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Copperhead Road, Hillham, TN 38568

  • $164,900
  • 2 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 600 Sq Ft
  • 85 Ac.
This Tract has a CAVE on it, a 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Cabin and 85 acres of Timber that hasn't been cut for a very long while. The CAVE is unchartered territory and goes for what is believed to be a 1.5 miles before it narrows down. If you look at the pictures, you will get an idea of how unique this CAVE is. Once you make it to the cabin, it's very secluded. There is a neighbor next door with 45 acres and a home that is also for sale. You may be able to pay for this tract with the timber proceeds either partially, or completely. However, this is nature at it's best in the valley of where past moonshiners made their living. There is alot of history in the area and you'll find that alot of people driving by on the highway wave at you, even though they don't know who you are. There is also alot of deer on this property and a pet deer in the area also.
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Danny Dean, Reliant Realty
(931) 245-8800
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31 Comments on Cave – Hillham, TN

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  1. Julie says: 7 comments

    Wow, that’s super interesting!

  2. john c says: 434 comments

    On one site, it says that the cabin is 100 years old. I suppose that qualifies the place for OHD or, else, the cave was inhabitated at one time and it is a million years old, thus qualifying for OHD. In any event, it is one of those super interesting listings. Thanks, Kelly.

  3. Ryan says: 460 comments

    Yea, a real, honest to goodness man-cave!

  4. liz says: 1 comments

    i cant believe that guy got so close to that deer

  5. C.P. says: 14 comments

    Hey is that a CAVE?

  6. Jim says: 5105 comments

    OK, the property has a large “unchartered” hole in the ground full of slimy critters such as salamanders, brine shrimp and bats (I’m sure). There are ruminants in the woods, and moonshiners have the run of the place – they already chased the neighbor away. The locals wave (and laugh) as you approach, and when you finally find the cabin deep in the forest – wait, I’ve seen this place before:

    There’s no such thing as a pet deer.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Funny. I wish I had saved the listing of a house I found not long ago. It was so deep in the woods that you had to travel through a small creek to get to the driveway (at least it appeared that way.) Not only did the agent take the photos from the road, the house appeared to be something out of Deliverance. It was one of the creepiest looking places I’ve ever seen. Complete with a few seriously old, creepy vans and trucks in the yard.

      And maybe it’s a southern thing, growing up everyone would wave at everyone, even if they didn’t know each other. I rarely see that anymore so it’s nice to hear there are still towns around that you hear that being done.

      • Jim says: 5105 comments

        This place had a little of the Deliverance thing too, but I didn’t mention it because I thought that might insult the native Georgians who are so proud that it was filmed there.

        I don’t get the marketing idea here. There’s 85 acres of nice woods and a cute cabin, and they give us a dozen pics of a spooky cave. If you’re into caves one or 2 would have been enough to rouse your interest, but if you’re not they lost you completely. It’s real estate, not the Discovery Channel!

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          I’m a native Georgian and don’t get insulted but then I rarely am.

          I think it’s cool they included pics of the cave (the Trulia site had more of the cabin but believe me the cave was more interesting to look at.) I think the cave is unique and understand why they’re showing it so much, how many people could say they’ve bought some land with a cave on it? Although I’m sure who ever ends up buying it will be for the land. I’m weird though, dirty old caves are interesting to me. 🙂

        • Kevin Oneill says: 153 comments


          I didn’t see your comment when I posted mine.This is the second time this has happend. I think its do to the comments being held back for moderartion. I guess I’ll need to be faster.

          • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

            1901 Folk Victorian
            Chestatee, GA

            Sorry for the moderation. If there was a way to make reliable commenters comments automatically go through, I’d do it. As it is, hold one hold all comments. Sorry. 🙁

          • Jim says: 5105 comments

            It’s OK Kevin – you’re the 3rd to say it. They should definitely do the Deliverance remake right here.

        • Barbara says: 63 comments


      • Eleanor Mason says: 1 comments

        Why is this still being advertized if it’s NOT FOR SALE? Please confirm. Thanks!

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11880 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          It’s not being advertised. It’s just a page on the site showing what was once for sale and is no longer. It’s explained on the FAQ page.

    • kelli zkelli z says: 22 comments

      I don’t usually comment, but I’m laughing really hard at your comment…thanks! I needed a good Laugh…

    • David says: 1 comments

      Have you never read “The Yearling” by Majorie Kinnan Rawlings?

  7. Kevin Oneill says: 153 comments

    Why is the banjo guitar duel from the movie “Deliverance” going through my head.

  8. john c says: 434 comments

    Caves have other attractions. I had a great grandfather with TB, who lived for some 24 years in a huge tent in front of a cave. On very cold days they would retreat to the cave, but on moderately cold or very hot days, etc., they would use the flaps of the tent to ventilate the cave. He did quite well that way, but eventually his wife wore out from carrying the staples,water, kerosene and wood up every day to the face of the cave (and the tent) and carrying the chamberpots down. They then moved to northern Indiana, where in a few years renewed TB consumption killed him. Consider caves an adjunct to healthy living!

  9. Kenny says: 82 comments

    Is that an outhouse on the side? Maybe not, I just found an actual bathroom with the interior pictures. However, is that OSB on the walls? We probably need to label this one eclectic.

  10. john c says: 434 comments

    Kenny, in rural areas it isn’t unusual to keep the privy in operating condition for those times when the power goes out and water is unavailable, for the nowadays rare situations when the septic doesn’t work (most people have learned not to use Tide in their clothswasher and then run the water into the septic), etc. However, often that is where the lawnmower, etc, is stored.

    On one listing I saw, the place was said to have two bathrooms in the cabin.

  11. Sue S. says: 271 comments

    I wonder what the liability insurance premiums are for an uncharted cave. (“Hey, you darn kids, get outta my cave!”)

    • Jim says: 5105 comments

      Sue, that’s no joke about liability. Most places you must block off entrances to caves and mine shafts. Maybe there are just too many in this area to enforce it.

  12. James Brown says: 6 comments

    Build date: 2,000,005 BC …. You’ve outdone yourself this time 😉

  13. says: 5 comments

    Sound like the perfect set-up to me. A home for her and a man-cave for him!

  14. GACaver says: 1 comments

    There are liability issues for the cave , so a small gate across the opening would work to keep the teenagers and “spelunkers” out. But its’ wise to have serious caves build the gate , so bats can enter and leave safely. The house chimney looks like it was rebuilt twice.

  15. John says: 1 comments

    I am very interested in this property. Is it still available?

  16. Tammie says: 1 comments

    I would like to see the land and inside the house. I would also like to spot this on google maps so that I know where it is in reference to other towns, properties, mountains, etc. Thanks.

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