c. 1900 – Bellevue, OH – $105,000

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503 W Main St, Bellevue, OH 44811

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Victorian Home with endless possibilities. This spacious home has natural woodwork throughout and some lead glass pane windows. Four bedrooms with possibility of five. Two full baths. Walk up attic for storage.
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Fonda Risner, Baker Bonnigson Realty
(419) 547-7777
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8 Comments on c. 1900 – Bellevue, OH – $105,000

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 9647 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    The exterior eave overhang and window crowns look older than 1900 but the interior details are closer to that date. Hmmmm, thoughts?

    • MJGMJG says: 179 comments
      1887 Queen Anne

      I was thinking that too. Though I do see some of styles hanging around in catalogs later. My first feeling looking at the house that is was built in 1880s and then someone replaced the porch in 1900.
      I love the dining room bow window. I love round rooms. They barely show it.

  2. MikeMike says: 171 comments

    I noticed that one of the bedrooms has trim similar to my 1886 house, but most of the other trim looks like 1900-1910. Also, the “sculpted stone” concrete block foundation (instead of brick) would seem to indicate a later build date. Can you imagine how amazing this house would look with a 3-4 color paint scheme on the exterior?!? What an opportunity!

    • MJGMJG says: 179 comments
      1887 Queen Anne

      totally agree. I wonder if it was a revamp 20 years after it was built. Times change, styles change, maybe they put new moldings in and left some of the originals in the bedroom. Its all speculations of course. Still could have been built in 1900 and someone using some older style stock. Corner Blocks and base moldings like this were still being sold in some catalogs at 1900 even though it may not have been “the new look”.
      This book is from 1905. Still sell the style but in much less abundance.

  3. Bethany otto says: 2448 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    Oh my, this lady is elegant. Even in gray on a gray day her potential shines through.

  4. Joe says: 576 comments

    Don’t let the weather and short days get you down. Look at the street view from 2013. It looks like summer and there are American flags flying from both the front and side porches. I would like to see flash photography on the inside and more pics. I think it is a great house which has been presented as dismal.

  5. Cindy says: 125 comments
    1866 Italianate/Queen Anne
    Brunswick, MO

    The staircase and fretwork are so pretty. Nice home.

  6. Barbara VBarbara V says: 256 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1800 cottage
    Upstate, NY

    Wow! Imagine this place gently finessed inside and out with paint and period wallpaper, and back-dated in the kitchen and bathrooms – what fun that would be to do, and how gorgeous this house would be!


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