! … I could be disappointed??? I’ll dream of this one tonight!!!

  22. FergusFergus says: 260 comments
    1420 Perpendicular Gothic

    I haven’t been able to find much this week at the lower end of the market, but in the counties of East and West Sussex I’ve found some charming homes at the ‘fantasy’ end of the market: – An early 1700s Queen Anne in Wadhurst, East Sussex. I’m sold on the entrance hall and arrangement of the staircases in this one, as well as that archetypal Queen Anne exterior. – Highbridge Mill, dating to 1810 in Cuckfield, is a really cool example of a relatively sympathetic conversion of a flour mill. – Horleigh Green Farm is a very quirky home dating back to the 16th century in Five Ashes. – This has to be one of the coolest conversions of a former train station and railway carriages I’ve ever seen. The station itself was built in 1892 in Petworth. – This 16th century timber home is located on one of England’s most famous cobbled streets; Mermaid Street in Rye.

    • Cathy says: 2194 comments

      That first one, the Queen Anne in Wadhurst… Really elegant & pretty, and light-flooded. And love all of the built-in bookshelves! Is the Chippendale stair rails deal upstairs typical?

      • Cathy says: 2194 comments

        Oh, wait a sec… Upon a closer look, the Chippendale style stair rails continue on down to the front entrance hall. And that is one large hall! Also looks to me that although the front & back staircases come out at different spots downstairs, that they are next to eachother upstairs.

        • FergusFergus says: 260 comments
          1420 Perpendicular Gothic

          The staircases were certainly rather bizarre in that house, not only for how the front and back staircases come up to the same point, but also the design of the stair rails/spindles is rather unusual. At first glance I thought it was something that had been installed in the 1930s, but consulting the heritage listing would suggest that it is much more genuine:

          Up until now I hadn’t even realised that you could even get Chippendale style staircases. But taking my personal taste into account, I shan’t be rushing out to get one any time soon. However, I’d be happy to live with it in this house. Although the two things I would definitely change about that charming home is reinstating the internal walls to divide the living room back into two separate rooms and dropping the ceiling in the study to hide the partially vaulted ceiling currently on show.

          • Cathy says: 2194 comments

            Thanks. I was also wondering if the Chippendale staircase(s) was a later redo. Guess not. I like it well enough, but it would be a royal pain to dust! Agree with you on the living room’s lack of original partitioning and the ceiling in the other room.

    • SueSue says: 1160 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Oh for goodness sake. How could I possibly choose a favorite from this list? I think I shall have them all. Horleigh Green farm as my summer home and special place for my horses. The one on Mermaid Street strictly for Christmas holiday season. The Queen Anne for special occasions and large parties and the railway stations as a business. There, my fantasy line up is complete.

  23. Julles says: 530 comments

    On my way to Abilene, TX to check out Dyess Air Force base for a job. Looking for old houses along the way. Found this one in Meridian MS for $3000. And was floored. Check it Out! And if any of you can give me advice about Dyess AFB would appreciate it.

  24. Lancaster John says: 715 comments

    Here is a 22 room Italianate (or 2nd Empire) coming up for auction later this month in Berks County, PA — which is located in the more prosperous south-eastern area of Pennsylvania. I particularly like the radiator in the foyer. Pictures aren’t the greatest…

    • JimHJimH says: 4867 comments
      OHD Supporter

      LancasterJ, that’s a fine house in Robesonia, built for the ironmaster at the furnace here and part of the NRHP district. Will probably go in $300’s. The recent owner was a big antique collector/dealer and there have been 7 auctions of his stuff since he died.

      • Zoomey says: 498 comments

        Love the house, what I can see of it. But 8500 taxes? Seems crazy in that part of PA. Large, 7K square foot house. How much must it cost to heat with oil heat??!!

        Love it, if only….

  25. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11723 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Have I mentioned this?

    If you remember this home:

    They’ve got a Facebook page so you can follow their progress:

  26. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    Oh, I want to get my hands dirty here.

    So cute! I know its all newish, but a 1908 church made into a charming little house got my attention!

  27. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11723 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Expensive but interesting site to day dream on (non house site, lots of antiques.)

    • Zoomey says: 498 comments

      On both ends of the spectrum: the Hilton crash pad has the most inviting kitchen I’ve ever seen. I could definitely see myself cooking up a storm in there, and the adobe house is charming–clean lines, beautiful floors. It needs a better kitchen, but that’s it!

  28. RosewaterRosewater says: 5611 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Me! I used to live in this one:

    A fun site to browse for DSW MCM:

    Other great DSW houses:

    The Los Ranchos Mod is REALLY choice: especially the DR. Wow. Gorge. THX!

  29. dragonflyspirit14 says: 262 comments

    Going to take me at least a week to get through all these “treasures”! … Re the old house photos from Kelly. On first scan it’s relatively unremarkable but after a more detailed scrutiny it takes on more interest. Did you see the cute little boy leaning against the left porch post? I am betting big sister says, “go away, you are too sloppy to be in a photograph with me!”
    Judging from the fashion is this an early 1900 photo?
    Hopefully someone who knows this home and/or family can spot the photos and comment.

  30. MW says: 841 comments

    I haven’t posted any in a while, so here is one I just spotted, looks like a new listing, have never noticed it before.

  31. Cathy says: 2194 comments

    Elegant, 1920:

    Williamstown, MA – 1890. Gotta admit that “The Black Isle” Tintin poster pulled me in… ?

  32. Cathy says: 2194 comments

    1920 center hall Colonial Revival. Nice staircase panelling & coffered LR ceiling, really lovely windowed stair landing, and very cool first bathroom shown – its subway tiling & its windows.

  33. 80coolhome5 says: 8 comments

    This is probably the best Prarie house I’ve ever seen. The one shower is so neat and I love the panting at the top of the stairs.

  34. Cora says: 2030 comments

    We are driving through this area today. 🙂

    606 S Harper St, Laurens, SC 29360
    $78,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    108 Douglas Hts, Union, SC 29379
    $55,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    Moore, SC 29369
    $69,900 | 5 Bed • 3 Bath

  35. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Must be moved. :/

    1295 Simcoe Ln, Granville, ND 58741
    $13,500 | 1 Bed • N/A

  36. Montana Channing says: 256 comments

    re: the Buckfield Maine house – I am now 70 and no one has lived in this house at all in the last 50 years. Before that since I was 4, it was only used 3 or 4 times in the summer. It had a beautiful old barn behind it which the owners let fall down and decay. I am amazed at what good condition the interior is in considering no one has lived there in 3/4 of a century. Must be the standing seam roof. Outside of that, it’s biggest defect is it sits about 20 feet off a fairly heavily travelled highway and has not so much as a stick, shrub, tree or bush near it. I guess the price is right but i would think a lot lower.

  37. karenliny says: 4 comments

    Here is one in Beautiful Jim Thorpe, PA. What an artsy, quirky, charming place! The prices have crept up there the last few years.

  38. karenliny says: 4 comments

    Another in Jim Thorpe, PA. Newly updated, which I don’t know if that is good or bad. What do you all think? Love the view of the old jail out the front window!,-75.740578,40.860097,-75.752111_rect/16_zm/

  39. Cora says: 2030 comments

    705 Laramie Ave, Alliance, NE 69301
    $63,900 | 6 Bed • 2 Bath

    203 Hanson St, Morrill, KS 66515
    $59,000 | 5 Bed • 2 Bath

    1701 Dewey Ave, Falls City, NE 68355
    $55,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  40. Cora says: 2030 comments

    64 Paige St, Owego, NY 13827
    $43,500 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  41. Cora says: 2030 comments

    5664 Rays Dairy Ave, Morganton, NC 28655
    $77,000 | 5 Bed • 1 Bath

    531 Kohler Ave, Austinville, VA 24312
    $399,000 | 5 Bed • 6 Bath

    House needs work. The view is priceless:

    1032 Pot Rock Rd, Woodlawn, VA 24381
    $274,500 | 2 Bed • 1 Bath

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Cheaper now:

    24 5th St Nw, Pulaski, VA 24301
    $139,900 | 8 Bed • 3 Bath

  42. Cora says: 2030 comments

    650 Sylvan Hill Rd, Saxe, VA 23967
    $499,900 | 5 Bed • 4 Bath

    I think I’ve posted this before too. It’s a mess, but it was a MANSION. Cheaper now:

    679 N Main St, Chase City, VA 23924
    $209,000 | 9 Bed • 9 Bath

  43. Paul Price says: 202 comments

    Pretty rough, but interesting exterior detail under the man made siding.

  44. ChrisICU says: 625 comments

    Happy Labor Day everyone.

    Not sure why but I’ve been finding lots of nice mid-century houses. This one has so much original detail. What a beaut!,5%20SW%2051st%20St,Des%20Moines,IA

    • Cathy says: 2194 comments

      Have never seen this variation of an inglenook – the corner alcove next to the fireplace! And think I see rabbit cut-outs at the bases of the bench’s sides. And another fireplace appears to have Delft tiling. Yes, needs waaay more photos to see if the rest of the house has this amount of attention to detail. But for a house that looks to be in rather rough shape, a high price!

  45. Noelle says: 46 comments

    Love love love… I love those old Brooklyn brownstones..

  46. Shawn Cripe says: 25 comments

    For those who love Mid-Century Modern and are fans of Soul/R&B/Blues…how about the house that was lived in by Ike & Tina Turner?? Woo Hoo!! Many of the touches that Ike & Tina added to the home in the 1960s are still present. Pretty cool!! 🙂

  47. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Hope this hasn’t been posted. A tavern in the basement! 🙂

    90 Salem Rd, Lyme, CT 06371
    $790,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

  48. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Gorgeous wood.

    185 Ocean Ave, New London, CT
    $210,000 | 8 Bed • 4 Bath

    I like this one even more:

    8 Beach Ave-Crescent Bch, East Lyme, CT 06357
    $399,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  49. Cora says: 2030 comments

    I’m not sure I love this, but it is unique. I do love the stove:

    34 Newent Rd, Lisbon, CT 06351
    $299,900 | 4 Bed • 4 Bath

  50. Cora says: 2030 comments

    “House not salvageable.”
    Wish we OHD-ers could take a peek…

    75 Main St in Hull Village, Hull, MA 02045
    $295,500 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  51. Cora says: 2030 comments

    103 N Reading Ave, Boyertown, PA 19512
    $265,000 | 5 Bed • 2 Bath

  52. Shelly says: 37 comments

    This abandoned beauty was on a FB page I follow – the Dunnington mansion in Farmville, Virginia. From what little information I can find, it is on property owned by The Manor Golf Club. The intention of the developer was to create a resort with this historic home as a centerpiece but apparently the plan never came to fruition and the home continues to deteriorate. If any of you fellow OH dreamers can provide additional information, please do.

  53. Cora says: 2030 comments


    132 S Greenwood St in Kellogg School, Wichita, KS 67211
    $149,900 | 3 Bed • 3 Bath

    1248 Jefferson St, Red Bluff, CA 96080
    $225,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    Ohhhhh the fridge:

    3824 Pole Line Rd, Prattville, CA 95923
    $50,000 | 1 Bed • 1 Bath

  54. Cora says: 2030 comments

    Cute old cabin:

    4 Mill St, Eagle, CO 81631
    $79,000 | N/A • 1 Bath

    502 E 22nd St in Rainsford Historic District, Cheyenne, WY 82001
    $140,000 | 2 Bed • 1 Bath

    534 N Hollywood St, Fort Collins, CO 80521
    $699,900 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

    240 N 4th Ave, Clearwater, KS 67026
    $75,500 | 3 Bed • 1 Bath

    214 N Walnut St, Abilene, KS 67410
    $189,500 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    • ChrisICU says: 625 comments

      Thanks for sharing this Allan. I’ll never forget hiking the Appalachain Trail and coming up to Burkes Garden. There’s a point on the trail where you’re on the ridge above it and it really appear that you’re looking into an extinct volcano. The house looks very nice but probably a little more restoration is required. But I love that the original house is still as intact without modification like it is.

  55. candacelaine says: 7 comments

    Stunning Virginia manor with intricate stained glass windows.–2

    1869 historic landmark farm in Virginia–1

  56. Jennifer HT says: 795 comments

    New listing in my town. A little over done as most CA homes are, but I love it.

  57. Montana Ranches says: 1 comments

    I love old time Montana homes
    I sell Montana ranches at and travel all over Montana seeing cool old buildings.
    The following picture is a train depot.
    So many of them have deteriorated or been knocked down. Such a shame.

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