1865 Romanesque – Davenport, IA (Lost by fire!)

Lost or Demolished
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726 W 6th St, Davenport, IA 52802
  • 5 Bed
  • 6.5 Bath
  • 6624 Sq Ft
  • 0.5 Ac.
I was a great lady in 1865, built by HH Andresen, a proud example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. It broke my heart when I was converted to 12 apartments in the 1920s; my original features like pocket doors & fireplaces were stripped away. My interior is in still in that footprint. I have no working electric, plumbing, heat & need a roof + lots of love! I am being sold "as-is". My best features are nice river views, my original stairway & woodwork remain. I likely will have to be a cash sale, "statement of funds" is needed before I can be shown. Some rehab money available thro city.
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49 Comments on 1865 Romanesque – Davenport, IA (Lost by fire!)

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  1. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 4645 comments

    Gutted, “Shell” houses like this can be found all over the country…Sad indeed! If someone is going to take on a rehabilitation like this, for heaven’s sake please don’t gut it to the bare walls and lose (or, as I have seen before, sell off all the good stuff on e-Bay) the ornate millwork and original interior details. Now this once grand mansion is probably only good for someone to come in and construct modern loft apartments within the old walls. Probably not a lot of demand for that in Davenport, either.

  2. Avatartoscar says: 56 comments

    Having restored a large 1887 Victorian which had been converted to apartments, such as this home, I can understand why this may have been gutted. My home had been remudled into 9 units in the 1930’s, losing all of the original layout. Some details were saved, though many were discarded at that time of course. The wear and tear and water damage were incredible.

    We chose to gut and restore to the original floor plan saving EVERYTHING we could of the original. I do NOT recommend that for most restorations, but sometimes one has no choice.

  3. Avatarsbailey says: 65 comments

    still there has to be existing photographs of the interior…the windows looks to be original, i wish they would have included the interior even if it has been gutted… still a very cool house and a cool price…

  4. AvatarRyan says: 569 comments

    55 grand is still a pretty good price, though, even if it is just a gutted shell. It’s a very attractive shell! I really like the terra cotta banding and molded elements used on those unusual gables. I’m not entirely sure I’d call this home’s style romanesque myself, but I know for sure I wouldn’t call it “Richardson Romanesque”…well, not if it was actually built in 1865 anyway. Henry Hobson Richardson’s very first design to use a number of the elements which would later make up his signature style was that of a hospital in Buffalo, NY, and that didn’t occur until 1870. And most of his better known romanesque buildings went up even later, in the 1880s and 90s. I’m wondering if this home’s designer mightn’t have been more influenced by the work of Frederick Clarke Withers, or one of his contemparies.

  5. House now has a contract on it to buy it and restore it to 1865 condition. Can’t wait to see the results.

    • oldhousedreamsoldhousedreams says: 694 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Awesome! I hope they stumble across here and will share pictures of their progress. 🙂

      Thanks for the update!

  6. AvatarNick F says: 11 comments

    It might be gutted but that’s what salvage stores and woodworkers are for……start from new for the old.

  7. AvatarJeff Grabau says: 2 comments

    My wife and I tried very hard to buy this home and after many many inspections we realized it was too far gone to really restore without losing ALOT of money. Unfortunatley this home is in a very bad part of town and no matter what it would cost to fix it it would sadly only be worth whatever the neighborhood would allow. We recieved a bids from $175,000 to $250,000 just to make the house structurally stable again. Thats just fixing the foundation and tuck pointing issues. And with the amount of square footage it would cost anywhere from $200,000 and up to redo everything inside of the home. Although the house is very beautiful and has ALOT of potential it just doesnt make sense to throw money away that we would most likely never get back. I do tell my wife (everytime we buy a lottery ticket) that if we win we are buying it and making it our dream home

    • Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 694 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Such a shame. Thanks for the update, I’ll revise the post to reflect that it hasn’t sold.

  8. AvatarJeff Grabau says: 2 comments

    And as far as i know it is still for sale. Its just no longer listed because the listing expired

  9. Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10079 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Relisted today at $40,000 and with some interior pics.

  10. Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10079 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    And another price drop down to $29,900.

  11. AvatarAmy Weas says: 1 comments

    FYI…if you are interested in this gorgeous home, there is rehab money available through the city. As well as some incredible “finds” at the Habitate for Humanity Restore. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the original fixtures have made their way there. The url for the listing is : http://melfosterco.com/listing-detail.html?mls_number=4133292&mls_board=qc

    While it is in a less than desirable part of the city, it would be amazing to see it restored.

  12. AvatarEASTWOOD says: 9 comments


  13. AvatarEASTWOOD says: 9 comments


  14. AvatarWESTWOOD says: 5 comments

    I lived in this house from 1995 to 1998 and it was quite a place. Sad to see it has been virtually destroyed. I hope Eastwood can bring it back to it’s original glory!

  15. AvatarEastwood says: 9 comments

    Do you have any pics from when it was apartments what apartment did you live in

  16. AvatarWESTWOOD says: 5 comments

    Yes, I found 6 old photos. I can’t upload them to this site though. Can I email them to you? Please provide an email address.

    I lived in 3 different apts in the house while I was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic. This house was once owned by a professor at Palmer, who is still teaching there.

    First I lived along the back side in the apt that had its own separate entrance. I believe it was Apt 5. If you enter from the back, it was the first door on the right. The second apt was directly above the main front entrance, I think Apt 3. You could go sit on the “balcony”, which was really just the roof directly over the front steps. The third apt I lived in was the top of the round tower, which was considered to be the penthouse by all of its occupants. I can’t remember which Apt # that was, but it was really cool.

  17. AvatarEastwood says: 2 comments

    Could you send them again ya I own it right now doin a lot to it

  18. Avatarchristy says: 63 comments

    I’m cruising through here, in 2014 thanks to the nifty link I discovered up at the top of this blog called photo gallery, then under the faded charmers link. Been reading here for at least 2 years and never noticed that awesome search function! Anyway, when I first read the listing, in my mind, the agent initially used the pronoun I. I assumed it was a typo. I then got to the next I, and wondered if they proofread, by the time I got to the 3rd reference of my and I, I finally got it. It’s late!

    • Kelly, Old House DreamsKelly, Old House Dreams says: 10079 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      It’s a new feature, the link has only been there less than a month.

      I don’t know if it’s an error but I noticed on Zillow this information, “The owner of this property has been served a Notice of Sale.

      This property is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction on 06/16/14 at 8 a.m.. The auction is scheduled to take place at 600 W 4TH ST, DAVENPORT. Because auction dates often change or are postponed, please confim the auction date with a foreclosure specialist.”

  19. AvatarDustin Eastwood says: 9 comments

    This house is not up for sale or action

  20. AvatarWestwood says: 5 comments

    Eastwwod, how are the renovations coming along?

  21. AvatarDustin Eastwood says: 9 comments

    Good it’s all gutted back to original getting new roof next mo

  22. AvatarWestwood says: 5 comments

    I might be back in the QC for a chiropractic seminar later this summer or in the fall. Maybe I will post a message on this forum and we can meet up for a quick tour. I lived in this house for 3 years and would love to see the progress. Nice job Eastwood, its really cool you have the guts to take on a massive project like this.

  23. AvatarAmy Hunter says: 1 comments

    I noticed someone said the front (pretty) half was built in the 1980’s. There is no way that is true.

  24. AvatarDustin eastwood says: 9 comments

    Front half is the newest part build in 1889

  25. AvatarDaveinQCA says: 11 comments

    ]u1y, 1886, THE INLAND ARCHITECT: An article entitled “Some Recent Terra Cotta Work” mentioned many projects across the country. A list of projects supplied by the Northwestern Terra Cotta Co. included this mention, “A. A. Andresen’s residence, Davenport, Ia., F. G. Clausen, architect;”
    After years of searching, this is the first mention of the architect. The date of the publication suggest that the house was probably constructed 1885-1886. Also worth mentioning is the original owner’s name was H. H. Andresen, the A. A. in this article was a printing error.
    This is a truly great home, a creative floor plan for a house on a hillside.

  26. AvatarDaveinQCA says: 11 comments

    For a good historic view, photo taken 1889. http://www.grgdavenport.org/Historic%20photos/Andresen.jpg
    Isn’t it just beautiful!

  27. AvatarScott says: 4 comments

    I just read a facebook update stating that Chelsea had lowered the price to $5000.00!

  28. AvatarMatt H says: 1 comments

    Burned down today.

  29. AvatarBart says: 1 comments

    I see this morning that the house was totally gutted in a fire.

  30. BethsterBethster says: 785 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Spanish
    NY (house is in VA), NY

    What a heartbreaking story. It seems like Dustin Eastwood made a good start. And I can tell from reading earlier comments that it would have been a huge undertaking for anyone, much less someone discovering he had cancer and having to fight that, too. And he was so young! 🙁

    At least some stained-glass windows survived. “As the home sat vacant in later years, two of its stained glass windows were stolen, [neighbor and local alderman] Meginnis said. The owner at that time took that as a warning and removed the remaining windows, storing them in the basement. At some point, Meginnis and her husband, Jack Haberman, bought those windows with the idea of selling them back to whomever eventually restored the house. They did not want the home’s original windows to be lost from the area.”


  31. BethsterBethster says: 785 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Spanish
    NY (house is in VA), NY

    That link in my last post shows the stained-glass windows that were stored and saved.

    Unfortunately so many other exterior details were lost.

  32. AvatarBORN OLD HOUSE LOVER says: 1 comments

    I remember this house in the 80’s when it was still livable and really intact. The staircase and stained glass was totally intact and beautiful as were the stained glass above the windows. It was a relatively easy cosmetic restoration at the time. The interior was very similar to the Beiderbecke house and the house at 712 w 8th street known as the Warnekie home as I recall. The stained glass at the top of the staircase disappeared in the late 80’s. Most of the homes in the area are or were wonderful works of art and very diverse architecturally.

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