c. 1895 – Hartville, MO

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National Register

121 N Church St, Hartville, MO 65667

  • $55,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 2700 Sq Ft
  • 0.23 Ac.
New description: Beautiful Victorian Home dating back to the 1800's. Known locally as the Frisco Mansion this house is a part of history. It features a gorgeous staircase connecting upper and lower foyers. Antique light fixtures throughout. Unique split Bathrooms both upstairs and down. Marble sinks in each bedroom. This is an opportunity to own and save an elegant part of history. Old description: Great Historical Victorian home in Hartville. The Frisco House has a lot of history that shows off its character. The stair case and woodworking are all original and the doors are amazing. There are several antique light fixtures, some of which use to be Kerosene, have been converted into electric. This home is on the National Register of Historic Places and was once a beautiful bed and breakfast. The property offers smoke house with a cellar, 2 other outbuildings. There is also a second home on the property that is being sold separate. The home is ready to be restored and be enjoyed for the next generation. The property is being sold as is. $49,900. Brokered And Advertised By: Sho-Me Real Estate Listing Agent: William R Henning

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31 Comments on c. 1895 – Hartville, MO

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  1. says: 458 comments

    Interesting architecture. What are we calling this…Folk Victorian maybe? I love the old pics. I also love that staircase, although it does seem like it might be a bit treacherous near the top.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12216 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Heck if I know. The registration form said this was a mix of styles. It’s an interesting house, it would make for a fun project.

  2. Roger says: 5 comments

    French Gothic? I guess it technically “could” be called 2nd Empire, since it has very prominent Mansard roofing. Odd, but it grows on you the more you look at it.

  3. John Shiflet says: 5540 comments

    Nice surviving details with the spiral staircase being the focal point. Looks like a vernacular or folk interpretation of a Second Empire cottage maybe from the late 1870’s to early 1880’s. Some Queen Anne stylistic changes likely from the 1890’s are also evident like the front door, variety of patterned shingles, and windows with small paned borders. The Italianate door with the arched panes is probably from the earlier version of the house. For the price, I too find it appealing.

  4. echorose says: 111 comments

    This is a great bargain for someone. I too love the stairs. Yes,this is a great project for someone. 🙂

  5. Nancy says: 169 comments

    Is this close enough to what you’re looking for Roger? Great price! What about the area?

  6. Roger says: 5 comments

    Hi Nancy. Well, this house isn’t quite what I was “looking for”, but I found it anyway and I like it a lot. It’s really eccentric and tastefully odd. Unfortunately, it’s in a (very small) rural town that’s much too far from where I could transfer for work in St. Louis. If I could somehow co-own it with someone local who loves Victorian houses and wants to restore it to full original grandeur, I think I’d do it. It’d be a great vacation house, even if I couldn’t live in it year round…

  7. Rose says: 2 comments

    That was my Aunt Vula and Uncle Eldon’s place! I haven’t been in it for 20 years or more, though.

  8. Aaron says: 14 comments

    I wish I could get a floor plan of this house, just so I could see how it actually works on the inside.
    I keep coming back to this page just to see it. It is a very interesting house!

  9. lara janelara jane says: 468 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I see you caught the relist and price increase, Kelly. I can’t fathom why they think they could get more than the original asking price when it doesn’t appear they’ve done anything to improve the home. There are some additional photos showing some great details as well as how much work it needs. Better exterior shots, too. Too bad it’s in BFE. I adore it.

  10. John Shiflet says: 5540 comments

    Zero flips are not that uncommon. By zero, I mean the most recent owner has done zero to the property except increase its selling price over what they paid for it. If a property flipper/investor has lots of experience they can sometimes pick up properties at sheriff’s tax sales or buy directly from a lender’s REO (real estate owned) Department at a bargain price. It may take longer to sell (flip) at the higher price but it’s not uncommon for properties to be flipped in that manner. Other flippers put some money (repairs) into a property then try to sell it for a profit.

  11. Lucinda says: 54 comments

    This could be a real cutie. Nice light fixtures, staircase, all those darling dormers and shingling.

  12. BamBam says: 2 comments

    Completely in love with this. Beautiful home. I’m in England so don’t know about the neighbourhoods etc.

  13. Allan says: 2 comments

    This house is on the Springfield, Mo Craigslist site for 49,000 , Just search in real estate for Historic two story home mansard. you can find it pretty easily on Google Earth, just up from the downtown area of Hartville, to get an idea of location.

  14. Martin H says: 8 comments

    Those stairs, it’s so weird how they end upstairs, and it too seems like a death trap at night.

    • MW says: 923 comments

      To say the least. I’m usually all for quirky. But that looks down right asking for trouble eventually. If not for yourself, for someone visiting you and not being warned or just forgetting. If it were my house, I’d be darned sure to have a decent nightlight near there so people could see it. A slightly odd house overall, but that stair landing is over the top weird.

      • says: 103 comments

        I don’t understand it! How are you supposed to get onto the floor behind that? I have tried and tried to figure it out . . .

  15. BamBam says: 2 comments

    I can’t believe this is still on the market!?!

  16. Elaine says: 103 comments

    OK, question! On the picture that says it is circa 1900. In the second floor window, it looks like a man standing there. Now those clothes (to my mind) do NOT look like clothing worn in 1900. Looks more 1940sish to me. Did they have ties like that in 1900?

  17. Allan says: 2 comments

    This house just showed back up on Springfield, Mo Craigslist after having been off for a while. 48,000 By Owner I think. Historic Mansard search in Real Estate finds it quickly.

  18. Jodi Roberts says: 3 comments

    This house is now under contract…should be closing in @ 30 days 🙂

  19. Jodi Roberts says: 3 comments

    Moving in on MONDAY– we are so excited 🙂

  20. Rose says: 2 comments

    Please give updates! I am emotionally attached to Hartville and still have family there. If I could find decent work, I would be there.

  21. Jodi Roberts says: 3 comments

    We are loving our house 🙂 look up home sweet home hartville on Facebook to see our adventure. Or drop by if you all are in the area…..we end up giving quite a lot of tours 😉

  22. LUCINDA HOWARD says: 14 comments

    Wonderful you are giving “tours”. If I get that way again I will stop and see if it is possible for me to take a peek. I looked at a wonderful old home in Hartville in 2004. Wish I could remember the exact location. It was right off the square and not on the main street. It was on a little side street behind something and had a very interesting roof. I hope someone bought it.


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