1860 – Bristolville, OH

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  • $12,900
  • 3 Beds
  • 1 Bath
  • 3400 Sq Ft
  • 0.65 Ac.
Large 2 story home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Property sold as is. No guarantees. No warranties. Must be pre-approved or show proof of funds.
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Marie Houston, Welcome Realty      (330) 757-4533
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31 Comments on 1860 – Bristolville, OH

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  1. Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Originally posted Jul 29, 2010, the old photo is from the old post. The old listing photos were pretty bad so I did not include the rest.

  2. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    Interesting, but I have to laugh at another listing playing the Underground Railroad card. I think it’s this era’s “George Washington slept here” real estate ploy. Mighty hard to disprove something secretive, right?

    Hope someone buys this one and fixes it up. Could be fun for a youth activities venue.

  3. RossRoss says: 2405 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    What a completely fascinating property. Thanks, Kelly!

    Oh, to have one’s own dance hall!!!!!!

  4. AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

    I loooove that front porch! Takes you right back in history to folks coming to pick up their mail & a bit of gossip. So many cool possibilities for the dance hall — that room’s a conversation piece all by itself. The future doesn’t look bright for this building but I really hope I’m wrong.

  5. Avatarshannon says: 2 comments

    I actually went to look at this house a few years ago. The post office room still has long wood counter and wood boxes on wall, floor was badly buckled in that room. The upstairs room is enormous, I can just imagine the stories this house could tell. The floor plan is very odd it would take a lot of time and energy to fix this one up it’s been empty for quite a while. I keep hoping some one will try before it’s too late.

  6. AvatarJohnie L. Williams III says: 6 comments

    Actually this listing IS part of the underground railroad movement. I live in Mespotamia Ohio which is a MAJOR underground railroad route. I know this because as a child i wrote about the history of my town and later researched it myself as an adult! I along with friends as children played in an underground tunnel system that extends from the Town Hall (where i went to kindegarden school and actually first discovered the tunnel system) to the Grange hall in Mespo to the end of the park oval on the far end of town like a half of mile away. Also that main tunnel has many passageways to several homes within the town oval. The Bristol listing was part of the underground railroad movement like most others in our area because no one would be suspicious of movement in a high traffic area like a post office!In a nearby town Orwell Ohio where i went to highschool there is also an underground tunnel system and numerous underground railroad homes like THE OLD BRICK HOUSE on rt 45 it is a antique store with a strong underground railroad history. I love this Bristol ohio location i would like to restore it myself i pass it almost every day. I do custom stone work out of my own stone quarry in North Bloomfield ohio which is a dying art these days,stone floors,foundation blocks porches & patio surfaces, wailing walls,dormers, wall veneers, fireplace mantles and hearths, anything you can make from river rock stone, i can do it at, From Stone 2 Envy! A Military Veteran owned and operated company!

    • AvatarLinda sloan says: 3 comments

      Hi john, I find this very interesting. I am located in Scotland uk but looking to relocate to Akron Ohio and the idea is to renovate a lovely old property like this. The houses are so very different to Scottish homes.
      Maybe I’ll investigate this whole area and see what I can come up with.
      Kind regards linda

  7. AvatarJustin says: 2 comments

    I’m going to look at the house Monday. As long as the foundation is good I’m jumping into it. Wish me luck.

  8. Avatarjeffrolypoly@aolcom says: 9 comments

    I have an appointment to view the house this Sunday. I will let you know how it looks, right now nothing showing Justin put a bid on it.

    • AvatarJustin says: 2 comments

      I walked away. The barn beams between the foundation and the exterior walls are rotting out in the rear of the house. Also you’ll need new trusses in the roof. No to mention new electrical, no sect work in the second floor plus a few main supports going up through the wall are rotted out. Plus no sign of any septic and basement wall issues. And that’s not even doing any remodeling in the house. Just way to much money to be put into it for me. I really hope someone picks this house up and dose something with it. All three of my inspectors didn’t like the major issues.

  9. Avatarjeff says: 9 comments

    Thanks Justin, I’ve already figured about 40,000 on the remodel with us doing most the work. I will look at those issues you mention.
    My worry is why are the dropping the price so fast on this one?? That always worries me.

  10. AvatarJeff says: 9 comments

    After walking thru the house, the house is sound. I was about right on the cost but I don’t think whoever showed u the house told you about the city requiring the septic needed to be upgraded which will cost around 13-15,000. That I didn’t have in the budget. SO now for the 40,000 I could redo the house to bring it back to just the way it looks with no kitchen or bathroom. Since they were never there when the house was built.
    From what I think this was not a house but a town hall, school, or church. The upstairs was used as a dance hall, school room, meeting area, or church. The house has 3 doors in front and 3 in back, basically in every room but 1 which could be a bedroom. The 2 bedrooms they are considering is in front of the post office but they are filled with a staircase from basement to attic.

    I really don’t know what to do with it. I will do some investigating on the house and see if it is worth it.

  11. AvatarJeff says: 9 comments

    Found some history on the house, it used to be a general store with a dance hall on 2nd floor. The house was owned by the St Johns family, they owned the house to the south of the store.
    The house used to look like the picture but they widen route 45 and cut it down to what is left. So Justin, that was why the foundation was replaced and they kept the original door and moved it back to the section they left.

  12. Avatarjeff says: 9 comments

    I found out some history on the house, it was a general store with a dance hall on the second floor. It was owned by the St John’s family who owned the house south of it to live in. The house used to be bigger but they wide route 45 and cut off about 30 feet or so from the photo. Justin that is why they have the repair on the foundation.
    Now I can understand the layout of the house with all the doors and windows.

  13. AvatarJeff says: 9 comments

    I was going up for my final walk through and check with the county and got a call from my realtor that they accepted a bid on the house. Bummer, I had done all the diagraming for the new house.
    Hopefully the person who bought it will do it right.

  14. AvatarIzobella says: 1 comments

    I used to live in this house… I hope whoever bought it takes good care of it. One of the best places I’ve ever lived in. Lots of good memories in there. It’s very old. But very beautiful and worth the fix. Only reason we moved out is because we couldn’t afford the upkeep anymore.

    Please take care of this place…

  15. AvatarBryon says: 1 comments

    Anyone know of the current status of this house?

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