1920 Townhouse – Montréal, Canada

SOLD / Archived From 2012
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  • $579,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 1 Bath
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Probably the first house victorienne with being built in the sector of the Small Fatherland and surely the last with being renovated. Only one family lived there. The father who was contractor it built with his employees (1919 and 1920). All is D `origin. Floors, woodworks, doors are of oak with a grid. Of an astonishing richness! Solid! Improvements were carried out during the last years: - Roof of the building and the garage remakes 2000 - the joints of the wall of the garage remakes 2000 - To change the furnace 2002 as well as the oil 2011 tank - the joints of the wall to the back of the house as of the chimney (of 15 feet) completely remade in 2011. New concrete crown at the entry of the chimney, as replacement of 2 lintels in lower part of the windows We believe as zoning is at the same time residential and commercial but that remains to be checked. As mentioned in the remark and as you can note it by the photographs there are many things to make!! - Plumbing, electricity, walls and ceilings But this house with an incredible potential! Characteristics of the interior: - The floors of solid oak were never sanded nor varnished!! Only of beeswax was affixed!! - All the air-heaters are out of cast iron - All poignés of doors are out of crystal - All the strap hinges, the handles of door, the interior movement (to open them) are out of copper - All the mirrors are bevelled - 2 coats of CH. decorative in the living room and dining room with basket of Arcanson! (for an effect of burning coal) - the walls of the hall, boudoir, dining room, corridor on the 2nd level are covered with a skirting which is called of the Lincrusta. (unfortunately, that of the staircase was destroyed) American Company, since 1877 and which still exists. This material in relief is of a remarkable quality. - Certain of the glosses, of the suspensions to the walls, sphere are not included in the selling price. It are on the other hand reserved to be sold in priority to the future owner.
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30 Comments on 1920 Townhouse – Montréal, Canada

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  1. AvatarKenny says: 99 comments

    These photos have a very surreal feel to them. Some look more like paintings than photos. Is there an edit button in photoshop that says “romantic”?

  2. AvatarJen M says: 22 comments

    I agree with Kenny. Very surreal. I want that awesome bedroom furniture.

  3. AvatarCassC says: 8 comments

    Whoever took the pictures did an amazing job. What a gorgeous house.

  4. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    Surreal is right. With all the discoloration on the walls (evident where pictures and other things have been removed) I wonder if there’s any smoke damage. Not from a fire but from people smoking. Half of my family was from Montréal, and believe me, Québec is Canada’s smoking section! I think I see water damage too.

    The “painting-like” look of photos seems to be the new “in” way for realtors to list, although some will deny that anything has been done to the pictures. 😉

    Thanks for this great listing! Cette maison est très belle!

  5. AvatarMelanie Wolfe says: 1 comments

    Reminds me of a movie set – very surreal and looks like it’s been sent back in time. The woodwork and panelling is amazing. You NEVER see this type of craftsmanship anywhere anymore. I hope someone can restore this back to an amazing home.

  6. AvatarBob H says: 112 comments

    Wow! So cool!

    I am waiting for Bogie and Peter Lorre and Mary Astor to bust in looking for the Maltese Falcon.

  7. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    Edit: Did not mean to sound so negative in my earlier comment. I think this is gorgeous place, and that woodwork is to die for. I absolutely love the mural in the dining room. What history!

  8. AvatarAndrea says: 1 comments

    It looks like nothing was ever changed or touched. Check out the vintage textured lightbulbs in the fixture in the small sitting room with the bookcase. I have not seen the matte frosted ones for sale for decades unless they are at a place with special deadstock ! All that wallpaper looks like it is 100% original — never a second coat or paint or anything. Why oh why aren’t there bathroom or kitchen pics ? My mind is just blown looking at this place…I love the translation, too. What is the real story with this place ?

  9. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    I can’t seem to stay away from this house! 🙂 I wrote another reply which seems to be missing. I probably forgot to click on”Submit Comment,” which I do with alarming regularity.

    Anyway, this house is discussed at length here: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0316460018208.html

    Includes some very sad pictures of the kitchen and a lot of discussion over why the place is such a mess, structural problems, etc. It’s extremely overpriced considering the work that would have to be done. The realtor won’t let potential buyers see the engineer’s report? That seems so “off.”

    And I read either on that site or another one that the mural in the dining room is apparently a view of the Montréal skyline in the early 1900s. Sigh…

    My favorite comment is “I would leave that frieze even if it fell in my food while I was eating.”

    • Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10345 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks for finding that interesting and sad info about the house and the owner. Unless the price is lowered so much that one could afford to save what can be saved, I’d see this one being either gutted entirely or demolished, if it is left for decades more of neglect. If anything at least it’s an inspiration to those trying to restore their own home, ideas wise. I love some of the wallpaper designs and those doors are too fabulous for words.

  10. Looks frozen in time. A little less photoshop though please. This makes the space seem better than what it probably is. It’s going to take a boat load of money to fix this place up.

  11. JimJim says: 4204 comments

    This was a wonderful home and could be again, but it looks to have been abandoned for years (an estate?) and the damage is evident. An odd presentation of beautiful furnishings covered with dust and paint flaking all over, and difficult to get a mortgage as is with safety and health issues – rotting porch, mold etc.

  12. AvatarKenny says: 99 comments

    Just to illustrate how mesmorizing these “photos” are, notice the fifteenth picture down. There is a corner mirror which shows the door with nine lites (3 across), but the door actually has sixteen lites (4 across). Okay, now I am not going to sleep tonite.

  13. Robt. W.Robt. W. says: 449 comments

    Can only repeat that these are extraordinary listing photos. Terrific.

    The fifth photo in particular reminded me of the film, “Garden State”: http://www.thecinemasource.com/moviesdb/images/Zach_Braff%20-%204%20-%20Garden_State.jpg

  14. This place is the definition of “elegant decay”. I’ll take it! *Goes to bank, attempts to withdraw $715,000*

  15. AvatarAnnette says: 15 comments

    I about had a cadillac arrest when I started scrolling through the pictures. My daughter is a realistic oil painter and I would swear she is the artist behind the paintings(pictures)(insannaty@deviantart.com) My other daughter lives in Montreal and I’m going to send her to check this one out.

  16. AvatarSue says: 1 comments

    CTV New

    ‘A time capsule’
    Victorian-style cottage a testament to the craftsmanship of the turn of the
    20th century

    By SARAH MUSGRAVE, Freelance
    Read more:


  17. AvatarBob H says: 112 comments

    Thanks for finding those articles. Really terrific. Amazing that in 2010 people manage to live in such an isolated and time-frozen manner. I would like to have met the brother and sister.

  18. Sue S.Sue S. says: 304 comments

    Thank you SO much for those articles — absolutely fascinating.

  19. AvatarElisef says: 1 comments

    This house is stunning! But I would never buy it for more than 2/300,000–because it’s gonna take at LEAST 2 MILLION in order to restore it. 🙁 The vintage look is amazing and quite breathtaking, but in such a sad state of neglect, and I can imagine what it must smell like inside. First worries I would have are pest infestations (insect, bat & rodent–especially any termites, with all of that genuine wood), lead paint (lots of cracks and peeling I see everywhere), asbestos, foundation, floor, wall, ceiling and roof damage (sagging ceilings), and the condition/strength of all of the wood. After that, it would be a matter of finding someone you trust to restore all the beautiful furnishings–it would be a shame to get rid of even a single chair. And no one who didn’t do restoration jobs on the Sistene Chapel itself would be allowed anywhere NEAR my wallpapers, if I owned the house! Something like tis needs to be sent to the National Trust or Historical Heritage committees or something–to demolish it would be a crime against vintage preservation.

  20. AvatarDani says: 4 comments

    AMAZING!! I would love to wander around this house. Everything needs to stay original!

  21. AvatarHoyt Clagwell says: 1 comments

    It’s called HDR processing, and real estate agents have started to overuse it in all their freaking listings.

  22. AvatarAmy says: 2 comments

    I love this house, my husband loves it and my daughter loves it, we love everything about it. I’ve been looking at your site for a year now and I’ve seen so many lovely houses, but this is the first I’ve commented upon. It looks like a film set. It’s perfect.

    • Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10345 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That sucks but not surprising. I expected someone to buy it, gut and totally modernize the interior with loads of white paint. It would be interesting to see the afters.

      Appreciate the update.

  23. AvatarAmélie Michelle says: 1 comments

    I can’t believe this house is sold 🙁 As a Montrealer I would have loved to buy it!

  24. JulieJulie says: 122 comments

    I just google mapped this house. As of June 2015, the exterior looks so sad. They took down the tree, pulled off the porch, and dug up the yard.

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