1904 Colonial Revival – Union City, TN

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606 E College St, Union City, TN

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21 Comments on 1904 Colonial Revival – Union City, TN

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  1. RitaB says: 109 comments

    Frat house? Or school considering all the sinks in the bathroom.

  2. SusanW says: 8 comments

    We live in the same town as this listing. I don’t know that it was ever a Frat house or school. It is a beautiful old home that has seen better days. Very sad. It is a victim of a poor neighborhood. Everything around it is falling down and the whole area is frequented by drug issues and vagrants.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 898 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Too bad, I figured it was in a seriously bad neighborhood to have been listed so cheap. Too bad, it looked like it was once a fantastic home.

  3. john kurian says: 3 comments

    I am going to look at it this weekend….and hopefully close on it next week. We live i winston salem and well a 9 hr ride is a haul but such a great house needs some love. I will not relocate to the area but rather make it a restoration project for future use.

  4. Susanw says: 8 comments

    So glad to hear this!!! If there are any architectural elements that you remove when Renovating I’d be interested in purchasing them for our own old house restoration. Safe travels!

  5. John Kurian says: 1 comments

    Thank you susan…I have delayed my trip there this weekend until i hear back from the city…they informed me that they have condemned the house due to it being vacant so long and because of vagrants squatting…on march the 5th they held a hearing and have scheduled it for demolition sometime in July…heart breaking news..and the realtors said they were unaware of this. I contacted the city inspector and have asked him to speak to the county attorney to see if i purchased it if they could reverse the ruling. So now i am away from buying it and rather in a conservation mode. i will keep you all posted…I dont want to progress any further unless I am certain that the ruling will be overturned. Its a shame

  6. Susanw says: 8 comments

    I also spoke to them about 3-4 weeks ago. The realtors are REALLY out of the loop on this property. The neighborhood is so run down and there aren’t really any other fine homes near this one anymore. I wanted to go in and the realtors gave me a lock box code. There was no lock box to be seen!

  7. Susanw says: 8 comments

    Any updates on the purchase of this house? I drive by several times a week hoping to see some (positive) activity.

  8. john says: 3 comments

    Still nothing….the city hasnt called me back and hasnt returned any of my calls….This will be the last week I try to resolve the situation. Hopefully I will get a response. I will keep you posted..

  9. Susanw says: 8 comments

    My husband and I went by there yesterday and the front door AND back door were both standing wide open.

  10. John says: 3 comments

    I’ll call the realtor..thx

  11. Jennifer says: 5 comments

    This house can now be had (not sure if with or without the other buildings) for $4,500 on Bid4Assets.com. I may bid, but I live quite far away and don’t really have the funds or inclination for a restoration…

  12. Jennifer says: 5 comments

    And John, if you are still interested in this home, you could probably get a matching grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation for repairs, plus the historic preservation tax credit.

  13. SusanW says: 8 comments

    I was under the unfortunate impression that this poor house was “done for”. They have already taken bids for the demolition company. The issue is that if someone were to purchase it (if that is still possible) they want it up to code YESTERDAY. It would take someone with cash readily available or someone who knows what they are doing construction wise to do this. I really hope that person is out there. I drive by this beautiful old place at least once a week.

  14. Jennifer says: 5 comments

    Alas, I don’t have the money to fix up this place – it isn’t far from Nashville. Maybe Carrie Underwood would like to have it. 😉 I hate to think of its being demolished, however. Any idea what it needs to bring it up to code?

  15. Jennifer says: 5 comments

    The thing is, if someone wanted to buy it, they could get up to about $5000 just in historic preservation credits/ matching grants, plus another $30,000 in a fix-up loan via the Federal Government (I forget what the program is called). Considering that it would only cost about $6000 including closing costs, that might be a deal some people would find very attractive.

  16. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11893 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Any updates, was this demolished?

    • SusanW says: 8 comments

      It’s gone. So sad. I tried to buy some things out of it but the salvage company thought everything was made of gold. They wanted $2500 per fireplace and wanted me to remove it from the wall myself. I really hope some of the beautiful architectural details were repurposed. Such a shame this house was torn down.

  17. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11893 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Not sure why someone is showing this for sale when the aerial view clearly shows it was demolished, link. link to auction page

  18. SusanW says: 8 comments

    Hmmm. Strange. It’s definitely gone. Just a grassy lot there now….

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