May 19, 2017: Link Exchange & Discussion

Happy Friday! This is where you share your old house finds, articles or general chit chat. Link to real estate or newspaper sites that do not require you to register to view and make sure your link goes to the house you want to share. Just paste the link in the comment box below, no HTML codes needed. Keep the links to a maximum of 5 per post (keeps email notifications from getting marked as spam.)

I also share an old photo from the header you see above and supersize it for you. This postcard has some writing on the back that identifies Emma J. Cutting (1876-1959), Dora Cutting (1898-1983), Irene Cutting (1900-1923). Emma was married to Frank Cutting (be sure to check out all of these links to see photos!) Also shown are nieces Hazel Halse and Lela Ragge. It mentions this as the “Barney Long house” (his history is interesting) but I could not locate where it was in Waubay, SD. I did drive around in the Google Van with no luck.

129 Comments on May 19, 2017: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Eric UnhingedEric Unhinged says: 543 comments

    Nice house in Waybay, SD! I looked for it, too, without any luck. Two houses to share today:

    This modified Queen Anne dates to the 1890’s and has many updates from the 1910’s. Though modified, it is still a lot of house for the money (55K) in architecturally-rich Edina, Missouri (especially the downtown area):

    If you are an enthusiast of houses built from mail order plans, this house in Northwestern Kansas is a nice example of the Radford Architectural Company’s design # 517 from their 1903 catalog. It retains a lot of unpainted woodwork and the original lincrusta on the dining room walls:,-100.144501,39.511987,-101.018601_rect/10_zm/?

  2. AvatarEricHtown says: 313 comments

    This is such a funky lookin Victorian with it’s strange roofline. I would love to have gone inside for a look around.

  3. AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

    House looks very lightly built. Time was probably not kind to it.

    Waubay SD is in the NE corner.

  4. AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

    My favorite listing in Leavenworth. House is an absolute GEM. Its rock solid on the exterior, and the interior is superbly done. A home run.. .

  5. Avatarpeeweebc says: 856 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Wow. What kind of style is that home? Diffferent! I like.

    • CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 846 comments

      More or less Richardsonian Romanesque, which tended to be one of the more ornate Victorian styles. This one is obvious the work of a talented architect and is very nice indeed.

      • CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 846 comments

        Just realized peeweebc might not have been referring to the Romanesque brick house in Leavenworth. If you were asking about the house Kelly posted, that giant mansard roof is screaming the Second Empire style.

        • Avatarpeeweebc says: 856 comments
          OHD Supporter

          1885 Italianate.

          yes, it was Kelly’s post. I’ve never seen a Second Empire ‘shaped’ like that, interesting!

  6. AvatarCharlesB says: 411 comments

    Here’s an unusual 1730s colonial in the Eastern Connecticut town of Preston:

  7. AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

    This is my future cottage right here. It’s the most adorable little home ever in the most pristine of places. It was built in 1813 and is located (I think) in the Catskills of NY.

    With this sprawling mansion, I believe they’re trying to sell a portion of it as an apartment but the price kind of has me thrown off. It’s a magnificent home and worth a look though. Built in 1914, Newport RI.

    Now I’m not sure if the price is correct on this eccentric looking victorian. There’s not a lot of pictures unfortunately. Built in 1900, OH.

    Another Ohio home built in 1894.

    And another 1890’s victorian but this one located in Portland Oregon.

    Okay now this one is NOT an old home. I repeat, NOT AN OLD HOME. And if it’s against the rules to post this here, I’m sorry. I just needed to show it because the surrounding property is SOO BEAUTIFUL! If you’ve ever wanted to live in area straight out of a fairytale, that’s EXACTLY what this is! There’s waterfalls, stone bridges, crystal clear ponds, and fields covered in wildflowers. It’s like a dream. I wish I had the money to purchase such land! Ever since I found it, just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I just HAD to share it with someone! So here it is. (The log cabin IS very nice though…just not old.)

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10321 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      LOL, it’s cool. I understand the feeling of wanting to share something I LOVE, it’s why I created the site! Some days though, I wish I also had a “totally awesome land” site too. That’s an amazing piece of property! Wish I could motivate my husband in doing something cool with our land since nature only gave us things like trees and grass…and weeds.

    • AvatarEricHtown says: 313 comments

      The Newport mansion is very impressive. It reminds of Rose Red in the Stephen King book/movie.

      • AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

        I’ve forgotten about that movie! I was highly impressed with it. It takes a lot to scare me but that movie thoroughly creeped me out! But the house in it was so gorgeous! There’s so many movies with amazing mansions and sprawling old houses….hollywood always make them into haunted houses but there are those of us (like all of us on this site) that adore these big old homes!

    • AvatarShannon Barger says: 22 comments

      I went through the Cincinnati listings for fun, to see what back home was on the market. I forgot just how many stunning Tudors they had around Indian Hills, and this crazy but cool relic of the early 90s sci-fi and silver craziness:

      In love with off-beat ones like this converted stablehouse as well:

    • JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Lindsay, thanks for the great little schoolhouse near Stone Ridge. My great aunt taught in another one just like that in the same town about 100 years ago. She was 17, just out of high school, and she had 15 pupils.

      • AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

        Oh wow that’s really fascinating actually. Consider yourself lucky. I’d be so honored to have a portion of important history like that in my family! I bet she had some interesting stories!

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      The 1st 2 couldn’t be more different and I’m in love with both! Could nestle into that little cottage & stay forever. It’s in remarkable shape for its age & except for the addition & kitchen, doesn’t appear to have been mucked with too much. The Rhode Island er, wing, is stunning. From the entry to stained glass to unbelievable views & very nice cabinetwork, it’s one you can’t forget.

      The last one — I see your point, Lindsay! NY State at its very best. Having grown up in northern NY, I can only imagine how gorgeous that property is in its blazing fall colors! I also hope that cabin lasts long enough to become antique — it’s a gem. Super quality & variety — thanks for sharing.

  8. AvatarBethany says: 2656 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Escondido, CA

    Most of us on OHD dream of “time capsule” homes, so I thought you might enjoy this article.

  9. Avatarcarole says: 31 comments

    I love it when vintage photos have writing on the back. I’ve purchased several photographs, then did research to find out what, if anything I could. Some lead me on interesting hunts.

  10. AvatarJeSouth says: 38 comments

    Here’s another Heritage Hill house in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has some nice original details. I wonder if it might be missing an original turret?

    • Avatarpeeweebc says: 856 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1885 Italianate.

      Yeah I’d say it’s turret is missing. This is such a pretty neighborhood not too far from me. Fun to walk in the summer and snap pics.

    • AvatarJoe says: 633 comments

      I would think that even in the unlikely event that it didn’t have a turret, it should. The flat roof has a good chance of having a leakage problem. If one didn’t want a flat roof, I think that a wrought iron edge like on mansard roofs would make it look better.

  11. AvatarShannon Barger says: 22 comments–1

    This house is so ridiculously amazing, not everyone’s style, but it just totally blew my socks off. The memorabilia, the colors, the shape. It’s like living in a mid-mod/deco art gallery.

    • AvatarSharon says: 98 comments

      This touched my heart. I read Hamner’s books when I was young. Spencer’s Mountain was the novel on which The Walton’s was based. A 1963 film on the novel starred Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara. Thank you for sharing this. It brought a tear.

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      The Cleveland house is just the summer home I wish for — I’d like it to belong to another family member, though, so I didn’t have to organize that big place. Would rather visit for long extended times! It has about everything you can think of for a perfect summer.

      The Amesbury colonial is well preserved; lovely to see it in such cared-for condition & I love the bathrooms. If, however, I wanted a kitchen as visible as this one, I’d have designed it in a style that fit the house better.

  12. AvatarCarolyn Clark says: 1 comments

    This house in Staten Island, NY will be for sale very soon. The owner passed away, and I am the administrator of his estate. Remarkable house, extraordinary guy. If you are interested in the house, please reply to my comment. Thank you!

    • AvatarMary B says: 3 comments

      I know the house and am a native Staten Islander. So unfortunate, hoping the next occupant loves his home as much as he did. I am searching for a home in Staten Island but prices are skyrocketing here. Wishing you well. Thank you for sharing with us OHD fans!

  13. Avatarjoseph says: 21 comments

    I go by this house in Southborough, MA often; picture perfect, and now I know from the listing the inside is perfect as well (although some might want to tinker with the kitchen). Really, only drawback I see is that the road is very close to the side of the house, but it is not too heavily traveled and is one-way.

  14. Avatarkrstout says: 48 comments

    Here’s a beautiful OLD saltbox in my home town. Built in 1690! Be sure to check out pictures 30 and 31 to see the 1930’s Alice in Wonderland murals. Amazing.

    • AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

      Wow this house has so many amazing qualities. And that Alice room! Thanks for sharing

    • AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

      Oh be still my heart! The outside isn’t very eye-catching but that interior — WOWZA! All those old cabinets. And that huge stone fireplace!

      Also the Alice in Wonderland murals. That’s obviously not THAT old but definitely cool! I love Alice in Wonderland!

  15. AvatarJoseph says: 21 comments

    A couple of homes in Wiscasset Maine. The first one has been on the market a long time; it is beautiful, and has come down in price (maybe including the furnishings would clinch the deal for someone!)

    The newspaper article linked here might make me think twice about the second one:

    • AvatarVictoria says: 137 comments

      Beautiful West Chester house, close to downtown and the university. I know the area well, lived there for 6 years. Lovely town, good access to Philly.

  16. AvatarLinda M. says: 22 comments

    Sadly that house posted by Kelly in Waubay has probably been demolished. It looks like the whole southern part of the town has been swallowed up by the rising waters of Bitter Lake. It’s fascinating to do a google walk down that street running parallel to the shoreline (Yellowstone Trail) and then pan out to the satellite view. The changes just since the street view in 2008 to the satellite view in 2017 are remarkable. Check out the south end of Main Street which, along with S. Oak Street, is no more.

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

      I like both the first & last houses, a lot. Elegant & pretty, & wouldn’t mind some of the furnishings from either house, either. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe…

  17. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    I would like to live in a town called Ninety Six. The bdrm-bthrm ratio in this is interesting:

    2817 Ninety Six Hwy,
    Ninety Six, SC 29666
    6 beds · 1 bath · 6,003 sqft

    What a cutie. Great built-ins – especially that ironing board. Pulling up the carpet would make this look completely different. Woodbine is a tiny community. They used to have a little German cafe, owned by a woman named Brigeette. She moved from Germany to the states, working for Aldi. When she retired she opened the cafe in Woodbine. She made a mean schnitzel and spaetzel plate!

    408 W 7TH St,
    Woodbine, KS 67492
    5 bds • 1 ba • 1,468 sqft

    • Avatarladygraystone says: 1 comments

      Is that a gravestone on the back yard?

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      I agree about living in a town called Ninety Six, Cora. Irresistable. Nice house too.

      The ironing board — snazzy closet for it too. I remember one in a childhood friend’s house, built in the 20s. Looked the place up on Zillow — the house has been major modernized, but the ironing board in its closet is still there! Hilarious, convenience wins!

    • Avatarhcatwoodcock says: 42 comments

      Ninety-Six is very rural. Not much there. I am surprised the price of the home is so high.

      • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10321 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        The Ninety-Six house was on the site but I took it down. There was confusion over the property size, what was included. Records show the property line includes the trailer park next door but the listing did not state if it did or not (I don’t even know if there was a description, it’s been a while.)

  18. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Possibly a plan book design? :

    602 N D St,
    Herington, KS 67449

  19. AvatarAllan says: 67 comments

    I looked for it too, with no luck. On Wikipedia it states ” The local newspaper is oldest business in town called the Waubay Clipper.” I found them on Facebook –

    Maybe you could share the photo with them. And find some history.

  20. Eric UnhingedEric Unhinged says: 543 comments

    Lustron fans – Here’s a “Westchester” model for sale in central Kansas… only $45,000:

  21. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    I don’t usually post mansions unless they are at least somewhat endangered. This one isn’t, but has some lovely parts that are share-worthy:

    441 Putnam Ave,
    Zanesville, OH 43701

  22. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Couple of great bargains.

    78 South St,
    Auburn, NY 13021

    Really love this one:

    11 W Washington St,
    Bath, NY 14810

    • AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

      That Auburn house is gorgeous!!! The unfortunate reality of central NY and the Finger Lakes area is the economy has been ruined over the past 45 years. If you bring your money with you, its fantastic. If you have to go there and earn a living, its going to be a hardscrabble life… I think that’s what drives the real estate prices down to such bargain rates. That being said, Auburn is a very cool town regardless.

      • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

        I’ve driven through Auburn on Rte. 34 many times, and South St. (the southern end of its main street for those who don’t know Auburn) is a pretty street – many neat homes & buildings; I always enjoyed that portion of the drive. Although would most likely not be easy to find work in Auburn itself, at least it’s not too far from either Syracuse or Ithaca. And it has the Harriet Tubman Home, and the Willard Memorial Chapel – which was furnished by Tiffany ( I haven’t been to either of these last two buildings, and should remedy those omissions someday!!

    • AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

      I really like the Norwich house (except for the pink). I was up there last summer and remember seeing this house. Its within walking distance of the town center.

    • AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

      The Sherburne house is superbly done. I have driven past this house many times, and it always impressed me. Thanks for posting this. Was glad for the chance to look inside. The decoration and interior details of this house match the exterior. Its a great place.

  23. Eric UnhingedEric Unhinged says: 543 comments

    TWO antique houses for much less than the downpayment of the median-priced home in the US… and one of them is built of limestone! And they’re in a Midwestern college town!

    Both are likely from the 1870’s or 1880’s despite the realtor’s date of 1896. Low taxes!

  24. AvatarThadaB says: 29 comments

    I am submitting an interesting prairie-style house in Birmingham, Alabama, built in 1935: 1408 30th St N Birmingham, AL 35234

  25. AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

    Late on Sunday — I just found this house, built 1820 about a half hour from where I grew up. It’s been treated fairly gently. Hope that continues for it. The floorboards came from massive trees.

  26. AvatarPeg says: 61 comments

    I am in love with this summer home in Maine! It’s perfect! Check out this home at
    4beds · 1+baths
    3 Bragg Ln, Hancock

  27. JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Peter H. Brink (1831-1903) built this fine house on his 250 acre farm in Saugerties, NY about 1863. Brink was a descendant of early Dutch settlers who made a small fortune in an early partnership with the notorious Jay Gould.
    I hope the ancient stone barn can be saved. No comment on the later alterations, especially the most recent:

  28. AvatarKeith Rowell says: 31 comments

    Two links, one house. Ezell House $638,000

    The neighborhood is as nice as the house its self. “close to everything; next to perfect”.,-83.308726,33.277085,-83.472834_rect/12_zm/?view=public

  29. AvatarKTschnooks says: 56 comments

    Listed in my hometown. There are so many gorgeous houses in Dubuque, but unfortunately many are in not so great areas or have been converted into multiple family residences.Occasionally you will find some like this one that still maintain a lot of the orginal character!

    The End Iron Inn Bed and breakfast is up for sale. According to the websites history, the home used to house the Salina Telephone Company. Link to website also below!

    Beautiful old farm house listed on National Register of Historic Places. All fireplace mantels are hand-carved and planed in Walnut according to the home’s history.

    Another beautiful bed and breakfast to share.The websites history states that it was built in 1880 by Charles Volrath. Mr. Volrath was Secretary and Treasurer of Sombart Milling Co. The home remained in the family until 1965.

    Lastly, this one is incredible and also says it can be operated as a bed and breakfast (I definitely have a trend going on this week!)

    • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

      Thank you for sharing the Salina property! I grew up in Salina & this amazing home is really at the end of Iron Ave. I rode my bike or walked by this home many many times & I always wanted to see inside. WOW!

    • AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

      The castle in Cornwall is pretty special. But, it’s small in size for today’s buyers. Suburban homes are larger. For me, however, it’s perfect. Of course I hope it’ll be available when I win the lottery. If you haven’t fallen in love with it yet maybe this video will convince you.

      I think you have to be an introvert to love this one. And, most people who like estates want to live next to others. I think this is the only estate in the area.

  30. AvatarSarah M says: 48 comments

    Here’s one in Portland, OR with some interesting history. It will appeal to the pink bathroom lovers.

  31. LottieLottie says: 403 comments

    I fell in love with this Tudor Revival. The inside is spacious with glass door knobs and maple woodwork. Wonderful neighborhood. Not so old, 1937, but this old ladies’s old house dream!

  32. Avatarwendew says: 2 comments

    The picture in the heading kind of reminded me of a house I drove by a few weeks ago between Buffalo and Rochester, NY:
    I don’t know if it’s a sawed-off italianate or it started out life as a single story house, but it’s unusual for Western New York.

  33. AvatarPeg says: 61 comments

    I just found this summer home in Long Lake, NY. It was built in 1905 and was originally part of an Adirondack great camp! See what I found on #Zillow!

    • AvatarDonald Caskey says: 5 comments

      Wow! That is a beautiful house. I wouldn’t change a thing! I even like the wallpaper and paint choices.

    • AvatarPeg says: 61 comments

      I love this house! I was so excited to see her original kitchen and bath! It’s a shame so much of the woodwork has been painted.

    • AvatarBethany says: 2656 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Escondido, CA

      Oh my goodness, this is one of my all-time favorites on OHD! Everything about it it fantastic! The kitchen, the totally original bathrooms, the gorgeous staircase and windows, the grounds, just amazing! My dream home! I hope whoever is fortunate enough to buy it keeps it as-is.

    • AvatarBethany says: 2656 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Escondido, CA

      I love the first one, such a traditional cottage; I wonder if the thing above the TV is some kind of antenna? I see that there is a cord from the TV to it?

    • AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

      Over the TV is a digital antenna. They work great, but a bit unsightly. I use one and can get 100+ channels on it (although I only really like a dozen of those channels) There are newer one that are flat and blend well with most walls and cost about $25.

  34. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Beautiful farmhouse in Piney Flats, TN. The technicolor (or whatever the filter is they’ve used) photos are a bit over the top, but it is a gorgeous place:

    350 High St,
    Piney Flats, TN 37686

    714 E Myrtle Ave,
    Johnson City, TN 37601

    Another in Piney Flats. Built in 1833, this must have quite a history, somewhere:

    6868 Rocky Mount Pkwy,
    Piney Flats, TN 37686

    • AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

      Cora, it looks like they used HDR (I think it’s Hight Density Resolution) on their digital camera. The results can appear very artificial when not done properly.

      Regarding the $10.5M house. Anyone know why it’s so pricy? It’s beautiful, but unless there’s a high value to the land I wonder if it’s shockingly overpriced.

  35. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    This has such an understated beauty. That staircase, the outbuildings, just amazing. At almost 8k sqft, it would make a wonderful inn:

    120 Fayette Ave,
    Fayetteville, WV 25840

  36. Ed FerrisEd Ferris says: 311 comments
    Again, I would think that anything this close to NYC would be a lot more expensive. “Plumbing has been removed” probably means the copper was stolen. However, the windows with colored glass surrounds are still there (is there a name for them?).

  37. AvatarMelissa says: 250 comments

    Sweet Dancing Baby Jesus…. when you see it…..

  38. Oklahoma Houses By MailOklahoma Houses By Mail says: 82 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Tulsa, OK

    The 70’s called, they want their wallpapers back. But the Encyclopedia Britannica set can stay. How about that jumpsuit? Does it stay too?

    I know I have this house in a catalog, I’d have to dig it out and scan it. Maybe later if I don’t forget LOL

  39. Avatarpeeweebc says: 856 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1885 Italianate.

    Here is a home in Grosse Point Mi that has been in foreclosure for a very long time, I wish there were more photos, the fireplace looks odd to me, added? Anyway, cool house.,-82.841979,42.338562,-82.965575_rect/12_zm/

  40. JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The actress Dina Merrill, born Nedenia Hutton, died yesterday at 93.

    As a child, Deenie Hutton lived in some incredible places, all built for her mother and completely over the top. In addition to Manhattan’s largest ever apartment (3 floors with 54 rooms) …

    and Sea Cloud, the largest sailing yacht ever (316 feet)…

  41. AvatarPeg says: 61 comments

    This beautiful, old property could really be a stunner! (With a lot of elbow grease, of course) great history, fantastic views, sitting on Lake Champlain, 8 bedrooms. Recent application for historic grant.

  42. AvatarSarah M says: 48 comments

    If ever a house belonged on this site, this is it! This is in the town I grew up in and this has always, always been my favorite house. It’s on the market for the first time. And I’ll probably post this again on tomorrow’s link exchange so no one misses it.

  43. Avatarlululchicago says: 1 comments

    This house is great from an historical perspective:

    Very lovingly restored by the president of the local historical society. Everything- from the bathrooms to the kitchen- is amazing.

  44. Avatarkamy523 says: 2 comments

    This house is unbelievable. A little modern in the renovations but still has beautiful woodwork and floors.

  45. AvatarAdele szilardi says: 1 comments

    Amazing Queen Anne 1890 in Petaluma CA in need of TLC

  46. AvatarBlake Wilson says: 21 comments

    I am pretty certain that I found the Barney Long house in the old house photo. It has changed quite a bit over the years. The original roof being one of the more noticeable changes. What led me to the house as it stands today? The split sidewalk in front. What let me to me sure that this is the house? The stained glass window is still there!!!! Anyway, here it is.,-97.3062752,3a,37.5y,268.22h,83.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slQeKjP-869cOrwc5n9BcaA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10321 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Yes, pretty darn close with the sidewalk, back addition, stained glass window and even the bump on the left side. Poor thing! Makes me wonder if it was THAT remodeled or a tornado came along and ripped off the original roof (if that is the home.) You’re way good at tracking down these.

      • AvatarBlake Wilson says: 21 comments

        Looks like in 1937 there was a tornado that caused $50,000 damage to the town of Waubay alone. That was a lot of $$$ in 1937. I’m wondering if that is part of the story for this little guys appearance today. Interesting… and thanks. I get bored while I’m at work so I am able to get ultra creepy lol.

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 10321 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          Well keep on being creepy, please! Eventually I’ll reshare these photos of the homes that were found later after the original share. Thank you!

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