1910 Classical Revival – Glen Falls, NY

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552 Glen St, Glens Falls, NY

  • $450,000
  • Sold for $395,000
  • 9 Bed
  • 5.5 Bath
  • 7046 Sq Ft
  • 2.26 Ac.
Historical landmark brick and marble mansion on Crandall Pond. A great deal of thought and planning went into the design and excecution of this magnificent estate. Graceful curved double grand staircase, beautifully detailed pocket doors, massive moldings and features that in 1910 were light years ahead of their time! Custom, custom, custom throughout. This home needs some lipstick and rouge and this is reflected in the price. However, structurally, this home was built to last by real craftsmen.
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25 Comments on 1910 Classical Revival – Glen Falls, NY

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  1. Melissa says: 4 comments

    There is so much potential here. I especially love the conservatory.

  2. Ernie says: 2 comments

    Speaking of the Conservatory, That late victorian combination aquarium/fountian is amazing!

  3. Ryan says: 470 comments

    lol I was about to post the same thing. I just now noticed that Victorian aquarium/plant stand thingy in the conservatory. They featured one of those on the Antiques Roadshow, and IIRC it was very, very pricey.

  4. Cassandra says: 12 comments

    This house is INCREDIBLE. I live in this small city, which is often overshadowed by Saratoga Springs, which is about 20 miles south. There are MANY big old houses that would be a hit on this site. I wish I could see the inside of this one. I really hope it doesn’t crumble, it has been on and off the market for many years. It needs a lot of work. I have thought of contacting the owners to ask for permission to use it for a vintage photo shoot (I would compensate them of course). The house is of great historical significance to the city, I hope they will step in if it really starts to take a bad turn.

    • says: 51 comments

      Hi! Has the city of Glens Falls resolved their water problems or does it still smell like “sewer and taste foul”? Do you know if there are any more huge tax hikes like the one in 2012? This homes taxes jumped from 11k to 22k in one year. For a home owner with huge renovation cost such as this one….drinking clean water after a long day of work and having consistent taxes are a must.

  5. Robb H says: 187 comments

    We almost bought this house this past week but when the city told us the taxes were $24K a year we withdrew our offer. The property is considerably rougher than shown. There has been a lot of damage to the house including many broken windows in the Conservatory and broken spindles and columns on the side of the house which looks like it should be the front of the house. It faces the park so that is why it is faced that way.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11888 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      I was wondering if you had ever visited the home. The taxes are ridiculous, I imagine that is one of the reasons it’s been on the market for such a long time.

      • says: 12 comments

        I think it’s been on the market for so long because the restoration would cost easily as much as the home is listed for… It’s in bad shape. It’s such a cool place though, tucked away and looks right into the park. I’ve only been around the exterior, but am dying to see inside. Very much hoping a restoration occurs.

        • Robb H says: 187 comments

          I think I must have taken about 400 pictures of this house as I was there 3 Sunday’s in a row. Yes, the house needs a lot of work which we could do but it is honestly the taxes that is preventing this house from selling. The renovation is a fixed cost but the taxes are variable and only increasing. There is so much I could tell you about this house as I have done extensive research.

          • Cassandra says: 12 comments

            I would love to hear it and see some photos!! That really is crazy about the variable taxes. I own 2 homes here in glens falls and I can tell you that my taxes do not skyrocket randomly (crosses fingers!!!!). I’m sad that ruined your desire to restore it. 🙁

          • Kevin Miller says: 1 comments

            I would love to hear what you know about this place! The research I have been doing has yielded little information.

            • Robb H says: 187 comments

              What would you like to know? There is not a lot of information online about the house but there is a good amount I am told at the Glen Falls museum/historical society. The setting on this house and what it can be again is great.

  6. Robb H says: 187 comments

    The house could be so beautiful but it is so overgrown with plants. Think of Grey Gardens on the outside. Inside is very outdated to many but not us. The original owner was a wallpaper manufacturer and all the paper in the house is exclusive to the house. It could be a stunning home but the taxes will keep going up. City/county tax is about $10K and school taxes are about $13K for now based on a $495K value. When done this house will be worth $1.25-$1.5M and will be re-assessed on that value. No thanks on those taxes!

    • A says: 3 comments

      Robb we are entertaining an offer on this house currently. What was the cost of Reno that you came up with? Do you think with the purchase price about 200k less than the FMV listed with the county that taxes could be lowered?

      • Robb H says: 187 comments

        The property is great. My talk with the tax people stated the taxes are based on a $495K value which they are aware is below its value. I was told that the house would be re-assessed after any renovation This house most likely will conservatively be re-assessed in my estimation at about $1M to $1.5M. We in no way wanted to take that chance of a double or triple tax increase. The tax people made it very clear it did not matter what the final purchase price may be. Have you seen the house? If you have you know how highly visable it is and people will not forget about it..especially the tax people and city so you will have to have permits for everything that you don’t do yourself. It is a great house if you are willing to have a tax bill in excess of $35K-$40K a year. This is NY so this is not unrealistic.

  7. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I will also add that we did not do a full study as to what the renovation may have cost on this house as we would have done a lot ourselves. The portion we could not do we have a tradesman and crew here in MN we would have paid to come out there as we know their work and cost would be cheaper than NY labor. The best thing was there was a Sherwin Williams paint store about 1/2 mile from the house and a Home Depot 1 mile away 🙂

  8. A says: 3 comments

    Robb H,
    Yes we have seen the property in person and were immediately taken in by its potential grandeur. When we viewed the house, there had been significant damage to railing on the roof of the side terrace as well as the railing on the ground level due to a tree falling on the house. There is also more water damage present than the pictures show, but they have fixed the leaks. We had planned on doing much of the interior work on our own as well. It does need a new roof and new/repaired columns on the back which we would definitely have a professional do. And I couldn’t agree more with your statement about NY labor being expensive, it is insane! We were notified of multiple offers on the property and it was not worth it to us to get into a bidding war. We were mainly interested in saving it from being turned into a bed & breakfast or having the interior compromised by “modern” tastes. We will continue to keep an eye on it, as it has had offers in the past but none have stuck.

  9. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I see where this house has gone pending. I hope whomever is planning on purchasing it will be restoring it. It is a beauty for sure. It was a favorite of ours.

  10. Robb H says: 187 comments

    This house is now back on the market for all who still may have an interest in purchasing it 🙂

  11. J says: 1 comments

    I read an article regarding the sale of the house. It sold to a couple from Queensbury that plan to restore it, but it says they bought it for an investment so that might mean they’ll list it for sale after renovation. The selling price was 395k and I would imagine it will take twice that number to restore. I saw the inside as well, and it’s a gem. The original wallpaper in the staircase is in beautiful condition and I hope they keep it. The wood pocket doors are untouched by paint, which is fortunate. The horrible carpet was put down for safety reasons for the elderly owner, but there is hardwood underneath. I’m sure there was a kitchen in the basement when the house was originally built, and there’s plenty of room to make a grand kitchen out of what’s there.
    Rob, I can’t imagine that you’ve ever taken on a large project if you thought you were going to do the work yourself. You’d be old and gray by time it was finished. The house needs a large team of professionals to redo all operating systems, replace the roof and windows, plaster, paint, remodel kitchen and baths and repair lots of masonry issues outside. The yard us still a jungle, and there’s an alley of trees lining the back driveway towards the back of the house that needs to be restored. I’m not sure if the pool can be salvaged. The cheaffeur’s quarters above the garage are uninhabitable, but have potential.
    I drove by the house today and it appears that some of the brush has been removed from the yard, and the ivy had been removed from the house. The side porch is being worked on as well. I only hope this family can afford to complete the project they’ve gotten themselves into.

  12. M says: 1 comments

    Hi! I thought I might contribute for all those interested in this house. My name is Melissa and my husband and I purchased this home the end of June. I just wanted to correct and update a few things. This home will be our personal residence- it is not a flip. The kitchen is on the first floor and not the basement, and it is no longer a jungle- a majority of the overgrowth has been removed. We are moving along on schedule- most of the interior on the first floor has been repainted. The wallpaper is being preserved, of course, and falls into the category of ‘priceless’ because it is one of a kind. The rest of the columns to the portico are being replaced this week and we can’t wait for it to be completed by the months end. The Chronicle of Glens Falls,NY will be continuing to share stories on this project and I will be writing updates on my blog at http://www.vintagethirty.com. Thanks again for your interest in this beautiful home. We hope we do it justice- it is not only our home, but a passion project for me and it is my goal to bring it back to it’s original splendor- not only for my family, but for the community and generations to come.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11888 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks Melissa for the update! Congratulations and look forward to updates! 🙂

    • Andrew says: 3 comments

      Hi Melissa,

      We were the other people who had submitted competing offers on the Lang Rig estate, our biggest fear was it being turned into a b&b or an office. Things happen for a reason and I’m glad your offer was accepted as we moved to Seattle last month for work and I would not have been able to say goodbye to that place. We are so glad to hear that you are restoring and preserving it! I am a researcher by trade and the house was my obsession for quite a while. I have a folder of information I would love to send you. Not sure if I can post my email here, but I will and if it gets moderated I’ll make a Dropbox link or something.
      Best of luck and can’t wait to see your progress!

  13. Robb H says: 187 comments

    I was very excited to see that someone who loves old homes bought this place. It is a diamond in the rough for sure. I am glad you are “polishing” it. So what have you done so far with the conservatory? It was such a beautiful area. We will be watching your updates!

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