1904 Queen Anne – Webb City, MO

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222 S Webb St, Webb City, MO 64870

  • $57,200
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 3014 Sq Ft
  • 0.26 Ac.
1900's era Victorian on a corner lot near downtown Webb City. This house has it ALL....original woodwork~ floors~ banisters & mantels! Can you say~ POCKET DOORS? Original glassed front & side entry doors. Large foyer with OPEN stairwell leading up to the second story, Living, Formal Dining, Parlor, Kitchen, Laundry & Bath on main floor with FOUR bedrooms & bath on second. Back stairway to attic located on second floor. Over 3000 square feet!!! Includes cellar, fenced back yard, and 18' x 22' detached garage. If you're looking for a renovation project & have the know how or cash to get the job done~ THIS HOUSE IS FOR YOU!! (Home is being sold "as is" and "cash only") Priced to sell at under $19 sq ft. Motivated sellers!!! Come check out this house with amazing potential and make an offer.
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45 Comments on 1904 Queen Anne – Webb City, MO

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  1. Babebleu says: 11 comments

    Really lovely home…would be fun to fix it up!!

  2. Claire says: 9 comments

    Very nice house. Wish there were pictures of the kitchen and bathroom. It certainly has some lovely features.

  3. BungalowGirl says: 142 comments

    Just a paint budget and I’m good to go (and a few minutes removing some carpet)! Man, oh man! This Missouri born girl loves this house!

    • LisaLou says: 109 comments

      I thought the same thing! I could live there nearly as is, just get rid of some carpet and put some elbow grease to the tub. Just work on one room at a time.

  4. Paul Price says: 201 comments

    Love every inch of this one. The newel post is the bomb; and finally one that is in our neck of the woods!!!!YIPPEE!!

  5. Joan Young-Santiago says: 52 comments

    Wondering the 5th pic from the last. Is that a small pass thru wooden door? Anyone know??

  6. jeklstudio says: 1114 comments

    I agree Babebleu, it would be fun. So much potential just waiting for an old house lover! Gorgeous stairway. I love the obscured glass in the last photo!! My only concern is that at this low price it’s in danger of a flipper it would seem. I hope someone gets it that will gently bring her back..

  7. Lissie says: 264 comments

    I love the pocket doors in this house. They look brand new.

  8. dreamin'bout'oldhouse ownership ~Colleen~ says: 1171 comments

    Love this out … hope it is loved and not flipped.

  9. sherry says: 25 comments

    Love the tin ceiling and the pocket doors. Price is great for what you get. I would have liked to see the kitchen and the bathroom to get a feel for what needs to be done but I love it.

  10. Suebo says: 6 comments

    Sure would be fun to nurture back to life! But why on earth would someone spray acoustical on the ceiling (dark blue room)!

  11. julie A.julie A. says: 159 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1914 foursquare farmhouse
    New Germany, MN

    It had me at the foyer! what a staircase!! that tin ceiling is so cool? YOWZER!!

    i’m packing my bags!!

  12. Paul Price says: 201 comments

    Just made an appointment to see the house tomorrow evening!!

  13. Angela says: 197 comments

    The entrance hall is mouth wateringly beautiful – the stair, the ceiling even the parquet floors!

  14. chichipox says: 210 comments

    What’s wrong with the area? LOL again this really isn’t much of a project. I could do most of this myself. The majority of it looks like simply cleaning years of neglect off. With that price though I hope it doesn’t turn into a salvage and destroy operation. There’s a lot of stuff in that house, if sold off, piece by piece, would make much more than what the house is for sale for.

    I hope the old gal gets a family.

  15. Karrie says: 238 comments

    some elbow grease and this place would be a show stopper. what a wonderful place to fix up and have it shine to its former beauty. wonder how that foundation is? And the roof, but did not notice any water damage inside. Gosh, wish I was younger, I would pack up and move there and make this beauty shine! But wondering about the kitchen? did not see a picture of the kitchen or the bathrooms….

  16. patti brown says: 1 comments

    Oh just let me win lottery and its mine….been wanting a real home since I adopted my grandaughter 2 years ago.shed really feel like a princess here

  17. Lottie says: 379 comments

    Just beautiful!

  18. CharlestonJohn says: 1121 comments

    The house is older than 1904. It was extant in 1891 with a typical Queen Anne wraparound porch, and expanded to the rear by 1893 to something resembling its present form. By 1906 it appears to have a round gazebo type porch extension in the outside corner which was still there in 1915.

    1891 Sanborn map, house extant at corner of Webb and 3rd across from the church…

  19. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    Bargain priced old houses like this one offer a great home with lots of character for those without adequate funds for a new starter home which would still be priced more than twice as much. The trade off is of course some work is needed as well as updating amenities over time but its perfect for younger buyers with the energy to do some work who lack funds to have a crew come in for a full renovation. (restoration, rather than an interior modernizing renovation, would be preferable and would long preserve this nice example of our architectural heritage) I do not personally know Paul Price but I wish him the best when he goes to see the property. (hope he can add some personal observations whether he buys the house or not) Last comment; please repair and keep the inlaid parquet flooring in the entry as it was a major luxury feature originally. The individual pieces may be quite thin so make sure someone experienced in repairing this kind of old flooring does the work. Sanding must be done lightly and carefully and stains can be removed. Replace damaged or missing pieces with the same species if possible. Properly repaired and refinished the entry would again sparkle. This is one of the better bargain priced old houses shared recently. The surrounding neighborhood looks decent in streetview and a church is right across the street. Seems peaceful to me.

  20. KarenZKarenZ says: 1188 comments
    OHD Supporter

    What a beautiful house! Just needs someone to come in and make it a home. I hope that it’s someone that truly loves old homes.

  21. Susan S. says: 74 comments

    Love this house! Too bad someone with more experience didn’t take the pictures. You can’t get any idea how big the rooms are and no pictures of the kitchen, bathroom, attic, or master bedroom. Hope someone buys her that will keep all of her beautiful woodwork and doors.

  22. Amy says: 5 comments

    I love this!! Just beautiful!!

  23. Paul Price says: 201 comments

    We got to see inside this evening and meet the son-in-law, Daniel, of the owners since the early 80’s. The original color of the home from the 1980’s was yellow and this can still be seen in the eaves of the front of the house. They are burned out from renting and are living out of state, not able to return due to health reasons. It has been a lovely home in the past. The sidewalk and the original foundation is made of hewn stone which is common for our area. It is beautiful, custom and quite heavy. To the left of the entrance hall it has a front parlor with French doors— I suspect used to be pocket doors. Then as one walks to the rear of the property there pocket doors to a large living room–with a large box bay window to the south-. This room has a Fireplace with mantle off and plaster chipped, but all the pieces appear to be present. But then to the right are a set pocket doors to a formal dining also with a fireplace—and (with pass to the kitchen) but if you keep going to the back another set of pocket doors to a rear most room most recently used as a bedroom with a small box bay also south facing- window. In this room, has the same rectangular wood floor design as the front, and we were told about a rear stair that had long ago been covered up behind sheet rock.

    The downstairs bath appears to be from the 50s and the kitchen from the same era prefab Formica cabinetry and lower ceilings that the rest of the house.
    UPSTAIRS: much of the flooring has been damaged, ? water? then painted over? from front to back are a front bedroom (over the front parlor with solid closing French doors) which open to another bedroom for a nursery or study? as then next bedroom. Then this room also has an original entrance to the hallway. Then, there are many closets or reformatted bathrooms with moved doors as trim is inside rooms and not in others–? Then a bedroom over the back room on the first floor which has the same rectangular wood floor design as downstairs. We could not find an overtly obvious back stair to the first floor. There is an attic stair but an interior door has been tacked into a window frame which can be seen in of our photos I have submitted to Robin. We loved the house! Our daughter and Grandson loved the unfinished floored attic which was huge.

    • Linda Hostler says: 2 comments

      Paul, we are owners & wld accept a lower price. I have had a stroke since moving in ’09… 4 ppl leasing to own have left water on in winter, etc. & have moved out on us.
      Needless to say, needs lots of work, but to anyone on here, price can be lower. We cannot move back to take care of & return to what it was.

  24. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks Paul Price for sharing the photos you took. Uploaded them to the post.

  25. Paul Price says: 201 comments

    Linda, you will find great compassion here for your lovely home. The patrons of this website easily tell their opinions, but have vision for restoration of old homes. I would not be telling you the truth if I said Nora and I are in love with your home. IF we were to be customer on a HGTV show we would say your home tics so many boxes. We are feverishly paying off debt to get our financial foundation in order. We can so relate to health care road blocks for just in in 2014, my wife started a long uphill climb to fight cancer. At this point, she appears to knocked the cancer out with a last blow to the face. If I might be so bold, we are fighting a similar battle with our finances. We can also relate to the feeling of feeling violated by renters. We have a vision for a home such as yours where it will be loved, woodwork not painted white, limited modern interpretation of interior design. Then, with the exception of a single open dining/kitchen area due to our seven children and absence of paid servants (LOL) we will have this one departure from architectural accuracy. However, we do such a thing, we will be cautious remill floors (from our local Amish community), door and baseboards (or reuse them). When we know some thing new on our journey, we will share with you Linda, and with your permission, the OHD groupies who will be loving and praying and wishing you the best on your journey as well. Thank you so much for allowing Daniel to share you lovely home with us. He was so kind and patient with Keigan which meant the world to us ( and perhaps saved a few additional gray hairs!).

    • Linda Hostler says: 2 comments

      That was my dream home to have; hated leaving. Would love for someone on here to make an offer to actually buy it & love it/restore it. We seriously would take less for someone to buy it. Just can’t do anymore long distance rent to buy offers. Burned 4 times:-(

  26. Karrie says: 238 comments

    was there once a balcony for the second floor? can’t figure out what the door is in one of the pictures.

    • Michael Mackin says: 2431 comments

      I read Paul’s comments. He said it was a window opening that they tacked an interior door over. More than likely the window frame was damaged beyond repair.

    • chichipox says: 210 comments

      I’d keep it. It would be like living in an episode of Bewitched. The one where Sam put an extra door in their bedroom that went nowhere just to mess with Gladys Kravitz’ head. I’d paint it a nice bright color though. So everyone on the street would notice it.

  27. Karrie says: 238 comments

    Linda, I am praying that you find the perfect person to buy your home, if I lived in MO I would for sure. Best Wishes on finding that perfect buyer that will restore this grand lady to her former glory days….

  28. pamibachpamibach says: 119 comments

    Oh she’s a beauty! thos stairs made me whimper! my precious

  29. I love this home, did I read their was a second stairway closed off? Would love to see this. LINDA if I could sell my rental I would buy this.

  30. Hi everyone,

    I was digging through Missouri and ran across this beautiful place. A couple of quick questions:
    I see it is off the market. Did someone buy it or did something else happen?
    Is this a Barber? The detailing on the outside of the house reminded me of a Barber as well as the staircase.

    Thanks so much!

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