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1895 – Newbury, MA

SOLD / Archived From 2015
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Address Withheld
  • $320,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2172 Sq Ft
  • 1.92 Ac.
This house was a classic Victorian home and could be again. Beautiful setting on a knoll, large lot and many plantings in the front yard . The home needs work and updating. This could be a wonderful classic Victorian home with some effort. Come see this home perhaps this is the one for you.
Sold By
Judith Horne, Coldwell Banker
(978) 887-6536
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15 Comments on 1895 – Newbury, MA

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  1. RossRoss says: 2406 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    If there was ever a house cryin’ out for a period-correct 3-color exterior paint scheme….

    LOVE the porch railing and the unpainted interior trim/stair.

    • AvatarRachael says: 10 comments

      Why were so many Victorians painted white? When did this become a thing? I have to admit, I love the white victorian farmhouse look. On this house, it does look a little too stark.

  2. AvatarCody H says: 150 comments

    I would KILL for the pendant hanging in the foyer. I know its not particularly special or ornate, but its form gives a certain ‘look’ rarely achieved. Something about it is just very striking, and I have JUST the spot for it!

  3. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 795 comments

    Oh, to have that massive kitchen window! I hope the buyer keeps it.

  4. AvatarSapphy says: 417 comments

    Beautiful old home with tons of possibility! The price seems very reasonable for the area, too.

  5. AvatarRebecca Fuller says: 4 comments

    Hey everyone!
    I am actually the buyer on this property!

    My husband and myself plan to rehab before we move in. I am an interior designer by trade, but this is my first personal Victorian and I am giddy about the project.
    We plan to keep the trim as is downstairs and that great staircase goes all the way to the third floor. Even the service door in the pantry wall works.
    The kitchen, laundry room, all baths and dining room floors need to be redone. The awful surround for the wood stove has to go, we are exploring options to replace it with a more attractive unit. The third floor is huge and unfinished and we plan to put a bathroom up there for a play room/great room space.

    Love any other thoughts about style origins. I thought it was a folk Victorian when I started my search. Then I found this blog.

  6. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4718 comments

    Congratulations! The main difference between describing a house as “Folk” (which really is not a specific style but a type of house) or by a specific stylistic label, is formality. True Folk houses are not architect designed; they are typically built by builders using traditional forms of house construction and often without a set of plans. This house I’d describe as Eclectic in style with design elements from the Italianate style (brackets/corbels under the eaves) The massing or footprint of the house is asymmetrical, and with the fish-scale shingles, belongs to the Queen Anne family. The types of ornament, such as the sawtooth scroll-sawn drapery in place of the later dentil blocks would be described as American Eastlake (geometric abstract in form rather than based on realism) I also noticed Gothic quatrefoil cutouts in the porch pediment corners and the same matching form in the gable braces. An entry door with a central pane with a border of colored glass panes is decidedly Queen Anne. (so too the attic windows with the panes in the border.) Overall, the house seems too formal and appears based on a plan design to be classified as a Folk Style house. It is more Queen Anne than anything else but represents a period when some residual Italianate details and its rectangular form where chosen rather than the curves we associate with later Queen Annes. Based on the geographic location, I think the date is off by perhaps a decade…looks more 1880’s to me. (this would have been an old fashioned house in Massachusetts in 1895) If the details were a bit simpler, I’d put more faith in calling it Folk style but here its a hybrid of Italianate and Queen Anne styles with some Modern Gothic/Eastlake ornament thrown in for good measure. I think with some deed research, it will be shown to pre-date the 1890’s. Hope this is helpful.

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10360 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Appreciate it John!

      • John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4718 comments

        You’re welcome, Kelly. Every once in a while I find a house that defies stylistic description but thankfully, this was not one of them. Good luck to Rebecca Fuller on finding more information about the history of this fine home. If it were possible to share what you find about the origins of the house I’d be grateful to learn about them.

  7. AvatarRebecca Fuller says: 4 comments

    Wow! Thank you so much! Great info! I need to plan a morning digging through the archives. Dying to find a photo of it from the past.

  8. AvatarBecky Fuller says: 4 comments

    Hi everyone, me again.

    Still working on finding out info on my old house. I went to the Historical Soc in Newbury and dug up an old photo dated 1910 https://www.instagram.com/p/-zDq2uLYYs/?taken-by=carolinafullerdesign Then, that night I used the info found there to figure out when the land was sold, 1893.

  9. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4718 comments

    Nice find! Now you can compare the old photo details to the new and see what has changed. At least from a superficial look, the house remains relatively intact. Glad it was helpful in determining dates as well.

  10. AvatarMezzodiva54 says: 3 comments

    Last posts are from December of last year — it would be great to see some updates as they happen. Lucky Becky Fuller!

  11. AvatarBecky Fuller says: 4 comments

    Hi everybody!
    Still working on it, every single day! #FullerAbode1895Victorian is my hashtag for the project if you use Instagram. I think it might work if you Google search too. Anyway..
    We got the house on 1/28 and had to deal with the heating system first so the bank would agree to everything. So out went the junk oil steam system and in went a gas high efficiency hot water system with all new radiators in every room. The windows and plumbing has been redone, we added lights and sconces to rooms that didn’t have any and turned a room off the kitchen into a laundry room half bath. Gutted both baths on the second floor and ran lines for the bath in the attic. The roof was replaced and we added a skylight where one once was. My husband removed the ugly wood burning surround and we have it roughed right now for a granite slab and slate surround but haven’t got that far. Floors patching and painting will be next. None of the rooms are technically finished yet, but hopefully soon. I plan to take proper photos eventually.
    The kitchen will be phase two, budget issues, I want to spend more than we have so I have to wait.

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