1815 Federal – Bardstown, KY

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Beautiful Federal Home with a grand foyer with spiral staircase looking up at the stained glass skylight. This 6 Bedroom 5 bath home features 12.5 foot ceilings, 8 fireplaces. Listed on the Natl Reg. of Historic Places.
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Betty Seay & Edward Seay      (502) 349-0051
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14 Comments on 1815 Federal – Bardstown, KY

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  1. AvatarLinda Omoletski says: 81 comments

    Ok. I am in love..everything about this one.

  2. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 450 comments

    Terrific house and a fascinating case of self-revival, where in 1899 everything was made even more 1815 than it was in 1815 (all in an 1899 kind of way, at once sophisticated and wildly exuberant.) Maybe it poses a dilemma for the purist to a specific period, but for someone who appreciates the continuum of American classical taste –expressed at opposite ends of a century– it’s a beautiful house rich in style.

    Very handsome exterior and great interior spaces and details. The red and green stained glass wouldn’t be my choice, but’s it’s okay; otherwise I might make some modest changes to some of the more modern features, and that’s about it.

    “SHADOWLAWN, Circa 1820 — Designed by architect John Rogers for John G.W. McMeekin. Built as a GeorgianTown House, it was extensively remodeled in 1899 with the addition of a Greek-Revival porch and art glass windows” [cached version of: http://www.visitbardstown.com/tourism/resources/HistoricWalkingTourCVB_082.pdf%5D

  3. AvatarMelanie says: 16 comments

    Such well-lit rooms. This house feels happy to me.

  4. AvatarVicki F says: 72 comments

    I agree, the house does have an overall happiness about it. But, I have to also agree with Robt W about the red and green stained glass. I’d feel like I was looking at year round poinsettias and who wants to see them after Christmas has passed? The mouldings, staircase and built-ins are awesome even with white paint…somehow it just seems to suit in this house.

  5. Curiouser GeorgeCuriouser George says: 162 comments

    It’s not what I’d want to spend $500K on but there’s no doubt about it, this is a seriously beautiful home and would require not one thing to move in. I also like that carriage step next to the street.

    And since I’m color-blind (red-green variety), the stained glass would not be an issue either!

    I do have to wonder, however, how much sense it makes to put those two lawn chairs out front! Surely they would be better placed elsewhere.

  6. AvatarGraham says: 163 comments

    Great house. I would have a look in the basement at the chimney to check on that crack going across the hearth floor though.

  7. AvatarGemma says: 129 comments

    I grew up in Bardstown, and the family who lived here ran a drugstore with fountain. They used to keep a light on behind that stained glass fan window. Always neat to drive by in the winter and see it lit up.

  8. AvatarSharon M. says: 54 comments

    Pretty and amazing house! That staircase alone is worth the asking price. And those leaded glass doors off the dining room…gorgeous! So many details and I love how they photographed them.

  9. AvatarSage says: 75 comments

    Wow, so many nice details. The woodwork represents such a wide range of styles, it’s like a builder’s sampler of 19th century millwork. I really live symmetry and a nice, neat footprint but there is something very appealing about that row of additions off the back.

  10. Avatarchristy says: 63 comments

    This is..absolutely breathtaking!

  11. JimJim says: 4023 comments

    Some attractive features here, I esp. like the Palladian bay window.

    Sage, there was a house on here a while back where everybody wanted to tear off all the rear additions, and I thought they were part of the fabric and quite pleasant, but I don’t feel that way with this one. Everything past the brick has to go.

  12. AvatarScott Cunningham says: 369 comments
    1856 Tudor (fmr Victorian)
    Leavenworth , KS

    My attic has a floor in similar condition to this. I’m at a crossroads… Pull it out and reset/refinish it all, or just go with it in the weathered condition its in. Its not tongue and groove, so there are some gaps betewwn boards like this one.

  13. AvatarBarbara says: 34 comments

    Stunning home, but as a purist I would hire a crew of men to “strip-the-paint” from the furniture wood throughout the house.

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