c. 1900 Queen Anne – Benedict, KS

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511 Allen St, Benedict, KS 66714

  • $34,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 2241 Sq Ft
  • 2.3 Ac.
This wonderful historic home features beautiful, original unpainted carved woodwork throughout and original stained glass and leaded cut glass windows. She is a work in progress cosmetically, but has strong bones! This property is nestled on 17 lots comprising of 2.3 acres. This is like living in the country but in a small charming community, just 15 minutes from Chanute.
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Dee Bondan, Malson Real Estate,
(431) 431-4313

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15 Comments on c. 1900 Queen Anne – Benedict, KS

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  1. Kristl says: 30 comments

    Kansas seems to have an abundance of cool, relatively untouched beauties! I also kinda love the wallpaper in the stairway.

  2. lara janelara jane says: 465 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This and two acres for $35k! Nice!

  3. Paul Price says: 192 comments

    I love this one. Great wood work. Sunny rooms, even the laundry room,and for in the 30’s.

  4. Franka says: 22 comments

    As a person who is actively looking for an old home to purchase, my only comment is to the Realtor; draw back the curtains and turn on lights so the rooms can actually be seen, and take fewer close-up shots. The living room and some of the bedrooms appear to be oppressively dark and one cannot get an impression of the room from the photos that are provided. Also, while photographing period details is important, what is more critical to me, as a potential buyer, is to be able to get a feel for the layout of the home, the size and scale of the rooms (will my furniture fit and how do the rooms flow), the height of the ceilings (high ceilings are a must for me), and the home’s overall condition (how much of an additional investment will the home require, after acquisition). The photos provided here do not do this home any justice. I hope the Realtor accepts this criticism within the spirit that it is given, returns and takes better photos to get this home sold.

    • KimO says: 2 comments

      Great advice. I feel exactly the same, about this home and so many others that I see online.

    • chichipox says: 199 comments

      I feel your frustrations. My problem is when they are selling an old house that is obviously in need of a lot of work and they want to show as little as possible. I know a house from 1890 that hasn’t been lived in for who knows how many years is going to need some work. Don’t just show me picture of the pretty fireplace and banister.

    • Joan Young-Santiago says: 51 comments

      I agree Franka but would add some pics of basement/attic and a few more of outside as well!

  5. chichipox says: 199 comments

    Beautiful house. Great price. Plus it’s on a one lande dirt road. If it has a ghost it has everything. It’s in surprisingly great condition. I don’t see any major problems. Or none you can tell form the pictures. The kitchen would have to be completely gutted though. This just really has a home feeling. I can almost see grandma rocking on the porch. Look at the hand pump in the back!

  6. MamaRose says: 8 comments

    Oh my! Seems to be in fairly good shape. The stained glass windows are beautiful. Just in my price range! The wheels in my brain are spinning.

  7. JimHJimH says: 5652 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Benedict had a business district a hundred years ago with a bank and stores – long gone.

    The church across the street is in sad shape at this point.

    Not much left there but someone might like to live in a fine house like this in a remote, well, ghost town.

  8. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 256 comments

    Quiet and peaceful untouched granny house….just perfect.

  9. chichipox says: 199 comments

    I was so intrigued by this house that I took the Google street drive through town. Hey a slow day at work. Talk about living in the country. Which would be a plus by the way. It really is a pretty area. Not really what I had in mind when thinking of KS. A really beautiful town. I Googied it and the town has about 100 residents. I really enjoyed this house. It’s just one of those houses that calls to you. I’d love to get my hands on that church across the street too. This whole post just intrigued me greatly.

  10. abevy says: 298 comments

    Stairway nice, What about the roof? See someone has some work planned on it. (see board attached). Lots of painting especially ceilings and purple room. But can move in and a great price.

  11. says: 28 comments

    I noticed that there was only one side of the living room shown and no dining room. I wonder why??? And could there be a fireplace?

  12. Tamra Townsend says: 6 comments

    Love it. Some wallpaper might have to go. And the outside needs a good painting. So when can i and my cat cookie move in please☺☺☺☺☺


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