1889 Chateauesque – Saint Joseph, MO

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631 Hall St, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

Map: Street

  • $749,000
  • 3 Bed
  • 3.5 Bath
  • 7593 Sq Ft
  • 1.57 Ac.
Elegant historic mansion located in the Local historic Hall Street district. The mansion has undergone many restorations/renovations in the past few years. The elegant's of this historic mansion is beyond imagination. It features 3 master bedrooms & baths, formal dinning rm, formal sitting rooms, foyer, butlers pantry. Kitchen is complete with built-in's, double door refrigerator covered in custom woodwork, $25, 000 gas stove. Home also has beautiful Bradbury and Bradbury paper along with gorgeous leaded stained
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Lisa Rock, Re/Max
(816) 262-8462
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47 Comments on 1889 Chateauesque – Saint Joseph, MO

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11890 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Wow! The owners have done a marvelous job, check out the before:

  2. MJGMJG says: 2169 comments
    OHD Supporter


    I would buy this house in a NY Minute! It has everything from beautiful strong woodwork, to art glass windows, a diverted or split flue chimney over the fireplace, an amazing exterior, awesome kitchen. They must have spent a fortune on that Bradbury Wallpaper. So much Aesthetic Movement in this house.

    Recommendation to the owners, They spent so much on details, they should put gilt frames around the televisions especially that one over the mantel. That helps them mask into the room instead of dominate them as a black void. I purchased recently a large flat screen and had one of my large framed mirror frames cut down to fit around the tv. I even put picture rail wire going up to the hook to simulate it being hung on a wire and got the tilt correct. When company comes over, I have Frederic Church or beirstadt paintings circulating on it.

    These people have a beautiful collection of Aesthetic Movement, Eastlake, Renaissance Revival and other furniture. I would love to buy some of it with the house :-). One problem, I can’t move to Missouri. 🙁

    • Scott CunninghamScott Cunningham says: 393 comments
      1856 Tudor (fmr Victorian)
      Leavenworth , KS

      Great idea on using a frame in a LCD screen, then turning that into a piece of artwork when you aren’t using it as a TV.

      Agree on the furniture. It’s first rate.

  3. KrystaKrysta says: 42 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1912 Adobe Craftsman
    Fort Davis, TX

    It was beautiful when they got a hold of it, and it’s beautiful now. I’m not normally a big fan of wallpaper, but this is stunning!!! I’d want all of the furnishings, too… just gorgeous. WOW.

    • MJGMJG says: 2169 comments
      OHD Supporter


      Might be able to turn third floor into bedrooms maybe. I’d like to see a floor plan of this house. Maybe they’re using a smaller room for an office or expanded into a larger bedroom bathroom.

  4. MWMW says: 902 comments

    Wow, this is how to go from already very nice, to off the charts nice. These owners must be some kind of wallpaper virtuosos.

    But at almost 7600sf but only 3 beds? What are they doing with all that space? Must have 2-3 home offices, media room, couple hobby rooms, a gym, yoga studio, kids play rooms and couple extra storage rooms at least.

    • Randy CRandy C says: 426 comments
      OHD Supporter

      2015 Reverse Ranch 1/2
      Olathe, KS

      In all honesty, if I had a bucket that could purchase this property and most of the furnishings, I’d be fine with only 3 beds. I would entertain myself everyday simply wandering around, gazing at the beauty that I was fortunate enough to own! I truly think this may be my all time favorite on OHD. The lighting, windows, woodwork, etc are just too elegant to describe properly. St. Joseph strikes again—-big time.

  5. ImbroglioImbroglio says: 64 comments

    Wow. An excellent restoration.

    If you look on streetview, you will see that the house to the right (no. 703) is not too shabby, either.

    A real “Meet Me in St. Louis” vibe here. Or, better, “Meet Me in Saint Joseph.”

  6. CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 1094 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Charleston, SC

    St. Joe rarely disappoints, and this house is certainly spectacular. Chateauesque is understandably a rare style, but it’s what got me into architecture in the first place. Thirty something years ago, pulling up to the Biltmore back when you could drive to the front door like you owned the place, I was simply amazed.

  7. EricHtownEricHtown says: 387 comments

    Honestly, does it get any better than this? The 1880s was my favorite decade for homes. This one is totally dripping with excellent woodwork, chandeliers, brass hardware, beveled leaded glass, lots fireplaces and a fine cut stone exterior. This is one of my all time favorites!

  8. RosewaterRosewater says: 6738 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    OMG – OMG – OMG – OMG: what a wonderful treat to see this GLORIOUS house looking absolutely resplendent in it’s marvelously preserved and restored decadence these years later! The list pix from years before DID NOT do this place justice – AT ALL. We guessed at the level of adornment here; but very little seen here now was shown then. WOWWWWWWWWW. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. 2019 is decidedly the year of exceptional Aesthetic Period interiors; much to my continuing delight.

    So wonderful! Kelly, I’m absolutely over the moon seeing this. THANK YOU! 🙂

  9. CatSlaveCatSlave says: 9 comments
    1893 Victorian Queen Anne
    Maywood, IL

    I just came to after I fainted! I would not change a thing. Even thought I hate wallpaper, every bit of it in this house would stay in this house. Magnificent!

  10. DJZDJZ says: 200 comments
    1947 cape cod
    Glen Burnie, MD

    Id buy this house in a heartbeat! This house is amazing! id put an offer in for 1.5million with the stipulation to include the furniture. The only update I would do is remove the carpeting from the second floor rooms and restore the painted trim in the few rooms that have the painted trim, that’s it. This house is truly fantastic

  11. WOW! I am just overwhelmed with the Majesty of this stunning Mansion both inside and out! Just Spectacular! Everything just flows so perfectly together! My sincere Thank You to the owners for one of the best jobs I have ever seen! I could live here easily!

  12. NathanNathan says: 47 comments

    Holy crow! This is spectacular! I have to say, I think sometimes people go a bit crazy with the bradbury paper, and I feel that is the case here,its very likely that the original papers were far simpler, however that is but a small conflict in taste between me and the homeowners who have done an amazing job and aught to be very proud of themselves!

    • MJGMJG says: 2169 comments
      OHD Supporter


      Hi Nathan.
      I do agree about Bradbury papers. Though they are recreated from original papers of the period, some people go crazy over the top with them. That being said, some rooms from the period were pretty intense. This owner was creative the way they used the paper on the stairs which I’ve not seen a layout like that in a home from the period. Still nice though.

      That being said, I personally don’t care for Bradbury papers anymore. They only have a small amount of designs that just keep being reused. There are thousands of beautiful designs in librarys and museums that could be recreated, I wish someone would start. I actually prefer to paint the designs on my walls.

  13. MrsLKTaylorMrsLKTaylor says: 57 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Absolute and utter perfection. This is one of my all-time favorite homes on OHD. It is stunning!

  14. LooleyLooley says: 50 comments
    2002 Traditional
    Huntsville, TX

    I just wanted to see what a $25,000 gas stove looked like.

  15. John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 5358 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1897 Queen Anne Colonial
    Cadiz, OH

    Perhaps my all-time favorite Victorian mansion in St. Joseph, MO is this grande dame. The listing agent, Lisa Rock, was my landlord during the couple of years I called St. Joe home. She has served on the local landmarks commission (maybe as the current Chair) and knows St. Joe’s fabulous collection of Victorian homes better than any other agent in the city. She lives in a historic home herself and has restored several local period homes. In summary, this agent is someone who loves old houses as much as we do. It also helps to explain why all of the “good stuff” in this one of a kind mansion is well photographed as we probably would photograph it ourselves. If anyone reading this decides to look into buying this property consider yourself fortunate to have an agent this knowledgeable and professional.
    Turning now to the house itself, it is one of the over the top grand mansions on the short Hall street. (also known as millionaires row) The one other house that is arguably “better” than this example is Shakespeare Chateau just down the street. In reality, both mansions represent a level of opulence the likes of which we never see again in our lifetimes. There were no income taxes in those days, highly skilled labor was relatively cheap, and an ostentatious display of wealth displayed in one’s home wasn’t considered in bad taste. The surviving period details have been augmented and enhanced with the best of reproduction wallpapers (Bradbury) and the work of modern skilled artisans from Europe (Germany) From my perspective, owning a home of this caliber is akin to dying and ascending up to Victorian heaven. Yes, it truly is THAT good.

    • ScottScott says: 340 comments
      1951 Grants Pass, OR

      John, any idea what this house originally cost to build? Things like that were frequently discussed in local news articles and contemporaneous biographical books.

      • John ShifletJohn Shiflet says: 5358 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1897 Queen Anne Colonial
        Cadiz, OH

        Scott, as you mention, the construction of large mansions often made local headline news. I think the local newspaper archives go back to the period when this home was built. My best guesstimate would be a figure of $25,000 to $50,000, an impressive sum in those days. By the way, right near the entry is chiseled in stone the date “1888” but a completion date of 1889 seems plausible. You might check with St. Joseph’s city preservation planner for available online archival sources. The local Pony Express Museum might also be able to help. Long ago, the city preservation planner showed me a “souvenir” booklet from around 1900 he found in a local yard sale. It contained photos and homeowners names for local mansions. Might be a copy out there somewhere. The planner’s name was Robert Myers (sp? might be Meyers) but I have no idea as to his whereabouts today.

  16. JenniferJennifer says: 75 comments
    Nashville, TN

    I may never be able to pick my jaw up off the floor…

  17. roxxxroxxx says: 524 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Magnificent! I couldn’t think to change a thing. The first bedroom.
    This is what heaven should look like.

  18. CindyCindy says: 259 comments
    1866 Italianate/Queen Anne
    Brunswick, MO

    This is my dream home. There is not one thing I don’t like about it. Beautiful woodwork, staircase, light fixtures. that leaded glass above the pocket doors, the fireplaces and tiles, the Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper just enhances every room. My husband & I drove to St. Joseph about 9 years ago and took many pictures on Hall St. Great city and reasonable house prices.

  19. Tn womanTn woman says: 45 comments
    1972 ranch

    There is no words to describe this home.Only thing I can think of is pure perfection.

  20. Scott CunninghamScott Cunningham says: 393 comments
    1856 Tudor (fmr Victorian)
    Leavenworth , KS

    I have been in this house and it’s every bit as beautiful as these pictures show… Unfortunately I don’t think the owners are going to get anywhere close to that asking price… The Saint Joe market just doesn’t support it…

    The house next-door is probably one of the most photographed houses in America… Usually seen on abandon mansion sites or spooky haunted house sites… It’s actually lived in by an older man, but the maintenance hasn’t been done and it’s decaying badly.

    Another two doors down is one of the greatest gems in America, and certainly in Saint Joe… The Shakespeare Chateau Inn… If you think this house is beautiful, the Shakespeare Chateau Inn might even be a little bit nicer… This one has Bradberry and Bradberry wallpaper, the Shakespeare Chateau Inn has Zuber…..

    In any case, this is what “right” looks like, and my hats off to the owners for a job well done. They managed to not only preserve all the historical character of the house, but to also modernize it into a beautiful live able home.

  21. MichaelMichael says: 2674 comments
    1979 That 70's show
    Otis Orchards, WA

    It’s like living in a work of art! Spectacular job the owners did. Do you suppose there was roof cresting on the house like the house next door?

  22. Angie boldly going nowhereAngie boldly going nowhere says: 594 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Congrats to the owners for a job well done AND also to the realtor for the superb photos.

    Just wondering. Is this the same St. Joseph where this glorious 1950 Contemporary is located?


    Not being from the US I am looking up each town/village/city as I go, so I’m not only looking at and dreaming about old houses but also learning about their location. St. Joseph jumped out as being a tad familiar (and no wonder when you consider the house I’ve linked!) So it is quite exciting to say “I’ve been there!”

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11890 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      No, the posted home is Missouri and your link is Michigan. Michigan is the upper part of the states, Missouri is more the middle.

    • KarenZKarenZ says: 1151 comments
      OHD Supporter

      I think that this is one of my all time OHD favorites! Every single detail is incredible! All of that gorgeous wood! I’m using so many exclamation points, but I am truly ferklempt!

  23. Angie boldly going nowhereAngie boldly going nowhere says: 594 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Okay. Thanks, Kelly. I had best study the abbreviations for the various states as well then, eh? So much to learn!!

  24. LeroyLeroy says: 8 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1927 Bungalow
    Mount Clemens, MI

    Wow!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Perfection!!

  25. MandyMandy says: 82 comments
    Edmonds, WA


  26. MysticMystic says: 104 comments
    Huntley, IL

    This home is stunning and the neighborhood is beautiful 🙂

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