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c. 1920 Craftsman in Walters, OK


For Sale

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201 E Iowa Ave, Walters, OK 73527

Map: Street

  • 3 Bed
  • 1 Bath
  • 1365 Sq Ft
  • 1 Ac.
201 East Iowa is charmingo to the age and much to offer. Please see the following amateaur pictures). Unbelievable the strength of this home. Raw charm, with amazing strength and beauty. This home was ahead of its time in 1920, Ready to make a gorgeous strong Farm House today. ONE OF THE ADMIRABLE QUALITIES IS THE minor updates through years have minor. 201 E Iowa was/is a home to love. The floorlane, wood work, huge established trees, crapemyrrtles, pecan trees, a patch of Iris Bulbs on 4 cornlots. Better than new raised panel doors throughout are in great condition. The windows(original window glass) are original and 90% refurbishable, The woodwork the style and color of the 20's era. Adorable and feels good with a dream to be completed & restored. Floor Plan=bedroom/office, hall with 2bdr and the bath. Hand crafted cabinets slide and swing. The Kitchen cabinets built CRAFTSMAN STRONGE...outside is a TEXAS WIRE FENCE CO, DENTON, TEXAS. more details PLEASE SEE the photos
Listed With

Rebecca Doyle, Chamberlain Realty :: (405) 300-0543

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2 months ago

Oh, this is charming. And I usually dislike comments over the photos, but this guy is forthright and funny. i am picturing him jumping up and down to see if the house shakes. Though he is wrong about the metal lined kitchen drawer, I think; I believe those were for breads and grains that mice might get into, not vegetables.
I do like that kitchen. I hope someone takes this on and refurbishes it without remuddling it.

Reply to  Morna | 369 comments
2 months ago

Right you are that’s a mouse deterrent. Imagine what this 1920’s OK house has been through. The Roaring Twenties, the Dust Bowl, the depression it surely must have some stories to tell.

 | <span class="wpdiscuz-comment-count">51 comments</span>
2 months ago

I very much appreciate the agent’s comments and enthusiasm. I wish more agents took the time to actually get to know what they are selling.

PS Though I love the “tacky” storm door. I have a 70 year old photo of my dad in front of his childhood home and the storm door has a nice “Z” in the middle. I wish I had it!

Reply to  | 51 comments
2 months ago

yes, I love all the comments. It does show the level of involvement to sell the property. Plenty of photos to display it.

2 months ago

My goodness, I had to comment on the listing agents descriptions and detail. I want to buy the house just from all the input! What a gem! Both the listing agent and the house! There is so much to work with here. It would shine up incredible. This will be an amazing place with the right historically minded person. Love the information about the out building being from Henry Ford. If that is all verifiable, that would be such a great story to tell when friends and family come to visit. Thanks for the share, Kelly.

2 months ago

I love how she or he did the pictures!!! And I can see the potential with this one.

2 months ago

I feel like this listing agent would love OHD! They really seem to appreciate this home’s potential…which is huge. Not many agents would take so much time to lovingly describe a $44K home.

So much there to work with and love! I hope the buyer is a like-minded soul…and not a flipper-flopper! 💩

John Shiflet
2 months ago

Bungalow neighborhoods were a phenomenon of the Teens and Twenties when economic conditions driven by the technological adaptation of automobiles and streetcars as modes of transportation made them possible. Mass ownership of cars made it possible to build away from city commercial districts and produced some of the early residential suburbs. Oklahoma was especially fortunate in that during those years a genuine statewide Oil Boom was bringing considerable wealth into a region that had largely been agrarian until that time. In 1920, this Bungalow house would have been a very stylish home for younger couples beginning their married life. By some stroke of good fortunate, the owners of this house on a large acre lot never decided to extensively remodel this house as so many of its contemporaries were. The wire fencing is likely original to the property as well.

As others have voiced, having an agent sympathetic to the history and details of the house is rare enough but having one in a small Oklahoma town is remarkable. One can only hope the luck of this house continues to hold out and the next owner(s) will take a sympathetic and preservation friendly approach to this intact survivor. Neglect has taken its toll over the years but in the photos, most everything looks repairable or restorable. The modest asking price should leave room in most budgets to cover some of the repairs. Very interesting is the story about the garage and its associations with Henry Ford. Might be worth doing some additional research to determine the veracity in that story. I did notice a substantial storm shelter in back of the house so that is another plus for folks living in this weather conscious region.

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