1923 – Terre Haute, IN

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Terre Haute, IN 47802

  • 4 Bed
  • 4 Bath
  • 4065 Sq Ft
  • 3.5 Ac.
From 2008: The Rocky Edge Estate was established in 1920 by Chapman J. Root, famous inventor of the green Coca-Cola bottle. This is an authentic piece of American history. Schedule an appointment and take the time to view this home today. The current owners have started with some rehab so this fine estate home is just waiting for you to finish what they have started.

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40 Comments on 1923 – Terre Haute, IN

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  1. Ryan says: 471 comments

    The pool? AWESOME.

  2. Barbara says: 63 comments

    The home needs restoration but oh, I’d buy it for the rocks, tiles, solarium, and pool room! 🙂

  3. Phil says: 57 comments

    This place is on and off the market every few months, often FISBO. Just a few weeks ago the asking price was $255,000.

  4. toscar says: 46 comments

    It is spectacular in many ways…..but someone needs to roll up their sleaves and get going on maintaining the pool and greenhouse.

  5. Bill Morris says: 1 comments

    My grand father Wayne Morris used to be the grounds keeper handyman for the Root family and I was in this house 50 some years ago as a very small child. The original estate had two large ponds which were on the other side of Allendale rd. One of the ponds had an island which was accessed with a oriental style bridge and the ponds had swans,geese and hordes of goldfish.

  6. John C says: 435 comments

    Justs down the street: http://54allendale.com/

  7. says: 1 comments

    I am the owner of Rocky Edge Estate, am I am ging to some commets to the above posting and also answers any questions you might want to ask.
    Since owning the house we have discovered many things but the estate has only been on the market once back in 2008. We thought we wanted to sell it but have changed our minds since the majority of prospective buyers want to tear it down to sell off the property. The Esyate sits pretty much in tact and we have the original but copies of the blue prints which we flew to NY york to get. For those who think they know all about its secrets, let me advise you that unless you have lived in the house for as long as we had you don’t. The secrets it holds can only be discovered but truely living and every day poking around and digging through the years of neglect. The things you do discover which are out in the open are only 10% of what is buried. While living there and finding the blueprints, I was able to find a hidden fire place, windows inside ceilings, paintings, underground wall ways, underground laundry and many more fascinating things that still contain secrets that I have yet to understand. The cost to restore this beauty would be well into millions of dollars, however for the lucky one who would want to tackle this it would cost a life time of deadication. One of the most interesting things we have is the original plot plans for every tree,bush and everygreen tree every planted on the property dated Jan 27, 1932. This plot plan also tells its sizes the day it was planted ,the actual name and common name. Our decision not to restore had to do with money and our decision to keep keep the property had to do with the love of the house. If you would like to know more please contact me. Howevr tresspassers will be proscuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you and I llok forward to any questions or comments. Robert and Sandra Black

    • Wade Everhart says: 1 comments

      I am currently a senior in the Interior Architecture Design program at Indiana State University. I greatly admire this home and, as a native to the area, I remember looking out the window as a child and being captivated by its mystery. I would like to know if anyone knows of the original floor plans or any other documentation. I would love to use the home as a subject for my senior thesis project. I have Mr. Black’s contact information and will be trying to arrange a tour, but I figured that he may not have the plans. Any help would be appreciated. Be well!

      • Victoria Johnson says: 1 comments

        Please contact Mr. Black for arranging a tour. He is the owner of the property and it is private property. It would be a great honor to the house and property for you to use this home as your senior thesis. Thank you for your interest, Vicki

      • John says: 7 comments

        I believe Mr. Black has those plans. He and his wife Sandra, have accumilated an amazing amount of info for the house. I know they made a trip to New York and procured the original plot plan. Please contact him and ask. Although I have given up on my dream of purchasing this house and saving it, I pray someone else will be able to do so.
        Best regards, John…

        • Victoria Johnson says: 6 comments

          Thank you John. I would love to hook with Robert at some point in the Spring and record some of the amazing information they have. I still miss living there. Be Well and Sincerely, Vicki

    • JC Childs says: 1 comments

      Hello, I am a 16 year old junior at North Central High School just 10 minutes south of Allendale Hill. My English teacher told me a story today about when he was in high school, no more than ten years ago, that he cleaned foreclosed houses, damaged houses, and houses that had been left from deceased owners. As he told me this story of a magnificent historical home just 20 minutes from my own, I became more and more intrigued about the home. All he told me is that it was owned by none other than one of the most important person from Terre Haute, Mr. Chapman J. Root. After my mother picked me up from school today to take me to the Vigo Co. Jail, where my father works, I told her that instead of studying, I was researching the house all day. Not humored by my lack of studying, she sighed and asked me what was so special about it. Keep in mind it is a 20 minute trip to the jail and she stopped for gas, i spit out what felt like 30 words a second every detail I had obtained in the seven hours I was looking it up. Come to find out, my father had been called out (he is a detective) to the estate when he was called out on a suicide toward the beginning of his career. I understand that you do not have the time to give everyone a tour of the estate, but if you would be so kind as to give me a tour, I will be giving a report on it as my final exam for this last semester, so I will need a response as soon as it is convenient.

      I will attach my phone number and email for a more convenient response. I thank you for your time and consideration.


      JC Childs

      (admin edit out cell/email)

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11881 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        JC, I edited out your cell and email but will email it to him instead of you having to post it publicly.

  8. Erik says: 2 comments

    The house once was owned by my 2nd cousin, I believe from the 70’s thru? He was a Dr. Nobody in family knows whatever happened to him. He was known as junior. I was in the house around 91, 92 for a family reunion, Junior knew a lot of the history of home, he bought the place of monk’s which the Root family donated the house to. When bought the house the room was full of functioning toilets! Awesome place!

    • VICTORIA JOHNSON says: 6 comments

      Eric. Please email me your address to the above email address. I have save several family pictures for your family and several documents. Please let me know. You should have these. THanks, your cousin – Vicki

      • Erik Hawkins says: 2 comments

        That would be awesome! We have wondered whatever happened to Paul, last we heard from him was at grandma Storms funeral and that was several years ago. Mom (Nancy Storm) is going to send you her email addresss Is hawkcloud68@gmail.com

      • Erin says: 1 comments

        Vicky/Erik – Betty’s last name was Johnson, Vicky are you related to Betty? I was reading this and it came to me. I can remember visiting at the same time walking around the house and grounds. There was a pet cemetary that i can remember just standing at the top of the hill but wouldn’t go any farther. I also remember all of the rooms and “secret” doors that Jr would tells us about. Of course I was a kid and didn’t listen to everything he said and now I wish I did. What an amazing home, I hope that the current homeowners don’t sell it, I would hate to think about it being destroyed.

  9. victoria johnson says: 6 comments

    I am Betty’s niece, Vicki. Paul Jr. was my father. THeir father was Paul D. Johnson, Sr. I believe the house is still standing. Robert Black (Terre HAute South class of ’72) bought the place after Dad died. That house is an amazing place, despite the decay over the years.

  10. MargaretM says: 1 comments

    I am so glad that you are guardians of this property and won’t sell it off to be torn down. I have passed this property when I have been back in town and marvel at it’s charm. Do you ever take people into the property for tours?

  11. RosewaterRosewater says: 6647 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    An Interesting blog post about “the Root house” with a few more pix: http://artinterrehaute.blogspot.com/

  12. John Hubbs says: 7 comments

    My wife and I toured this house December 26th 2014 with Bob Black. A guided tour with Mr. Black was such a history lesson in itself. I would have love to have seen this estate in its prime. At this time, it is in very poor shape. Mother nature has certainly taken her toll on the structures and grounds. We were hoping we could reach agreement with Mr. Black to purchase and save this amazing piece of history. After touring home and grasping the amount of work and expense associated with renovating home, we realized it was beyond our means. I certainly hope somebody comes forward to save Rocky Edge, as I would be sadden to see the estate lost to history. I did take some great pictures, but will not share them out of respect for Mr. Black. Regards, John…

    • Andrew P says: 2 comments

      John hubbs – hi my name is Andrew Paauwe, I just recently did some research on this house due to a suggestion by a close friend. It is a truly fascinating place and I was wondering if you could help me and my friend in any way to arrange a tour of the house.
      My email is drew12369@gmail.com
      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    • victoria johnson says: 6 comments

      I lived there for many years. We sold the house to the blacks. At the email address above, would you send me Robert or Sandy’s number. We have lost touch, however, they are people I miss dearly seeing these pictures again. Thank you, Vicki

      • John Hubbs says: 7 comments

        Ms. Johnson, your email address does not appear for me to see. Please send me your contact info at ” Jmhkoiman@gmail.com “. I will forward to Mr. Black. Please understand I will not give his contact info without his consent. Just trying to be respectful to all.
        Regards, John.

  13. John Hubbs says: 7 comments

    I have sent your contact info to the current owner. Are you a local resident?

  14. Andrew P says: 2 comments

    Yes I am, any other questions just ask,
    Thank you for your help

  15. Victoria Johnson says: 6 comments

    I lived here for so many years. It is spring and the bird sanctuary should be in full bloom with marvelous wildflowers, dogwood trees, redbud trees and daffodils – oh, the daffodils. Lily of the Valley, blue bells, rotten little (and gigantic) snakes if you did not look where you were walking or what plant you snooped around. The sound of the owls at night. The eerie almost phosphorus like glow at night. The sound of the train whistles in the middle of the night. The claps of roaring thunder that seemed to echo forever. I miss this place and all it has to offer. God, how I miss this place.

  16. Jennifer Calvert says: 2 comments

    My name is Jennifer and I love architectural salvage as well as the history involved with the Root home. I work at Saint Mary of the Woods in management. They recently razed the old gym and Olympic size swimming pool. I was able to offer a generous monetary gift to the nuns to have the scoreboard. It’s hanging in my home and I often wonder if it could tell tales of all the athletes who played under its watchful eye! I could not bare the idea of it ending up on eBay. So you can see, my love of history is my only motive for wanting desperately to tour the Root home. Is there a chance? I merely want to see it to appreciate its splendor before nature ages it beyond repair.

    • John Hubbs says: 7 comments

      Ms. Calvert,
      I will forward your request to Mr. Black. Concerning Rocky Edge, it is in very poor shape (as of Christmas 2014). I can’t imagine things have improved any since my visit. If you get a chance to tour her, try to look past the decay and see how magnificent she once was. So sad to see a once beautiful estate in this shape. I wish my wife and I could have afforded to purchase and save her. With each passing year, I fear she get closer to being destroyed…


      • Jennifer Calvert says: 2 comments

        I so appreciate your response. The possibility of seeing the Root property in its current state is exciting; I am a visionary and will have no problem picturing the property in all its splendor; the tick tick of Father Time and the elements of Mother Nature are robbing the Root place of its historical stature. I, too, wish I had millions to restore it! You are so appreciated for following up with me- May God’s blessing be upon you, my historical friend!

  17. Victoria Johnson says: 6 comments

    To all – If you see her and it is her time to go back to wilderness, handle her with care. She was once magnificent and needs to be remembered that way. Robert and Sandra did so many positive things with the property. My family worked hard on so many years ago. It was a showcase and should be handled as such. Don’t rape her for the salvage and artifacts. Dismantle her with love and care. She deserves that much

  18. John Hubbs says: 7 comments

    Kind and truthful words Ms. Johnson.
    We can only hope…

  19. Samantha says: 1 comments

    hello anyone out there. I have been so lucky as to tour the house a few years back i fell in love with the property and the history. driving past every oncein a while still give me such wonderful chills. I would love to be able to see the inside perhaps take pictures and learn more about who is in ownership currently anyone could help me learn more please email me at samantha03127@gmail.com

  20. Ian says: 1 comments

    Hi I’m really interested in seeing the house can i have the contact info for whoever currently owns it?

  21. John Hubbs says: 7 comments

    While I do appreciate you contacting me concerning this amazing property and it’s history here in Vigo County, I hope you understand I can’t post Mr. Blacks contact info. I have sent him an email with request and we must allow him to decide how he wishes to proceed. I mean no disrespect to anyone.
    Regards, John…

  22. Sandra L Black says: 1 comments

    I am Sandra L Black and thank you for all your wishes to see the estate be brought back to living instead of just surviving. I am the owner of the house and currently it is not for sale. Sorry…. It will not be tore down and it will not fall into the hands of developers if I have anything to say about it. Anyway I don’t want to give tours since the liability is to high and the local kid that lived next door several years ago smashed a whole lot of the original glass out and committed other various damages throughout the house. I would like to find the right person someday to take it over and give it new breath but right now it isn’t a priority for me and my kids. There is plenty of no trespassing signs out and I do have someone that watches over the property daily. I have the blueprints in digital form however they really are blueprints of the green houses and because there was so much involved with the construction of them the rest of the house is contained almost fully within them. I also have the land plot plans which is pretty amazing. I did have as-guilts done but moved before doing what I wanted to the home. I will leave my email listed here for anyone who wants to contact me. KD9CUE@gmail.com.
    God bless
    Sandra L Black

  23. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11881 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Closing comments but if the owner or John ever need to let me know something to update the house, contact me and I’ll open the comments back up. Thanks for letting us continue to view your house on OHD.

    Anyone that wants to view it, please respect the wishes of the owner. That includes getting out of your car to walk around the property!

  24. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11881 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Opening comments back up for recent news about the home. Reader, Candy, sent me a news article:



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