1898 – Grenada, MS

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235 South St, Grenada, MS 38901

  • $51,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 3 Bath
  • 2410 Sq Ft
Beautiful and Victorian! This one will take you back to the past with its amazing wall-to-ceiling woodwork, stained glass windows and spacious rooms! If you're looking for a charmer with lots of character to restore, this is it! Don't miss out!
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18 Comments on 1898 – Grenada, MS

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12125 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    This home belonged to the late John C. You can view the pics and read the comments on the old post, here.

  2. RossRoss says: 2416 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    The house is a rare & precious treasure!

    PLEASE, let a restoration-minded person buy it, rather than renovation-minded.


  3. Linda Clarke says: 29 comments

    That is the strangest paneling configuration I have ever seen, going every which way!

    • thelma scudi says: 21 comments

      looks to me like someone stripped all the wallpaper covered canvas off the wooden walls. if you look closely you can see the fragments around the edges. that wood is the original wall and would never be left as the pictures show it. the new owner, if a restorationist, should find an old man who did the work before WWII, and knows enough to boss the job. pasted canvas, wait until dry, pasted wall paper. unfortunately, a rehabilitation person will probably drop 3/8″ sheet rock over the old wood. mumble, grumble

  4. jehousejehouse says: 104 comments

    Reading back through that thread detailing John C’s adventure just now brought me to tears. Such a sweet, sad story.

  5. bfish says: 84 comments

    This is still either my #1 or #2 favorite house on OHD, and it’s even better with the work that John C. did to expose all of the paneling. But I wish he were still with us to see where he could have taken this wonderful house! Thanks for featuring again, Kelly. I am going to keep dreaming about it.

  6. JimHJimH says: 5242 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The earlier photo set shows the exquisite finish and patina of the woodwork better. John saw the beauty and magic of those spaces and was trying to recreate it, and I appreciate that he shared his vision with us.

  7. NancyN says: 25 comments

    if I was retired and the ability to keep up a house, this one would be mine.
    However, yellow countertops!!!! I can deal with the floor, but I didn’t even know they made yellow countertops! They would be the first things gone.

  8. cheryl plato says: 174 comments

    Kelly, thanks for posting the old links. Made me tear up. what a beautiful home, wonderful man and heartrending story. Hope someone with lots of respect for all three buys this home.

  9. Amy Kate says: 1 comments

    I stayed up until 2am reading the comments from the old post. Not once, with all of the social media we have today, have I seen such a story in the comments of a web post. I hate so much that John C was taken from this world too soon. He seemed to have such a sense of humor and I would have loved to meet him. Being only 25, not many people my age understand my love for old houses. I hope to soon obtain my realtor’s license (my fiance is a contractor) and buy properties like this to restore them to their original state. If this one is still for sale it will be the first one that I buy. If not, I can only hope that the new owner does it justice and uses many of John C’s ideas to complete the project that this very interesting soul began.

  10. Shelly says: 85 comments

    I am deeply sadden to hear about John C. It was a privilege and an honor to be able to converse occasionally with John about houses over the years of OHD. He was an amazing person with a never ending knowledge of houses and history. He was always so eager to share this knowledge with everyone. I know this commentary is redundant but I just wanted to contribute and honor his memory in some small way. I will miss you John C.!

  11. susan.atorsusan.ator says: 17 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I just finished reading the original thread on this and it was truly something marvelous and, ultimately, sad. On the house, I am trying to figure out the purpose of the strange upstairs bit in the yellow bathroom.

  12. RosewaterRosewater says: 7110 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Well. I have been out of the loop. My heart just sunk when I saw the post. Damn shame to hear about John. At least there are no stupid wall tacks in heaven. Hope someone will carry on the good work with this one. Damn. Frickin sad……………

  13. says: 21 comments

    What is up with that last picture in the bathroom? Is that a ladder up at the top by the spindles near the ceiling? What is that?

  14. SandraGMcNichol says: 72 comments

    Hello all,
    I have been out of the loop and just now learned about John C’s passing…I wish I knew how to contact his people so that I could send them my sincere condolences.
    Although I never had the pleasure of meeting John in person, and only shared a few conversations with him on OHD, I enjoyed all his posts and I was so excited and happy for him about purchasing and restoring t/his house in MS. I was rooting for him to have this experience. I was rooting for him to be able to be well enough to see this project through. I was rooting for him to have the time to have his tack puller invention created. I was deeply touched by his perseverance and commitment to this project, especially with his health challenges.
    I am quite stricken to learn that he has passed. Thank you Kelly, for letting us know.
    And John C., if you can somehow hear me or know my thoughts & feelings – please know that your life and passing means something to me, a total stranger. And that says a lot about what a wonderful person you were.
    I am very sad about this news.

  15. says: 38 comments

    Having been WAY out of the loop for some length of time, I am sitting hereat almost 5am, not having slept all night since reading of John Clifford’s passing.
    He was such a lovely man, with an amazing amount of knowledge about houses and other subjects of importance and of joy, and I was indeed privileged to have shared a very small portion of it with him, on here and off the board as well. I am now at a loss, and if you’ve read any of my other posts anyplace, you’ll know that is not my natural state. His family I’m sure is missing him still, and even though I only knew him a short time, I will be missing his sense of humor, his wit, his joy with life, and his love for this little home. I’m sorry he was not able to see it finished, or even painted the colors he had chosen. But I’m sure beyond all doubt his legacy with this house will be felt in many ways by its future owners, and his home in Heaven is many, many times more beautiful.
    I do hope that all the hard work he put into this little cottage will be appreciated by its new owners – I see it’s currently pending sale.
    John, you shall be missed. I’m sorry we never met beyond this board, but I am most grateful for that!

  16. LisaLou says: 101 comments

    Such a sad story. After reading John C’s blog, I came back to look at the newer pictures . I could imagine him standing at the wall, pulling out those old nails. I do hope this house is now a beautiful home for someone. Would be nice to see it has come full circle.


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