1914 Masonic Lodge – Little Falls, NY

SOLD / Archived From 2017
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Incredible Building! Former Masonic Lodge in perfect condition. Over 12,000 square feet of space! The walk-out basement, now a ceramics studio, has the wood floors of the original bowling alley! The Main Level is now 3000 sq. ft. of dramatic living space with a large, spacious, open floor plan, including beautiful oak trim and arched openings. One bedroom is in the round turret, the kitchen is amazing with extensive cabinets and huge windows. The dining room and living room are wow rooms! An auditorium with stage and commercial kitchen take up the third floor. The fourth level houses th...e Masonic meeting room, complete with domed ceiling and pipe organ. Fabulous property for an artist, an architect, a dancer, an entertainer, wedding planner, and the list of possibilities goes on and on. Make it your Castle today!
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91 Comments on 1914 Masonic Lodge – Little Falls, NY

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  1. MaryBeth says: 59 comments

    Dance studio? Event center? Certified kitchen to rent?beautiful building and living space.

    • Becky says: 1 comments

      It’s a masonic lodge. It’s where Free Mason’s would meet and they would hold events. The room with the pipe organ is where they would hold meetings.

    • Charles Allen says: 1 comments

      The old Masonic Lodge question are the 3 bedrooms in the same area or they thru of the building.

  2. KimN says: 46 comments

    Oh. My. Gosh!!! Just take my money!

  3. Eileen Munson says: 3 comments

    Wow!Beautiful inside and out. Lots of potential!

  4. Eileen Munson says: 3 comments

    Beautiful inside and out. Lots of potential!

  5. Robb H says: 184 comments

    We saw this place in August 2016. It is a huge place. It does need work but if you are creative, this may be for you. I would suggest you check out the town. There are some great places there but you need to decide if this place is for you. We looked at about 5 places in Little Falls.

  6. Tami Robb says: 1 comments

    I love this , it’s perfect .

  7. Chris says: 3 comments

    This would make a wonderful wedding and event venue. There are several wide open spaces that could be bridal chapels/reception rooms. That large kitchen could be turned into a commercial kitchen. There are enough grand and intimate spaces to allow weddings of all sizes. And upper floors could support bride and groom suites. And those turrets offer the possibility of honeymoon suites for couples who hold late weddings, but still want a special honeymoon night before starting their honeymoon (they can sneak upstairs to start their honeymoon while the reception is still going strong downstairs 😉 )

    • Jrd says: 1 comments

      ‘They can sneak upstairs to start their honeymoon while the reception is still going strong downstairs’
      What??? Most don’t wait til they’re married to 👉🏻👌🏻

  8. Rachael Stewart says: 2 comments

    Beyond intrigued by this place! Beautiful!

  9. BornInTheWrongCentury says: 2 comments

    I can see lots of potential for this, including tons of living space and opportunities for commercial use. Restaurant? Small hotel/ b&b?

  10. LIB55LIB55 says: 18 comments

    Definitely a business opportunity waiting to explode! I’d say an event planner would do well here, coupled with some Good Samaritan hospitality, like a small soup kitchen with nice homemade eateries. I’d consider diving into this as a business venture. Self contained business for sure.

    Made an earlier comment about waking up to that massive organ playing, especially if it were just me and my family their and no one else in that once ran Masonic dwelling. If the walls could talk — oy-veh!

  11. Kathleen says: 1 comments

    Amazing! I absolutely love this building. Wonder what the taxes are?

  12. Matt says: 9 comments

    WOW, the picture of the room where ceremonies were held…..I have a pair of those columns exactly like these. I’m referring to the ones with the globes on top. I’ve never seen others like these!

    • Kay says: 2 comments

      To Matt: The Masonic Lodge in Ontario OR has columns like those.

    • Doug says: 1 comments

      Many Masonic Lodges still have those columns in place… LOVELY building…

    • Frank Ireton says: 1 comments

      The columns are representations of columns at the entrance to Solomon’s temple. They are referenced in the biblical story of the building the temple.

    • keith Shields says: 1 comments

      They are masonic globes delineating the terrestrial and celestial spheres my lodge have a set going back to W Shakespeare it would be nice to see a picture of yours to compare (shields3088@googlemail.com)

    • Edward Betts says: 1 comments

      Every Masonic Lodge has these columns. They represent the columns at the east gate to Solomons Temple. EddyB

  13. kmmoore says: 227 comments
    Weatherford , TX

    Never thought I would hear myself say, “I want a Mason Lodge,” but I did and I do!!!!

  14. Connie Murray says: 132 comments

    Insanely and ridiculously beautiful in every way!

  15. Graham says: 161 comments

    LOVE it!!!!
    I can just see showing old time movies in the room with the pipe organ and using it to play the background music for old time films. Would make a great wedding reception place, super villain headquarters, the list is endless! I bet the pictures didn’t even cover half the place. Very cool.

    • Irene says: 1 comments

      I was thinking the same thing in the room with the pipe organ. Cool movie/family room or to show the old tie black and whites that there was no speaking parts, only the organ music to increase the dramatic parts of the movie since they were silent movies.

      Would also be a great place to use if someone was a caterer. Live upstairs and rent out the lower levels for weddings or other large parties and wouldn’t have to worry about carting any pots and pans, etc. Leave the mess for the next day to clean, only have to go downstairs as oppose to making sure it was all cleaned up before you went home. Since most receptions are late, having to stay up til 3 or 4 am to clean up and already tired. Go to bed closer to a reasonable time and still get up early enough to clean up. Even if it were an earlier reception that ended at 7 or 8 pm even, don’t feel obligated to clean up right away since you’d be up early to finish cooking. Etc etc etc….

  16. PlasterboyPlasterboy says: 86 comments

    Wonder why they are selling it. I don’t think I have seen their buildings for sale before.

    • EinarFridgeirs says: 1 comments

      Purely looking at Wikipedia Little Falls population seems to have declined substantially since its peak in the early to mid 20th century. Probably the Masons simply arent numerous enough in the area to support such a big building anymore.

  17. PhillipPhillip says: 129 comments
    1910 Tudor/craftsman mix

    Well on the face of it the building seems a steal. It is simply gorgeous and such a time capsule. The taxes and the heating bills are where reality comes into play and would require some sort of business to generate money to pay the bills. But I do love how the building has maintained so much of its original integrity.

  18. Michael MackinMichael Mackin says: 1063 comments

    So many things you could do with a building like this but the size is a little daunting. I imagine the heating bill is quite a bit, not to mention the taxes. Still, it’s fun to dream!

  19. Colin Cooper says: 1 comments

    I want to go into the attic and act out Quasimodo, is that wrong?

  20. Colleen J says: 1319 comments

    Wow, but what to do with it!!! So many possibilities!!!!!

  21. Beth H says: 35 comments

    So MANY great possibilities… with a huge “but” and a bunch of “??” attached! Has it got enough parking space to support any type of business? Looks like it’s pretty much in a residential neighborhood – is it even zoned for a business? That said, I’d take it in a heartbeat and have my college roommate (an organ performance major) move in with me! LOL

    • Ciera says: 1 comments

      There is not a lot of parking nearby, at all. I’ve lived in Little Falls nearly all my life and drive by this building every day. The two streets that are on either side of it are also very steep hills (as is all of Little Falls).

    • Chief Pippin says: 3 comments

      There is a garage with parking ajoining the property.

  22. Karl Buckles says: 1 comments

    Masonic heritage… As a Mason, I wish I could purchase it to preserve it and the heritage behind it. Hate to see something like this lost. Magnificent structure in and out!

    • Lois says: 1 comments

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s a shame to see it sold from its original purpose

      • abif32DMIB says: 1 comments

        Agreed. What a place to have a “secret” masonic museum with book donations from all of the brothers. Beautiful facility!

    • Thurlow Weed says: 2 comments

      The Lodge closed in 2006 d/t declining membership; it merged with another one. As organist of my Lodge here in Ohio, I LOVE this Lodge Room! I’m trying to get an organist/tech in the area to document the organ for OHS, since it does not yet exist in their database. I’ve learned, though, that it is a Steere from the late 1800s, and was in playing condition when the Lodge closed in 2006.

      • Suzanne Moe says: 17 comments

        Thurlow Weed, my husband could take a look at the organ. He builds and services pipe organs throughout MN. We only live an hour away from Little Falls. Look us up at http://www.moepipeorgan.com

        • Robb H says: 184 comments

          This is Little Falls, NY (northern NY) not Little Falls, MN so it may be a drive for him 🙂

        • Suzanne Moe says: 17 comments

          Boy do I feel dumb now! I somehow misread this as Little Falls MINNESOTA! Oops!

      • Keith Bigger says: 1 comments

        According to my J.W. Steere Organ Co. Opus list for Little Falls, NY, this is Opus 414, 1896 II/11 Tracker action. The cornerstone says 1914. Maybe it was moved from a previous Lodge building.

        • JimHJimH says: 3510 comments
          OHD Supporter

          That’s correct – 1896 and moved to the new building when completed in 1915. The cornerstone was laid Sep. 12, 1914 and the lodge dedicated June 22, 1915:
          Little Falls NY Journal Courier – September 1, 1896
          New Pipe Organ
          The masonic bodies of this city, Little Falls Lodge No. 181, F.&A.M. Chapter No. 161, R.A.M. and Little Falls Commandery No. 26 K.T., have united in the purchase of a handsome new pipe organ, which is now being set up in the Masonic Hall in the Journal and Courier block. The organ is from the well-known firm of J.M. Steere & Son, Springfield Mass., and was built especially for the place it is to occupy, and is fitted with water motor for power. The need of an organ of this kind has long been felt by the several bodies and when it is in place the Little Falls masons will have very complete and handsomely furnished apartments.

          • Kay says: 2 comments

            Jim thanks for the historical information. Love reading and hearing about our old Masonic ledge building. So many have been sold due to lodges closing or consolidations. Am afraid someday we will not have any of our Masonic bodies. Yes my Masonic history goes back about 100 years in my Dad family.

    • Jeff says: 1 comments

      Me too Brother.

    • George Earl says: 1 comments

      Too bad I am not a Mason, as I went to see this building over the weekend with the realtor
      and had the same thought – that it would make an incredible Historic Museum for Masonic heritage.
      Or even for the history of Little Falls. It is in pristine condition – Somebody is going to snap it up quick for this incredible price.

  23. MW says: 647 comments

    Seems a little small, wish it had at least 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Guess I’ll pass.

  24. Melody Farnsworth says: 12 comments

    W.O.W. Just WOW! Oh for the funds…………..

  25. Scott Cunningham says: 369 comments

    Holy cow!! This is one of the coolest listings I’ve ever seen!!!

  26. Jamesthegood says: 36 comments

    Love the space, just a lot to do with! Some of the wood work, cabinets are great plus the kitchen. I would pass but great potential and space.

  27. Genesis P-Orridge says: 1 comments

    Being an artist and performer, plus musician, this is a wonderful building to create and explore movement in. Perhaps have workshops and Lectures. The catering kitchen is a plus for that. Like most people we wonder about heating in Winter, AC in Summer?AND OF COURSE TAXES. Would there be permission to add a couple of walls to create extra bedrooms? Are there any restrictions on alterations?

  28. MaggieMayMaggieMay says: 29 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I want this place!!! It is gorgeous!!!!! As soon as I win that Powerball!!

  29. P boszko says: 1 comments

    Can’t imagine what the cost to heat this place!

  30. Gloria Orenstein says: 1 comments

    Wow! This is a fabulous building. It needs to find a special buyer who will make it into something more than home–but a public place of importance for many diverse events . Many great ideas and some realistic thinking seen in the above comments. I probably would not have thought about the heating bill, but there are also those practical things to think of. More fun to dream of the creation of a great center for creativity and gathering of kindred spirits with various interests–cosmic consciousness and the arts—performances, residencies,…all have really been mentioned, but it feels good to put them down another time. But that heating bill Aye.

  31. David Breece says: 1 comments

    I am a past master of a lodge myself. We sold our lodge in 2003 for a tidy sum. It was too big and needed a lot of repairs, and the membership has dwindled as all fraternal organizations have seen.

    I think the best ROI is to turn it into an Inn/B&B. About 20 rooms and private baths. Have corporate meeting rooms (corporate retreats) and hall rentals. The big question is; Is Little Falls a big enough draw for this type of investment?

    • Robb H says: 184 comments

      That was my comment also…Hence my comment for people to check out Little Falls statistics. Little Falls is also home of Overlook Mansion which has a hard time making it go and that is a magnificent property. Overlook Mansion has been on OHD a few times.

    • Thurlow Weed says: 2 comments

      The Lodge closed in 2006 d/t declining membership, merging with another. I’ve learned from someone in the area that there is virtually no parking at the site, which presents a significant obstacle for any re-use as an event center. Building some sort of nearby parking facility that could accommodate larger events would be quite an expense, not to mention the logistics and permitting.

      And as organist for my Lodge in Ohio — I’m quiet envious of the REAL pipe organ in the lodge room!! A Steere from the late 1800s.

      • Robb H says: 184 comments

        You are correct parking is a problem in the area. To do any type of B&B or public place you will need enough parking. In the days when the lodge was active many members walked to it. Also as I remember, it does not have air conditioning or it does not work if it has it.

  32. Ney Austin says: 1 comments

    Do the furnishings come with it?

    • Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 8793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Don’t know, that’s a question the agent can answer. Van Billings, Van Billings Real Estate // (315) 429-0300

    • Robb H says: 184 comments

      When we looked at it, we were told everything was negotiable but that may have changed.

  33. Donna Berry says: 1 comments

    Oh my, now if I lived in NY and owned this property I would allow all the Masonic groups to meet there for free, of course I am in OES so you know where my loyalty lays. But my what a gorgeous home and meeting place this would be

  34. Tennille Fox says: 1 comments

    Would be a beautiful wedding venue!!

  35. Julie Forsyth says: 1 comments

    This would make a perfect arts incubator! Studios/Gallery/School/Camp. All the arts could use it! Dance, music, theater as well as the makers arts. Ah…I can dream, can’t I?

    • Eric T. says: 1 comments

      That was my thought Julie – it would be a fantastic location for shared studios, artist retreats, a concert series or three. There is already a ceramic studio in the lower level- add a printmaking studio, and paint spaces (which shouldn’t be a problem) and its there. I’ve been looking for a place like this in Arizona – this tempts me to start looking back east!

      • Tammy says: 1 comments

        I was thinking arts, too. My husband does cooking classes and we are both classically trained in performing arts. If I had the connections there that I have here, I could totally make it happen. Starting that networking process over from scratch again is terrifying, and then, heating, parking, taxes, and city population were my concerns. We could offer all kinds of concerts, classes, conferences, but how many times a month is that tiny population going to want to come to our building?

  36. Darcy L Wennes, PM, 32 says: 1 comments

    I’m sad that the Grand Lodge of New York didn’t help to save this lodge. As a Freemason, it saddens me to see these great buildings losing their charter because of a lack of membership. Our lodge here in Mankato, MN is the oldest standing building in the City, and as a proud Past Master of Mankato Lodge #12, I’ll be damned if someone tries to turn it into a bed and breakfast. At one time, this fine building was filled with hundreds of masons who were doing great things for their community. If the lodge died, the town most likely did as well.

  37. Verucalise says: 3 comments

    I live near this, and I can attest that it’s every bit as gorgeous as it looks.

    The city it resides in, however, could use some work :/

  38. Rebecca says: 1 comments

    OMG this add has been passed all around the Masonic world on FB. As a PHQ Job’s Daughter and now mom to DeMolays I would love to have this! But we live in Nevada. I would hope that the person who buys it would keep the meeting room in tact.

  39. Brother O says: 1 comments

    32nd Degree Mason here from MD — Truly lovely lodge that’s up for sale here. Breaks my heart to see a lodge sold, but it warms me to think someone will buy it and appreciate it.

    Everyone thinks the temple is where it all happens, but the kitchen is where the real magic is.

  40. RosewaterRosewater says: 3811 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Yet another fantastic building built for a purpose now mostly lost in the new millennium and the “virtual” world most folks live in. One imagines the great men and their families who built such a fine lodge filling it with life and knowledge. Seeing it empty and deserted is sad.

    They say death comes in threes, and so it seems:

    Hope some Masonic visitors will stick around and comment on possible masonic influence and symbolism in many great homes and buildings we see. Cheers!

  41. SDayton says: 1 comments

    Foster home! We could help a lot of children there!

  42. Bro Gary Sutherland says: 1 comments

    This is an amazing Masonic Lodge, its a shame to be lost, as we have historic building similar that was lost here up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

  43. Alex Mcculloch says: 1 comments

    I hope my birth place Kilwinning has seen this

  44. A. Bear says: 1 comments

    Need many questions answered. Yearly taxes now and previous, business zoning, parking available at all or close by, heating and ac bills, functioning of all appliances, plumbing, electrical, roof condition, insulation, population of town….etc etc. Would want to keep it at original as possible. Donate space to non profits. Cash buyer here in Maui. Obviously need sight visit if still avail around July.

  45. Richard says: 1 comments

    The problem with making this a concert venue, or even some kind of restaurant is going to be parking. Check out the aerial view. I love it. Though the heat, upkeep, & utility bills would probably kill me, I’d buy it to live in and make it a mueum or art gallery of some kind.

  46. Joanne Ginsberg says: 1 comments

    I live in Jerusalem,Israel. So very far away. My dream would be to make it a home for single mothers who have no support system to have their babies. I was adopted in the 60’s when unwed mothers had babies. No abortions are so common. We need living homes for young signle woman to have their babies. They could learn how to keep them or opt for adoption. It is a dream home. Blessings should happen there. Bizrat hashem.

  47. JimHJimH says: 3510 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Right up the street is the fine Gilbert Mansion, built about the same time but looks much more modern.

    There are many big old “white elephants” in this part of the world that don’t have obvious uses given the financial doldrums the area has seen for many years.

  48. elliott morehardt says: 40 comments

    Simply epic!!…and a pub nearby!!

  49. Jen says: 1 comments

    Anybody familiar with the torpedo factory art center in Alexandria Virginia? They took an old torpedo factory and renovated it into a place for artist to have their studios and shops and people can go in and Peruse all the different artist studios and see them working it’s totally cool. I see this place is something perfect like that.

  50. Over Engineer says: 1 comments

    I would love this!!!!!

  51. Nhgal03Nhgal03 says: 117 comments

    I really love this! So many of my family members are Masons so this would be a dream for me. All that woodwork, my son’s arm would be sore from dusting. 😉

  52. Ginny Mae says: 9 comments

    What a beautiful building. Love all the wood work and unique architectural features. As a daughter of a carpenter I appreciate all the beautiful wood. I would love to buy this for my great nephew to come and play the pipe organ. He’s a very talented young man who has been as far away as Australia and New Zealand to play the theater organs that are there. He plays music for silent films too. Would make a great place to have theater parties – film, music and food! Wish I could win the lottery.

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