1930 – New London, CT

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105 Gardner Ave, New London, CT 06320

  • $239,900
  • 7 Bed
  • 5 Bath
  • 5800 Sq Ft
  • 3.6 Ac.
Diamond in the rough! Beautiful mansion-sized home with a grand foyer and lots of charm and character. Needs some tender loving care, but this one will totally AWE you! Don't miss out!
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Tammy Starr, ERA
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55 Comments on 1930 – New London, CT

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  1. Linda J. says: 25 comments

    I agree, I am not fond of that kitchen….the house is in a state of loneliness…it needs a family.

  2. Graham W says: 140 comments

    I love this place!! I have been lurking until now. I just wonder how the neighborhood is.

  3. Deborah Shipp says: 10 comments

    I grew up in a house with a dutch gable and it took a long time to find out it had a name, never heard it called a catslide! Hilarious. I like the facade: the variety of gables and dormers, the little eyebrow windows. I’d rather have an untouched kitchen than a bad redo, love the brick oven and the size. It seemed to me this is a house in need of a garden. With all the pergolas and trellising (even inside) it ought to be surrounded by flowering trees and roses, and the interior should be filled with greenery and flowers also.

    • Deborah Shipp says: 10 comments

      I hope someone here gets this house so you can show us what happens to it. Now that I’ve seen the maps and how gorgeous the landscaping and woods are it seems even more special. What a deal! The stacked rock wall out front is a nice feature and a dog or two would make the woods less daunting. Good luck!

  4. Jim says: 5265 comments

    An estate of this scale in a desirable suburb would be at least $3MM. Taxes last year were about $9400, which is low for a place like this. I don’t think you could do much better within 3 hours of New York, for the price of an ugly 400 sf studio in the city.

    • Graham W says: 140 comments

      Hi Jim,
      By your comment do you know this neighborhood? I am really considering going out for a look, but having a family I need to find out all I can about the livability of the area.

      • Jim says: 5265 comments

        Jerry’s post below says a lot more than I know about the house or the neighborhood. I’ll only add that a vacant house just about anywhere is a magnet for “vandals”. Statistically, New London has a little more crime per capita than the national average, but far less than Bristol, Hartford or New Haven, if that means anything. Schools would be an issue.

  5. echo says: 111 comments

    This is another diamond in the rough.It just needs tlc and the kitchen does need a re do. But oh what a grand lady she could be.I love to garden so that would be fun to do a Rose garden.

  6. Jen M says: 17 comments

    I think the exterior is completely charming and beautiful. It has a touch of the English-inspired architecture that was so popular then. Love the moldings, floors, and mantels inside. I love 1920’s – 1930’s homes, so I would feel right at home here, especially after some demo on that kitchen. And that price is too good to be true! One of my favorite houses that you’ve featured, Kelly,

  7. Jerry says: 8 comments

    I have seen this house and know some about New London and will give my opinion for those who are interested. New London is an historic coastal city which like most medium sized Connecticut cities suffers from some problems. It does have crime and poverty issues that most families don’t want to raise their children within. I’ve been to this particular house several times and peeked in the windows. The boards covering windows are from multiple break-ins over the years and the interior has been graffitied in spots. It does though have beauty and presence that isn’t captured in the photos. It’s set far back on the lot and has a dense woods behind the house, (vandals can get to house through woods without being noticed.) It is in a better part of the town but for shopping you almost have to drive through the bad parts to get anywhere. Revitalization is happening in the downtown and it’s quite charming and walkable. Probably safe to walk in any direction from the house itself for a mile or so. It’s currently owned by a local developer who has chopped the parcel in two and has the extra lot on the market for $84,900. It does appear to be beautifully original but not sure about the baths. I don’t believe the electricity is on and mechanical systems may need work. It seems to me I read somewhere about cash-only buyers.

    • valrie says: 1 comments

      How bad are the “bad parts”. Are we talking abandoned or neglected houses,or gang warfare???. The former would not be a bother since invariably,all towns on Atlantic ocean will eventually “rise again”,however I’m not interested in having to confront violence.I’m also interested in the house,but would not want to fly there and be totally disappointed because of the “bad parts”

  8. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12143 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Reduced to $239,900.

  9. Graham W says: 140 comments

    Thanks Jerry for the scouting report, eventhough there is nothing like seeing it for yourself it is great to have at least some idea of the surroundings etc.
    I was able to pull some records on the house.
    This house is bigger than I thought, look at some of these sqft. figures.
    First floor living area 2,666
    1st garage 247
    porches 548
    upper story (finished) 3,134
    Attic unfinished 2,026
    Basement unfinished 2,010

    It also appears to have 5 fireplaces of some sort
    an elevator?
    a detached garage of 264 sqft. (as well as the attached garage listed above)

    I also had my agent pull the MLS listing for me
    Some room sizes: Master bedroom 26×19 with fireplace and bathroom
    Dining room 21×15
    Kitchen 27×12
    Living room 26×19
    Family room 26×14
    Bedroom: 16×9
    Bedroom: 14×14

    Still waiting to hear from agent.

  10. Nancy says: 170 comments

    Beautiful house! I certainly hope someone can bring it back to it’s former glory.(Graham?) Hopefully if the surrounding area is on the upswing that trend will continue. this looks like a true family house. It does need flowers and dogs and children……..

  11. Graham W says: 140 comments

    Hi everyone,
    I had a chat with the agent and here is the deal.
    The house has had the electrical service removed and would need a new service installed
    The roof is only about 8 years old
    The copper has been stripped out of the basement and the baths have been “neglected”
    The boilers will need to be replaced
    You cannot get a mortgage on the place as it stands right now due to not being habitable
    Most of the rooms will require re-painting as the paint is all peeling
    Their estimate is about 100k to get it back into shape.
    Some broken glass etc.
    Early on there was some vandalism but it has stopped
    They were very honest about the place.

    • Nancy says: 170 comments


      So what happens in that case if no mortgage can be gotten? Who would be responsible for making it habitable?

      • Graham W says: 140 comments

        My guess is that you would need a buyer with deep pockets.
        Although in the long view I feel that the house will end up being worth way more than 339k as long as the area keeps improving. I really love this house but it just a bridge too far for me right now.

      • Jerry says: 8 comments

        Unless you made some kind of deal with the seller, (a developer btw) the buyer would be responsible for making it habitable. Mortgage companies won’t write a loan until it is livable again so cash only buyers. The only other option would be a construction loan or private funding.

    • Jerry says: 8 comments

      Thanks for the info.

      I wonder to what extent the “neglected” baths have been damaged. Any idea if they’re original? There were concrete lions outside on the front steps but they seem to have disappeared since just last fall. Damage may be continuing as each time I’ve been by the house, the attic eyebrow windows have been wide open. It doesn’t appear that the seller has any interest in spending a cent to maintain the house itself. Although the lawn appears to mowed regularly during the season.

      I hope somebody with respect for its classic details buys it as again it’s much more impressive in person than in pics. I’ve thought of calling the agent to have a tour but I’m just a little leery of New London.

      • Jerry says: 8 comments

        BTW, the detached garage is a flat roofed, concrete block affair that looks in tough shape and isn’t very attractive. Most likely it was added later. The original attached garage has gorgeous doors but I fear that a buyer may replace them as difficult to add electric opener to them, (really can’t see in pics.)

    • Jim says: 5265 comments

      The listing says “needs TLC”, but it really needs a major overhaul requiring a cash investment of over $300K. If that’s honest, I wouldn’t want to see sleazy.
      Municipalities should require renovation before subdivision – it would save old houses and maybe keep the vultures away.

  12. Deedee says: 1 comments

    Ive viewed the inside of this property with a view towards purchasing. It needs a LOT of work. Also, some of the detail work you’d expect is missing. Holes in the roof through to top floor. Bathrooms are a wreck. Attic is beautiful. It does have an elevator, though.

    • Graham W says: 140 comments

      Thanks for the update. I was very interested in the house until I found out how much needed to be done and that it could not be lived in as is. What a shame about the holes in the roof. I hope someone saves it soon.

  13. JGrier says: 6 comments

    This house is beautiful. I was just in CT for the weekend and was able to meet with one of the developers who owns the home. We did do a walk through and I must say, the photos don’t do it justice. We were sad to learn that they plan to demo the home in the near future if they don’t have a buyer as they already have several people interested in the lot (minus the home). There are tons of great original features with 1930s charm. Seller was very honest and laid out all the issues with the home. It is structurally VERY sound, but wiring, plumbing and HVAC must be updated, although they did recently run a gas line to the house.

    At any rate, it’s a beautiful home in a good neighborhood. If we had jobs in there area and the capital to cover the various projects, it would be a no-brainer. PS, it was mentioned that the property cannot be mortgaged (I confirmed this with the seller), but to anyone who is genuinely interested and cannot plunk down this kind of money up front, check out the 203k loan on FHA website…

  14. Deedee says: 7 comments

    I still love this house. If I had good estimates for the restoration work, I would buy it. I’m concerned about the new London location, too. It would be a shame if it were demolished.

    • Graham W says: 140 comments

      I agree I love this place also. However based on my discussions with the listing agent and the observations of others it sure sounds like not much is being done to prevent the house from falling into such a state as it will have to be torn down.

      • JGrier says: 6 comments

        DeeDee, have you been to this area? You needn’t be worried. It’s a charming little neighborhood. Vandals were college students who knew it was abandoned and wanted a place to hang out in. It’s totally worth it. My significant other and I met with one of the developers who owns the place. He was brutally honest. The home is completely structurally sound!!! The remarks about the windows open in the attic is because of the way it’s constructed, the owners open them purposefully to ventilate the upstairs and to ensure that another racoon does not get trapped inside ; ). Your biggest issues are the windows that were painted with lead paint. The small leak that was subsequently patched (just cosmetic fixes now). There’s a spot on the upstairs landing near the leak that mildewed. Finally, there are two pipes in the basement that need to be professionally removed or contained due to asbestos. Other than the re-wiring, etc. that I mentioned in my previous post, the house is in really great shape, they had this verified by several inspectors/architects. The photos literally do not do the place justice. If you are seriously interested in the home you should check it out, you are guaranteed to fall madly in love with it!!! I would love for someone to save this place, even if it isn’t me.

  15. J Lewis says: 1 comments

    For the people who spoke to the developers, is there any wiggle room on the asking price with the 203k fha loan? Since there is much work needed, I’m curious instead to know prior to contacting an agent.

  16. JGrier says: 6 comments

    J Lewis,
    The developers may come down a bit, perhaps at least the $15k it will cost them to tear it down. If you’re really interested move in it ASAP. They already have buyers who want the land to put up condos, but they really want to find someone willing to put in the work to save this beautiful house. Go and see it if you can, these photos simply do not do it any justice. It’s a gorgeous 1930s home with loads of character. I desperately want someone to save this house, best of luck to you!

  17. Graham says: 140 comments

    Someone has to save this house.

  18. JGrier says: 6 comments

    It would make me quite sad if nobody is able to … : (

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12143 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That property is showing as .7 acres, where as the house sat on over 3. I’m guessing they’re selling a sliver of the property?

  19. Graham W says: 140 comments

    I think the property was split up, the house is on one part for sale and there is another lot next to it.
    Come on folks, someone (with deep pockets) needs to step up and save this place.

  20. Jim says: 5265 comments

    The house is delisted at present; sold, expired or taken off market.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12143 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Hm, it’s still showing up on the agents website but not on Realtor, Zillow or Trulia as active. Maybe someone will pop in and tell us if it sold?

  21. een says: 1 comments

    I saw the listing for this house while visiting my nephew at Mitchell College (adjacent to the Mitchell Woods that back this property) and while I could afford a cash buy of the listing price the above mentioned needed repairs would topple my budget. It is located in a charming neighborhood within New London. It reminds me of posh properties near me in Bergten Co. NJ only more land & a beach for 1/4 of the prices around here. I thought would be an excellent investment because a few rooms could be rented to college students. I doubt the college has enough in it’s budget to buy the property & save the house.

  22. DeeDee says: 7 comments

    As far as I can tell from the photo, the piece of land that is now listed for $85k is a parcel that the adjacent plot to the house. It was always being sold separately. The address was previously listed as 105A. It is a very lightly wooded lot. I am not sure what happened to the house itself. The house itself sits on 3 acres that is largely in the front and side of the house, with a little in the back. The .7 acres is off to the side. I was around the corner yesterday but did not drive by the street because the house is so beautiful it makes me sad to see it soooo neglected. Sometime in the next week I will drive by and see if the for sale sign is still listed on the house property.

  23. DeeDee says: 7 comments


    I have been to the area and have actually seen the inside. It does appear to be sound. The spaces are great but there is some major rehab/reconstruction that needs to happen. This is only a project for someone who has done reno work before. I haven’t so I would be over my head. Asbestos would just complicate things. Also, New London is hit or miss. The street this house is one is nice but a few blocks away is decidedly less “nice”. It would really be a crime to tear this house down and tear it down for condos would be an abomination, especially on this block since all the rest of the homes are one story or two story single family homes. It is really too beautiful NOT to save and if it were not in New London, I would be sorely tempted, even given my lack of renovation experience.

  24. Deedee says: 7 comments

    Drove by the house this weekend. It is still standing and looked much the same. The for sale sign has been taken down, though. No idea if it actually sold or will be demolished.

  25. heartbroken says: 1 comments

    Our family was ready to take the plunge…restore the inside grandeur, rebuild all the beautiful hidden gardens, raise our kids here, the whole nine yards.We completed all the paperwork, flew in separately a few times due to our schedules, then immediately completed all the paperwork and overnight-ed our check. Received a call the week of July 4th informing us the seller took another offer. This truly was an old house dream for us that sadly turned into *just* a dream. I hope the new owners respect the home, property and all of its surrounding beauty.

  26. New London Home says: 1 comments

    The home has been saved.
    This home has some great historical importance. It was built for Lawrence York Spears and his wife Lillian in 1930. He was a pioneer in the development of the modern submarine and served as President and CEO of Electric Boat (now called General Dynamics) in Groton from 1941 to 1947 (throught WWII).
    A recent owner included the late Dr. William Von Winkle, a leader in the development of underwater sonar systems as well as navigation and propulsion for the modern nuclear submarine.
    Another important piece of history saved. Good luck to the new owners.

  27. Nancy says: 170 comments

    So Glad to hear this! Hopefully it will be enjoyed for years to come!

  28. DeeDee says: 7 comments

    Any details on the purchase? Will it be restored?
    I still LOVE this house!

  29. Donald Anglin says: 2 comments

    I grew up in the home the bathrooms are original it has been vacant since my Grandfather Dr Vonwinkle Passed away in 2007 it is a shame it is in the sad shape it is right now but am glad to hear someone who is willing to work on it will be repairing it 🙂 if you have any questions about it you can contact me

  30. Kathy says: 2 comments

    Hi Donald, We bought the house and we love it! I’ve been walking around the property and was wondering where you had kept the horses. I haven’t been able to find a barn, and didn’t see one on the site plan. Thanks so much.

  31. Donald anglin says: 2 comments

    Off to the left u could call me if you want 605-321-0496

  32. Deedee says: 7 comments


    I am sooooooooo jealous. My husband and I were just talking about your house yesterday. Best of luck with the restoration. It is a beautiful house!

  33. Nancy says: 170 comments

    Kathy please keep us updated on the details of the restoration. This makes me so happy!

  34. Kathy says: 2 comments

    We fell in love with the house the first moment we saw it! We named the house Stella Maris, which is Latin for Star of the Sea. Thank you for all the good wishes. I will post updates and pictures as things progress.

  35. ellen drews says: 57 comments

    I saw this property while visiting my daughter in Groton. I walked the property, and I can see it, finished, as a wedding destination B & B. It’s 3 blocks from a public beach with ample parking. If I had a TON of money, I would do it. Front lawn weddings, back yard garden weddings, weddings in the woods, with twinkle lights in the trees. A horse drawn sleigh for winter weddings, a Cinderella carriage for summer. The attic and basement finished into seasonal and banquet storage, perhaps studio apts in the attic to rent to college students. The kitchen gutted, a professional, commercial kitchen installed. A much larger multi-car garage added. Wheelchair access added. Cobbled look driveway installed. Fountain in the front restored. Gardens behind the house restored. Hook up with local florists, bakeries, photographers, etc. Co-ordinate with the town to rent part of the beach parking lots on event days, shuttle guests with bus/limo/golf carts. I was told it was boarded up due to hurricane Sandy. You can see water damage to some of the floors. I don’t know about what permits would be needed, but in my minds eye, I really see it done. I figure $250k for all the work. So if I win the lottery, who knows! We can all dream, can’t we?

  36. Dionysia says: 12 comments

    My best friend lived across the street from this mansion.

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