1896 – Manchester, CT

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78 Forest St, Manchester, CT 06040

Map: Street

  • $200,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 4 Bath
  • 6025 Sq Ft
  • 3.5 Ac.
New description: Rare Opportunity To Own and Restore The Graceful Horace Bushnell Cheney Mansion. Situated High Atop The Great Lawn On A Sprawling 3.5 Acre Lot in The National Cheney Historic District. Home Requires Total Renovation. Lots Of Potential To Restore This Estate To Grandeur. 6000+ Sq Ft, 4 Fireplaces, Stately Architectural Details.

Old description: Elegant Horace Bushnell Cheney Mansion sits high on 3.5 acre lot above The Great Lawn in the National Cheney Historic District. Formal, yet open floor plan. 4 fireplaces. 3 sets of french doors. 2 window seats. 4 bedrooms on second floor. Possible 3 additional bedrooms on 3rd floor. 3 full bathrooms, 2 half baths on first floor. Includes a butler's pantry, wrap around porch and library. Many original fixtures exist and word working detail in this home is amazing! Home needs complete renovation, but worth the effort. Must see!
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James Knurek, Coldwell Banker
(860) 644-2461
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101 Comments on 1896 – Manchester, CT

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Horace Bushnell Cheney Mansion, Hartford Courant 2011 article, Historic Buildings of CT are a few links found about the home. I wonder what happened with the restoration that was suppose to take place?

  2. Bethany says: 3450 comments

    Oh. Dying. This is absolutely my all-time favorite house on OHD, ever. I can’t stop looking at the pictures! If I sold my So Cal house I could buy this one and restore it to all it’s potential! Now to convince the husband and kids.

  3. says: 5 comments

    What a fantastic property. Are the hardwood floors covered with plywood, or have they been torn up for some reason? Someone save this house!

  4. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 355 comments

    Terrific house. There’s a hint of the quality inside in the garden’s stone walls and landscaping and in the restraint of the exterior, but the entry hall and stair sells the whole package all at once: bang. (The tessellated hall floor looks as if it may be just linoleum tile.)

    It’s a reminder that good intentions are at least as often the ruin of old houses as no intentions, but plaster ceilings put back, floors made right, and the necessary mechanical and cosmetic improvements and it’s a brilliant, large, comfortable house that will nicely accommodate furniture and art from any period: Colonial Revival, Colonial, Contemporary… From what I can see of the surviving wallpaper it’s a pity that’s it’s probably damaged beyond saving by demolition work — the wallpaper and painted finishes would have been all right by me when they were last in good shape. I’d redo them in a similar spirit. The bedroom(?) with the delft tile surround on the chimneypiece and the vertical pattern to the wallpaper is my favorite; the chinoiserie papered bathroom is the runner-up – somehow it works well against the handsome paneled wainscoting.

    Beautiful gardens and curb appeal, too.

  5. Beth N. says: 2 comments

    Wish I had an extra half a million dollars laying around that I could use to restore this beauty! God, it could be SO beautiful fully restored. Sigh…..

  6. MW says: 911 comments

    Nice, big old house with a lot of charm and detail. Sadly, the $1K/mo. in property taxes isn’t going to help this place find a new owner willing to invest in it.

  7. Don Richards says: 445 comments

    Manchester is such an odd duck. Central CT, but not affluent, by any means.If you look west, totally different picture. It’s become a strip mall/highway sort of area, that most frankly, people don’t want to buy into. It’s certainly not a bad town, by any means, but it has lost it’s Connecticut feel.

  8. RossRoss says: 2417 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    I am laying on the floor. Quite dead.

    The double marble sink killed me.

  9. Amy says: 13 comments

    I am sad this was not renovated but I fear with the decline that CT is seeing there will be many more of these houses being put up for sale or demolished. 🙁 People are fleeing from CT at an alarming rate.

    • RossRoss says: 2417 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      Hi Amy,

      The 2010 population of the town was 58,000, the highest it had ever been. The estimated 2014 population indicates a scant 0.2% drop.

      The population of the state is 3,596,677 (2014 est.), the highest it has ever been.

      There is no indication that people are leaving the state at an alarming rate.

      If you look at the Streetview, you will see an extremely affluent neighborhood of huge homes on huge lots.

  10. Brookewy says: 11 comments

    SWEEEEET house. Dear buyer, please be wise and keep all those original fixtures (including those AMAZING marble bathroom sinks!)

  11. Sharon M says: 48 comments

    What an interesting house, so full of possibilities. Would love to be able to see that blue tile fireplace up close….looks like every tile is different. And those storage areas beside the window in the gray-green room…so unlike anything I’ve seen before. I too hope someone is able to save this one.

  12. JimHJimH says: 5258 comments
    OHD Supporter

    With three big and old neighboring homes for sale at $500-700k (one for 7 years!), it’s going to take someone to fall in love with this particular one and go all in to fix it up. It doesn’t have a knockout front facade but maybe there’s enough style and period goodies to win someone over. The price is around the lot value already so it’s right at the scary demolition tipping point.

    • Robb H says: 187 comments

      The house directly across from this house on Forest has a sold sign on it but it has not closed yet. So there is only going to be one house for sale soon.

      This house will not be torn down as it is in a historical district and the house has a historical designation. I know enough about the home and its ownership that this won’t occur. This is a Cheney brother house so it is well respected in Manchester. Sadly its previous owner did bad things.

      The previous family lived there for 51 years and entertained many dignitaries but did not remodel much after they moved in. The matriarch of the family is about 85+ and in a wheelchair. She is quite active and is the Manchester historian.

      There was a 1 hr television show (local) done about this house. This house is going no where unless a natural disaster takes it.

  13. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I have spent the last two evenings at this house. I can tell you so much about this house as I have first hand details. The house went through a foreclosure and the bank cleaning company threw out original woodwork and shutters. The “restoring company” past owner ruined so much of this house but it can be saved. We have officially named this house Grey Gardens of CT. Stay tuned for developments later this week 🙂 In the mean time, ask away with questions 🙂 Soooo much to tell 🙂

    • Paul W says: 465 comments

      I saw your post on the contractors forum. At least you know what you might be getting into. As a preservation consultant, I know what you are getting into and I’m sure you are giving some special attention to the summer porch over that circular open porch. If, that is to stay, its going to likely require some structural re-engineering. It also looks like based on placement that the sconce location indicates maybe gas lighting although if its 1896 that might be late for it, but if that’s the case and you decide to be period I may be able to source some appropriate electrified gas fixtures. Major project, not for the faint hearted.

    • Melody says: 502 comments


      I’m sure I speak for most when I ask what kind of shape the hardwood floors are in.
      Is that brick monster in the kitchen anywhere original, or is it a Brady Bunch special?

      And, most importantly, did you hug that double marble sink?

      • Robb H says: 187 comments

        For the most part the hardwood floors are in good shape. Most have been protected by the plywood laying on top of them.

        The brick monster in the kitchen I suspect was done during the 1958/59 remodel. The past owners (The Ferguson’s who owned it for 51 years) did a lot of entertaining so the kitchen/prep area are large. The dining room is said to be the largest room in the house. The stove area brick “thing” may stay or go depending on what we find from old pictures.

        LOVE the marble sinks! Sadly the past owner (not Ferguson’s but Mr Parent) removed some of the other original bathroom fixtures including toilets that were awesome. Plan is to restore bathrooms with old fixtures again.

  14. Amy says: 13 comments

    I don’t know where you are getting your numbers but people are not moving to the state and business are leaving unemployment is high and taxes are some of the higest in the country. Some parts of CT may be doing ok but when polled more than 50% of the people living here said they would like to move. http://wnpr.org/post/why-half-connecticuts-residents-want-move-another-state#stream/0

    • RossRoss says: 2417 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      Hi again Amy,

      Regarding my stats above, these are from official US Census statistics.

      So, no matter what some people think of Connecticut (as per your link), the state is enjoying an all-time high population.

  15. Sascha says: 42 comments

    And Robb, please do tell about having been in it! It’s great when readers have a chance to see these homes in person.

  16. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1037 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    I thought I would just take a quick glance and move on to the next house in the post. Didn’t expect my jaw to drop!

    The interior is divine. The entrance hall is stunning — both elegant and charming. I would not touch the kitchen except to paint. And the bathroom is exquisite.

  17. Such a lovely lovely house. She feels so gracious and welcoming, even in the condition she’s in. The kind of house that was featured in so many movies from the 1940’s. I can see Cary Grant and/or Katherine Hepburn standing in the hallway. Hopefully someone will walk in the door and fall in love.

    • Melissa says: 231 comments

      Manchester isn’t far from Hartford, and roughly on the way to Fenwick, so you never know if Katherine Hepburn might have been there!

  18. Ester says: 10 comments

    I have to agree with person that says people are leaving CT. Many of my friends have left to move south. All of them natives of CT. It’s just too expensive to live here anymore. We pay $10,000. A year to own a raised ranch on .39 of an acre. $24,000. A year for health insurance with a huge deductible so everything is out of pocket. Our cars are taxed. I could go on and. Every year it gets worse. No one wants to insure people from CT. We are overcharged for everything. Next year we have to find new insurance policies because they will no longer be offering it here.

    • RossRoss says: 2417 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS


      As I detailed above, the population of Connecticut is the highest it has even been.

      However, I do not doubt that many people are being driven out due to high taxes. The data though indicates that this population loss is more than being made up by wealthy people moving to Connecticut.

      Forbes ranks the state #2 in terms of wealth in the nation.

      Wikipedia ranks it #4:


      So, either by accident or design, Connecticut is ever becoming an enclave of the very wealthy.

    • Melissa says: 231 comments

      I absolutely agree with you Ester. I dreamed of returning to CT for 20 years and now that I’m here for 6 years, we are looking to establish residency elsewhere!

    • Amy says: 13 comments

      Thank you! I know in my town people are leaving. I also know a bunch of businesses are relocating south to get out of CT.

      • Sapphy says: 376 comments

        This is one reason i relocated as well. The taxes were getting out of control. As were rental prices. I refuse to pay 2000.00 a month for a one room studio apartment. Even if it does have all utilities included.

    • Kathie M. says: 8 comments

      That’s just sad, Esther. It is very close to that here in NH. Taxes are extremely high. Not really sure if there is a coming and going of businesses, as I live in a small town.

      • Ester says: 10 comments

        I always thought NH had low taxes or no property taxes.

        • says: 435 comments

          No sales or income tax. So, you have to get the money somewhere!

        • Melissa says: 231 comments

          I saw some “ranking” online this morning for the states with the highest and lowest property taxes. The highest states were NJ, WI, NH, CT and I think IL in that order

          I wonder how much more attractive Manchester might be, with Amazon coming to Wallingford? Unfortunately, I don’t foresee the kind of jobs that would support the restoration/ maintenance of this home, but hopefully Robb will soon disclose happy news!

  19. LoriSW says: 9 comments

    Wow! Would love to see this one restored.

  20. Scott Cunningham says: 393 comments

    This place really reminds me of the place I bought in Leavenworth KS. The size, faded condition, but also unbelievable potential. If the bones are ok, all else can be renovated. Yeah, the money spent on HVAC, electrical, and plumbing isn’t sexy, but all else will be great creative projects. Think of each room or area as a white canvas. You can do anything you want with it! Also, since the home doesn’t neatly fot any particular architectural or decorative categories, you can do a bit of style mixing without it becoming a mishmash mess. What a great project, and the initial price is good. My guess is you could even pick it up for 20-30% less. With monthly taxes like that (typical in a tax state like CT) the seller will be motivated.

  21. Laurie W. says: 1704 comments

    What a beautiful house! Robb, your comments on what has been done to it break my heart! Making a hard task harder, and the lack of respect for its original wonderful quality. Both the marble sinks are fabulous — thank the sink gods they weren’t ripped out! I agree with Ross about some of the wallpapers, good enough to try for at least similar. But I was dead the minute I saw the entry hall, flat knocked out. It is simply gorgeous. Staircase too — the banisters are within the house’s style & period & still delicate & graceful.

    Would love to read anything more you cared to tell about it, Robb!

    We are among the many who left CT because taxes made it too expensive to live there. Whatever census figures say, people who contribute to the bottom line of a state are leaving a sinking ship. I loved living there; it’s too bad.

  22. KarenB says: 321 comments

    Robb, thank you for sharing an upfront and personal experience with this house. Many times “armchair mouse drivers” make blanket statements on property or areas they really no nothing of except again, from that armchair driving. I truly love to hear others opinions on what they like or dislike, would do or wouldn’t do but the statements made based on passing through a town or visiting and the drive down internet boulevard is very annoying to people who actually live in the town, work there, have relatives and really know what the nitty gritty of the area is. It has happened to me with regards to a house posted here and it is irritating. Please keep us posted on news of this lovely, lovely gracious home.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      It is irritating, please speak up when that happens and say “No it is not that way!” and tell us your experience.

      • KarenB says: 321 comments

        I was uncertain as to how you would feel about my comment but glad you understand. Actually, I did speak up about a neighborhood in a town I lived in for over 15 years and I frequently return to visit good friends. I was accused of being a racist by one of the commenters. That’s my experience when I did share truthful, factual, personal knowledge and experience of a neighborhood.

  23. says: 321 comments

    Normally, this isn’t my style of house but I just added it to my favorites. I love the house and agree the interior lends itself to almost any period style – almost! Just a few of my favorite things are the double marble sink, window seats, the bathroom and the delft tile on the fireplace surround is beautiful! It’s neighbors look well maintained and the lovely expanse of front lawn affords less noise from the street.

  24. Sapphy says: 376 comments

    That double marble sink! That double marble sink!

    This is a beautiful home, which needs a lot of work. Considering the area and the most-likely high taxes, i’d say it’s way over-priced. Imagine what it costs to heat a 6000+ square foot home in a Connecticut winter?

  25. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I’ve prevented some comments from showing, a reminder this website is a no politics zone. 🙂

    PS: Stay on topic, the house, history, neighborhood or general house restoration topics.

    • Amy says: 13 comments

      Sad to see you leave comments from Others claiming what I proved otherwise. If you are going to remove comments about the state the house is in you should remove them all. His post is incorrect. At least be fair when removing comments.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        I’ve not removed any comments only prevented you from trying to continue the population discussion. This isn’t the place for that, there are other sites you can argue about it on but not here.

  26. Mindy Phair says: 1 comments

    I would just die for those bathroom sinks!!!!

  27. Melissa says: 231 comments

    For the many double marble sink afficianados out there, I know for certain that I have seen at least 2 of those – either the counter and back splash/es or the counter and legs – at United House Wrecking in Stamford, CT at some point during the last 2 years. They’re very accommodating if you want pictures and or crate and ship service.

  28. Karrie says: 222 comments

    I love this place and if only I had the money I would so restore it to its original beauty. I pray someone buys it and will restore it and not renovate…. would love to know if there are original floors under that plywood…. So much potential…. sorry to see that on Rob’s post that some of the original wood work and shutters were thrown out. What the heck is wrong with the mortgage company/bank? they would sell it faster if they just left the original things in the home… I sure hope that someone does buy this house and restore it. thanks for posting this place. love the bathroom sinks….

  29. Robb H says: 187 comments

    More on this house. The “renovating” contractor who bought the house in 2009 put plywood down to cover the wood floor when they were doing ceiling work. Sadly they probably worked in the house only a short time before they gave up.

    In regards to heating this place, it runs on heating oil. I was told by this “renovating” contractor that the past owner of 51 years used to go through $4000 a month in oil. This seems way extreme but I will verify. I do know the house needs insulating which will be done. The boiler does not look too bad but will be replaced if needed.

    There are a few broken windows in the house which will be replaced. The 2nd floor porch addition has a good amount of broken windows. This later addition may go away when renovated.

    The house actually has 2 pantries. One off the dining room and one off the back entrance. The laundry area is off that area also.

    The staircase has 2 missing spindles which are ornate bit can be duplicated. It is as grand as what it looks in pictures.

    The den/office actually has the Coat of Arms of the Cheney family for whom the house was built. This room is now painted in grey and red and is not pretty. This room will be redone.

    The house has a sunken garden with a fountain. Hard to see all of this as it is so overgrown.

    The entrance driveway is well overgrown also. It needs a good trimming so tradespeople and deliveries can get in.

    This is a great gem of a place which has been long neglected. (6+ years)

    • Melissa says: 231 comments

      Robb, I’d be interested to know what kind of insulation is being planned. Some homes in my area (SW CT) are putting foam board insulation on top of the sheathing when they redo the siding. I’ve seen people do this on the roof as well, which I find curious.
      Any idea how old the boiler is? It must be the size of a Volkswagen! What might be used to replace it, if need be?

      • Robb H says: 187 comments

        Insulation type being used is unknown but plan is to redo the roof and reinsulate under the new roof.

        The boiler is not that big. It appears to be a normal size boiler to me. It is interesting as the 1st floor appears to be forced air and 2nd floor is radiators.

    • Sapphy says: 376 comments

      I’d definitely verify those heating costs. I live in one of the coldest places in the US and have a home which is about half the size of this one. Even when it wasn’t insulated, i rarely spent more than 400.00 a month on heating oil. Of course, i keep the house on the cool side, but even so…… 4000.00 a month for heating oil sounds ludicrous. I suppose it’s possible IF the house weren’t insulated at all, and you kept the heat on 90 degrees and had windows open. Otherwise, i just don’t see how it’s possible. Connecticut gets cold in the winter, but nowhere near as cold as it gets where i live. My guess is that under normal circumstances in a normal Connecticut winter, that this house uses 2000.00 or less in heating oil, and that’s in the winter months alone. The rest of the year couldn’t possibly be that high. That’s still way too excessive a cost for me though.

      • KarenB says: 321 comments

        I wish I could say in the coldest months our heating bill was only $400! Our heating bill has sometimes been as high as $800 but I blame that on a co-op electric company that is exorbitantly high. Our house is only around 2800 sq ft and when I bought it, I gutted it to the studs and stuffed it with insulation and also had all new electric put in and the majority of the windows are new. We do have elect baseboard heat which may be a small factor and we do use a stock tank heater during freezing weather. I can’t blame it on being far north though as we live in KY.

        • Sapphy says: 376 comments

          You heat with electricity, which is the most expensive form of heating. Both myself and the house in question heat with oil. That’s why there’s a difference. Also, you probably keep your heat a lot higher than i do. I keep mine set around 59 degrees. Even when it’s sub-zero for months at a time.

  30. JimHJimH says: 5258 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I commented that the economics on this house make it endangered and that an angel is needed. The real estate market can impose very harsh realities on large homes like this that require difficult to finance investments. Without benevolent intervention the house might very well be lost, regardless of its historic status.
    The fact that Robb chose not to share is that the house already has an angel, the wealthy investment banker next door who bought it from the bank in June for $190k. I don’t think they would have bought the place if they weren’t very concerned about its future. It’s to their credit and great for the house!
    Obviously there’s a ton of work to do before the happy ending is realized. Good luck Robb if you’re part of the resurrection. If only all endangered properties had angels.

    • Robb H says: 187 comments

      I do know the house is owned by a neighbor who had owned it before. I can assume he wants to watch out for who is neighbor may be. I am sure he wants to make sure it does not get ruined further. As far as I can tell he has done nothing to the house as there are areas that need to be stablized. I know very little specifics about what he paid for it. I assume it may be public record.

      This house is a project for sure. One that will take years to fully complete. There are trees/plants growing out of the chimmney right now. There are temporary posts holding up the sleeping porch addition.

      I am hoping to find historic pictures of this house to see what it should really look like inside and out. I also need to determine how guests entered this house as the front is not near a driveway. All things to explore.

  31. Robb H says: 187 comments

    Our offer was accepted! We will start working on this house soon. We know its a project and will do all the research we can to see how the original interior may have looked. Thus will be our new primary home. We are calling it Grey Gardens of CT.

  32. Karrie says: 222 comments

    That is so exciting let us know if you have a webpage or something so we can watch the progress that would be so much fun. Best wishes to you and God bless

  33. Sharon M. says: 48 comments

    Congratulations to you Robb! I love when one of Kelly’s loyal readers finds the house of their dreams and we are all along for the ride. Love the name you gave her. Oh, and I’d keep an eye on those double sinks if you see someone name Ross lurking around your house. LOL

  34. Robb H says: 187 comments

    The funny thing is we found this house before Kelly posted it. It went back on the market on a Friday night, we saw it on a Saturday morning when I was in MN and I flew back Sunday night to MA and saw the house on Monday and made an offer that night. I had to meet with the owner so he could meet me and hear our plans.

    Yes, we will have a progress website which may be put together this weekend as I have TONS of current pictures. We plan to start working on it right after Labor Day.

    Melissa, we will be visiting any and all salvage places and antique shops and wherever to find things as much is missing due to the bank cleaning out the house and throwing anything loose in the trash or someone..possibly a previous owner (not current) who took all they could so there are doors missing and more.

    Follow our adventure as it will be one to show everyone!

    • RossRoss says: 2417 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      Oh, and by the way Robb, you know that tired-looking old double marble sink counter?

      I could take that off your hands, and even give you…ummm…$50!


      • Robb H says: 187 comments


        What the Realtor did not show was the amount of sinks in that house. Doubles and singles 🙂 So much to show. Before and afters will be great. We plan to paint these sinks green..or was it pink..we will also make them look like aluminum

    • Sapphy says: 376 comments

      Make sure you document everything. Get before and after photos, too! And congrats again on buying this wonderful old home!

  35. Scott Gordon says: 3 comments

    Well, its official! The offer was accepted. Robb and I now own this house! We are now working on a restoration plan – will start to meet with contractors to get bids the following week. Roof, electrical, plumbing, ac/heat, plaster repair are first on the long list! Very excited! The pictures on this post don’t do the house justice. So much original detail among the mess!

  36. says: 13 comments

    God Bless both of you and your bank account! UHW is 10 mins from me, let me know if you need me to do an occasional swing through. There’s another place in Brooklyn, CT, do you know it? If not I think my dh has the name. Congrats Robb and Scott!

  37. Scott Gordon says: 3 comments

    Started a Facebook page. Its still a little rough – but will keep at it. The real “action” should start in a couple of weeks…wish us luck!


  38. LoriSW says: 9 comments

    Congrats Guys!!! Congrats Grey Gardens of CT! A lucky home indeed, I feel that, because you follow this blog, she is in great hands. I only wish ALL of us here could restore/save a home or two. Can’t wait to follow journey, thanks for sharing with us. Best wishes and blessed be, Lori

  39. RossRoss says: 2417 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Hi Scott and Robb,

    You wrote several times that your offer was accepted.

    But an offer is a very different thing than a closing.

    Do you mean that you closed on the house?

  40. Don Richards says: 445 comments

    Oh wow, somehow I missed all of this. So great to see that the right people have found the right house. Congratulations, Scott and Robb! The house has so many great features and will undoubtedly be amazing.

  41. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Back on the market? I marked it as sold because it sounded like Robb had finally closed on it. So what’s the deal?

    • Sapphy says: 376 comments

      It still says “sold” on the listing on this page, Kelly.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        Yes, I’m the one that marked it “Sold” because I thought it had been.

        • Sapphy says: 376 comments

          Then how do you know it’s back on the market? LOL Did you find it while searching for new old homes for the site?

        • Robb H says: 187 comments

          I just communicated with the listing Realtor and the house is not sold. There are a few parties looking at it right now. We passed on it after the bids came in at $1.2M and that was a non binding bid. Other bids came in similar. The house is great but we could not see putting more money into the house than what it will be ever worth. The finished house would max out at about $600K. We are still working with Deb the listing Realtor to find another place. Possibly one in the same area too.

  42. Melissa says: 231 comments

    Such a bummer! I was so looking forward to another CT “OHD” house!

  43. Don Richards says: 445 comments

    Damn, I am so sorry to read this.

    This is sort of what I meant about my first writing about Manchester. If you go west and then north or south, you could invest a lot into a fixer upper like this. East of the river, all bets are off. Suburban Hartford, which Manchester really is a part of has a clear hierarchy. Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, Canton. Those are the more desirable towns, west of the CT river. Manchester is in a perfect commuting location, but east of the river and unfortunately lacks the cache. The farther you go west and north of Hartford are weekender areas for New Yorkers. I wish this house good luck, but it’s again, an odd duck of an area.

  44. Don Richards says: 445 comments

    May I say, Scott and Robb, that if you look a bit west and south, you will find a great many fixer uppers that can appreciate when you put in a significant investment. I’d nominate the Seymour house, but that might be a bit of a folly.

    • Robb H says: 187 comments

      Don, the house in Seymour is no longer for sale. We actually did drive by that house in September and did not like its location with a shared road with the apartment building. I personally have visited houses in CT, VT, MA, NY, RI, NH and other areas. We just have not found the right one. I think we need to find a FSBO (for sale by owner) or estate house where the owner has died or moved on and the heirs are trying to sell it. I think I have visited over 50 houses since July. If anyone knows of any, let me know. Over 4000 SF and in New England. Budget of $400K or less. Fixer upper OK but not a $400K fixer upper 🙂

  45. says: 6 comments

    wow! hope the sinks and tub are saved!!

  46. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I drove by this house again today. I had not been there since last October. This house has been under contract and out of contract two times since we submitted our offer which we withdrew due to $1M+ cost to restore. Though the CT winter was mild this year, the house has suffered badly. Many roof shingles on the ground, further sinking of the house and much more damage. It is too bad this place is falling apart so fast.

    • RossRoss says: 2417 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS

      $1M+ to restore?

      Sure, I can see that.

      I can also see twice that. Or three times that.

      Or half that.

      It all depends.

      Will you be hiring out all the work while sitting on the porch sipping cocktails? Well, expect to spend a ton of money.

      Will you be unhappy with anything other than a kitchen renovation exceeding the average price of a home in America? Well, expect to spend a ton of money.

      But if you have some skills, and like working with your hands, and are, say, retired, this house could likely be restored for far less than $1M.

      In my experience, too much money usually ruins an old house.

  47. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12131 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    New agent, new pics. I kept a few of the old ones in the post.

  48. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I wonder where these pictures came from as they are not current. The house is in much rougher shape than shown in the “new” pictures. The sleeping porch is almost detached now. The room with the wallpaper has a lot of paper missing as we personally stripped much of it when we were going to buy the house. Also as an FYI the owner of this house has one of his other Cheney mansions for sale also.

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