1911 – St. Louis, MO

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5545 Bartmer Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63112

  • $149,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 4.5 Bath
  • 4050 Sq Ft
  • 0.34 Ac.
Looking for your dream home? Renovate this gorgeous mansion into your own! The breathtaking curb appeal cannot be matched. From the long driveway to the sweeping entry and wrought iron windows, you'll be impressed from the moment you pull up! This home has been gutted and is ready for you to turn your renovation dreams into reality. The large, open space is inviting and has tons of potential. The original floors are in fantastic condition and the built ins, fireplaces, pocket doors, and butler's pantry cannot be matched. The generously large kitchen is just waiting your custom cabinetry choices and preferred layout. Upstairs boasts four bedrooms with a fantastic master suite with separate sitting room and large bathroom. The third floor can be converted to a large entertainment room, bedrooms, office space, or anything you desire! Bring your ideas and call this your masterpiece!
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65 Comments on 1911 – St. Louis, MO

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  1. RosewaterRosewater says: 6545 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Wow! This place has great potential! Such amazing details thruought. That window on the landing is exquisite.. How fortunate they decided to take their default yuppie kitchen with them, so that something FAR more appropriate and tasteful can take it’s place.. If I were the buyer, the first thing I’d do after receiving the keys is go in with a baseball bat and have some fun with every light fixture hanging from a ceiling…

  2. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11831 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I contemplated not posting this one but I’m in serious love with the built-ins.

    Ross, I thought the neighborhood was strange too. I would have figured it would have the same era houses around but instead found the ranches and mcmansions across the street. I wonder if they were torn down in the ’60s or this home was originally on a nice sized lot once.

    • Ross says: 2469 comments

      Kelly, I surmise the same. As is well known, the city has been through a lot. I imagine that this area was VERY scary in the 1950s, many of the adjacent Grand Houses were lost, and the lots later infilled in an early neighborhood revitalization program.

      • This neighborhood is very scary now! In the middle of one of the highest crime areas in St. Louis.

        • John R says: 6 comments

          That’s not true at all.

          • Laurel Zorn says: 1 comments

            This is definitely, without a doubt in one of the most crime-ridden, dangerous areas of St. Louis City. Even if it were rehabbed successfully it would be virtually uninhabitable due to the ‘hood’.

            • Katy says: 1 comments

              This is entirely true. You would in no way want to live in this neighborhood.

              • John R says: 6 comments

                I don’t know what to say other than the crime stats don’t lie… There are much more dangerous parts of Saint Louis than this. Different people have different comfort levels for safety and this wouldn’t be for everyone, but to completely write this area off and the many good people who live there is rather disgusting.

                • Ross says: 2469 comments

                  I agree, John.

                  People respond very differently to perceptions of crime and safety.

                  My father, who has never been mugged, shot at, held up at gunpoint, car-jacked, or ANYTHING, is terrified of crime.

                  He lives in the safest area in his town.

                  When I moved to NYC a long long long time ago, his only concern, for me, was crime. He could not even process all the many wonders the great city could offer his young son. No, he could only envision my coming home in a casket.

                  Ten years after I moved to NY, he surprised me by visiting. And he was STUNNED as we walked down the street β€” Ben & Jerry ice-cream cones in hand, on a lovely summer night β€” without getting robbed at gunpoint. He also did not witness a single car jacking, murder, or rape. Not one. It was so bizarre watching him as his eyes darted around; I knew he kept waiting for somebody to leap out from the shadows and stab us both for our ice creams.

                  I lived in the city for twelve years and never had a problem. I used basic common sense, of course, but never worried about crime.

                  There is a whole book on the subject (I cannot recall the title), but as crime has gone DOWN in the past century, fear of crime has ESCALATED.

            • Halle says: 1 comments

              I live a block from this home. I have repeatedly drooled over it and its western neighbor on evening walks. The neighborhood is named the West End and is surrounded by Visitation Park, University City, Hamilton Heights, and the newly-trendy Central West End. It experienced a lot of white flight in the mid-20th century, and as a result, several of the 1900-1930’s houses rotted and were torn down and replaced by smaller ranches. The neighborhood had very high crime rates about 15 years ago, but is experiencing high gentrification and a significant drop in crime. In St. Louis (and particularly the North Side), there are no “bad neighborhoods,” but only “bad streets.” A street may be very dangerous for two blocks but have blossoming private schools right around the corner. This section of Bartmer is only accessible from one end and is a very quiet street. The new Greenway bike path running through the neighborhood and its location five minutes from Forest Park make it a prime place to buy. This neighborhood is on the verge of revitalization and will likely be a trendy spot to live within 5-10 years. Many homes have been rehabbed within the last 15 years (take a Google Streetview look at the 5900 block of Cates Ave, the 5600 block of Maple Ave, and 5300-5500 Bartmer Ave). There are definitely homes in desperate need of TLC, and many that are past the point of saving. But there are tons of gorgeous homes that just need a little care. Please someone buy this house! I’ll bring you a pan of brownies when you move in.

  3. Tor F says: 23 comments

    WOW its a fantastic ,, the bones are excellent. I agree with Kelly, the built ins are tres magnifique (how ever that is spelled LOL) but I WILL be right behind you all with my bats, and electric tape LOL those fixtures are PATHETIC ! ! !
    I bid 23,000 on it πŸ™‚

  4. Carolyn says: 299 comments

    I wasn’t really taken with the outside but I am seriously hyperventilating over that staircase landing and those built-ins!! So glad you posted it!

  5. Jim says: 5121 comments

    Guys, you may need your baseball bats to protect yourselves – both violent crime and property crime in this neighborhood are 10 on a scale of 1-10. I suspect the kitchen was stolen – they broke in through the now boarded up back door. They also tried to steal the toilet, but cracked it and left it.

  6. Linda Omoletski says: 73 comments

    I do not like the outside at all, but man does the inside make up for it..great rooms.

  7. kenny says: 82 comments

    The architecture here is very interesting and pleasing. Note the green tile roof which is a little hard to see. Presumably, those are the floor plans for the house tacked up on the wall in the Living Rm. but I’m not sure. Some of the improvements are not in keeping with the vernacular and I think I see ceiling light fixtures mounted on the wall by the window seat (?). All in all, this house is wonderful and very much worthy of restoration.

  8. says: 23 comments

    if it was closer I would be in the running to restore it !

  9. Dan Reed says: 3 comments

    As a St. Louis native, this neighborhood would not have been too bad in the 50’s and even up into the 60’s, but it was in the 70’s that these all became crack houses, and became what the natives refer to as Africa. At the risk of sounding prejudiced, everyone called it that. Most of the Italians lived on Dego Hill, and the Irish lived in Dogtown, white people fled south and blacks took over the city and north county, as well as East St. Louis, IL. All three of the later locations were all safe and of mixed races up intil the very late 1960’s.

    • EVELYN COLOMBO NETTEMEYER says: 1 comments

      First you misspelled Dago Hill. This Italian Community was established in the late 1800 by Italian Immigrants including my grandparents and parents. This has been and is a wonderful place to live. It is not a dangerous area. I grew up on The Hill and know how wonderful this neighborhood is and has been. If you want to criticize a neighborhood you can at least spell your misinformation correctly.

  10. Ryan says: 472 comments

    Maybe it’s my imagination, but it looks like those radiator covers have no actual radiators underneath them, which is pretty odd.

  11. Kathy says: 2 comments

    Anyone know how safe the area is now?

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11831 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Maybe someone in this area knows better than me, when I look on crime maps it isn’t showing anything on this street from the past 6 months (but that’s as far back as it goes.) There seems to be a lot of crime many miles east of this area. A few streets south of this, south of Ivory Park I’m showing a shooting from 5/19/14. Here’s where it shows it, you have to zoom out to see the marker for the house, the marker for the shooting looks like a bullseye. Most of the crime maps I’ve been using are not always up to date or show all crimes either.

      With that being said, looking at the street view all the lawns and houses seem to be well kept and maintained. I’ve not looked at the streets around this one though.

      • Kellie Lynch says: 2 comments

        I live in St. Louis, and no, this is not a good area at all. Which is a shame, because I’m absolutely drooling over this house. There are a whole lot of places like this in North City–beautiful old buildings with great bones and details, but they’ve been gutted for copper and are in such high-crime areas that restoring them would be a waste of money.

      • John R says: 6 comments

        This is a relatively safe neighborhood that has a lot of upside potential. The house is technically in the northeast section of the West End neighborhood but really could be said to be in the Visitation Park neighborhood. Both have loads of historic stock and edge the ever improving Delmar Avenue/East Loop. (Construction on the new Delmar Loop Trolley will begin later this summer and take passengers from one of America’s great streets to Forest Park, one of America’s great parks).

        The two neighborhoods have had zero homicides for 2013 & 2014; as with any city neighborhood there have been the occasional robbery and burglary. I would highly recommend looking at the West End and Visitation Park neighborhoods for those who can see the possibilities of living in historic housing in an emerging area. For more, check out these neighborhood overviews at nextstl.com


        The Visitation Park, West End and Academy neighborhoods are all worth look into for

  12. Jim says: 5121 comments

    Kelly, the crime rate numbers I quoted were for the zip code, which looks like a fairly uniform area block to block in socio-economics from city-data.com. This is a working class minority area – nothing wrong with that. But all of the crime rating sites show this as a high crime area across the board – just Google 63112 crime. I don’t know how useful the crime map sites that show what happened in the last month are; it’s all about long term probabilities. I live in an East Coast city that also looks nice with mowed lawns (mine’s the worst), well-maintained homes, new cars etc. We and our neighbors have all experienced 3-5 crimes per house in the last 15 years – burglary, theft, assault, break-ins etc. The zip code has a couple of murders a year and other mayhem and the crime rate here is better than 63112. Sometimes appearances are deceiving.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11831 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      By the lawns/houses being well kept, I didn’t mean that to sound like I was saying the street was free from crime. I was trying to say that maybe you won’t have to worry about your next door neighbor coming over and killing you for your stereo or whatever, not to say crime won’t happen just because you live on a pretty street, if anything you’re probably more likely to have break-ins because of it.

      The crime maps I use go back 6 months, but I’ve noticed that they vary from site to site on what’s showing up in the data (some crimes do, some crimes aren’t shown). For some reason when I typed in the address in SpotCrime.com, nothing but a shooting was shown. But when I used the neighborhood name of “West End”, this map had more crime showings. More reliable would be police and neighbors, since they have to deal with it every day.

      Looking at the City Data map I would be worried with all the sex offenders.

  13. nic says: 58 comments

    Absolutely love the architecture of this place. It worries me to see the large pile of damaged roofing tiles in the living room doorway. These most likely have fallen off the roof and could indicate some serious repairs needed there.

  14. Gerald says: 1 comments

    Conventional wisdom in St. Louis City says nothing north of Delmar Blvd. is a safe neighborhood, although the “Old North” neighborhood centered on 14th St. and St. Louis Ave. is making a comeback.

    Someone buying this house to restore must intend to live in it – you probably won’t be able to flip it.

  15. Jason says: 1 comments

    Thinking maybe those arent radiator covers. They may be display cases.. There are renderings and floorplans on the walls of the living room.

  16. Amanda says: 2 comments

    This beautiful home is one of the many beautiful, historic homes left to rot in St. Louis. In the 50’s and 60’s, as the city began repealing all the “Jim Crow” laws, many people and companies fled St Louis city, sprawling westward. Only the people, who were too poor, to move stayed in the city. As people and businesses left, the poverty rate in the inner city rose, thus crime rose, thus more people fled to the suburbs. The cycle continues on and on. The best thing for the City of St Louis (and MO as a state) would be to incorporate St Louis City and County, combining resources and especially taxing districts. What the ignorant, racist, and extremely uneducated people of Missouri have done, is essentially cut off their collective nose (STL) dispite their face. It’s pathetic and shameful.

    • Bea says: 1 comments

      WOW– stereotype much? I assure you that not everyone in St. Louis or Missouri is “ignorant, racist, and extremely uneducated!”

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6545 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Amanda, I understand your frustration. I live in Indiana, just outside Indianapolis in the metro, and can sympathize with you to a great degree. It’s hard to keep from over generalizing as to these subjects when “conservatives” are the majority of the voting block in your state. These less than broad minded folks seem only concerned with lowering taxes, wielding weaponry, and imposing their “religious” views on others. Any civic improvement may or may not scrape by as it will with whatever scraps which might fall from the state table, and the generosity of a few generous, wealthy families. Thusly our state ranks dead last, or near to it, in poll after poll of quality of life, crime, education, and standard of living indexes of states. When you are a person who is a progressive, and want to see conditions improve for all places and citizens of your state, it can be very disheartening. When these morons get me down, I just have to remember that I live here too; as did the late, great Vonnegut; and not lump everyone into the same category…

  17. John R says: 6 comments

    I can’t stress enough how much potential there is in these Near North neighborhoods like the West End and Visitation Park. There’s been a significant degree of investment already and as opportunities for bargain rehabs in the CWE and Skiner/Debalievere dry up redevelopment will spill over even more north of Delmar. For example, here is the Blossom House in Visitation Park… it has been bought since this interesting piece and is undergoing a $250,000 renovation:

  18. PR says: 1 comments

    I live in St. Louis and this neighborhood safe neighborhood as any!

  19. Kimberly says: 1 comments

    I want this house! Is it still available?

  20. Randy says: 43 comments

    I’m in the business of restoring 1860 to 1910 homes here in St Louis. I did one on Vernon Ave, near here … and I can tell you this is a nice home with huge potential but the area is a little IFFY for that kind of investment. Better to buy a beat up home in Benton Park for 40K and fix it up to sell for 250K. Benton Park, Soulard, and Lafayette Square are way better investments and this one is NICE but in a marginal hood.

  21. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11831 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    The last few days there has been a ton of traffic for this house. Where did you all see this home posted? I’ve not been able to find a source of where you all are clicking from. πŸ™‚

    • JAM says: 1 comments

      A friend who restores houses had a link on facebook. G&R Development is their name but it was on an individual account. I know they do houses in South St. Louis so I think they wanted to pass this along. I’m sure they saw it linked somewhere but that’s as far back as I can trace it.

    • John R says: 6 comments

      Kelly, there was a posting (maybe a tweet) from nextstl, a pretty well-read saint Louis urbanist blog.

  22. Mark Harvey says: 1 comments

    I’ve seen this property, but never seen the inside. Actually helped an older previous resident do some safety porch repairs some years ago. The Saint Louis West End was a wonderful historic neighborhood, once the center of Jewish life. Some blocks still are occupied mostly by middle-class African American families who have restored and preserved these wonderful old houses. A couple of faith-based housing development corporations (New City, Grace and Peace)are doing materials recovery and redevelopment in the area, seeking to sustain socio-economic mix to avert rapid gentrifying tendencies with low-income displacement. Many homes have been restored, and new construction investment is increasing. I personally feel the long-term investment potential is there. But the neighborhood is far from ‘recovered,’so of course it’s a risk. I know a few ‘pioneer’ families who’ve done restorations there, moved in, and are great with it. There’s always the Saint Louis Schools factor. But if you want to live urban, you’re already past that or have found creative alternatives.

  23. RossRoss says: 2469 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
    Emporia, KS

    Dan, I do not understand you comment. Should this house be dismissed because a small riot happened…FIVE MILES AWAY?

  24. Dan Reed says: 3 comments

    In my original comment from May, I was merely pointing out that this house is NOT in a good neighborhood. Then I went trying to explain some of the other names of neighborhoods to illustrate that I was not being prejudice by calling it by its nickname. Ms.NETTEMEYER, decided to pick up the torch and be offended because I misspelled an ethnic slur, that was the name of “her” neighborhood. I said nothing of her neighborhood’s quality of life. Then this thread seemed to take on its own debate whether this house is in a good neighborhood or not. I absolutely love this house, and have even driven by since making my original comment in May to see if the neighborhood has come along enough to consider living up there. I am handicapped, and look at thing others might not. The day I visited, there were 9 young males hanging around near the corner. Two different properties on this street had cars pulled up into the front yards, one appeared to be in a state of disassemble, and there was a lot of trash blowing around. These three things turned me against it. Personally, I don’t care who buys it and moves in, but I am trying to help those not familiar with the St. Louis dynamic what they are in for. And @ Ross, how would you feel if your wife and baby were at that gas station that got burned by looters, or perhaps your teen aged son was working there.

    • RossRoss says: 2469 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1894 QueenAnneFreeClassic
      Emporia, KS


      I appreciate your participating in this dialogue.

      But, I simply do not understand why a small riot FIVE MILES AWAY in any way indicts this house? I actually feel that making such a comment is, well, irresponsible and highly damaging.

      I do not know the area. But I do know that in ANY city five miles is a vast swath, and X location cannot be held responsible for what happens in Y location five miles away.

      In my reading the above comments, I come away with the perception that this home is in a neighborhood which was once very good, then not very good, and is now on the upswing to something in between.

      If I were interested in this home I would would ABOVE ALL stop by and talk with the neighbors. If they feel OK about their safety then I would likely make an offer.

      It seems, IMO, significant that the houses on the street do not have bars on the front doors or windows. And, there are no burned -out homes, or boarded-up homes — signs of a neighborhood is serious distress.

      Indeed, the street is attractive.

      NOTE: Everything is relative. Wonderful old homes in ideal neighborhoods simply cost a lot more, as seen here:


      • Kellie Lynch says: 2 comments

        Yes, this! I do know the area, and as I mentioned above, and it’s not a good one. But you’re no more likely to be caught in a riot here as you are in similar neighborhoods 15-20 miles away. In the context of a major city, 5 miles may as well be a different state altogether.

    • John R says: 6 comments

      Dan, this house is about a mile from million $$ homes, one of America’s greatest urban parks, the Delmar Loop (named one of America’s greatest streets by the American Planning Association) and a fantastic, highly-ranked university. It also is near high crime neighborhoods. It clearly isn’t for everyone’s comfort level, but it is sad that you choose to point out the potential negative and not the potential opportunity.,,, had the many, many people who invested in Lafayette Square, the CWE and many other great Saint Louis City neighborhoods since the 70’s been of your mind we would have had a much less vibrant community.

  25. Dan Reed says: 3 comments


    I’m sorry guys….. I guess I am jaded because of my past experiences there. Before I left, we lived in the Compton Heights neighborhood…. yes, we are tree-hugging liberals who thought we could change the world. Unfortunately, we did little more than preserve a house or two. Meanwhile, getting robbed, mugged twice, and the list goes on. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was when the local kids cut through the neighborhood they would break the hood ornaments off of our Mercedes. They took mom’s first, then mine, and when they got to my dad’s car, as he was a policeman and seemingly could do nothing about it, decided it was time to move, and we got out. According to Google, this was 6.2 miles further south than this house, so yes crime happens everywhere… And again I do not care who moves there, I wish them every comfort and happiness, but as in all things, Let the buyer beware.

  26. MHLLC says: 4 comments

    I am the new owner of this property, and am excited to finish the renovations. It has been six months since the purchased and I still get letters or notes posted to the door from people who saw the property, fell in love and wants to make me an offer. The neighbors have been very inviting and will contact me if anything looks out of norm. It is a very private street, but yes there are areas north of the property that may give truth to some of your comment, but because I am familiar with the area, I didn’t hesitate to make the investment. And for those of you who might be curious…ALL of the light fixtures have gone to the plastic and brass light fixture graveyard.

  27. Kathy Gough says: 2 comments

    I am so jealous. Kept looking at it, but decided it was more than I could handle. Please post pictures as you renovate. I know it is going to be spectacular!

  28. Nickie C says: 1 comments

    My husband and I fell in love with this home about 5-years ago but at the time there was a sale pending and I’ve dreamt about it and wondered what happened, who the lucky new owner is. I agree with Kathy G. and would like to request that you please post pictures during and after the renovations. Congrats on your purchase…it’s a gem!

  29. Julles says: 534 comments

    Sold for $80,000 in 2014. The estimated value of the house is now $385,000. Like Atlanta where I live it is street by street good areas and bad. This is considered a low crime street but only 2 blocks from there the crime goes up slowly to really bad about 6-8 blocks away. Needless to say, the owner got a hell of a house and probably quite a bit of profit. Street view on Google maps now shows a really pretty neighborhood.

    • MHLLC says: 4 comments

      Just an update on this property. We completely gutted the house but saved all of the original built ins and stair cases. I’m so glad that we did decide to gut because there were quite a few areas that need some structural attention. We have kept the floor plan the same for the most part. We did take a year off from the project because we lost our oldest son to a car accident in 2015. Things are now back on track with the kitchen being installed in a few weeks. I will posts some pictures if anyone is interested. I still get calls from agents wondering if I want to sell.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11831 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        Sorry about your son.

        Yes, we’d love to see some pics!

      • Julles says: 534 comments

        Thank you for taking on such a beautiful home and not letting it fall to urban decay. THis is a dream of most of us that follow OHDs and we would love to follow your progress. We will cheer on your successes, give you advice (sometimes even when you ask) and wish we there helping you so please keep us up to date.

        From me and my family, you and yours are in our hearts and prayers.

        • MHLLC says: 4 comments

          When my husband and I saw this house, I knew I wanted and made an offer but was out bid. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and it happens when its suppose to happen. I really liked the selling agent and we stayed in touch. She even showed us other homes, but I kept referring back to this and if it closed. One day she called and asked if I was still interested and of course I said YES! Two weeks later we were the owners. The house has so much natural light! I am not sure how I can add pics to this thread but I will try to send a link to pics. We have never taken on a project this large, so it has definitely been a learning experience.

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