1783 Federal – Hampden, MA

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  • $1
  • 4 Beds
  • 1 Bath
  • 2880 Sq Ft
Home to be relocated at Buyer's expense. Seller has land for sale if needed. including an adjacent lot or other land in Hampden and Wilbraham. This colonial era home is one of the most historically significant homes in Hampden. A beautifully styled Federal Architecture home built by Jonah Beebe in 1783. This home will need significant renovation to be habitable. Seller has never occupied this home and it is being sold in "AS IS CONDITION".
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Alfred Joyce, Rose Bud Realty      
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27 Comments on 1783 Federal – Hampden, MA

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  1. AvatarBethany says: 2663 comments

    This house is NOT worthy of being a tear down!!!!! Clearly being marketed as one, not even interior pictures available. So sad!!!

  2. Phyllis CaldwellPhyllis Caldwell says: 44 comments

    Please some buy it and restore it. 1783 – don’t tear it down. That would be a shame. I love the area. Looks peaceful.

  3. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4718 comments

    The windows and entry appear to be original…might be a sleeper here but will probably need everything inside. Depending on what original features remain, it might be worth the effort. It certainly deserves a better fate than a tear-down.

  4. MonicaGMonicaG says: 172 comments

    Oh no, these are my most favorite. It’s just criminal not to preserve it. 😰😢😪

  5. AvatarLori says: 119 comments

    Someone needs to cut the leaning tree right away before the house is damaged. Wish they would include interior photos!

  6. AvatarEllen Bickford says: 1 comments

    Hampden is a beautiful, peaceful little community! Would love to see interior pictures of this one.

  7. AvatarJosephFortHill says: 314 comments

    Since lots in this town are around 100K, and this has a relatively new septic (and I assume functioning well), it is priced just for the land. Of course, with the number of foreclosures showing on Trulia, not sure how much of a demand for a building lot right now.

  8. JimHJimH says: 4208 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The house was owned for at least 75 years by native Arthur Gerrish, and his widow (or her estate) is still the owner on the books. In the late 1800’s Alonzo B. Newell owned the house and 80 acres for a long time. His ancestors lived in town for at least two generations and could very well have been the original owners.
    Without knowing more about condition the prognosis is uncertain here, but the agent should be aware that the dream house for some folks is already there, needing the attention it deserves for surviving 200+ years of American history!

  9. AvatarLoriLynn says: 20 comments

    I’m sure I could camp out in it for a while lol. Absolutely in love!

  10. AvatarBonnie says: 1 comments

    This house is slated to be demolished by the developers who purchaed the land. Because there is no Historic District in the town of Hampden, Ma, there is nothing to prevent the disappearance of this very historic house taking with it all the history on which it was built. Very sad.

  11. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10360 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Ignore the last comment I posted. The description has been changed and the home has to be moved to another location.

  12. AvatarWm Mann says: 33 comments

    Happy news indeed. I hope it gets loved again.

  13. JullesJulles says: 532 comments

    Is there any one from up that way that can go see the house and snap some pics of the interior and tell us the condition?

  14. AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

    If you date American independence to the year it was formally recognized by international treaty (1783), then this house is precisely as old as the US of A.

    Where are all the super-patriots when a property with this kind of history is threatened in the name of unfettered development?

  15. AvatarSilence Dogwood II says: 2 comments

    Thank You for calling them ” SUPER-PATRIOTS ! ” Let’s go down the list of people who saved this Historic property from certain demolition and finding a person passionate in restoring it back to it’s original condition. Will D’Angelo & Connie Witt of the Hampden Historical Commission who relentlessly pestered the developer who finally in exasperation put it back on the market. Congressman, Richard Neal & his office – Stacia Caplanson of Preservation Massachusetts. org. – Pamela Courtney & The
    board of Selectmen – The Hampden Historical Society – Author A.Booth Hampden VFW – Tyler S. Witkop Editor of the Hampden /Wilbraham Times – The Hampden Library – Sergeant Mike Cooney, Hampden Police Dept. – Jonah Keane, Mass Audubon Society Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary – And all the other doors in town we knocked on for helping us save this Historic Home. “Again, THANKS to ALL !!!

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10360 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That’s great! Will the house be moved or is it staying put?

      • AvatarSilence Dogwood II says: 2 comments

        The home will stand proudly where it was built in 1783. The division of separate lots has now been reunited into one parcel again, saving all the stone walls and historical landscape that surrounds this old farmstead. “Thank You ” Randy & Kim, Best Wishes on your new project !

    • AvatarKimT says: 74 comments

      Thank you so much to all of you! If this house is indeed a Beebe house, it must be a relative of mine, a cousin’s house at least. Will look forward to hearing more.

  16. AvatarMandy 4DoorsDown says: 1 comments

    I’m a neighbor looking forward to meeting the awesome new owners who are restoring this historic home – I’m holding back right now as they busily work on this massive project. 😉 I don’t know them yet but I’m super proud of them for taking this on – people like them are far and few between in the age of “move in ready” buyers. So many times I’ve driven past the home looking sad and neglected, and now I’m excited to drive by and see what new improvements have been made. I feel so nosy but really I’m just so glad to see the place getting the TLC it deserves – it’s a happy ending to a story and a new beginning as well.

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