November 4, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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Today's old photo isn't in the header, just an interesting photo I wanted to share. No idea the date, place or names. Y'all have a happy weekend! -Kelly

160 Comments on November 4, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    “Ralph, run out there and take a photograph of us on the porch!”

    And that’s how this photo came to be.

  2. tess says: 303 comments

    America’s largest log cabin is for sale. I would do some serious redecorating. If you can afford the cabin you can afford the world’s premiere decorator.

    • Michael Mackin says: 2530 comments

      I love the barn on this place.

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Goodness you don’t have any idea of the immense size of the fireplace in the great room until you see the picture with the woman sitting next to it. The snake hinges are just incredible. The carved moths on the lights are a pretty nice touch too. There is so much it has me in a state of awe. Everywhere you look there is an artisan’s creation. I would love to be the decorator for the new owners. *wink*

    • jeklstudio says: 1113 comments

      Redecorating certainly, but the place could be so spectacular! Makes you want to be a multi millionaire, right? I like the swimming area all surrounded by a jetty.

    • Diane says: 557 comments

      Although State and Federal monies and interest in preserving historical sites like this isn’t there, this could be used and preserved the way of Biltmore. Better than as a resort or even worse left to deteriorate. I’m not so sure it would benefit from redecorating. It reflects the lifestyle of the monied of that era.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      – because they can’t get through a full tour without being overwhelmingly horrified by the animal carnage…

    • Jenny says: 56 comments

      Quirky, sort of like Mercer’s concrete house and tile factory in Bucks County, Pa. And, very fine example of what can be done with the surrounding building material.

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      Wow, this is one place I’m sure my husband would say yes to go to a marriage retreat LOL.

  3. BronzeFire says: 1 comments

    This place has a lot of square feet and acreage for a good price. Love the exposed beams and wood stove in the kitchen!

  4. says: 13 comments

    Here are a couple of houses in Texas that i have stumbled across

    (these first two are crazy expensive but if you have ever been to Highland Park, the price makes a little bit more sense)
    This one has a wonderful yard, i also love all of the little windows in the foyer!
    I love how every side of this one’s exterior is grand! It also has lots of beautiful unpainted wood.
    Love the front door and windows on this one. Not sure about the African Safari themed curtains in pic 8 though lol.
    A fixer upper for $700k. could be amazing though!
    Right down the street from me, and i love the porch!
    The house is beautiful but the yard is gorgeous! Waxahachie is actually a beautiful town full of historic homes and mansions. If you are able, it is worth a drive around!
    An absolute Gem!! Corsicana is also full of beautiful homes. If you are ever there be sure to check out Mills place and Governors Drive!!

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      Oh my goodness that’s quite the array of beautiful properties, the first two were jaw dropping. They must belong to oil barons! I live in what Canada calls Calgary “Canada’s Texas”, but our oil and gas is going through a recession and what is happening here is an influx of huge properties people can’t afford to upkeep anymore, it’s rather sad. I hope it’s ok over there!

      My favourite out of all of those is the one down the street from you Plano!!!!! That’s what my goal is a nice affordable sweet property!!!! Thank you for sharing that, you made my day!

    • Cathy says: 2217 comments

      The first two $$$$$ houses… They are certainly beautiful. The first one would be a bit like living at the Versailles palace! Okay, that’s a bit hyperbolic, but… ? The second house is still grand, but considerably more comfortable looking, IMO.

    • Cathy says: 2217 comments

      The second house of the bottom batch… yes, a pretty foyer, and pink & green bath! The 3rd/Center St. house – Its windows, both the clear leaded & stained glass – are lovely. And the last house… I really like the entrance hall ceiling lamp, the staircase & its landing’s sitting area, and two of the bathrooms.

    • Delynn Coronado says: 11 comments

      These are beautiful! However we are wanting something with more land. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it!

    • Ronda Naifeh says: 22 comments

      What a group of beautiful homes! Wow. Thank you for sharing these!!

  5. CharlestonJohn says: 1126 comments

    Charleston’s Sword Gate House is for sale. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Very nice Kitchen in Milford!

      • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

        The kitchen in the Jamaica-Plain-Boston!!!! And it has a butler pantry!!!!!! I never realized that I wouldn’t miss top cupboards in a kitchen till I saw this and with that pantry who needs top cupboards just more room for the sunshine to come in!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      Adorable cottage in Beaufort. $$$ for the size but you do get Beaufort with it. It’s a tempting area to retire to; if I wouldn’t miss winter too much, I’d consider that too.

    • jeklstudio says: 1113 comments

      That Beaufort cottage is lovely. However, did you see that it sold only two years ago for half of what they’re asking now? and it’s only 1330 sq. ft. The price seems steep even if it is as cute as can be.

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      We actually looked at homes in Beaufort. Old homes there go for a premium. It is a very nice city and in a beautiful spot. However, after the flood and then the big hurricane Jeff and I have reconsidered locating there.

    • Cathy says: 2217 comments

      The last/Boston house’s staircases are beautiful! Well, so is the rest of the house… esp. all of those windows. And that bathroom sink’s marble top with plenty of space on each side for soap, lotion, etc. Nice!!

  6. Eric Unplugged says: 1011 comments

    A handsome Queen Anne in Kansas with great stained glass and nice woodwork:

  7. jenny k. says: 1 comments

    This is the old Governer’s Club in Magnolia Springs, AL, on the Magnolia River (access to Mobile Bay/ Gulf of Mexico). The home was started late 1800s and finished in 1900 and restored in the 1990s by Architect and (at the time, ASID National President) Interior Designer, H. Don Bowden. The home is on the National Registry. There are 5 individual structures/homes on the property.
    Many of the plants on the property were grown/grafted in the former greenhouse by one of the owners in the 1940s~
    Liquor bottles, hidden during a raid during prohibition, are still safely stashed in the master bedroom fireplace mantle.
    The current owner’s grandfather owned the home when the owner was a boy in the 40s. The home got out of the family, and he was able to purchase in the 1980s when the owner was ready to sell. It was purchased sight unseen to get it back into the family. Lots of documented history.

    • Theresa says: 41 comments

      I’m a cheapskate so the idea of spending a million (if I had it) on a house to me is outlandish. But that place is certainly worth it! Great find.

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      That is a goldmine of a find ….. wow! I don’t even mind the blue and white paint, and the wallpaper is to die for! Thank you for sharing this beauty

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      Gorgeous house. The stairs are breathtaking. Patio design too. And the bathroom, wow.

  8. JimC says: 46 comments

    Here is one in my town, Conway, Ar. Curious about what the experts think about the build date of 1886. Also, I suspect the porch is not original. Thoughts?

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      I’m no expert but like you I don’t think the porch is original, somethings off. But a really nice house!

    • Michael Mackin says: 2530 comments

      The columns with the brick base seem over sized slightly and aren’t centered on the beam support at the top. You may be right.

  9. JimHJimH says: 5119 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Presented for dark humor value only, here’s a fine old investment property a few blocks from the recent post in Woodbury NJ. Now 7 apartment units, it’s unrentable with major damage and stolen pipes; maybe one old tub and a couple of radiators worth saving. The bank wants $200k for it, and the tax bill is over $20k – that’s $250 per month for each apartment! The basement photos are priceless.

  10. DanPDX says: 80 comments

    Found a few beautiful examples of turn of the century homes in the Indianapolis, IN I had to share – enjoy:

    1. A 1915 classic with beautiful untouched woodwork and stained glass with acreage:

    125 Muessing Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46229

    2. 1911 Arts & Crafts with mesmerizing millwork in a well maintained neighborhood:

    3048 E Fall Creek Parkway North Dr
    Indianapolis, IN 46205

    3. 1900 Queen Anne style home – love the turret, millwork and in a beautiful historic neighborhood:

    1932 N Delaware St
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    4. 1900 beauty – the staircase and stained glass are amazing. A former governor’s mansion:

    2102 N Delaware St
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

  11. RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    An overly aggressively priced house in Evansville Indiana HAS A RAD TOWER SHOT:

  12. Connie in Hartwood says: 11 comments

    Don’t let the location of this place scare you, because it’s a gem! Completely hidden by trees from the enormous intersection down the hill. It’s been on the market for a long time.

    Here it is sitting on the hill in the distance, in an old photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

    A nice article about the property from the newspaper.

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      Special place! Thanks for all the info you included. What history! The built-in cupboard is stunning — never saw anything like it, and the stair railing is unusual too. I wonder why it hasn’t sold; it is sure to appeal to antique-house lovers & the location’s good, price moderate for the area. I’d buy it if I could!

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      Amazing survivor. Just beautiful. The pedimented doorway and the main stair are both VERY special indeed. Great in so many ways. Thanks’ Connie πŸ™‚

  13. Charles B says: 481 comments

    Brick transitional Federal-Greek Revival village home in Palmyra, NY, priced at $31,000:

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      That price!!!! Someone is going to have a lovely home if they keep this and renovate it.

  14. RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Really great, weird little carpenter Gothic on the cheap with an easy commute to Indianapolis, IN;

  15. This is Villa La Palmita in El Durazno, Spain, built in the late 19th century.
    Look at that exterior, you guys! I don’t know how to properly describe it -stick Victorian on steroids, maybe?

  16. Here is an old stone house located in Brussels, Belgium. If Google Translate is correct, the city of Brussels will subsidize renovations (didn’t say how much).
    The stone staircase in the 9th photo is as lovely as could be.

  17. This is another property in Belgium. I think that the listing says that it was built in the 16th century? The brickwork is of the highest quality, and the stone arches in the courtyard were, to me at least, entirely unexpected.

    This is an old stone farm house in Belgium that needs some work. I, of course, love the barn. Everything about this property appeals to me.

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      The 1st one is a former convent, built as you say in the 16th century. The listing also says there is space for one family or several in complete security (not a big concern in LiΓ¨ge, I’d think) due to the interior courtyard — and in such ideal economic conditions it could return tax-free rents of €900,000. Interesting brickwork outside — the inside looks to have had most of the 16th-c. covered up.

  18. This is a 16th century “Water Mill – Country House” on 4 hectares near Prague, Czech Republic. It looks like someone put a lot of structural work into it, then ran out of money. I love the potential of the staircase.

    This is an old stone house with small barn in the Czech Republic. It needs a ton of work, but I found the door in the 5th photo to be quite charming.

  19. Sandy F says: 135 comments

    I don’t know about this town-but it is on th outskirts of Olympia National Park, and is AMAZING. The price! WOW. I love WA state, and this one yells- ‘BUY ME”

    • dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

      Oh my God, this house is amazing … did you see the stove in Picture 26 and then the kitchen sink in 27 … and all that counter space… wow

    • BBobber says: 8 comments

      This house is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever seen. Those friezes are superb! The kitchen is just fantastic, it is just all-around the best restoration EVER! And the yard is divine.

    • RosewaterRosewater says: 6541 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1875 Italianate cottage
      Noblesville, IN

      A—-mazing kitchen! Wow. Thanks’ Sandy πŸ™‚

    • jeklstudio says: 1113 comments

      Indeed! Wow. The kitchen is just the bomb. That floor, those counters, the stove. Lovely curb appeal. Ahhhh….

  20. dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1168 comments

    Kelly, I have to say thank you. Your Friday posts are always saved for Saturday, as it’s the only time I’m alone in the house and can sit quietly and go through everyone’s link. Even today I have to mark where I left off as I really do need to clean my house and I have a seminar to go to this afternoon, but I so enjoy all you and your friends do to make this website so successful. Someday I hope to have the knowledge and the access to sites in Canada to share with you all. Thank you all so much!

  21. Cathy says: 2217 comments

    Little houses in my area, for quite cheap:

    1919, 3BR, 1425 sq. ft.- $64,900 listing price.
    Nice side street, but this is one of the few less kept-up homes on it. Cuter inside than I guessed it would be; fireplace & French doors. The front porch, driveway, & lawns need help, esp.

    1927, small 2BR, 950sq. ft. – $59,000 listing price. Has an enclosed front porch with pretty window design & the kitchen appears to be semi-original. Front lawn & driveway need tending to.

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      The second house is amazing. The stained glass windows are especially beautiful. Is that a crane holding a frog in the square window in picture 39?

  22. Rosalie says: 10 comments

    The historic Sheridan House in Lexington, VA sustained damage from a fire earlier this year. The Architectural Review Board did not grant permission for the building to be demolished. The selling price was apparently determined from the value of the land.

    • JimHJimH says: 5119 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Rosalie, the fire-damaged house in Lexington is heartbreaking. It appears to have suffered for years as an apartment rental before the fire. Quite grand in its day, and it would be interesting to see what survives inside.
      I noticed the owners are appealing the demolition ruling, so there may not be much time for someone to come along and rescue it.

    • BethanyBethany says: 3496 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1983 White elephant
      Escondido, CA

      What a lovely house. Such a shame.

  23. DanPDX says: 80 comments

    Here are a couple sweet homes in Helena, MT. Helena is blessed with a trove of preserved late 1800’s and early 1900’s architecture built in the town’s heyday:

    1. This home was built by W. O. Whipps, teller for Merchants National Bank, Helena, MT ( Documentation implies the house was built in the early 1890’s, but millwork, beaming, tile and leaded glass have a heavy Arts & Crafts influence – these may have been part of renovation and expansion by later owners. Tasteful kitchen updates are some of the best I’ve seen of late:

    427 W Lawrence St
    Helena, MT 59601

    2. J.S.M. Neill House – gorgeous house in Helena, MT. HABS info indicates this home was presented by Gov Hauser in 1888 to his daughter, Ann K Allen ( The inglenook and heavy millwork in this home are remarkable!

    725 Madison Ave
    Helena, MT 59601

    • Cathy says: 2217 comments

      Really like the W. Lawrence Street house! Most esp. its large foyer with built-in bench – with a radiator underneath it??, the DR & its built-in glassed cabinets, the large bedroom with a sitting area by the bay window, & the white tiled bathroom. Lovely!!

  24. Sunflower & Poppy says: 50 comments

    I’ve found this very cool 1785 house in Petersburg Virginia:,-72.037354,31.765537,-86.802979_rect/5_zm/? —

    I don’t know if anyone else has spotted it? Obviously altered throughout the 19th century but it looks like it retains at least some of the fine late 18th or early 19th century features inside. In a neighbourhood with some other early houses. Could be a restorer’s dream — price seems order to allow for proper investment, but it would be a labour of love for someone with a deep love of very old historic buildings!

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      There are some handsome pieces in that house as well as the wonderful handwork evident throughout. Looks on its last legs; if anyone can save it, it needs to be quick. And require a lot of investment, but a lovely place could be the result. Petersburg has a multitude of antique houses needing tlc & the historical society does a good job of publicizing them.

      • Sunflower & Poppy says: 50 comments

        I’ve found a bit of history about this particular building, and the neighbourhood in general (see link):
        It is called the “Baird-Drummond Building” — started as a merchant’s store and residence. It is located at 426 Grove Avenue in Petersburg. Streetview shows some of the other early buildings in the street have been restored. I like what I hear about Petersburg too– it seems to be coming up rather than floundering or declining. Lots of arts and cultural projects! Not too expensive yet I guess.

    • What a beautiful home! I hope someone saves her.

  25. RT says: 8 comments

    A collection from Albany, NY.

    A castle:,-73.76093,42.65196,-73.776659_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/

    Looks like this row home was split into 3 or 4 apartments. This looks like first or 2nd floor. Love the built ins in the kitchen and bathroom looks to have retained much of it’s original fixtures:,-73.758312,42.650019,-73.774041_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/?

    1871 rowhouse. AWESOME staircase!,-73.758312,42.650019,-73.774041_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/?

  26. RT says: 8 comments

    A couple from Harrisburg, PA. Love this section of town. It’s a shame that much of Harrisburg has been hollowed out for major roads and parking lots. Our country’s obsession w/ the automobile has decimated so much of our older downtowns.

    Really like the arches on the first floor. Don’t think the fireplaces work.,-76.867755,40.248865,-76.883483_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/?

    This place just looks cozy.,-76.867755,40.248865,-76.883483_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/?

    • Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

      I LOVE the last treasure! If I were alone, that’s exactly the house I’d like to live in. Cozy is right, and inviting. A great gardener lives there too, perfect!

  27. RT says: 8 comments

    Anything in the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh, PA is great, but this one’s a stunner. Apparently comes w/ a couple of King Charles Spaniels too. Not sure if the furnishings convey.,-80.00079,40.447004,-80.016518_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/

    This one is confusing. Not sure what’s going on in some pictures, but there are some great details:,-80.002817,40.45058,-80.018545_rect/15_zm/0_mmm/?

    Two large houses, one deed! Not sure which pictures go w/ which house though…:,-80.002807,40.45058,-80.018535_rect/15_zm/2_p/0_mmm/?

  28. Tommy Quinn says: 462 comments

    I’ve been living in my 1912 Mill Worker’s house since July. Life is very good indeed but the house has a lot of upgrade-needed surprises. Yesterday I turned on the kitchen ceiling light and the six inches of wiring from the ceiling fixture to the bulb went up in a puff off smoke. Makes me curious about the rest of the house’s wiring.

    But I’m about 600 yards from the Pacific Ocean, there’ a lot of fun things going on for a town of 6,000 and the Mendocino Coast is pretty cool…

    Please delete this if it isn’t allowed. Here’s a picture of me on the front porch playing my old Martin. It’s on Facebook so if you have an account there, please stop by:

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11828 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Do you have another link to it? I’m getting this error:
      Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
      The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

  29. Laurie W. says: 1746 comments

    This house was on the market for a long time, finally auctioned 2 weeks ago & apparently sold, though I can’t find a price. I’m putting it up anyway because it has SO much that is original — the photos are a treat to look through.

  30. Susan L says: 24 comments

    Here’s one from my hometown, Stillwater, MN, a very lovely historic town with many, many old houses to enjoy!,-stillwater,-mn_rb/

  31. SueSue says: 1130 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Everything I could possible dream of this Plantation has. Amazing.

  32. JimHJimH says: 5119 comments
    OHD Supporter

    The first 2 look familiar, so may have been posted before:
    An over-restored but amazing nevertheless Italianate in upstate NY:
    A Craftsman/Edwardian mansion on a mountain in western Virginia:

    This is what happens when a Manhattan fashionista with too much money remodels an intact 275 year old Dutch farmstead – a magazine spread of course! It’s still a beautiful house but it’s just not the same, and Captain Nieuwkerk would not be at all pleased!

    • EileenM says: 292 comments

      Although I don’t really dislike all that was done in this remodel, I do dislike the fact that it was done to an intact 1765 Dutch farmhouse.

    • Cathy says: 2217 comments

      The last property in Hurley… wow. The kitchen is a tad much, but in truth I would really only complain that the island’s & counters’ tops have too-squared/sharp corners – inviting bruised hips! I love the white on white on white baths, esp. the subway tiled/dble. sink one. And the screened porch. The grounds are lovely, and the guesthouse… cute kitchen & bath, IMO. It’d be a mighty steep learning curve, but maybe the Captain would get used to & appreciate all of the new amenities (electricity, indoor plumbing…) pretty quickly. ? As you can tell, I am not a pure purist. ?

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Jim, you might think less of me after I say this but I really like the NY home. The decor is a bit too stark for my taste but I still think it is lovely. Although I did not see it before the remodel so perhaps if I had I would feel the same as you. The price is just too much though. I would much rather have the 1854 Kinloch Plantation on 306 Acres for 1,275,000.000 dollars less.

      • JimHJimH says: 5119 comments
        OHD Supporter

        Sue, I don’t have a complaint about the decor in Hurley as much as the way the house was completely gutted to the stone walls and rebuilt. I know the house and saw the photos when it was sold in 2007. It needed some work, but it was close to the house that was built in stages from about 1720 to the early 1800’s. For some reason, this owner decided that all the ancient floors, walls, beams, fireplaces and doors needed to be replaced! There’s nothing of the old house left inside at all. The rehab was all about design, and zero about authenticity and history.
        It’s worth a bit more than the full value assessment of $1mm, but not THAT much!

  33. DanPDX says: 80 comments

    Here are two homes located in small towns in the West:

    1. A two owner home built in 1919. I love the bathroom tile work, and check out the refrigerated compartment in the kitchen…

    205 S Ridge Ave
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402

    2. Beautiful early 1900’s home located in Walla Walla, WA. The home was owned (and likely built) by James T Crawford, a prominent merchant and president of the Whitehouse Crawford Lumber Co. Outstanding spaces with lots of leaded glass windows and a variety of woods throughout ( I’d like to see what the floors look like under all of that carpet):

    1025 Alvarado Ter
    Walla Walla, WA 99362

  34. Is anyone interested in an Andalusian (Spain) olive oil farm that dates back to the 16th century, visited by Cervantes?

  35. Jennifer HT says: 775 comments

    I am late to the party, as I had out of town guests for the weekend. My contribution. πŸ˜€

    This home has great potential! I would leave the kitchen as is. The water views are fantastic.

    This house is a STUNNER! Very unique with great details.

    Love the porch.

    Still much to love here. The old iron fence, the floors. I know it’s been opened up a bit, but I do like it.

    This one is quite charming for Phoenix! The bathroom and kitchen are so cute!

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      I adore the pink house. So many artisan touches. The LA house is right up my alley. I do wish they hadn’t used such a heavy hand on the inside though.

    • Ed Ferris says: 301 comments

      You probably noticed that the Ferris house in Carthage now has skinny turned columns instead of the original Ionic ones, and that several pair are missing. Classical six-foot columns are usually in stock at the big-box store for $100 or less. Of course, the capitals and toruses cost extra.

  36. Jennifer HT says: 775 comments

    OMG LA glamour that was NEGLECTED! Someone is going to ruin this… I just know it. OMG. The filth on the carpets is quite nasty, but there are STUNNING wood floors underneath. WOW! Say no to flippers and gut jobs.

    • SueSue says: 1130 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Goodness that home is amazing. Ooog, the filth. Really, how does carpet get that dirty? I can’t see the floor plans that well. Are there two kitchens? Picture 26 looks like an old kitchen.

    • DanPDX says: 80 comments

      Poor old Spanish Revival survivor! I love the tuquoise bath tile. I can see the uber-modern gut team moving in on this one…makes me sad.

  37. S. Owen says: 13 comments

    Really cheap home right down the street from me, an older lady lived there until she moved out recently.

    I’m pretty sure that’s a linoleum rug in the living room and i’m not quite sure what’s all over the second floor, it’s shiny so it’s not carpet so maybe it’s linoleum as well. The houses on this street sell very quickly, the house is fairly intact plus with the price that leaves room for ALOT of improvements. It could be pretty cute with some work.

  38. BarbF says: 34 comments

    Here’s a grand old beauty in Knoxville. Please forgive me if it’s a repeat-I took a quick look and didn’t see that it had been shared yet.

    • Teri R says: 283 comments

      Barb F, what a fun tour! Amazing details. The current owner has really kept with the theme here! The landscaping and setting really adds to the specialness. Thanks for the post!

  39. Cora says: 2059 comments

    She’s a beauty in disguise:

    422 W 5th St in Skinnerville, Greenville, NC 27834
    $149,900 | 5 Bed β€’ 3 Bath

    Carpet? Why God why? Check out the staircase…yummy:

    304 E Washington St, Nashville, NC 27856
    $123,900 | 3 Bed β€’ 2 Bath

  40. Teri R says: 283 comments

    The exterior of this 1905 home in Vincennes, IN is so grand. Wonderful woodwork inside but painted white. The back view is sad. However, the price is nice 199,999 for all that room!

  41. Quintin Tiffany says: 2 comments

    i hope im doing this correctly , this is our house that we restored and is now for sale in muskegon mi

  42. CharlesB says: 481 comments

    Stately Craftsman-Colonial Revival mansion in Ohio (I nominate this for the best under-$100,000 house in America):

  43. These are homes available for sale in Hungary. I was stationed in Tazar, Hungary in 1997. I loved the beauty of the country and the warmth of the culture (and the local food!). I could very happily live in Hungary permanently.

    With this website, if you click on the single photo in the listing, then all of the other photos for that listing show up. Please let me know if the links don’t work (I am an old).

    Note: 1 hectare (ha) = 2.47 acres

    1. This is a huge, fully restored farm complex with lots of interesting outbuildings and two barns full of what looks like antique buggies. *swoons* There are 144 photos in the listing, once you click on the thumbnail. The gateway/arch thingie in photo 4 is cool.

    2. This property is a Pre-WWI manor house with a brick wall surrounding the property. It needs renovation. I love the front entrance with the four columns.

    3. This is a mostly restored manor house on almost 20 acres with a grand facade (is that the correct word?).

  44. More old houses in Hungary from the same website (click on the single photo to get all of the photos to show up).

    1. This is an 18th century stone manor house. The arched ceiling in photo is to die for.

    2. Karolyi Castle, built in 1900. I love the stone? plaster? decorative details on the exterior.

    3. Traditional farm cottage with a thatched roof. I love the door on the side of the little barn in the 9th photo. The saddle on the wall in the 12th photo looks interesting.

  45. Yet more old homes in Hungary (click on the single photo to get all of the other photos to show up).

    1. This is a professionally restored -not remuddled- vacation cottage with guest house in a national park. The long porch in photo 5 is perfect! I love the kitchen in photos 8 and 9. The property even has a quality playground for children.

    2. This is a pre-WWI stone house (ruin?) on top of a hill in the middle of a vineyard for $27,200. Beautiful views!

  46. Cora says: 2059 comments

    Beautiful. Except the bathroom sink.

    323 Sw Woodlawn Dr in Potwin, Topeka, KS 66606
    $172,500 | 3 Bed β€’ 3 Bath

  47. Cora says: 2059 comments

    Sweet little cottage:

    2790 Arlington Ave in Antelope Park, Lincoln, NE 68502
    $104,900 | 2 Bed β€’ 2 Bath

    525 E Sherman Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501
    $134,900 | 4 Bed β€’ 3 Bath

    Bargain! I love this one:

    111 S Martin St, Turon, KS 67583
    $54,900 | 3 Bed β€’ 2 Bath

  48. Rosalie says: 10 comments

    Early 19th century home in Lancaster, Virginia. The property in back of the house appears to be a field and is owned by an electric cooperative based in Warsaw, VA. An administrator of the electric cooperative said that there are no plans “in the near future” for the piece of land that borders the home. Should a potential buyer be concerned about this statement and the presence of electrical equipment one lot away from the home?

  49. Ed Ferris says: 301 comments

    Here’s a comfortable-looking big house in Springfield, Mass.:
    $115K, $3600/yr. taxes, 7BR, 7BA
    Next to the cemetery, should be a quiet location. Typical Craftsman-like design inside and out. A double-front Dutch Colonial? Take a look at the price history and what it sold for seven years ago.

  50. Cora says: 2059 comments

    If I’m not mistaken, this house is right next door to the south of a very special historic home that was posted on OHD a few years back. I think the house next door had a name but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Kelly or Ross, do you remember?

    825 Constitution St, Emporia, KS 66801
    $99,500 | 5 Bed β€’ 3 Bath

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