1872 – Round Rock, TX

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  • $53,000
  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Bath
  • 1340 Sq Ft
  • 0.47 Ac.
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11 Comments on 1872 – Round Rock, TX

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  1. JimJim says: 4117 comments

    I love stone houses, and one that has rough stone walls inside and out is gonna be high on my list. This one is small and probably needs basic systems work, in addition to structural and cosmetic. Even so, a historic house on a large lot that looks like the country for $53K seems a bargain, unbelievable when considering it’s in the middle of a thriving city of 100,000 just 20 miles from the state capitol. What am I missing?

    • Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10086 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      It’s a foreclosure. I don’t know enough about them to know if they usually sell for way higher than what they start out priced as. Zillow has this about it from June, “The lender assumed this property for $150,091 during foreclosure proceedings and now owns it.”

      • JimJim says: 4117 comments

        Foreclosures usually are offered at a sell-quickly price, but this seems like a giveaway and I wonder if there is a catastrophic issue. The next lowest available home in town is $130K!

  2. AvatarMW says: 724 comments

    This may be preaching to the choir somewhat and I am no expert. But, I looked into buying an old 1760’s house in MD that was in foreclosure once a couple years back and this is what I learned. The house had gone in and out of failed auction attempts and backed out deals for a couple of years. The bank was finally getting serious about getting rid of it, but still weren’t very easy to deal with. I think it finally sold for for about $250K, but had started at about $1.3M a couple years before. The house was not in bad shape, but it was big and needed a fair amount of expensive work and the values in town just no longer could justify anything anywhere near $1.3M that it started at. Ultimately my wife just didn’t want to move to that area, so we stopped dealing with the bank because they took so long to get answers back from, including very reasonable offers, more than what I think it ended up going for. It is not longer on the market, so I think it finally sold.

    Foreclosures are basically just bank owned and they can sell however they want. Some are easy to deal with and you can get good deals, others might be a giant PIA just getting simple answers out of them. Some try to get as much money out the property as they think they manage and won’t just accept a reasonably low offer. Most want a take it or leave it, no conditions deal, all cash preferred or some will accept a financed deal and maybe even refinance it themselves to clear it off the foreclosure books and get it back on an active normal account.

    This one being so low, there might be a reason and they just want to get it off the foreclosure books and clear it out of the system rather than try to squeeze it for more and have to hold it for longer and deal with potential buyers or go into auction mode. If it is foreclosure, you can deal with them somewhat as just buyer and seller. In auction mode, it is just a clear cut process and you generally have to have all cash or your financing ready to go to cover it very quickly.

  3. Avatarkathy says: 211 comments

    i sure do like rock houses, gonna check with realtor on this one.

  4. AvatarLaurie says: 1577 comments

    Even if it has some major issue, the price makes it worth buying. I absolutely love this little house, inside & outside. Love the rock interior walls, which look nice & cool in hot Texas summers. Looking at the street view, you feel as if you’ve gone back in history — it appears so pioneer-y. The area has a wonderful country feel in the middle of town — the question is how long it will stay that way, of course.

  5. AvatarSage says: 75 comments

    Sweet! I bet it is nice and cool in there, but the light rock keeps everything looking bright and fresh.

  6. Avatarkathy says: 211 comments

    i checked with realtor, the rock siding isnt in the back, it has deed restrictions, the elec and plumbing are damaged.needs lots of repairs, been empty long time, and across the st. is a trashy property. not interested now

    • JImJIm says: 4117 comments

      Thanks, kathy. I would definitely buy it now, depending on the deed restrictions. I would expect some restriction on alterations, which is a good thing that keeps someone from ruining the house – it wouldn’t look good with vinyl siding. The other items are obvious. The house clearly needs a lot of work. The neighbor’s property is a bit trashy, but property values will in time force them to clean it up, hopefully sooner rather than later. I was concerned the house had an issue which would prevent restoration like a failed foundation, or an inability to get sewer and water. The land is worth about what they’re asking for this property, so if someone has cash to buy and fix it up, it’s a great deal.

  7. Avatarkerri kern says: 12 comments

    Wow, this is charming! The rock siding IS in the back….the shed addition shows that wall. I found a really informative link here:

  8. AvatarRhonda says: 2 comments

    I really love it but my husband doesn’t want to take it on. There are only two rooms in the original home. There was a bathroom and kitchen in the addition at one time. It has lots of termite damage and roof rafters have something going on. The foundation has shifted, that’s why the hearth fell in I suppose. The electrical is just bare wire running down the wall. The stone walls are beautiful inside and out. I think the floors could be restored and the wood ceilings are nice. I could see myself living there. The next door neighbor came over and visited with us. He has lived there since 1978 and he loves the neighborhood.

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