1886 Folk Victorian – Lampasas, TX

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501 E 6th St, Lampasas, TX 76550

Map: Aerial

  • 2 Bed
  • 1818 Sq Ft
  • 0.2 Ac.
Own a piece of history, this lovely Victorian style home with a wide Veranda and gingerbread trim, was first constructed in 1886, second floor was added in 1892. This house has a lovely bay window with a balcony. This home is a fine example of early Victorian architecture. The front porch colums are hand carved trim and over each window and doorway are keystone arches. The carved trim is repeated inside the home. In the entry hall is the lovely stairway with carved bannisters and newel post. Also, all the ceilings in the house are 10ft. This home will need some tender loving care to restore it to its original state, or remodeled to your liking.
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12 Comments on 1886 Folk Victorian – Lampasas, TX

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  1. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    I’d go so far as to call this one a “diamond in the rough” but a dire need for some TLC isn’t the only issue here. If you have the time take a little streetview touring around the house and its immediate neighborhood; you’ll discover its a bit on the woebegone side. The house appears as one of the last old neighborhood survivors. The numerous vacant lots between the house and the blocks going to the historic Courthouse downtown suggest this house once belonged to a 19th century residential neighborhood now all but vanished. I did note a lone early two story stone house not too distant that probably dates back as far as this one or even earlier but it too looks almost abandoned. Some newer warehouses and other businesses as well as mobile homes and isolated 20’s Bungalows are scattered here and there. This pattern of faded near downtown semi-abandonment can be found in many smaller Texas towns which have grown little compared to bigger Texas cities in recent decades. There are exceptions of course like touristy Fredricksburg or Victoria, but this scenery is the typical older Texas small town streetscape. The house is a nice intact folk interpretation of the Italianate style and is “folksy” in feel both outside and inside. I took this photo of a similar (but more ornate) two story house in Bonham, TX in February: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11236515@N05/8446849620/in/set-72157632685147361 although its considerably more detailed, it too had a later added second floor (The Brownlee House) during the same period as the Lampasas house. This simple house type was quite common in Texas towns during the 1870’s to 1890’s but the majority of examples are now gone.
    I’d suggest at this low price before an investor puts a lot of money into it, consider moving the house to a nicer location where such an investment would make more economic sense. Restored and painted in period colors this house would look far more appealing. No tax information but taxes are probably not too steep. I’m afraid if no one buys this one it could soon join its lost neighbors. Given its small size (under 2,000 sq. ft. ) the restoration scope would be manageable for most folks even those on a modest budget. Additions could be made to the back making an “I” type house into a “T” type house. The nicest feature is the double galleried porch which was almost a necessity in pre-air conditioning era hot Texas summers.

  2. echo says: 112 comments

    I agree John, its in need of some TLC but I also would move it to an acre at least to add on some more sq. footage. It could be fixed up with some great curb appeal for someone. Good price. 🙂

  3. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11783 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Back on the market, being advertised as a lot. The lot size is shown as .2 acres, as the same as the old listing with the house. You can see the back of the house in some of the photos so it hasn’t been torn down yet.

  4. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    It’s always disappointing to see an old house with potential like this one being considered to have so little value that a tear-down is its only option. I could be mistaken, but a vacant lot is not anymore likely to lead to a sale than keeping the house standing in this location. However, because of its condition which has likely gotten worse since it was posted in 2013, the city of Lampasas has probably put pressure on the owner(s) to either repair it or demolish it. The town is not too distant from Killeen, TX with its massive Fort Hood complex. It’s somewhat near Waco as well which makes me wonder if this might be a rescue project Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper would consider? I know they would turn it inside-out and modernize it but so long at the facade and those beautiful porches remained, it would still be better than demolition, IMO. Texas, unfortunately, doesn’t have a very positive track record with historic preservation. Of course, in a faded town like Lampasas there’s probably even less incentive to take on and restore a badly deteriorated but unique house like this one. Thanks for sharing. I suggest that anyone who has might be interested in this house take action to save it ASAP because it appears to be in the going…going…almost gone category. Thanks for the information, Kelly.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11783 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I thought about reposting it but since they took photos of the back part of the lot and not the house, nor do they mention it, I’m not sure what is going on here. Surely they didn’t reduce the lot and just not update the stats on the listing sites but includes the house and they just aren’t telling anyone until asked? Listings are usually clear when it comes to tear down structures on the lot, this one isn’t.

  5. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    It’s probably a futile effort, but I’m going to post this on my FB page. (using the streetview screen captures and linking to here. If it’s still standing maybe there’s an outside chance someone would consider it-there are some fine old stone walled houses in the neighborhood probably built by German immigrants who settled in this region beginning in the 1840’s. Not much of the old neighborhood remains, sadly. Keeping my fingers crossed but expecting a miracle here is unrealistic; it might already be a vacant lot. (and certainly wouldn’t be the first time that has happened-I made a special trip a couple of years ago to see one unusual towered Queen Anne in Dayton, Ohio as seen in streetview, but the house had already been razed and weeds had taken over the lot) Such disappointments go along with being a preservationist; it’s the rare miracle of one surviving against the odds that keeps me going.

  6. Carly says: 2 comments

    Just went and looked at it today.. Outside looks the same but the inside is in desperate need of walls and floors.. Outside needs repairs as well… The back has been removed so unfortunately that included the kitchen and possibly bathrooms…apparently the house isn’t included on buying price cause its listed as a 40000 dollar lot

  7. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    Thanks for going out and checking on it. I think the kitchen part has been missing for a while-looking at the back of the house in Streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/YX2v8osd2PP2 Anyhow, I wish someone like Waco based Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper would take this house and show the potential it really has. It will probably never happen, but one can hope.

  8. Carly says: 2 comments

    Kelly I’m sure you get the house with and whole lot for 40 I just think they are considering the house a complete loss… It would cost someone quite a bit to restore and make it livable ? awesome structure though and it has had leveling done in recent years..john yes its been remover for a while… You can still se the backsplash and kitchen faucet attached on the back of the house along with 2 very old candle holders that were probably made for the house and is still nailed in ? pretty cool! I wish they could restore this house… You could walk to the grocery store and the neighbors seem nice… Not ghetto or scary which is a plus.. I have some interior photos just don’t know how to upload them

  9. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11783 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Newest aerial view shows it’s no longer standing.

  10. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 5473 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1889 Eastlake Cottage
    Fort Worth, TX

    Very disappointing but not unexpected. If you look around the adjacent blocks, nearly all have vacant lots on them where homes once stood. Small towns in Texas do not get very sentimental about neglected old houses. Only those with the strongest historical associations or outstanding architectural details stand much of a chance. In fairness to those who decided to demolish it, the house needed so much work that it would soon become an unprofitable labor of love for most would be buyers. Few in these small hardscrabble towns can afford to make such an investment. I can only hope that some usable salvage came out of the house before it was leveled. Thanks for the information.


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