June 17, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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137 Comments on June 17, 2016: Link Exchange & Discussion

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  1. Lindsay G says: 557 comments

    If anyone is familiar with Lancaster City, this house is considered to be a straight up mansion. It practically takes up half a city block.

    This house is just gorgeous. Here’s some before and after pictures. The previous owners really put in a lot of work to make this into one spectacular home!

  2. ChrisICU says: 665 comments

    I was perusing in Ohio and found these four great places all in the Akron area. What do you think?

    Let’s start with the most expensive and work down. Then again, the price of this amazing place would get you a bungalow in LA.

    Look at the carriage house – it’s almost as big as the main house! And everything’s well maintained here and on a large lot. Nice area based on google maps.


    Number two is surprising. Did you ever see the movie Sleuth with Olivier and Caine? This place reminds me of the house in that movie. Yes, I know it was built in the ’80’s. But that’s even more amazing given that it has an Old House feel. Nice quality finishes and details that I don’t normally associate with that era. I guess that much of the interior was salvaged from other houses.

    And that dining hall – straight out of Hogwarts before there was even a Hogwarts. Nice job!


    Number three is the least expensive of my four I’ve put here. Love the landscaping and that incredible kitchen. Hope they don’t change that!


    Last but not least is a complete different style. This mid-century has some pretty awesome features. The cabinetry in the Master Bedroom! And it’s on some nice acreage. I’m just not sure why, especially when living next to a national forest, they would have removed most of the trees and opted for fields instead. I hope they actually farm the fields. Regardless, it’s a great house in a beautiful setting.


  3. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    A good-looking Colonial for $20K. Needs a roof, needs cosmetics, the town has a bad reputation.
    $12.5K. A duplex, now. They didn’t even bother to take one photo, but posted the Assessor’s record picture. Is Edgewater in Ft. Worth good or bad?
    $65K. Already on this site, but still for sale after 168 days. Dormers and turrets and decorative plaster and 5,728 sq. ft.! Taxes are approximately $2,000 a year and the owner (trustee) is $2,500 behind.
    $100K. I post this to show how the vine is completely ignoring the pergola over the left-side ground-floor window.

    • Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

      I hope someone saves that third one. It has some nice details under the neglect.

    • Victoria Webb says: 134 comments

      I lived in South Bend from 2001-2004. The city has become very green and progressive and even back then had embarked on a 20 yr. revitalization plan. It has a young mayor who was just profiled in the New York Times by Frank Bruni as a possible “first gay president”. This house on South St. is south of downtown, but not far. For the money, I’d say you can’t go wrong. It’s an interesting town and close to Chicago.

    • SueSue says: 1127 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      I second what Jennifer said. Goodness house number three is amazing. I feel as if it is in danger of being torn down.

  4. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    Here’s an ordinary middle-class castle:
    $49K. Apparently it comes with a carriage house across the street (if not, why do they show pictures of it?). Much better shape than the other Auburn Italianate posted a while back. Taxes $2100 or so for several years past.

    • Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

      Sure would like to see inside!

    • ChrisICU says: 665 comments

      Cool Castle, Ed. Kind of a weird lot – just like the lot in Macon Georgia that I posted a while back but this one is a bit bigger. That house looks awfully lonely when you look at it on google maps.

      • Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

        If you look at Zillow’s neighborhood map, they have the location in the wrong place, the small triangular lot at the road intersection. From the overhead view, the house and carriage house are on the next lot to the East. The carriage house is on the same side of the road.

    • JimHJimH says: 5148 comments
      OHD Supporter

      Ed, that castle in Auburn NY is an amazing survivor. It was built in 1871 and owned by the Auburn Woolen Company which was right behind it. The superintendents lived there for 50 years. The carriage house next to it from the same period was a gas station for a long time and is part of the deal.

    • SueSue says: 1127 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      Ok I love the carriage house/garage thingy more than the house. What an odd shaped lot it sits on too but I love the whole property. Wish there were more pictures.

  5. Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

    Needs some back dating, but comes with its own church and historical plaque.

    Is there a way to remove or change that sunroom without destroying the house? It doesn’t fit. I do love the entry.

    Seems like a solid home for only $22k.

    I would love some more pics.

    Needs some simple touches, remove fans, strip some paint… Totally cute.

    • RitaB says: 108 comments

      There are lots of older, cheap houses in Bessemer. Birmingham in general, and Bessemer in particular, has a crime rate due to gang activity in the area. Had to research it recently pending a relative’s move to that part of Alabama.

  6. John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

    I always enjoy seeing the B & W “mystery” house photo on Fridays. This was a proud family showing off their nice home and modest wealth of horses and a carriage. Several large outbuildings indicate an industrious family. Painting house trim white became popular after 1900 so it probably dates afterwards. The family dress (of the boy and probably his grandmother) appear perhaps Eastern European to me so maybe this was a successful immigrant family of farmers. Countless smaller houses of this kind remain but most lack the gingerbread ornament and are now often clad in vinyl or aluminum. Without the ornament, the house becomes very generic and nondescript. If you “reverse” engineer the ornamental aspect, many plain old houses from the Victorian Age could be made more interesting by putting back some of these details…an idea worth considering if you buy a plain vanilla house of this vintage now lacking its original details. Period millwork catalogs offer many more ideas to bring back original charm. Some laundry is seen hanging on the clothesline near the side of the house. However, nothing here suggests much about the location. Although the desert Southwest is unlikely, it could have been almost anywhere with enough rain for lush vegetation. I think the photo was taken during cooler weather perhaps in the Fall or early Spring. Every picture tells a story.

  7. Anne M. says: 885 comments

    I had a chance to visit 6 houses last week on a tour of the McKnight Historic District in Springfield MA – one of which is for sale. All of the houses were wonderful but this one is particularly nice:
    And for a different period here is a house built in 1780 on 6 acres in Hopkinton MA

  8. Ross says: 2458 comments

    Kelly, my favorite things about these posts is how you super-size the images. Wow! Such a wealth of detail and interest revealed!


    Thank you!

  9. nailwhacker says: 9 comments

    5 beds 4 baths 4,424 sqft 299k 2nd empire 1870 great shape mansard slate roof, grand curved staircase, custom woodwork, 4 fireplaces

    4 beds 3 baths 3,245 sqft 1880 150k only 2 families have owned this Queen Anne house,
    18 rooms, ornately carved staircase, pocket doors, parquet floors, stained glass windows and antique marble sink and fixtures, 3 fireplaces

    3 beds 3 baths 5,580 sqft 1875 299k historic neighborhood custom mahogany through out
    HUGE 3 car garage

    Stone Castle with Turrets, Built Circa 1929 on a 3.77 Acre partially wooded lot 325k

    Real Estate agents should be required to take photography classes

    • Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

      I enjoyed all of those! Nice shares 🙂

    • Victoria Webb says: 134 comments

      The house in Reading is pretty spectacular, thanks for the share. I’ve seen it listed before on zillow. Taxes are high, but the city has some gorgeous historic homes.

    • SueSue says: 1127 comments
      OHD Supporter

      1802 Cape

      I agree. No excuse for blurry photos. Photos of just a bed or a toilet. Truly what are they thinking.

      I adore the first house. Very romantic.

    • jeklstudio says: 1105 comments

      Love the stone house! What IS it about wrought iron? Just love this although there’s work to be done. Funny lino tiles bubbled up in the one pic. But that third floor room, wow, what a cool studio that would make!

  10. Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1040 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

    Is it OK if this forum is used to ask for a service-company referral? I was wondering if anyone has used a house-relocation company that they would recommend. I tried to contact a company that was recently profiled by a historic-house organization, and my emails, calls and online quote requests were met with silence. Thanks!

    • John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

      By house relocation, do you mean moving a house? If so, this trade association, The International Association of Structural Movers, is a good place to start: http://www.iasm.org/ They have a directory of member house movers arranged by state for the U.S. so there should be companies in your area. If you were talking about a relocation concierge type service that manages the relocation logistics for individuals and families, they do exist, but probably best to check with some of the higher-end real estate companies for referrals.

      • Daughter of GeorgeDaughter of George says: 1040 comments
        OHD Supporter

        1905 Neoclassic & 1937 Deco

        John, I really appreciate this very helpful information. Yes, I did mean moving a structure — actually a small house. The IASM is exactly what I needed. Just wanted to add that like so many others, I really appreciate the expert knowledge that is shared on OHD. Thanks again, to you and to Kelly!

  11. FergusFergus says: 237 comments
    1705 Queen Anne

    Yet another interesting post, I must admit that I too look forward to the Friday Mystery House.
    Here’s a selection of homes for sale in England that I’ve found recently:
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42204417.html – Located in Kenilworth, this has to be the coolest mid-century era home I’ve seen in a long time.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53742325.html – This Victorian home in Oldbury has a lot to offer, especially as it’s stuck in a bit of a time warp with its interiors.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29849484.html – Peplow Hall, a sprawling Queen Anne style mansion built in 1725 in Market Drayton.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40932879.html – Anyone fancy an Elizabethan/Jacobean style home in Owestry dating back to 1650?
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46939736.html – Or how about this Tudor farmhouse in Clunton dating back to 1540?
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-59728079.html – This Georgian home with Tudor origins in Ashford Bowdler would make for a great restoration.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53982748.html – This early 1900s dormer bungalow in Craven Arms is an interesting time capsule property.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34672755.html – The facade of Minsterley Hall dating back to 1581 and 1653 in Minsterley is like something out of a fairytale.
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42033018.html – This 1920s Arts and Crafts style home in Church Stretton is quite a time capsule home too, especially with that kitchen.
    Anyone fancy a medieval home in Colchester dating back to the 1450s that is also doubles as a tattoo and piercing parlour?
    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54084382.html – This home dating back to the 1400s that was updated in 1702 to become the gorgeous Queen Anne style home it is today in Alveley is stunning and comes complete with moats. The aerial view is simply awe-inspiring.

  12. Charles B says: 481 comments

    Chautauqua County in Western New York has over 19,000 acres of vineyards and has the look and feel of an American Tuscany. The brick Italianate villas that sprang up with the first grape boom of the 1850s and ’60s help create this effect. This place typifies the opulence of that era:


  13. Demetra says: 11 comments


    Located Union, Maine. And no where near the coast – so somewhat affordable. It is an early (1790s) home and it has a number of lovely outbuildings.

    I would move there this very instant if I had a job there and if my husband would come with me.

    • ChrisICU says: 665 comments

      Nice website with great details. I’m probably not being very bright today, but is this for sale? I don’t see a price or the normal (sq ft, acreage, other real estate details). It’s more like a website for a house museum.

    • Laurie W. says: 1736 comments

      Who needs a husband? It’s such an incredible place, I’d love to move in even if the old man didn’t! I hope it finds the dedicated stewards it needs & deserves. Amazing it’s had only one owner since the Alden family.

  14. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    $90K. A duplex, but obviously can be converted back to single-family. A very good example of the 1910-1920 stucco large house, showing Craftsman influence.

  15. Cora says: 2060 comments

    Bet these floors would shine with a little love.

    76 Nelson St
    $165,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

  16. Cora says: 2060 comments

    211 Young St
    $199,900 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    Good price. They likely didn’t save the original windows:

    388 Hanover St
    $269,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    Too much updating for my taste, but that banister is great – as well as the entry/front door. If you can find it:

    2334 Elm St
    $749,900 | 5 Bed • 5 Bath

  17. Cora says: 2060 comments


    729 Chestnut St
    $315,000 | 5 Bed • 4 Bath

    I like the carriage house as much as the house. Or more:

    147 Nashua Rd
    $925,000 | 4 Bed • 5 Bath

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any interior photos of this one’s carriage house? Grr.

    12 High St
    $695,000 | 6 Bed • 6 Bath

  18. Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

    I know I said I was done sharing for the week, but I just found this in my town, and I hope the new owners don’t take away its MCM amazingness!


  19. Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

    Good gravy, I think a flipper started this and abandoned ship.

    • Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

      You can see what the original porch posts were by those left on the balcony. What are now holding up the main porch roof are $40 4×4 stock posts from any building supply store. The balusters are the too-tall modern variety, which are sometimes required by building codes. For the asking price, I would expect any rehabber to have the knowledge and taste to put together a more elaborate railing, or to have Turntech reproduce the balcony posts. Skinny posts need spandrels.

  20. Charles Gibson says: 1 comments

    Great home for sale, 7000 Square Feet m/l $625,000
    One of Okmulgee’s finest Italianate Mansions built in 1921

  21. Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

    I’m always amazed at what this kind of money can get me in any other state. Redlands is know for their oranges, and groves are disappearing all the time. I’d love to have this.


  22. Jennifer HT says: 767 comments

    Someone will probably ruin this during rehab. The kitchen is adorable.


    • Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11887 comments

      1901 Folk Victorian
      Chestatee, GA

      That kitchen is awesome! I like the pattern of the floor too.

    • Douglas Green says: 83 comments

      Wow, we have friends that live a couple of hundred feet up the road from this house.

    • jeklstudio says: 1105 comments

      Jeez…I LOVE this! No kidding I would change practically nothing and certainly nothing in that kitchen. Figure out where the leaks are coming from, repair the walls. I think I might come up with a color scheme for the exterior that would highlight the architecture, but woo this is just gorgeous!

    • Lindsay G says: 557 comments

      Oh wow what gems! Only in my wildest dreams could I ever live in such beautiful ancient homes! Every new picture had my heart just racing. And the countryside in the pictures of the second one..just, WOW, that’s seriously some of the most gorgeous scenery ever. I’d love to look out of my window and see that little mountain rising in the near distance.

      These two are easily my favorites so far! 😉

    • ChrisICU says: 665 comments

      A couple of nice houses Noelle. Before you jump onto the auction bandwagon though I suggest you do two things. First make sure you read up on exchange rates. In US Dollars they are higher than the GBP. Second, do some research on renovating a Grade II house in the UK. There may be a lot of obstacles than you would imagine.

  23. SeanSean says: 158 comments
    1928 Spanish Revival
    Long Beach, CA

    Anyone remember this Italianate beauty?

    It used to be stuffed with wonderful old organs and musical instruments and filled to the brim with eccentricities. It’s been on the market for a long time and the price has been reduced. As part of the sales makeover, it seems the agents had the placed emptied, re-staged with a few antiques, and then re-photographed in super-saturated cartoonish colors. They also employed a drone to take some great aerial shots.

    This house is part of my “Top 10 Houses” on Kelley’s site here. And if the stars aligned, I could see myself here in an instant!

    • Lindsay G says: 557 comments

      Oh what a beauty! I was pleasantly surprised with the interior pictures as well. It’s like a gingerbread house outside AND inside. Someone really put forth a lot of work to make this into something really special!

  24. DrNic says: 1 comments

    An older home in Petersburg originally built for the one of Virginia’s delegates. Still located on the most affluent street in Petersburg.

  25. Lindsay G says: 557 comments

    The old fashioned bowling alley is easily one of the best features of this home.


    • Anne M. says: 885 comments

      What a fantastic house! Between the bowling allery, the billiards room, the pool & the outdoor kitchen it is resort-like. Great find, thanks for posting it!

  26. Susan says: 5 comments

    Just happened upon this nice craftsman in Redlands, CA and thought I would share.

  27. Cora says: 2060 comments

    Something different!
    I’m not sure that I love it. Overall its interesting. Worth a share.

    The last photo has me scratching my head.

    1150 Highway 304
    $215,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  28. Cora says: 2060 comments

    Build date 1940?!?

    1036 7th St
    $185,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    • John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

      Not 1940. More like 1905-1910. The few stylistic details shown are in the Colonial Revival flavor. Mention is made in the listing of “stained glass” windows but I did not see any in the photos. A much later date is posted because the older a house is recorded the more difficult it is to obtain insurance and some companies have policies not to insure any house over 50 years old or with knob & tube wiring. There’s an addition to the back which might be from later in the 20th century so that too might account for the later date. I’d advise not to take listed construction dates too seriously unless the style and details match houses built during that era. Of course, I’ve seen a few houses with convenient construction dates clearly marked on the house so that usually takes away the guesswork or the need for more research.

      • Cora says: 2060 comments

        Thank you John. In this I knew they were likely way off. Poor old house. Bet it was Lovely at one time.

      • Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

        Another reason for wrong dates is when they are taken from tax records. In New Albany, Indiana, for example, there’s nothing older than 1929, according to the records, but of course it’s an old Ohio River town, built up in the mid-1800’s.

  29. Cora says: 2060 comments

    A few more pretties from the southwest:

    1039 Camino San Acacio
    $329,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

    725 Jackson St
    $359,900 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    Lovvvvvve the roofline and teeny little windows on this tower! Omg!

    524 Columbia St
    $375,000 | 4 Bed • 5 Bath

    522 Halona St
    $495,000 | 3 Bed • 1 Bath

    And…if you happen to have a spare $12,500,000 laying around:

    2 Cerro Gordo Rd
    $12,500,000 | N/A • N/A

    • Scott Cunningham says: 2 comments

      Amazed (on that $12M listing) that the realtor couldn’t be bothered to even hire a professional photographer to do the photos….. When your realtor whips out an iphone and starts taking crooked, poorly composed shots, and then uses them as your listing shots, you probably need a new realtor. If the home is going for $200K or more, it pays to do the listing photos professionally.

  30. Ken says: 66 comments

    A good friend and fellow old house restorer bought this last he now has it for sale. He moved a 1/4 mile down the road as he wanted less lawn to mow. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1881-Sherwood-Rd-Petersburg-VA-23805/79253795_zpid/

  31. Sharon@LaurelhurstCraftsman says: 1 comments

    I can’t believe this house hasn’t sold yet. It’s so beautiful.

  32. ChrisICU says: 665 comments

    Most Old Homes, of course, need the perfect buyer and this is no exception. This estate was built in the era of MId-century Modern and is a complete opposite feel. So, if you happen to like Napoleanic realness then this is certainly the plan for you. Finishes look above par and I haven’t seen another like it. My favorite part is what appears to be the master bathroom shower. Sweet. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/6650-S-Evanston-Cir_Tulsa_OK_74136_M74706-60361#photo36

  33. Cora says: 2060 comments

    What a cute little place. 1910:

    519 S Lincoln Ave
    $51,900 | 3 Bed • 1 Bath

    • John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

      Much better house than the price would suggest. The entry door is an unusual design as well. Looks clean and nicely landscaped in the back. Needs some attention to the exterior in the way of less drab colors. As for the screened in porch, difficult to suggest taking it away as it does provide protection from mosquitoes and other pests. That said, it would take the house back to its original appearance. Thanks for sharing.

      • Cora says: 2060 comments

        I love the carved front door and curved wall.

        I agree, the exterior needs some bright paint and trim, with or without the screened entry.

        I don’t come across too many small houses that have a lot of interior details left, as I think they are more likely to become rentals than the big Victorians.

  34. Cora says: 2060 comments

    One more in Chanute. 1890. Much of the original character is still intact and in nice condition. 4300+ sq.ft, and less than $200k. I do love this one.

    221 E Ninth St
    $189,000 | 4 Bed • 5 Bath

  35. says: 13 comments


    This is an interesting looking place–looks like an old church.

  36. Derek says: 32 comments


    Zillow claims this house was built in 1830, but from the outside, it looks like there was either newer additions or a lot of remodeling. Hard to tell what it actually looked like in 1830.
    It does however have a plaque on the house (pictured) indicating this home existed during the Civil War, which is significant because it is just 5.4 miles from Gettysburg National Military Park, site of the Battle of Gettysburg.
    It is listed as a foreclosure, and needs a ton of TLC, but you could actually own a Civil War era house for cheap.

  37. Derek says: 32 comments

    I am on a Civil War kick today. This one is from 1850.
    From Zillow: “Diamond in the rough on .79 acre lot. Eleven room house offered as is. Public Water and Sewer to site, needs hook ups. Two out-buildings. It was owned by Dr. Davis during the Civil War. He treated soldiers from both sides. Someone attempted to kill him and shot through the window. The bullet went through the chair he was sitting in and lodged in the fireplace surround. It is still there.”


  38. Kristi says: 49 comments

    This just showed up on my Facebook feed. Those of you who also have a thing for abandoned buildings will love this one. I’d love to see more pictures:

  39. John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

    Not too far gone to restore but beyond the point where it would make economic sense. It would take very deep pockets to even consider a project of this magnitude. There is a precedent…the West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana. Per Wikipedia: “Bill Cook, a billionaire entrepreneur, and his wife, Gayle, from Bloomington, Indiana, have been involved with several historic preservation projects. The Cook Group initiated efforts to stabilize the hotel’s structural integrity and begin exterior restoration during the summer of 1996. The thirty-month first phase of the project was completed in early 1999 at a cost of $30 million—two-and-a-half times their initial commitment.”
    But such benefactors are few and far between these days. Still, one can hope, right?

  40. Cora says: 2060 comments

    Sure would like to snoop through mamaw’s dish cabinet in the kitchen. Looks like someone spent a bit of time cleaning and staging.

    25 Chittenden Rd
    $149,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  41. Cora says: 2060 comments

    This one looks familiar. The front exterior is so lovely. Oh what I’d give for just a few more interior pics:

    1141 Main St
    $150,000 | 7 Bed • 3 Bath

    Some parts of this house are yummy, some parts not so much. 1875 Gothic Cottage caught my attention, though.

    619 Union St
    $650,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

    This one – I think maybe they only consume cotton candy in the shnazzy pink dining room – which…oddly I like. Normally not a fan. Not so much a fan of the super-updated kitchen. The entrance/tower combination is scrumptious:

    619 Union St
    $650,000 | 3 Bed • 2 Bath

  42. Cora says: 2060 comments

    Oh noooo…I’m afraid this one may be too far gone. I hope not:

    8 Ellsworth St
    $29,000 | N/A • 2 Bath

  43. Cora says: 2060 comments

    One more. Getting sleepy (finally!).

    At $53k, I would think someone will snatch this one up. The entrance hall of this is so perfect. Photo # 4. Love the moulding details.

    Not loving all the white paint. Ugh.

    I’m thinking that the 2nd story balcony was replaced by…a window A/C:

    145 North St
    $53,000 | 4 Bed • 2 Bath

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  44. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    Well, you know the price range that interests me.
    $15K, taxes around $1,000 a year, looks move-in ready (after all, wood paneling is not actually toxic). Look at the neighborhood stats first:
    Offered by the Greater Syracuse Land Bank:
    which has 53 properties below $10K.

  45. Liz Cruz says: 4 comments

    Job just got a new house in that I believe is a Georgian style house. I could be wrong, it was built in 1880, has nice front porch, lovely hardwood floors & I LOVE that almost all rooms have a fireplace & classic chandelier. Kitchen looks to be recently updated as well. We have it at such a low price too, I wish I lived closer to Hartford, NY. (Wishful thinking). http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/45-County-Route-23-Hartford-NY-12838/32897191_zpid/

    • John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

      A couple of interior details (notably, the cabinet with the broken pediment crest) could be considered Georgian, but the house style is clearly Italianate with the rows of paired eaves brackets and arched top entry door panes. The staircase leaves me uncertain as to when it dates from because of its configuration. An original 1880 staircase would likely have curved as it went upward but difficult to tell here. Interesting house overall.

  46. I just saw this on Circa and followed their link:
    It looks like a beautiful old home that needs some serious TLC! 🙂

  47. John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

    Perhaps of interest to Frank Lloyd Wright fans as well as those interested in Mid Century Modern, the well known art wallpaper firm of Bradbury & Bradbury in Benecia, CA, has just announced a Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of wallpapers with documented designs by FLW. http://www.bradbury.com/frank_lloyd_wright.html
    I don’t recall the Master as ever being a fan of wallpapers, but incorporating his designs in the proper setting could greatly enhance a MCM interior and provide the needed period flavor. (I was going to post this with the Minneapolis FLW designed house but the comments were closed so I’m posting it here)

  48. C.F. says: 37 comments

    I believe this house was posted in here for a links Friday before, but the price just dropped. Really hoping someone who appreciates it snaps it up, I feel like it looks worse than it really is. Gorgeous woodwork.

    • John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

      C.F., I agree. Very intact c. 1900 house which I observe even has the twist doorbell still on the original door. The delicate fretwork spandrel is a rare survivor as well. In the two rooms where someone has removed the plaster from the walls, at least they cleaned up the mess and they’re ready for drywall. (or a new 3-coat plaster reapplication if one wanted to) Nice house for the price unless there are things not seen needing attention.

  49. Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

    $100K. A Victorian upper-middle-class home, apparently in good condition. People commute from Kentland to Chicago, but it’s a long drive in Winter.

  50. John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

    Ed, this Kentland house has been on the market off and on for several years. I don’t know why it hasn’t sold yet. However, if I had to pick a house in Kentland, it would undoubtedly be this George F. Barber design on 3rd St.: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11236515@N05/22717232835/in/photostream/ Unfortunately, I can’t recall that house ever being on the market. Kentland has several other interesting Victorian era homes and as you noted, is not too far from the Windy City.

  51. Shawn Cripe says: 24 comments

    Here’s another beautiful old place in Missouri:

  52. SueSue says: 1127 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1802 Cape

    Well the cutest little farm near me is up for sale. It has a wonderful view of Clary Lake and is in a beautiful spot. If I was going to stay in Maine I would beg my husband to buy it.


    This is also not far from me and it overlooks Damriscotta Lake.


    I love this place. Sort of reminds me of a Wyeth painting.


    And for the “if I had a million dollars” list.


  53. JimC says: 46 comments

    My wife and I looked at this house in Conway, AR back in late 2012. It was built in 1879 and has a 1920’s addition on the back of the house. We loved the house but it needed work and we talked ourselves out of it. The people who bought it did some major work on the interior. Not much was done to the exterior since it’s in a historic district. Fast forward 3 years and they’ve listed it for sale. Here is the current listing:

    Here are some photos archived from the original listing back in 2012, along with an historic photo from around the turn of the last century that the real estate agent gave us on a card when we viewed the house. The current porch is not original and you can see the original porch in this photo.

  54. John Shiflet says: 5454 comments

    Some faded old houses fall into the “sleeper” category because they completely lack visual appeal. Here’s a house in Hartford, Indiana, that dates from the 1890’s and probably once had nice curb appeal: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/526-W-Washington-St-Hartford-City-IN-47348/85112202_zpid/ But its now trashed inside and needs substantial work. The house still has some interesting exterior porch ornament and fretwork, some art glass windows and hardwood floors inside. A couple of 40 cubic yard dumpsters, a thorough interior cleanup, and cutting away the jungle hiding the exterior would boost the house’s prospects considerably. I’m not sure if the owner is actually asking $5,000 (or best offer) but even at $10K (provided a clear title comes with the sale) it looks like a bargain to me. The seller provided ample photos which is rare for houses below $50K. I love the balcony porch upstairs. Put $60-$125K into the house and it would transform back into the beauty it once was. At such a low price, it’s prime for a cheap flip or landlord makeover-rescue the house before it suffers that fate. Streetview: https://goo.gl/maps/uwJmLf3mkJz

  55. Eric Hoffer says: 2 comments

    This is a 1780’s log house, in the historic village of Springfield, Pennsylvania. West of Carlisle, North of Shippensburg, along the Big Spring Creek. Check it out!

    • Ed Ferris says: 299 comments

      I’ve lived in a log cabin and happen to know something about them. This one is mostly fake. The log ends have to overlap more and the chinking is far too wide. So we know the walls are not structural and the house is built on a steel frame. The inside is obviously modern. On the bright side, they probably put it on a poured concrete foundation so it won’t slowly sink into the ground like a genuine one will. And three bathrooms are nice, assuming they are all indoors and not just a three-holer out back.

  56. Cora says: 2060 comments

    A certain TV theme song comes to mind while looking through this time capsule…

    610 Trenton Dr
    $7,495,000 | 4 Bed • 5 Bath

  57. tc says: 299 comments

    Are you ready to retire? This is a wonderful established B&B. Ready to move into. This is my favorite place to stash extra company and I want it to continue.


  58. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11887 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I was going through my images to find today’s old photo (as in 5/5/17) and realize I had another image of this home! I don’t even remember buying them together but don’t remember not either. In any case…

  59. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 11887 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    And yes, another old photo where I failed at location. Written on the back of one of these photos “Fargo, ND”.

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