May 5, 2017: Link Exchange & Discussion

Happy Friday! This is where you share your old house finds, articles or general chit chat. Link to real estate or newspaper sites that do not require you to register to view and make sure your link goes to the house you want to share. Just paste the link in the comment box below, no HTML codes needed. Keep the links to a maximum of 5 per post (keeps email notifications from getting marked as spam.)

Today’s old photo is not one that is in the header but I’m hoping someone will recognize the setting or houses and know the location. I don’t know the date it was taken or anything else about it. At first I thought it was some old town in California, it has a “future ghost town” quality to it. But looking at the buildings, feels more like New England.

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  1. Kelly, OHD adminKelly, OHD admin says: 10321 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

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  2. Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 563 comments

    Kelly, this is an intriguing photo. I see a possible federal period dwelling on the left, followed by an early 19th century “telescope” house (which were common on the Delmarva peninsula) and finally a gothic cottage possibly from civil war era. I wonder if it was part of a village or a family compound. Are those railroad tracks in front?

    Here’s my find of the week. An elegant 1920’s townhouse style structure which would not be out of place on New York’s Upper East side. One of my favorite styles, clad in dressed limestone. The surprise is that it’s in a small Ohio city. I wonder if it was built as a commercial building — the integrated double garage would have been avant garde for its day, as most garages of the era were in separate structures. I wonder if it might have been a funeral parlor with space for hearse parking?

    • Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 790 comments

      John, the green tile bath in the Tiffin townhouse is dynamite!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      That is really cool. The pressure steam system looks really interesting; lots of curious valves and regulators. May be an early “zoned” system. It certainly is solid as a mausoleum; but very warm, bright, and inviting at the same time. I’d happily live there. Thanks’ John

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      I like this house too. It has a kind of spareness combined with fluidity that’s so attractive. Looks like a very comfortable & inviting place to live.

  3. AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

    You’re right Kelly, the photographs look very California-like! The barren grassy hills in the background kind of tipped me off. But who knows, could be New England as well!

    This 1892 castle-like mansion in Albany NY has a phenomenal staircase but I’m partial to the rest of the home.

    An 1892 victorian from Bangor Maine.

    Another Bangor Maine mansion that’s a bit on the pricey side but has some amazing interior woodwork.

    A 1924 Tudor that sits on a beautiful property facing Lake Harriet.

    And the only reason I’m including this 1924 home from Berkeley CA is because of how worn the stairs look on page 14. I just found that super neat. 😁

    • AvatarPWilliam says: 8 comments

      That Albany house is amazing.

    • AvatarMW says: 725 comments

      Wow, that Albany house is truly amazing! Stunning really. I would love to live there.

      I do live just up the street from the Berkeley house though. Cute house and looks pretty nice and original, except for the kitchen as is often the case. Listed on 4/21 and already shows pending, that is about typical. My guess is that the sale price is quite above the listed price and had a lot of offers. Probably closer to the Zillow estimate of $1.5M. Stuff is crazy around here.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Good stuff Lindsay, thank you.
      The hardware in the Albany house BLOWS MY MIND; and the other interior finishes are quite beyond spectacular.
      The first Bangor house is beautiful and impressive; especially the highly decorative ablution sink; and WOW what a great tower shot! The show stopper there is the CARRIAGE MANSION: I mean W O W! I’ve never seen anything that grand; and it makes me think there was something else going on in there besides the predictable. A M A Z I N G.
      The second Bangor house has been on the market for a good while. I clipped it a couple of years ago. It’s a really great house. You can see many additional pix here if you like:
      Thanks’ again! That carriage house made my day 🙂

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 948 comments

      Lindsay, did you hear me jumping and screaming all the way from Oregon? That Tudor is delicious, perfect and so wonderful. The only exception is the kitchen, which was too modern for me, the rest of the house is *sigh* perfect.
      The Berkeley home is very sweet too. The stairs do lend a romantic, well worn aspect!

    • AvatarTheresa says: 41 comments

      The Albany house is indeed gorgeous! Looks as though someone may have replaced the pocket door going into the study. Looks like they framed it in and put a paneled door in place of it. Strange.

    • AvatarWill says: 66 comments

      If you buy the Bangor house on Broadway, you’ll be neighbors with Stephen King. That’s where his house is.

      • AvatarLindsay G says: 589 comments

        Oh wow, now that would be a good investment! Thanks for telling me. I wonder what he’d be like as a neighbor? Would you see him outside in his dad-shorts mowing the lawn? Would he come by asking for a cup of sugar? Would he come over and help shovel snow from my driveway?

        I’d like to go see the inside of his house too sometime! And ask him what he thinks of The Dark Tower movie coming out this summer.

    • AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

      Just love the fireplace/bookcase combo in the MN Tudor revival…sweet!

  4. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Wonderful house, amazing price…

    …really crappy photos.

    703 Kansas, Longton, KS 67352
    $42,500 | 3 Bed • 1 Bath

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 948 comments

      The Kansas house it a diamond in the rough. But you’re right…crappy photos.

    • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

      I really like this one. I wish realtors understood the value of good photos-even on a $42,500 house. There are some great features in this house & it would have been nice to really see the staircase & other things more.

  5. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    The interior has been terribly abused. There may be an original light fixture, some mouldings, and some of the floors may be savable.

    The exterior completely charmed me, so I still wanted to share:

    724 S Washington Ave, Wellington, KS 67152
    $12,500 | 3 Bed • 1 Bath

  6. AvatarBugLady says: 69 comments

    Today’s list is brought to you from Columbus, Ohio. This lists demonstrates why I made an offer (to no avail) in a town one hour from here.

    Queen Anne!


    Not sure what this is…Shingle?

    And this beauty. Also a Queen Anne I believe. I’m not a fan of the green tile.

  7. RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Here is a delicious little house on the cheap. Unfortunately the interior has been raped by tract house bad taste. Despite the VERY unfortunate choices therein, I just love the scale of the original. Someone PLEASE de-tractify this elegant home.

    • CharlestonJohnCharlestonJohn says: 846 comments

      Jeff, Delicious indeed. Obviously they weren’t building Greek Revival cottages like this in 1881. Likely built in the mid-nineteenth century with remuddling dating back to that early 20th century shed dormer and continuing through some more recent violations.

      Here’s what the NRHP description says…
      Summers House (present owner) 827 North Eighth Street (c. 1859-
      1866): Classic Revival. One story brick with hip roof. Exterior
      restored. Wood rear addition enhances the structure. Excellent
      example of classic facade with massive recessed entrance. The
      dormer is a later addition.

      • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1875 Italianate cottage
        Noblesville, IN

        Thanks’ for the info. John. I laughed at the date posted in the listing.

  8. AvatarAnne M. says: 559 comments

    The East River Reading Room, c. 1874, is for sale in Madison, CT,-72.525816,41.256839,-72.676878_rect/12_zm/
    Large, attractive 1908 Craftsman in Holyoke, MA
    1745 Tavern – I have actually been in this one as part of a house tour. It is hard to see from the pictures here but at the end of the piano room with the dark beams on the 1st floor is the original bar- through the dutch door to the right of the fireplace. To the left of the fireplace is a second staircase which leads to the “ballroom” with the barrel vaulted ceiling. There are 3 bedrooms in this part of the house and those rooms were for the traveling public. A stagecoach from Boston stopped right out front. Not sure about the Underground Railroad connection but everyone agreed that Washington dined there. Oh, and the Boston Marathon start line is about 10 yards to the west of the brick walkway.

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

      The Reading Room’s description includes an “indoor outhouse” – which struck me as quite an oxymoron! 😉 But I think I get the picture; in the addition on the back? The other two houses are lovely!

    • Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 563 comments

      It would be great if the community in East River could come together to preserve this as a community house. It is just too perfect as-is. A time capsule. I love the idea of a Sunshine Society, too!

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      The Reading Room is just fantastic outside and inside. Do something about the cinderblock smokestack & it’s perfection. I would keep the portraits of the old folks & hang them up on the wall. Love the Sunshine Society & the Yale Glee Club!

      The tavern is gigantic for that time! I wonder if it’s all 1745. Nicely adapted to a residence — except I do wish agents would not use “glamor” filters. Most mess with perspective so it’s hard to get an idea of room proportions; this one makes the house look too bright & over-restored, which it may not be in reality.

      • AvatarAnne M. says: 559 comments

        Yes, agree completely Laurie! The tavern is actually quite comfortable, not overly fussy at all. If I remember correctly the formal living room & the room above with the barrel vaulted ceiling are quite large but all of the remaining rooms (and the house tour only included the “public” side of the house) were typical of the time period (small). The building itself is all original – I only wish there was a close-up of the bar – it is great!

    • AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

      I think it’s a real shame to see a place like the East River Reading Room going out of business…seems like a prime example of the sort of local institution communities need to have in order to thrive…something troubles me to see a shared community meeting place converted to private property, just the opposite direction we need to be heading in these days!

  9. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Very cool history! Looks like it’s currently used as an office. I love that the carriage house is still there, right downtown:

    1109 SW Topeka Blvd in Historic Holiday Park North, Topeka, KS 66612
    $199,900 | 5 Bed • 5 Bath

    • AvatarPaul Price says: 202 comments

      Beautiful home. It is much bigger, but it reminds me of the house in the movie UP. Commercial buildings all around and sense of a neighborhood is all gone.

  10. AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

    Here’s a time capsule mid-century waterfront house in Jacksonville, FL. Realtor suggests ‘renovate or teardown’. I think there’s a lot to like already.

    • AvatarBethany Otto says: 2656 comments

      Teardown indeed!!!!! What a fantastic house! The only thing I would change in the whole place are the draperies. I keep going back to the listing to drool some more.

    • AvatarMW says: 725 comments

      That is pretty sweet. I hope it doens’t get torn down. It is a time capsule for sure. I love that kitchen, and with the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, that is pretty sweet!

    • AvatarAmanda M says: 10 comments

      I see no reason to even think about a tear down on this one. I’d take it just as it is with a few personal touches. The $5K a month is a bit of bite but hey ya only live once I guess 🙂

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 948 comments

      Sometimes I think realtors have lost their minds. This is NOT a tear down. This is a beautiful example of mid century modern and should be in the hands of someone who respects it. Not to mention, why would someone spend that much money then pay another huge fee to have the house razed (and the rubble hauled away), then have to construct something in its place? I like this just as it is, although I agree with Bethany O that the drapes would need fixin’!

    • AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

      If Don Draper had a Florida getaway house, this would be it!

  11. AvatarChrisICU says: 555 comments

    I should have held off my earlier post and included this one – but who knew there would be another modern house in Jacksonville for sale. This one is architecturally significant. From 1967 – The Hatcher House, 4842 River Basin Drive North, Jacksonville FL. Commissioned 1965. It won the 1967 FAAIA Wood Award and was featured in the December 1967 Architectural Record, January 1968 Florida Architect, August 1968 Architectural Review, and the 1970 Vacation Homes. Repossessed in December 2008 by Wachovia Bank which let it deteriorate. Sold in 2009 to Richard and Rebeccah Wolfe. The restoration was not easy; the owners kept a blog of what happened.

    • AvatarMW says: 725 comments

      Love that one too, very interesting.

    • jeklstudiojeklstudio says: 948 comments

      I wonder if the extensive glass in this one is thermal? If not the AC bill would be sky high. But it’s another sweet example of post war modernism that is appealing for its sleek minimalist look.

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      Wachovia let it deteriorate — many banks just knock me over. They, of all things, are supposed to know about assets & investments, yet they let resources like this decline and lose value, then sell them for less. I’m glad somebody was wise enough to buy this and see its potential. Hope the same for your earlier MCM, a peach of a house, on the water too.

    • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

      What a great house!

  12. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

    A 1925 center hall Colonial Revival with some neat bathrooms and built-ins.

  13. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    This seems older than 1940. It must have been a fabulous home:

    620 SW 9th St in Old Town, Topeka, KS 66612
    $66,150 | 6 Bed • 4 Bath

    Isn’t this adorable? I just love that roofline:

    405 S Atkinson St, Truro, IA 50257
    $160,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    Little house on the prairie, literally. Gorgeous floors; and a view that melts stress:

    2064 Kansas St, Osceola, IA 50213
    $189,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  14. AvatarCharlesB says: 411 comments

    Brick 1850-era townhouse in a pristine Mohawk Valley canal town for the price of a good used car:

  15. Ed FerrisEd Ferris says: 311 comments
    An Italianate that may need some redecorating. The soffits look good, so no obvious problems with the box gutter. The town has had several cheap listings recently.

    • AvatarAnnabelle Raquel J. says: 4 comments

      Those fireplaces are to die for! I also love the dark woodwork! And despite how odd some of the painting choices are, it is still interesting to look at in a way.

  16. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Wonderful potential here!! Just pull up the carpet and polish all of that gorgeous woodwork…love love love.
    Even the second, bonus house is cute! Bargain!

    309 Second Ave, Audubon, IA 50025
    $78,500 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  17. natira121natira121 says: 314 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1877 Vernacular
    Columbia River Gorge, WA

    Good morning all,

    Here’s a place to dream about and drool over, especially if you have horses. I just wish there were a thousand more pictures!

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      All I can say is Wow Wow Wow! Gimme the whole thing, horses and all. The video is great, narrated by the owner, with lots of interesting info. She makes it sound like Eden. Maybe it is.

  18. Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 563 comments

    Here’s a lovely smaller fully restored plantation dependency in Princess Anne, MD for what seems a shockingly low price. Check out the price history on Zillow. They started at 275K now down to 110K. Trying to sell it for over 7 years!

    Actually, it seems to me that Princess Anne and nearby Crisfield have plenty of old house bargains. Any Dreamers have any idea why? My thoughts are the usual suspects — not many local jobs, and a location too far from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to be convenient for weekenders. Other factors?

    • AvatarMW says: 725 comments

      Yes, the economy is not the strongest in the local area, and the schools are not the best either.

      That house with the 2 prominent chimneys in the background of the one photo is for sale as well and is a nice place. I think it was posted on here not too long ago, but can’t seem to find it. It should be on Zillow though.

      The Beckford mansion is a very nice prominent brick Georgian or Federal house. I don’t think it has been for sale fir a long time.,_Maryland)

    • AvatarJoe says: 633 comments

      About twenty years ago I was looking at an inn as a restoration project on the MD eastern shore. If It had come about I would have wanted to buy a house there. I was shocked when a local woman told me that I didn’t want to live there because, ……. and made a reference to the racial makeup of the residents. I was offended by her remark, but demographics do effect prices. The inn went to someone with a lot deeper pockets than me. I was also reticent to be involved in a project that would require me to work with that woman.

  19. AvatarMelysa Rehms says: 1 comments

    This one is a B&B in Sioux Falls, SD. It was up for sale a few years ago, but I do not believe it sold.

  20. AvatarCharlesB says: 411 comments

    Bridgeport, CT–The summer residence of Salem Howe Wales, 19th-century publisher of the Scientific American Magazine, an Italian villa constructed in 1848 and enlarged in 1864. This house was next-door to P.T. Barnum’s house “Lindencroft” (demolished), and Wales figures prominently in Barnum’s autobiography. A prominent feature of the 280-building Stratfield Historic District. Now marked down to $150,000:

  21. AvatarJoseph Rice says: 21 comments

    Here are a couple from the central Massachusetts Blackstone corridor area, where mills were prevalent during the industrial revolution. I was in the area this past week and noted both of these for sale. First is a great Victorian:

    A bit of a struggle to see past the decor. Actually looks even better when you drive by; I’ve gone past all my life and finally got to see interior via these images.

    This Georgian has a nice estate-like setup, one you don’t usually see in the downtown location. While the house is fine, I really want this for the brick office building on the property.

    • AvatarBethany Otto says: 2656 comments

      The first house is amazing! Though the decor is definitely a matter of personal taste, what I commend is that nothing seems to have been remuddled, merely decorated very uniquely. Great woodwork and a great house are still there to be appreciated. So cool!

    • AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

      That Providence house has probably the best man cave I’ve ever seen. Great bones to the house. Once you clear out all the bad art, clutter, and crappy couches (they can leave the old chairs), it has tons of potential. Seriously, who puts up a painting that says “I am an imbecile”?

      Love how the mansard roof starts pinching in the upstairs rooms and that servants staircase.

    • Lancaster JohnLancaster John says: 563 comments

      Both of these are excellent. I love the attached barn and sunroom on the Victorian, and I rather like the juxtaposition of contemporary art with a quite authentic historic interior. Joseph, I’ll go halfsies with you on the Georgian. Beautiful proportions. I’ll take the house and you can have the office 🙂

    • AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

      Agreed about the Uxbridge property…the little brick outbuilding is a gem.

      Country lawyer’s office, perhaps?

      Whatever it was, it deserves careful architectural historical investigation/documentation while it’s still so intact!

    • SueSue says: 1175 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      I am in love with the Providence house. Seems like a good price for MA too.

      I adore the Georgian as well. Such lovely finds both.

  22. AvatarDon Richards says: 106 comments

    I have a soft spot for Tudors, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The quatrefoil staircase is incredible.

    • AvatarBethany Otto says: 2656 comments

      Wow! Too rich for my blood but totally desirable. Really nicely decorated and lovely to look at.

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

      So many aspects of this house that I love! And nicely furnished, to boot.

    • AvatarLaurie W. says: 1602 comments

      Stunning house, beautifully decorated too. All that lovely property! Have I used enough adjectives?

    • AvatarDonald C. Carleton, Jr. says: 249 comments

      Interesting how–aside from that really gutsy gothic staircase–much of the rest of this property’s interior appointments are colonial/federal revival in tone.

      It seems like many houses of this vintage that are picturesquely “Jacobethan” in terms of their exterior massing and detail lose their panache on the interior and revert to conventional colonial-revivalist tropes.

      I wonder why that’s so?

      Perhaps a simple question of cost? Or did clients find hard-core Jacobethanism less livable in terms of interior design? Perhaps wives were less keen on living in the 16th/17th century than their husbands?

  23. AvatarAlicha Yankee says: 3 comments

    This one is in my city. I’ve walked around this home and it’s a real beauty! There’s so much about it that’s been well preserved, but there are some areas where modernization has left a scar. However, I think it would be a wonderful home, worthy of restoration. The listing agent has the address as NE Tuscawilla Ave, but it’s actually NE Tuscawilla St.

    The correct Google maps link is:,+Ocala,+FL+34471/@29.1860485,-82.1319427,3a,75y,107h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sSRKyGeAnW4WiLHAPubOEjA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x88e7d4ab37161e97:0xd87b5be9c09371e9!8m2!3d29.1859796!4d-82.1316769!6m1!1e1

    • AvatarBethany Otto says: 2656 comments

      This looks to have been used institutionally or as offices judging by the fire alarms and exit signs, but it’s still in pretty good shape. I like it!

  24. AvatarCoqu says: 264 comments

    This week’s featured home reminds me of a recent posting:

    • Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

      The third house, on Freemont… now *that* is an inglenook!! 👍🏼 And the last house, on Maple, didn’t do anything for me re: its exterior, *but*… really lovely interior with its beautiful woodwork, and nicely done kitchen & baths.

      • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

        The house on Freemont is beautiful. That’s some inglenook alright!
        Did anyone else notice the creepy little doors in the attic with tiny doors on them that opened? Fancy dungeon?

    • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

      I love the little house on Maple! The interior was very surprising and charming. Sigh…….

  25. JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
    OHD Supporter

    In the chit-chat category, I clicked on this link to see the nice Craftsman dining room in Oakland, only to be horrified that the article celebrates its demise! Interior Design they call it.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 4542 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      I don’t mind the kitchen itself, but completely busting out the wall between the DR was a mistake; and painting the really great, unique built-in completely neutered the unique dimensional effect and authenticity it had before. It’s hardly a “craftsman kitchen”; more like a tract house kitchen inserted into a Craftsman via an enema of cluelessness. Unfortunately Oakland is just like Denver in the recent past: the population boom and gentrification means most old homes are being “renovated” to conform to what millennial yuppies think will impress their “social network”. Blech…

    • JpJp says: 40 comments

      oh my god, I almost cried when I saw what happened to that dining room. I hope she at least gave off some of the salvageable details… And the floors! Oh my god, she went right over the beautiful floors! I almost didn’t notice them, but that makes this like 100 times more insulting.

  26. AvatarCarolyn says: 259 comments

    This home has a very warm and cozy feel to the older parts and I don’t mind the newer parts. Love the yard and pool.

  27. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    This seems a bit white-washed. Some nice original features though:

    116 S Main St, Farmington, IL 61531
    $129,900 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    So much character:

    819 E Chestnut St, Mason City, IL 62664
    $179,900 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  28. JpJp says: 40 comments

    This house is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the woodwork and the fireplaces, and I honestly don’t mind the upgrades much, apart from the 3rd floor. Lovely yard, too!

  29. AvatarCody H says: 150 comments

    See what I found on #Zillow!

    This place is a knockout!

  30. Avatarkate says: 6 comments

    Another chit-chat here! The sad Oakland Craftsman wreck reminded me of a house in my parents’ town. This gorgeous old house isn’t for sale anymore, but I fell in love with it after seeing it as a foreclosure a few years ago. The details were amazing and it felt like going back in time:

    Then it was bought and flipped after being beige-d up heartbreakingly (painted over is the inlaid floor in the breakfast nook! the wood-paneled library is now beige and bookcase-less! gone is the butler’s pantry!!)

    • Avatarshellbell67 says: 138 comments

      It’s a shame that they ruined this house! How could anyone have not appreciated what was already there? It blows my mind that anyone would tile over that beautiful inlaid floor & take out a butlers’ pantry! Grrrrrr

    • AvatarScott Cunningham says: 375 comments

      I can’t remember the name of the show, but it was an HGTV one about two guys buying older homes to renovate into rental properties. They had a very cold, modern, soul-less style, and were utterly uncompromising in their application of it to each individual home, regardless of the need. In a nutshell, all wood, brickwork, detailing, etc was to be painted, all rooms were to be in neutral colors, and the kitchens would all be reconfigured into modern, tile floored versions. Much of the attention was warranted, but I cringe thinking of the truly wonderful details (mainly the wood and brickwork) they removed or painted over in the quest for their “modern, neutral, rentable” properties.

  31. JulieJulie says: 314 comments

    You guys gotta see this! It’s the epitome of MidCenturyModern in a china cabinet! I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not a fan of MCM, but I can still appreciate examples of the style, especially when they bash you over the head like this does. *grin*

  32. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Seems like I’ve seen this one on here before, but I did a search and it didn’t come up. Florence is a teeny little town, but nice. It’s less than hour to Wichita or Emporia. Such a great house for so little money:

    215 W 5th St, Florence, KS 66851
    $39,500 | 2 Bed • 1 Bath

  33. JimHJimH says: 4197 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Looks like they used old Kodachromes of Grandma’s house in the Catskills for the interior photos. Love it!

    A fine house with collections in Fleischmanns:

    An 1853 Octagon for auction this week:
    Info and more photos (halfway down):

    If you like historical mishmash, this one’s got 200 years worth, and an enormous barn:

    I remember this one on the Hudson in ruins a few years back, now fixed up:

  34. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    This one is interesting in Florence as well. I was trying to figure out what the building was prior to it becoming a home, which appears to be a somewhat recent transition.
    111 W 6th St, Florence, KS 66851
    $250,000 | 4 Bed • 4 Bath

    I found this historical photo of the building. It’s listed as “The Arnold Building” under the subtitle of “Schools.”:

  35. Cathy F.Cathy F. says: 1879 comments

    Have a few $million for a large Colonial & a great view of the Hudson River? 1929 build date. Floor plans.

  36. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    317 N 11th St, Fredonia, KS 66736
    $138,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    This looks like a wonderful home to be a kid in. Trying to figure out if the other building shown is the carriage house(?):

    513 N Oak St, Eureka, KS 67045
    $60,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  37. AvatarJeSouth says: 38 comments

    Here’s a Muskegon MI 1873 house that may be of interest. It is just a few doors down from the famous Hackley House which along with the Hume House are open for tours. Here’s more on those house.

  38. AvatarAndy D says: 31 comments

    Posted this a couple days ago in the last Friday exchange. I’ll try it again here with more of a description.

    1890s brick in Joliet, IL. The porch needs work. The inside is almost complete. I really like the stairs and tower.

    500 Western Ave, Joliet, IL 60435
    For Sale: $369,900
    Beds: 5, Baths: 5, Sqft: 4,764

  39. AvatarMatthew Ziehnert says: 87 comments

    Here are some recent listings in the Hudson Valley:

    Charming home, love the wainscoting in the Vestibule.

    Very cool home built in the 1970’s but modeled after the Octagon homes built a century earlier.

    Sad home with so much potential and history, “Mansion House”

    Pricey Foreclosure in the affluent Balmville section of Newburgh. Beautiful Gothic mansion possibly designed by Calvert Vaux.

  40. says: 46 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Found my dream house. Now to convince my husband and kids that we need to move. 😉

  41. AvatarPamela E says: 3 comments

    Here’s a home for sale in my in-laws’ neighborhood (Relay, MD):

  42. SueSue says: 1175 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Oh my oh my. The spot this Oregon home sits is just spectacular.

    A NC 1838 home described as a “Greek Revival and Gothic Cottage styles”. Confusing. Love the house though.

    “The Farm” 1850’s water view farmhouse. Wow, I love this place. Clearly it is in need of work but what a place to own. Right on the water with acreage, a building lot and the the old home across the street. Furnishings are also for sale.

  43. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Awww. The old train depot building is for sale in Council Grove. So neat, and such a landmark. $39k…

    502 E Main St,
    Council Grove, KS 66846

  44. Avatarnlb says: 8 comments

    Not sure if this was posted yet, but I just saw it. This place is simple Grand.
    “Historic Warner Washington Estate – c. 1768
    George Washington, cousin of Warner, visited Fairfield many times…”
     Up for Auction May 25, 2017

    8,000sf Historic Estate Circa 1768
    Berryville, VA

  45. AvatarKTschnooks says: 56 comments

    Some people may hate these remodels, but I actually think they at least tried their best to incorporate modern fixtures people want while also keeping original woodwork

    Large beautiful home right next to a botanical garden.

    Strange Contemporary Home built in 1936. SO MUCH WHITE!

    Quincy, IL has had so many homes shared, but I don’t think this one has been shared yet!

    Tudor Revival with some absolutely stunning bathrooms

  46. Avatarhcatwoodcock says: 42 comments

    This is my house, up for sale. But after finding this website, I don’t want to sell it. It is a Florida cracker house. Needs tons of work; has a plaque and built in 1918.,-Fort-Pierce,-FL-34950_rb/

  47. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    Nice exterior, simple but original “clean slate” interior… bargain price!

    522 E Main St
    Loudonville, OH 44842
    3 beds · 1 bath · 1,856 sqft

  48. CoraCora says: 1891 comments

    328 N High St,
    Lancaster, OH 43130
    4 beds · 2 baths · 2,256 sqft

    You all know I prefer the “shabby in need of love” over the “pristine and renovated.”
    Case in point:

    664 S Champion Ave,
    Columbus, OH 43205

    Love the kitchen counter:

    1104 Ohio St,
    Zanesville, OH 43701
    3 beds · 2 baths

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