1904 Queen Anne – Rising Sun, MD

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116 E Main St, Rising Sun, MD 21911

  • $234,982
  • 5 Bed
  • 2.5 Bath
  • 3480 Sq Ft
  • 0.36 Ac.
one of the original manor homes on main street rising sun offering all of the original character & beauty of it's era. original: hardwoods, doors, trim, gingerbread, cove-base, crown, fixtures, doors & craftsmanship with over 3000/sf of living space. systems updated & maintained. it's looking for that person to renovate and polish this amazing home. includes a large barn/outbuilding too!!!!
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Lacey/Berczik Real Estate Group, RE/MAX,
(302) 453-3200

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44 Comments on 1904 Queen Anne – Rising Sun, MD

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  1. Love the UN-restored kitchen and attic…Yellow and Black tile in the bath not so much.

    • says: 17 comments

      It’s just soooooooooooooo AMAZING to see!
      It breaks my heart to think that the first thing someone who ‘restores’ will do is put in marble countertops and modern fixtures 🙁

    • Hijumpin1 says: 10 comments

      Love it, just needs some TLC. I think the kitchen could be wicked cool, love the original cabinets and farmhouse sink. The bathroom is neat.

      • Michael Mackin says: 2456 comments

        The sink was the one thing that caught my eye as well. It would be the one thing I would keep about the kitchen. I lived in a house with a sink just like that. It not only looks great but it was one of the most practical things to have in a kitchen!

      • Carolyn says: 1 comments

        I absolutely love everything about this house, from the yellow and black bathroom to the kitchen that needs some love. Woodworking is gorgeous too!

  2. Tonya says: 8 comments

    Oh my… The kitchen is to die for!!

  3. MiaNJ says: 10 comments

    Wow, I actually *love* that yellow, black, & white bathroom! So Art Deco! The kitchen, eh, not so much, total gut-job. Same with the other bathrooms. Woodwork is beautiful, and I love that light fixture. Very pretty house, but pricey.

    • Baltimorean says: 21 comments

      The kitchen is a perfectly preserved Victorian original–solid wood raised-panel cabinetry, glass-door upper cabinets on curved brackets with original hardware, cast iron double-drainboard sink, etc. Your comment on it (“total gut-job”) will be read with horror by most OHDers! I was absolutely delighted when I came upon the kitchen picture–they so rarely make it this long in original condition.

      • tinydcr says: 12 comments

        I think the kitchen could be repaired fairly easily. I would want to add some more storage, maybe with a period sideboard if there were room. It’s beautiful! Luscious woodwork downstairs.

  4. cherleeco says: 20 comments

    Love the bathroom. It is just unusual enough.

  5. Melissa says: 234 comments

    Wow, someone was proud of that bathroom – and I would keep it!

    • Teri says: 136 comments

      Someone wanting to keep that color scheme and find accent pieces that have a bit of an “older” vibe should check out a company called Michel Design Works, their line called black florentine honey I believe. It’s lotions, soaps, accessories and this particular scent/collection is a patterned black and gold. It could pull the look of the room back in time a bit, appearance wise. Disclaimer, I don’t work for that company nor do I have any benefit in mentioning them. But if anyone wants, please look up their many patterns and pieces and scents. I’m obsessed and have as much of their stuff as I can fit in my 100 year old place!

  6. Michele says: 93 comments

    Love the kitchen!!!!!

  7. MissB says: 29 comments

    I love the kitchen, too. Reproduction appliances appropriate to the time period would be fabulous in there. I also like the bathroom, surprisingly. That would not normally appeal to me, but it works here. It is too bad about the water damage…but someone with the money and the time would awaken a Sleeping Beauty!

  8. says: 4 comments

    Holy yellow bathroom! It looks straight outta The Shining–and I mean that as a compliment–love it, lol. Ditto on the kitchen comments. That might be my favorite room in the house 🙂

  9. John Shiflet says: 5477 comments

    Finding an original kitchen in house built before 1910 is a rare occurrence. It wasn’t until about the eve of World War I (c. 1915) that American kitchens began to resemble that of what our modern concept of a kitchen should be. In the Victorian era, kitchens were the plainest of all rooms in the house and whenever hired help/cooks could be afforded, the homeowners largely stayed out of the primitive kitchens of that time. The kitchen here is a very rare example of an early kitchen that was just beginning to have more of a finished look beyond strict functionality. While many folks would put this first on their tear out and replace list I’d urge retaining the cabinet work while adding sympathetic additions that match the style of what remains. The bathrooms are another story, but there too keeping as many period details as possible is the preservation friendly thing to do. Alternately, the early 1900’s were the beginning years of elegant bathrooms (often marble clad/or subway tiled walls with mosaic or hexagonal floor tiles; high back Oak tanked toilets; and large pedestal porcelain or marble topped sinks. Rib-cage showers were novelty favorites in the homes of the well-to-do. Others had the ubiquitous claw foot tubs but even those ranged from fancy nickel plated feet to very plain painted cast iron feet. This house overall is remarkably intact and untouched for its age.

  10. Chris says: 41 comments

    Oh my! The amount of water damage bothers me, but that kitchen! OH MY WORD! THAT KITCHEN! If I really felt the need for a “modern” kitchen, I’d consider leaving this room “as-is” and maybe use it as a breakfast room and add on a new room for a kitchen. 🙂
    I actually love the yellow & black bathroom, and I’d want to take a closer look at the other bathrooms to determine their “worthiness” or the level of reno actually needed on them.
    In the one attic picture, there looks to be something stored in the rafters – I’m’ very curious what they are.

  11. meg@sparrowhaunt.com says: 25 comments

    Many people are mentioning water damage, but I only see one spot that looks like definate water damage. Most of the rest just looks like layers of old wallpaper giving up the ghost – which often happens when a house has gone unheated for a winter or two. There is on the other hand quite a bit of “pet” damage to those poor floors. The kitchen is amazing, and large enough for a bank of modern cabinets and counters to be added if someone wished, and the deco bathroom surely represented someone’s dream bath when it was built (and is well worth saving). I think the original curtain rods may be in the attic rafters, but I can’t be sure. And there’s a barn. Enough said!

    • RossRoss says: 2466 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      Thanks, Meg, for your comment.

      I also did not see much water damage. Just a typical old house left unheated a while.

  12. Melody says: 533 comments

    I will echo the sentiments… THAT KITCHEN!!! Oh my word.
    Now, tell me, what is the metal lid thing on the right side of the sink? Is there a basin underneath? Is it just a different style drainboard?
    I would scrub that kitchen clean, paint, and move in some awesome appliances. It kinda looks like there might be a fireplace on that left wall that isn’t shown, I think that might be a hearth showing on the floor.

    That stuff that’s up in the rafters in the attic sure is intriguing! Might that be a bunch of fence posts? That light bulb hanging there looks to be on knob and tube wiring, I suspect the house has never been converted. The one plug in the first room looks to have gone up in smoke!

    The basement is quite intriguing as well. Large, seemingly well lit, big wash tub, and a nice, old looking workbench.

    Just imagine what might be hiding in the barn!!

  13. RossRoss says: 2466 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Was lovin’ this house, but then…saw the kitchen.

    OH MY GOD! I am freakin’ out, man! FREAKIN’ OUT!

    Love! Lust! Passion!

    Kelly, you are killing me!

    So, here I was, already a wreak, then saw…the bathroom!

    Kelly, you killed me! I am done!

  14. RossRoss says: 2466 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    The kitchen is really interesting.

    For, there are TWO kitchens in the same room.

    One kitchen is the original 1904 kitchen. Then a circa-1920 kitchen was imposed upon the 1904 kitchen, such as the sink, upper cabinets, and curious arched niche.

    The cabinets under the sink appear to be from the original kitchen, but perhaps have been relocated/reconfigured.

    All pretty fabulous.

    Also, while the 1930s bathroom is obviously an update, the green bathroom appears to retain its original “pressed tile” walls. Such walls have “tiles” stamped into plaster. Cool. The tub and sink are 1950s.

    • Bethster says: 900 comments

      It’s a weird mental adjustment, to think of somebody “updating” by putting in a bathroom like the yellow/black one, since I’m used to seeing them in their original homes and I associate them with preservation, not renovation. But of course it must have happened now and then. Probably just a fraction of what happens nowadays, when so many people are eager to make renovations, and wind up putting in in giant glass showers and granite countertops and vessel sinks.

  15. Rick says: 71 comments

    Great job to who ever took the photos, everything one wants to see in a listing.

  16. Kristi Edens says: 49 comments

    I gasped out loud when I saw that kitchen! If you move the refrigerator into the alcove with the shelves and add a modern island with a cooktop, this kitchen could easily win awards. It’s beautiful.

  17. priscilla says: 2 comments

    Yes this is a true beauty. I hope any improvements will compliment the current authentic condition of the home.

  18. Figgy says: 16 comments

    Why wasn’t I born rich instead of beautiful? ? ?

    • Kevin ONeill says: 153 comments

      I feel your pain :)…..On a side note, photo number fifteen. That is a long reach for the toilet paper even with the door closed.

  19. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1018 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    That kitchen is a DREAM! My eyes widened at the green bathroom — and I gasped at the yellow bath! These rooms are usually the first to lose their period charm, but here, they are intact.

  20. sempergeo says: 9 comments

    I don’t see any truly worrisome water damage (it definitely warrants a close inspection). There are ways to “upgrade” a kitchen using period materials and styles. The sink in the kitchen is worth the purchase price! I love all the brick as it cuts down on the amount of painting needed every few years. The house has such a beautiful style inside and out – so tasteful and balanced. No stripping of paint on the interior and the floors would come up beautiful with a good scraping. …praying extra hard to hit the lottery this time!

  21. Sapphy says: 392 comments

    This house probably has one of the nicest kitchens i’ve seen on this site. How wonderful that no one ruined it by updating it over the years! With a little work, this place would be a show-stopper! I’d buy this place for the kitchen, attic and basement alone! The Charlie Brown bathroom isn’t exactly my taste, but it’s interesting none-the-less! And i just love the name of the town, too.

  22. Donna Gibson says: 5 comments

    There are numerous pet stains in the hardwood & a worrying stain very near a radiator, but I would buy it anyway. The kitchen makes my heart sing! I’d keep the bumblebee bathroom too. Thank you, Kelly. These posts make me so happy!

  23. Rachel Shoemaker says: 36 comments


    I wouldn’t update a thing, unless needed. Clean it up and paint and make repairs. I would leave the upgrades that were done years ago alone. That’s part of this house’s history and character and charm! Wow!

    Oh, and this is likely a pattern home. At first glance I thought it resembled the Sears #306.

  24. painted ladies says: 13 comments

    Love, love, love the kitchen-worth saving every inch. I am a sucker for Victorian houses. it is our dream to own one someday. This one is beautiful.

  25. kendall65 says: 9 comments

    I think there may be 2 stained glass doors facing each other?
    If you look closely in the mirror you can just make out the very edge of the stained glass panel…and I don’t believe it is a reflection of the stained glass door that you can see, as there are no hinges visible.
    So what would a room be used for originally that has 2 stained glass doors on each side and a small eve closet? Also: When you look in the mirror, it looks like that other clear glass window door is on a slider against a wall? Maybe for a linen closet that was walled over?……Otherwise… Why the sliding door with a glass panel against a blank wall?

  26. kendall65 says: 9 comments

    I just noticed that you can see the same stained glass door from the other side through the panes of the glass door in picture 12.

  27. Michael Mackin says: 2456 comments

    I love the house. It’s like the old saying goes though….The good news as that they didn’t do anything to the house. The bad news is that they didn’t do anything to the house!

  28. Love it! I’d just dust it and move in! The cosmetic things could be fixed when there was time. I’d keep the kitchen as is, an older fridge and stove maybe(think “Meet me in St Louis”) when I saw the bathroom I thought, A LEGO BATHROOM! How cool! And what’s with the little gremlin door in the bedroom?!? Wish I were rich too, Figgy. It would make packing everyone up and moving so much easier. Oh, one thing I would change is the screen doors, ew…

  29. says: 1 comments

    Just came across this website. We just closed on this house this morning. The pictures make it look in MUCH better shape than it actually is. I am very excited to begin work on restoring its authentic charm.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11783 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Congratulations! Hope you’ll check in every so often with how it’s going (unless you plan on starting a blog or Facebook page?!) 🙂

      • QueenAnne says: 1 comments

        Work is progressing nicely. Slowly, but we’re getting there! Electrician has started replacing the knob and tube, so far with no damage to the walls (yay!). We had to tear up the kitchen floor, it was completely soaked in pet urine (boo!). The liner between the hardwood and the sub floor was wet with it, even months later. An older hoarder-type couple lived there until late winter/early spring of this year, and they had several dogs chained in the kitchen. We’re doing our best to retain the original look of the house while making the necessary updates to electric and plumbing.

        To answer a few questions…
        The gremlin door is plumbing access to the bumblebee bathroom.
        There are the original curtain rods, wooden window screens, shutters, and extra wood pieces to who knows what in the attic rafters.
        The under-the-stairs bathroom was originally a stained glass entrance from the porch with a closet and a pressed glass door that leads to the hallway.
        The kitchen sink is an original 1926 Koehler electric dishwasher. Super interesting, but not super convenient. It’s unfortunately coming out to make room for the fridge, but hopefully we can sell it to someone who has an interest in vintage sinks.
        The barn was disappointingly empty of treasures, and disappointingly full of termites, haha! Some repair work needed to make the second floor sound, but it’ll be an awesome studio when it’s done!

        We have two young daughters who are just as excited to make this place their own as we are! They have already laid claim to the attic (jokes on them, that room is MINE!) and run many many laps up the kitchen stairway and down the foyer stairway playing tag and hide and seek.

  30. Thank you QueenAnne, for the updates! Bummer about the kitchen floor, at least the dogs didn’t have the run of the house, lol. What a cool find in the attic! Those things may come in handy. Gotta look up that sink too!

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