1903 Classical Revival – Covington, TN

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404 E Liberty Ave, Covington, TN 38019

  • $35,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3956 Sq Ft
  • 0.87 Ac.
****Excellent Investment Property. Selling As-Is, Where-Is.***** This home was built in 1903, a true Southern Living Home, back in the day. Such beautiful workmanship, original hardwood floors, wood work that you just can't find anymore. Formal living & dining room & a breath taking foyer with a gorgeous stairway. Huge lot with beautiful trees. Home is not livable. Endless possibilities if your looking for a fixer-upper this is it. This home has a basement but, stairway needs work. Call today!
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Debbie Watkins, Property Place

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19 Comments on 1903 Classical Revival – Covington, TN

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  1. MonicaG says: 155 comments

    Is that a blood stain?? I do love the tree climbing in through the window. The roof seems fine, not sure what makes this unlivable except some dangerous looking heating sources and gutted bathrooms. I was expecting much much worse. The street view is a little depressing but this house, with so many pretty features, (hello, staircase) deserves a lift.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12121 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Not every stain in old houses is blood. 🙂 Could be anything from coke to an oil stain, who really knows.

      • MonicaG says: 155 comments

        Lol. True. My mind went there instantly. Too many movies!!!

      • JullesJulles says: 526 comments
        OHD Supporter

        I do a lot of woodworking and that stain looks like they spilled the wood stain while they were working. If you look close at the pictures you can see some of the woodwork is freshly stained. One post looks like they stopped staining it in the middle of the work. If the craftsman knew that the carpet was going to go, they probably didn’t worry about the spill.

  2. says: 61 comments

    This looks relatively easy to renovate but, I know, appearances can be deceiving. It’s what you can’t see structurally that may be the issue, as well as costly. All those old electric heaters are scary. But, for $35,000, it may be worth the effort. Hope some one can save this house.

  3. Ronda says: 21 comments

    How I admire, appreciate & respect such quality workmanship in these old homes! The time/talent, patience/quality invested indicates the priority of these people for doing a good job, even without putting a name on the work, seems people had pride in the result of their labor back then! Where has the motivation gone in today’s work? New construction seems mostly “vanilla, cookie-cutter and hurry-up-time-is-$” to me lately (probably because I have grown to appreciate the homes on this site! I’ve learned so much that I’m HOOKED!). Thank you for my new daily addiction!

  4. BethanyBethany says: 3448 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1983 White elephant
    Escondido, CA

    Lovely light and proportions, what a great home.

  5. Karrie says: 222 comments

    Sad that the original bathrooms and kitchen are not there and were torn out. guess one needs to see this place in person to evaluate what needs to really be done to restore it to its original beauty….

  6. JullesJulles says: 526 comments
    OHD Supporter

    This is a nice home in a nice neighborhood in a small town about 45 minutes from Memphis TN which is a large city with all the bells and whistles. At $35,000 I don’t see how you could go wrong unless there was serious termite or foundation damage. There are so many original details in this home and if you were a serious DIYer you could put your stamp on the house and have a truly lovely home when you finished. Plus all that beautiful unpainted woodwork.

  7. Paul W says: 464 comments

    This house most likely will need a complete mechanical update and its obvious it was mainly heated with space heaters which replaced the gas fireplace heaters (2 sitting in one photo).

    Just getting the carpet out, wallpaper stripped and painted would be a great improvement…Its a good house and I hope someone doesn’t try to do a quick flip on it as the house deserves a thoughtful restoration.

  8. KevinB says: 116 comments

    good house for a retired DIY person.

  9. Franka Skerratt says: 17 comments

    This is a great project for a good price. Would have to be inspected though to make sure that the foundation, roof and basic infrastructure are sound. What a labor of love this would be.

  10. Mary says: 21 comments

    I live in Atoka, TN about 15 min drive from Covington. There are a few parts of Covington , mostly along the golf courses that are ok. However, like any town, you have your riff raff. Sadly, Covington has seen more than its fair share of gang activity. I, for one, would not live in Covington. I would just check the area of town before investing. This is probably in a well established neighborhood that has stood the test of time. I do hope someone with grit buys it and restores it. It could be beautiful again. Just be mindful of your surroundings.

    • Very close down the street, going out of town, you run into the railroad area and there’s a lot of dismal-looking stuff down there. In the overhead view, you can see that’s pretty much a feature all along the tracks. Going the other way, it’s only a short distance to uptown. But I agree, I don’t want to move to a town as sad as the one I live in.

  11. Big Rog says: 159 comments

    The price is right for this size of home. Would not take a lot of work to bring this beauty back to a grand state.

  12. John Shiflet says: 5425 comments

    Seems to be a consensus about the bargain price so its Ok to gloss over visual defects so long as the low price is kept in mind. In looking at the exterior, I thought for a moment this might be an older house but the interior details line up perfectly with a 1903 date. I wonder if the house originally had tall Classical Revival columns that were later replaced with these smaller square versions? Location is always a consideration for any prospective house because when you buy a house, you’re also buying into the neighborhood and the community, for better or for worse. Bad neighborhoods have been turned around by caring new owners, neighborhood crime watch groups, and inspired civic leadership. Fixing up one old house well on a faded block of houses can have a catalyst effect that over time leads to a whole block of nicely renovated homes. Not saying that would necessarily occur here but it has in other places. For $35,000 the buyer gets a lot of house for the money with some nice details. In a worst case bad location scenario, the house could be moved to a better area and still probably have less than $100k tied up in it. (some of the moving costs outlay might be recouped from selling the land for commercial development if zoning allowed it)

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