October 7, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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Happy Friday! This is where you share your old house finds, articles or general chit chat. Link to sites like Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin; no hidden listings that make you register to view. Just paste the link in the comment box below, no HTML codes needed. Keep the links to a maximum of 5 per post (keeps email notifications from getting marked as spam.)

We moved in over the weekend, still unpacking but getting there. our-new-house-edited

141 Comments on October 7, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Anne M. says: 825 comments

    Hope things are going well with the new/old house, Kelly!
    Here’s a massive – nearly 7,000 square feet- house in Lenox, MA for a really good price relatively speaking:
    And this 1890 one in Troy, NY designed by Marcus Cummings & his son Frederick. It was Frederick’s home.
    and an 1840 Gothic Cottage in Rhinebeck, NY

  2. Kevin O'Neill says: 152 comments

    Oh Kelly…That’s a great “Holiday” house. I can see the porch on 4th of July with some flags and everyone drinking lemonade on the porch. Relatives, kids playing in that big yard. That huge kitchen during thanksgiving everyone gathering around the food, and of course Christmas. Happy for you, make great memories.

  3. JimHJimH says: 5039 comments
    OHD Supporter

    Kelly, thanks for sharing photos of your new house with us. Very sweet!

    A friend had painted board walls in an old cabin and I was amazed to see them restored without a speck of paint or any other finishing. How? He pulled the nails, flipped over the boards and it was like the paint never happened. And a lot easier than stripping for 6 months and getting an iffy result. Maybe that could work!

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      My husband mentioned that but said it would be a can of worms. And honestly as much as I’d love that patina I’ve never been a fan of pine grain. If it were anything but pine it wouldn’t be a question of stripping or painting it, stripping by any means necessary of flipping them over. The planks in the kitchen and bedroom are painted and don’t look horrible so we are 90% paint, 10% I wish we could strip but painting is the “easier” option. I’m leaving it like it is for a while until the big stuff is done, give us time to think about it.

  4. SueSue says: 1136 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Kelly, I am swooning over Lucy. That face, those ears, those eyes!!! Here we have 3 pugs, one chihuahua and a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pit mix. I cannot resist cuteness.

    Your new home is enchanting. I adore it. I am going to follow your blog and watch your progress.

  5. Robert says: 6 comments


    Located in whitehall new york built in 1869 close to the vermont boarder great price hand has some history


    Also in whitehall built in 1880 and has a ton of land and nice out buildings

  6. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    This is just incredible. So unique and beautiful:

    331 W Las Cruces Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88005
    $495,000 | 3 Bed • 4 Bath

  7. Lindsay G says: 571 comments

    Castle like home in Reading PA.http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1600-Hampden-Blvd-Reading-PA-19604/8847277_zpid/

    A unique home in Pittsburgh PA with lots of charm. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/111-Newburn-Dr-Pittsburgh-PA-15216/11654856_zpid/

    A big Saint Paul mansion whose turret is pretty eye-catching. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/295-Summit-Ave-Saint-Paul-MN-55102/2103889970_zpid/

    This little home is just adorable, I couldn’t resist! I love the miniature “tower” they have on top with the little window. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/214-Oak-Grove-Pl-Saint-Paul-MN-55105/2042185_zpid/

    Beautiful craftsman in Salt Lake City. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/31-S-Haxton-Pl-Salt-Lake-City-UT-84102/12752995_zpid/

  8. Sunflower & Poppy says: 50 comments

    What a great house Kelly! I’m sure you’ll make it into your dream home soon enough — so nice that you were able to keep it in the family! Lucy has that worried look that dogs get when they are not sure what’s going on! No doubt she’ll tune in once she is sure you are actually there for the long run and everything is cool!

  9. Charles B says: 481 comments

    Red Lion, OH–One of those big old Early American brick houses that characterize southern Ohio, priced at $39,300:


  10. Anne Hamilton says: 204 comments

    Everyone, PLEASE have prayers for all our folks and Old Homes in South Carolina! I have lost two outbuildings at mine already, house and barn so far OK. But I’m sure we will loose many to this monster!
    Thank y’all for your thoughts and cares!
    Anne Hamilton

  11. Anne Hamilton says: 204 comments

    Kelly, there is a very old home quite close to mine here in Camden area, the Thomas English house. They have board walls, and have been able to smooth then and paint so no chips etc show. Not sure how it was done, but can stop and ask them for ya.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      No that’s okay. I think we have an idea of the way to do it (sanding them seems to be the best way to get rid of everything in the grain/grooves.) Now just to convince my husband that sanding is the only way to sit in the living room and not cry when we have to paint the walls!

  12. Jbilly says: 52 comments

    I was looking and loving the NH property and zoomed out and saw this rehabbers dream…..I just wish there were more pictures. I especially love the barn.

    See what I found on #Zillow!

    • SueSue says: 1136 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Gorgeous barn and the house is quite the project. Isn’t that a wee bit steep for all you would have to do with this place? Of course it is NH. Many places like this in Maine for less.

    • Bethany Otto says: 3471 comments

      Wow, that is my dream home right there! What a great property! T hanks for posting!

  13. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    1409 Monroe St, Sweetwater, TN 37874
    $597,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

  14. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    Staircase! Lovely for sure, and what a price. I don’t think the build date is correct:

    927 Green St, Danville, VA 24541
    $66,500 | 3 Bed • 3 Bath

    • SueSue says: 1136 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      I think the VA house is quite lovely. That is the second time I have seen an outdoor wood burning furnace. The fist time is that barn I board were I board my horses. They have one for their old home. Oddly enough when you have one of these your insurance is more. Seems safer to me than having the wood burning furnace in the house.

  15. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    Kelly, Thanks for sharing your interesting home with us-your Old House Dreams readers and fans. A big advantage of a house like yours is the freedom you have to decorate it exactly as you wish. You can go country and follow Joanna Gaines in HGTV’s Fixer Upper show with her Farmhouse Rustic decor. You could go more modern and blend the rustic charm with contemporary furnishings and everything will still look fine. Formal houses of a particular style look their best when they are decorated in that style although some try to make a formal period house into something totally different. You don’t have those restrictions. My suggestion is to live with the house for a while and in the meantime gather ideas, browse Country Living/Southern Homes magazines for inspiration, and let the decor evolve over time. In time, you and your husband’s tastes will take you down the path you’ll be the most pleased with. A welcoming decor doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money, it does take creativity which in reading your comments I know you have. I totally agree that (Southern Yellow) Pine shiplap finished in the clear has limitations and here leaving it painted makes sense. You know you can buy 4 x 8 foot panels of “beaded” board that when painted would give a room a more formal look in areas where you may want it. But in addition to the now blank canvas of the interior you have a phenomenal huge porch. Moreover, you have a nice yard with the Pecan trees and lots of room for Lucy to explore. (after you’ve sent any snakes away) So many opportunities are offered here to imprint your dreams and realize the full potential of your house and property. Please post updates and changes over time and I think you’ll be amazed at the transformation. Above all, take your time and focus on one room at a time because right now I’m sure its overwhelming. A year from now it will truly feel like home. I wish you folks the best as you settle into your new surroundings. Maybe by next year that squirrel and its family will be eating out of your hand and you’ll have Hummingbirds instead of bees outside your window. That’s what Old House Dreams are all about.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Thanks John (and everyone else!)

      Since we have to get to the big projects first (bathroom/laundry roof, ventilation and de-carpeting, yes our bathroom has gymnasium type carpet) the pretty stuff is going to wait a bit. We won’t be painting a thing until that is finished so we have time to sit and stare, heck we are still in the “I can’t believe we bought a house!” phase, kind of numb almost (I’m sure some of you know what I mean!) I guess farmhouse is what I tend to go toward, no white on white on white type stuff. I may throw some “help me” questions over on the other blog, this will be the last I’ll post about our house although I will let y’all know when you can subscribe to new posts over there.

      I can’t wait until next spring, my office view will have bird feeders and a bird bath set up at least. In the meantime I’m amused at the squirrels taking all our pecans (p-cons) and burying them! 🙂

  16. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    A California friend of mine shared this link to a former mansion in Lynchburg, Virginia: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/316-Washington-St-Lynchburg-VA-24504/79155358_zpid/ Lynchburg, as I’ve come to learn from the numerous postings and streetview excursions, has a wealth of historic style homes built over a long period. The town must have been very prosperous over a century ago based on the architecturally sophisticated surviving homes. I think with some TLC this former mansion could be brought back to its period glory again. I don’t like the exterior stucco, however, and hope it was added over brick rather than clapboards. With its removal, it would transform the look of this place.

    • Jennifer HT says: 781 comments

      Just lovely!

    • Lindsay G says: 571 comments

      Wow now THAT’S a house! Ten bedrooms, and they’re all adorned with wooden rafters and ornate fireplaces. The staircase and the window alcove on the first landing are my favorites though. Great find!

    • Anastasia Lee says: 15 comments

      A Great Potential in this Mansion, hard not to Love it !

    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      Must have been owned by a college professor. I’ve never seen so many bookshelves! The fireplaces, arches, staircase are all breathtaking. Lynchburg must have been lovely and wealthy a century ago. don’t know what industry is there now. On street view one nearby mansion has been split into apartments, which are for sale. It will take deep pockets to restore this house, but it will be fabulous when it’s finished.

    • SueSue says: 1136 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Oh my, oh my. John that house is inch by inch the most incredible work of art. <3

    • Bethany Otto says: 3471 comments

      I am completely stressed out and upset because I don’t own this house!!! And it’s in Virginia, thousands of miles from where I live! I truly think this is my all time ever ever favorite. I have never seen anything so unsullied and gorgeous. They didn’t show any bathrooms so maybe those are all 80’s, but (and thank you for the 86 pictures, Mr. Realtor) every picture is amazing! The light fixtures and wood work and fireplaces and the space! Just everything I have always dreamed of in a Victorian. Just the right amount of shabbiness to be appealing. Love the wrought-iron fence, too, it’s the icing on the cake! Ok I’ll stop writing but I won’t stop dreaming.

    • Michael Mackin says: 2431 comments

      This is one of my favorites, at least on the interior. I’m not a fan of the exterior stucco either. I’m wondering how long ago the stucco was put on. Stucco over brick tends to last longer and have a lot fewer cracks.

      • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

        Michael, My hunch is the stucco represents an early attempt to have a “never have to paint again” exterior before asphalt, aluminum, and vinyl siding appeared. If it was put on over brick it make less sense. It is a remarkable house in many ways. I especially like the grand staircase that goes up to a wide landing (and bay with a window seat) then splits off to two staircases going up to a grand hallway so that two people or more could easily pass each other going in opposite directions. By breaking the staircase into two sections with a large landing in the center its less dangerous as a fall hazard and allows those with physical limitations to pause at the landing seat before climbing the rest of the way upstairs. In any case, I think its a very nice feature in this formerly grand home. Did you notice in the entry what appears to be a faded tapestry or cloth wall covering? I don’t think its wallpaper. If a tapestry, it might be older than the house or a turn of the last century knock-off off a much older design.

    • Gail M says: 200 comments

      I’ve never seen so many wallpaper borders in one house.

    • Julles says: 536 comments

      Kelly, your house is great and it has years of creative projects ahead of you. Nothing worse then when you have a perfect house and garden with nothing to do or plant because you have done it all already. If you get tired of the squirrels stealing your nuts, I know where you can get a retired racing greyhound that will take care of that problem and provide a companion for Lucy. Is she a Chiweenie?

      I love that house on garden creek. 20 acres and a cool old house for $85,000? Fabulous! You could literally live off the grid in this house. Hook up the septic system, put a pump on the well and get some solar panels and you are off the grid. Also twenty acres for some gardens goats and chickens and you’re set. I love the blank canvas of this house. The bones are clean and elegantly simple. You could totally make it your own.

      • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

        1901 Folk Victorian
        Chestatee, GA

        As long as the squirrles don’t start making the house their home, they are cool to steal a handful of nuts, besides they were here before us so I guess it’s their right to get first dibs. 🙂 Yes, she’s a Chiweenie!

  17. Anne M. says: 825 comments

    Just came across this incredible 1871 Second Empire with a really good price, looks like a couple of sales have fallen through

    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      I noticed this house in the internet a while ago. It would be absolutely perfect were it nestled in a clearing in the woods, but a large apartment complex is next door. If you don’t mind that, it is full of wonderful details, huge and a great price.

  18. Anne M. says: 825 comments

    John, that house is amazing – 86 photos! the detail is wonderful. thanks for sharing it.

  19. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    Here’s an outstanding bargain Victorian era house in Muncie, Indiana: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/417-S-Liberty-St-Muncie-IN-47305/85189610_zpid/ I expect it will sell quickly as it has central heat/air conditioning and despite some messiness in the few interior photos it looks pretty decent. This house is in Muncie’s Old West End historic district where the town’s energetic preservation officer, Brad King, lives with his wife. Muncie’s now well-established east side Emily Kimbrough Historic district used to look faded like the West End but is now rapidly gentrifying with property values steadily increasing year after year. There’s no reason why the Old West End won’t do the same in a few years but for now, the best old house bargains in Muncie can still be found there. Here’s the streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/RdAght2jRaS2 Muncie is on the comeback with Ball State University leading the way. We stayed for a week in Muncie last year (Air BnB) in a 1902 mansion in the Emily Kimbrough district although I extensively toured the Old West End as well with Mr. King acting as our guide. Great potential in this neighborhood. Here’s some Muncie old house photos I took: (the West End photos are towards the bottom of the photos page) https://www.flickr.com/photos/11236515@N05/albums/72157657139234734 I’ll be happy to answer any Muncie questions if I can.

  20. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    Sorry if I seem to be on a roll today (promise this will be the last item) but I had to share this nice Victorian: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/4999-N-Frontage-Rd-Fairland-IN-46126/85706246_zpid/ located in Fairland, Indiana, which is 31 miles southwest of Indianapolis. There’s a casino/raceway on the outskirts of town (jobs?) as well as the Shelbyville airport. Lots of original details in this house priced under $100K. In the listing picture number 2 is one of the most “gingerbreaded” Victorian porches I’ve seen. Interesting interior details are included and the community is well within commuting distance of Indianapolis. Streetview shows a quaint little town of just over 300 with this house sited in in a rural setting.

    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      That’s a lovely house, but it’s literally right next to a major highway, which would be a deal killer for me. Trucks rumbling by all night is not what I consider “rural.”

      • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

        Agreed that its close to a highway but there’s an access road in between as well as heavy trees and vegetation that act as a buffer and almost obscure the house from the road. Streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/rH46JgbRz7m
        For those who might commute to work into Indianapolis, having a highway going directly into the city close by that is kept plowed and clear during winter weather would somewhat offset potential noise issues.

    • Michele says: 93 comments

      Wow…love the porch! Has some really nice details.

  21. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    Can one of y’all loan me….$1.7 million? 🙂

    305 S 3rd St in Historic District, Wilmington, NC 28401
    $1,750,000 | 6 Bed • 8 Bath

  22. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    This is sort-of a plain Jane..but there’s something appealing about it:

    510 Main St, Gordonsville, VA 22942
    $159,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  23. Cathy says: 2209 comments

    Here’s to enjoying your new old house, incl. making improvements & decorating it as you go along. I like how the porch’s railing has the matching stair gate. And the local flora & fauna – even more to enjoy (except for the snakes, unless they’re all non-poisonous!). You have very lucky squirrels, with their ready supply of pecans! Ought to keep Lucy entertained, too. And… she must have strong ears, to keep them upright! ?

    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      Oh my, this decides it! DH and I are retiring to Georgia! What a beauty of a house. My favorite type of house and at a price we can afford! Wow.

  24. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    36 Free St, Dexter, ME 04930
    $89,000 | 5 Bed • 3 Bath

    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      That is an absolutely amazing house for $90K. It’s in the middle of nowhere in central Maine, but for the right person, what a steal!

  25. Julles says: 536 comments

    I am interviewing for a great position at the Air Force base in Goldsboro, NC. I thought I was in old house heaven when I started looking at the real estate there. They are having a big movement to restore all of the old houses in their town and they are gorgeous. These are some of my favorites. Depending on how the interview goes, I’ll be making a road trip up there next weekend and will see these then.

    Italianate – $123,000.

    Mid Century Modern $225,000.

    Tudor $19,900

  26. Lancaster John says: 806 comments

    Here is a lovely inside-and-out large early 1800’s federal in central Georgia for a seemingly reasonable price.


    • zoomey says: 535 comments

      That is a beautiful house. In my area it would cost millions.

    • CharlestonJohn says: 1121 comments

      Beautiful house that reminds me of one close to me called Halcyon. I think the 1800 build date listed is four or five decades to early. That’s a very Greek Revival front entry, so I imagine the home dates to around 1850 or so.

  27. says: 1 comments

    For those of you who love the Quabbin Region of Massachusetts; specifically Petersham, this lovely home is circa 1843. It was built by Phineas Brooks who was a cordwainer. It has a wonderful sleeping porch and fabulous 30 x 30 post and beam barn. It’s a terrific location too; located just off the Common and steps from the Country Store! Only 1 1/2 hours from Boston, Providence or Hartford. Would be a great weekend retreat!


  28. SueSue says: 1136 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Charming and very good price.


    I love Wiscasset ME. It is a charming town full of gorgeous old homes. This home is in a perfect spot with the Castle Tucker just up the hill from it. Castle Tucker is hauntingly beautiful. It was finally saved by the town and you can tour it.



    An 1803 beauty with a very nice view of the water.


    Very, very nice and provides income.


  29. Michele says: 93 comments

    Needs lots of work….but some interesting bits and pieces left.


    • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

      Thanks for sharing some of these Hoosier beauties. Most of them I’ve been aware of but the Marion, IN house at 908 South Washington was a stunning surprise. Very seldom have I ever seen a house with this much art glass throughout. The tiled all-over mantelpiece was another wonderful surprise and I suspect at the entry where there are two pilasters going up on either side they must have once held a monumental size piece of fretwork or a colonnade divider of some sort. This bona fide mansion level home sits on a huge lot and was surely one of the town’s most prominent homes back in its heyday. There’s another fine towered Queen Anne/Romanesque mansion just down the street on South Washington closer to town and it too has been on the market for quite some time. Truly a shame that this stretch of South Washington was allowed to become low-end commercial in the manner that it has. Most likely a century ago this entire stretch was lined with grand homes. Two houses away from 908 S. Washington is the “Quilters Hall of Fame” which is unusual in itself. Marion today is not what it was in the Victorian era. Arthur LaBelle, architect of Kokomo’s famous Seiberling Mansion, lived and practiced in Marion and may be responsible for some of the city’s surviving landmark homes. 908 South Washington is undoubtedly architect designed but it appears to have undergone some exterior changes over the decades. I’d be curious to see what it looked like in the early 1900’s.

      • JimHJimH says: 5039 comments
        OHD Supporter

        The wonderful Marion IN house had a porch across the front and some other detail, as seen in an old postcard sent by the owner, Sabrina Wolfe Willson. Her husband Jason Willson, along with her father, opened a bank in town that became the Marion National Bank. The Willson house, “built in 1896, was the largest, handsomest, most substantial and modern in the city for years”, according to his bio.

        • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

          Thanks Jim for your research. I too ran across some biographical information about the Willsons (an extra “L” in the name) stating Jason was one of the most highly respected bankers in Indiana at the turn of the last century. Wish there were a better period photo of the house but with a porch put back, it would significantly change the character of the house. The interior is more of an enigma; perhaps with research missing elements could be reconstructed. The size of the lot shows it was a grand home in its day but would now require deep pockets for a full restoration. Given its location, such a miracle is unlikely to occur which is sad but often happens with formerly grand homes of the Victorian era that have seen major changes in their original residential context.

    • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

      E.M., That South Haven farmhouse with 3.3 acres has a lot to offer. If the cement/asbestos shingle siding could be taken off the house would regain its original charm. I looked in streetview and the “Avenue” looks more like a quiet country lane to me. Last, the price is very appealing for a property with so much potential. Thanks for sharing.

    • JimHJimH says: 5039 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Wow, a fine old Chicago house that hasn’t been gutted! 🙂

  30. Matthew Ziehnert says: 103 comments

    Here are two lovely ones in the upper Hudson Valley region.
    First is this jaw dropping George Barber mansion located in the small picturesque town of Athens,NY

    The second is the William Shaw house, a lovely Greek Revival in need of restoration outside of Hudson, NY

    • E. M. Hall says: 20 comments

      Matthew, the William Shaw house is a charmer for sure. While I’m sure that some/most of the interior ornamentation is gone, there could be something really handsome about cleaned up and humble rooms.

    • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

      Matt, Nearly every type of house designed by George Barber has wonderful details inside and this one doesn’t disappoint. I’m used to seeing bargain Victorians in most New York communities outside the big cities so the price here was a bit of a surprise. But when I scrolled down to Zillow’s comparable houses it showed a range from about $55,000 to $1.5 million so surely the location is a factor. Lovely house overall, well preserved, and taken care of. Thanks for sharing.

  31. E. M. Hall says: 20 comments

    One last addition:

    This home sold recently, but I’m new to the blog and would love to share a this beauty thats in my old neighborhood. The Colvin House on the north side of Chicago sat vacant for a while and was recently purchased by a local couple who intend to restore as much as possible while converting the HUGE space into a for rent workspace.


  32. Jennifer HT says: 781 comments

    I wish there were more pics. The wood in the foyer is beautiful.

    This is a cute house. The stairs are beautiful. The odd kitchen must be a 70s update? The rest is pretty though.

    Seems like a good price. Only 2 br though.

    I am having a hard time telling if all the wood and pretty details are original. It is almost too perfect in some ways.

    Very cute!! Lots of unpainted wood, but the carpet has to go!

  33. Jennifer HT says: 781 comments

    Lots of unpainted wood! With there were more interior shots. The grounds are gorgeous!!

    This is a palace. A lottery place.

    SOOOOOO much potential! I hope the new owner preserves instead of gut and update.

    Super cute spanish with original baths and a cool stove!

    Cute craftsman in Pasadena.

  34. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    BIG old school…something out of the ordinary:

    1822 N Iowa Ave, York, NE 68467
    $59,000 | N/A • 6 Bath

  35. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    Cute little one in need of love:

    231 a St Nw, Miami, OK 74354

    $53,500 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  36. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    I honestly don’t know how to describe this house. I do love anything unique though, and this has some funky little quirks:

    21 Melrose Cir, Tryon, NC 28782
    $249,000 | 1 Bed • 1 Bath

  37. says: 1 comments

    Michigan Field Stone House on serene 43 Acres!!!

  38. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    Poor old house. I bet she was beautiful:

    102 W 1st St, Marfa, TX 79843
    $395,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      Oh my. I don’t even have words except to say I don’t have any words.

      • John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

        It might be at home somewhere in California as a 1960’s former residence of creatively inspired Hippies. Almost sad to read “professional finished” indicating someone actually paid for the “art”? As a folk art pieces, the works might have value, but one usually can’t take a house apart and display it in a folk art museum-then again, I suppose it depends on the artist. In any case, thanks for sharing Chris, and to Kelly, I know you are busy getting moved but if you’ve considered posting an annual Halloween set of “Franken-houses” I think this one could be a highlight. No disrespect intended towards the owners/sellers as art appreciation is always in the eye of the beholder. Whatever emotions this house evokes, I promise no one else on the block would have another one like it.

      • ChrisICU says: 646 comments

        Kelly, yes it’s actually my worst nightmare of what someone would do to a magnificent old house. It befuddles me to think anyone would want to do this.

        John, I personally love the idea of Frankenhouses. Yes, this would be top of the list. Someone should show this to Rob Zombie because I think he could do a horror movie here without changing anything. But I have to say that Kelly does such a terrific job of managing OHD and keeping the focus positive and anti-critical that creating a Frankenhouse post may be too much for her.

        And on that note, I really can’t thank you enough Kelly for keeping the spirit of this site so uplifting. These days I’m frequenting news sites and Facebook less and less. I can’t keep reading such negativitiy because it really brings me down. But I love coming here and just seeing all the treasures that everyone shares. Thanks for that!

        • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

          1901 Folk Victorian
          Chestatee, GA

          You aren’t the only one, I’ve been trying to stay away from FB as much as possible (I’d never use it if not for the OHD FB page.)
          Glad you are enjoying the site!

    • CoraCora says: 2057 comments
      OHD Supporter & Moderator

      Clinton, TN

      Mercy. I would not be able to sleep with all that going on…

    • Cathy says: 2209 comments

      O.M.G. That’s all I can come up with…

  39. Franceslyns says: 116 comments

    Sweet 1930s house in Indianapolis. Hopefully someone saves it and it does not become the site of another Mcmansion.


  40. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    1767. For the most part it’s lovely. Try to look past the kitchen.

    249 Main St, Wethersfield, CT 06109
    $325,000 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

  41. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    1780, more beautiful than the last, and FULL of cool antiques. However, the modern bathroom sink that looks like someone left a bowl out on the counter would be the first thing removed and tossed out the bathroom window if this home were mine. Just can’t stand those.

    88 Hartford Ave, Wethersfield, CT 06109
    $270,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  42. Chris Norton says: 1 comments

    Former vacation home on the lake now a full time residence in New Egypt, NJ.

    Built 1906, expanded sometime in the late 1980s/1990s with a much larger kitchen.


  43. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    87 Church St, Ware, MA 01082
    $219,900 | 4 Bed • 3 Bath

    What a sweet bargain:
    69 Green St, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819
    $47,900 | 5 Bed • 2 Bath

    For the staircase lovers:

    17 Wheeler House Dr in Orford, Orford, NH 03777
    $299,000 | 9 Bed • 7 Bath

  44. E. M. Hall says: 20 comments

    I came across this place in Niles MI. The listing and public record indicate it was built in 1941, however the scale and architectural styling seems to be much older. At any rate the symmetry of the space is ridiculously charming.

  45. John Shiflet says: 5473 comments

    For those who have followed the plight of the endangered (by development) historic mid-19th century mansion at 521 Jersey in Quincy, Illinois, comes disappointing news. Quincy’s City Council has voted to overturn its own Preservation Commission’s recommended denial of a demolition permit to clear the way for a Quincy based media company to acquire the property and demolish the National Register landmarked home for office space (and/or maybe a parking lot?) expansion. The disappointing decision was clearly monetarily based but media companies in general are in a state of flux these days with on-going mergers and buyouts as paper publishing continues to shrink while digital media grows. This decision to allow demolition also likely impacts a next door former mansion that also has landmark status thus leading to the loss of two of Quincy’s rare mid-19th century mansions. Quincy used to have an above average reputation for historic preservation but this turn of events is surely damaging to that image. From my own experience, however, money/development almost always trumps historic preservation, every time. I feel for Anne, the lady who led the effort to save this landmark home even to the point of trying to buy it herself. No opportunity to do so was ever made available to Anne so it was a “done deal” from the beginning, it seems.

    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That really sucks. All for a parking lot or offices that will be an eyesore in 10 or 20 years.

    • JimHJimH says: 5039 comments
      OHD Supporter

      John, there was a contract signed by the owner to sell the Quincy house to a local couple who committed to restoring it, but only if the demolition permit was denied. The mayor claims, improperly I think, that the City Council can’t consider that the house might be restored because the contract was signed after the public hearing! The Council voted to prepare a Resolution to allow demolition, but it won’t be voted on until next week. So yes, the deal was wired in favor Quincy Media from the get-go, and money and sleazy tactics seem to be prevailing. This in spite of a strong public outcry and multiple petitions with hundreds of local signatures.

      It’s sad but not quite over yet. The Council could listen to the people and not pass the Resolution. Or, Quincy Media could reconsider, given that the PR is against them and they could likely find cheaper office space. Or, the purchaser, owner or third parties could try to stop the demolition in court, which has been effective on occasion elsewhere. We’ll see.


  46. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11793 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Someone said this home was in Octobers issue of This Old House:

    Does anyone have their issue that can look it up?

  47. Christopher Poe says: 1 comments

    A 1795 Colonial in Framingham, MA. Awesome Gardens on 1.3 acres and a Writers Cabin!


  48. CoraCora says: 2057 comments
    OHD Supporter & Moderator

    Clinton, TN

    A little cutie:

    319 N Estelle St in Uptown, Wichita, KS 67214
    $59,900 | 2 Bed • 1 Bath

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