1883 – Byron, MI

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16478 Duffield Rd, Byron, MI 48418

  • $34,900
  • 4 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 2160 Sq Ft
  • 1.79 Ac.
Lovely old traditional style farmhouse needs TLC. Lots of original woodwork, never been painted. Country setting. Great renovation project.

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21 Comments on 1883 – Byron, MI

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  1. John C says: 434 comments

    I am not sure about Italianate or Gothic, but it would be heaven for me in the summers if it were further north in Michigan. Livable with a porch per year for five years to re-build.

  2. Tracy says: 92 comments

    I like the overall design feel to the exterior and would welcome the porches to be rebuilt. The interior has potential. A pox on the person who decides to paint the faux-grained trim white…

  3. scott says: 58 comments

    kitchen and bathrooms look so out of place… with this house…the simpler the better… looks like a very calm place…with the porches back… could easily live there….

  4. John C says: 434 comments

    This was the address for a consulting business for some period of time, as googling the address will show. I assume that the kitchen and bath reflect a business plan for the place,

  5. John Shiflet says: 5426 comments

    The house is a vernacular Italianate. Look at the ornamental window caps, the arched paned doors. The only hint towards Gothic Revival are the two peaked small gables; if all of the gables were steeply peaked in this manner, it would have a stronger Gothic Rev. flavor. It would be nice to have the missing porch put back on. Nearly two acres too so that’s an added plus.

  6. shelly says: 85 comments

    Could be made into a very amazing place! Too bad I have no rennovation skills.

  7. shelly says: 85 comments

    Afraid that would be out of my league. Thanks for the offer though!

  8. shelly says: 85 comments

    This has been taken off the market for now.

  9. Aurora Petrvich says: 3 comments

    I grew up in this farmhouse. My grandparents owned it, and later my Uncles. Wish it was back on the market, my sister and I have been hoping to find it vacant for years.

    • Aurora Petrvich says: 3 comments

      It has an old Michigan Basement. All chunk stone and dirt floor. At least it did when we were growing up. The acreage was much larger at one time, with an old pig barn and stone milk house behind it. Both have collapsed and been torn down since then.
      The old wraparound porch stretched from the porch pictured to the left, which was an entrance into the old kitchen, to the door on the far right, which was the entrance to the Parlor. It also was bi-leveled, the covered porch was also the floor of the balcony for the second floor with a waist high railing. The lower portion was open with 4 white pillars, and no railing I remember. The porch itself, was wood, and we used to crawl underneath in the summer and hang out with the dogs there. It was cool and quiet.

      The pear tree from the front lawn ais now gone, but in some pictures I can still see the large lilac bush. Somewhere in there is a wild rhubarb plant my grandmother used to make pies with.

      • Hi! I live by this house and have always been so fascinated by it. Is there any cool history behind it or stories that you have heard/know? I would love to hear about it. I have been in this home before and found it very amazing and instantly wanted to know the history of it!

  10. Melissa Arab says: 1 comments

    So homesick for my childhood.This was my grandparents house (Bill and Betty Cromwell). My uncle Quentin Cromwell lived there later. My entire childhood revolved around family get togethers in this house with my 31 cousins. So sad to see some of the changes.

  11. Elaine Long says: 2 comments

    I am the daughter of Betty and Bill and we lived in the house for some years. The stone building behind the house was a smokehouse. There is a scullery behind the kitchen which had freight doors and a hand pump to draw water from the cistern. The scullery suggests servants. The outhouse was of double walled construction just like the house and still had remnants of expensive wallpaper when we lived there. It was a grand old house at one time.

  12. elaine long says: 2 comments

    We moved there in 1959. Descendents of the Ryder family were still living and owned the house and something like 300 acres around. This included an apple orchard, cranberry bog, blackberry stand and individual cherry, quince, pear, mulberry, black walnut and raspberry bushes. There was a cow barn, horse barn with a water trough with a wind mill operated pump. There was a hog shed and chicken coop. There was plenty of woodland and several fields of up to 40 acres. It had a spring fed lake called Ryder Lake.

  13. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12122 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Elaine for the info. Sounds like it was once quite the farm!

  14. Shelly says: 85 comments

    Thank you! Thank you! I love to hear from the previous owners.

  15. Aurora Petrovich says: 3 comments

    Thanks Aunt Elaine! I wasnt sure I was right about the two outbuildings, thanks for clearing that up. Still want this house in the worst way. Wish it was back on the market!


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