1896 Queen Anne – Bad Axe, MI

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424 E Huron Ave, Bad Axe, MI 48413

  • $229,000
  • 5 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 4466 Sq Ft
  • 2.74 Ac.
Get ready to lose yourself in this absolutely gorgeous Victorian home. 3 full floors of stunning wood work, stained glass windows, built-in cabinets, 2 fireplaces and the list goes on. 5 bedrooms, 2 baths and approx 4466 sq ft. You will be amazed at the detail put into the woodwork. With this home you get the best of both worlds - the convenience of everything living in town has to offer out your front door, and the peacefulness of the country out your back door. Enjoying the 2.74 acres can also be done from inside or out. The home also features a beautiful sun room with new windows and covered porches on both the ground level and the 2nd floor. Many updates have been done without taking away any of the original charm. Including windows, roof, heating, GFI and breakers. And yes, there is a full basement and a 2 car garage. This type of home, not to mention that it is in above average condition is very rare to find. Don't miss the opportunity. Call for your showing - there is so much more to see! BA-219
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27 Comments on 1896 Queen Anne – Bad Axe, MI

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  1. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12216 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    Thanks to Julles for sharing!

  2. jeklstudio says: 1053 comments

    Quite pretty what they’re showing of it. Nice wood, lovely stair. Anyone else think that window seat on the landing is an add on? The grounds are gorgeous.

    • John Shiflet says: 5540 comments

      I think it probably is..most original window seats tended to be solid with finished sides and sometimes storage under the seats. Agreed with you as well on the landscaping-very picturesque.

  3. Ross says: 2412 comments

    Hey, realtor!

    Why didn’t you take more interior images???????

    Not fair! This is TOOOOOOOO gorgeous a house to offer scant images!

    We want more!

    We want more!

    We want more!

  4. sandrat says: 3 comments

    Love the wood floor inlay and the attic room!

  5. Pacific Northwest Girl says: 28 comments

    I’m not familiar with the area, but this seems like a lot of home and property for the price. Lovely image of the acreage. Very pretty, and that finished attic / playroom is awesome!

  6. RosewaterRosewater says: 7266 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Attic heaven.

  7. Lindsay G says: 530 comments

    Gorgeous home! That window seat in the stairwell window has me sold. I love it. And I adore the backyard! I don’t know what it is about it but it looks almost magical in a way.

  8. MonicaG says: 154 comments

    The FEW pics there are look amazing. More please!

  9. Christopher DiMattei says: 268 comments

    I am nearly certain that this is yet another masterful George Barber designed home. It is reasonably close to a published design and yet it has all the basic parts arranged differently, which is exactly what Barber loved to do for his clients. The year of construction is what is throwing me off a bit, because it pre-dates the published version of this design by a few years. This, of course, is quite possible, especially given the significant customization’s this house presents. In fact, if the YOC is correct, then this house just might be the design that led to the published version. Very cool and a great find. Thanks Kelly.

  10. KevinB says: 116 comments

    i love the name of the town. need to get rid of the dated wallpaper and i think that window seat appears to be someone’s flimsy add-on and needs to go. the real estate agent should take much better pictures and by all means Never ever have photos with any holiday decorations if it isn’t near the holidays – it just emphasizes the house has been on the market for some time.

  11. Diane says: 569 comments

    I got stuck on the town name: Is it a timber/lumbering area? Is it the home of rock guitarists? Was there a ax murder? Did the founder have a disagreeable wife? Oh the possibilities. I agree with the holiday decorations. We all think our home shines the best during Christmas but that’s only if it’s Christmas and you’re having a party. I don’t understand realtors that picture modernizations and not the original remaining pieces – unless there isn’t much left.

  12. tim hildebrandt says: 97 comments

    Kelly. I can’t thank you enough for this website. I get the greatest enjoyment from looking at these homes. The Tudors, moderns, craftsman, Spanish, everything. You do a great service for all us lovers of architectural wonders from the past. It illustrates how bereft our lives would be if we were restricted to everything built after 1965. And the examples from Europe add spice to the whole experience. Thank you again!

  13. KarenZKarenZ says: 1169 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I really do wish that there were more pics to look at as this is one amazing beauty! That pantry and the kitchen cabinets are just fabulous! That upstairs play room just topped it off for me!

  14. KarenZKarenZ says: 1169 comments
    OHD Supporter

    I just looked at the street view and it looks like a great place to walk and explore. There are an awful lot of huge trucks, though!

  15. Jules says: 45 comments

    Diamond pane windows = charm.

  16. Nancy says: 2 comments

    This was my second house (after the modern one) to look at because of the town name. How awesome is Bad Axe MI? Love the home also…..

  17. Michael Mackin says: 2959 comments

    The house is too nice not to have a few more pictures. The name of the town has me wondering also.

  18. Melody says: 501 comments

    As for the story behind the name Bad Axe….

    “The city was established in 1905. The city’s unusual name dates to the time of its settlement. While surveying the first state road through the Huron County wilderness in 1861, Rudolph Papst and George Willis Pack made camp at the future site of the city and found a much-used and badly damaged axe. At Pack’s suggestion, Papst used the name “Bad Axe Camp” in the minutes of the survey and on a sign he placed along the main trail. The first post office in Bad Axe was established in 1870.” (Wikipedia)

    This place is not all that far from me, if they were having an open house on a weekend that I had time to spend, I’d drive over and take some pictures!

  19. Beverly Martin says: 305 comments

    I live near here. There are several large homes in a row. However, on main street, so lots of traffic. Not a big town but not picturesque. Seems a good buy, but I have not checked in to that. Bad Axe is in the Thumb of Michigan within 1/2 hr.(+ or-) of Lake Huron. abevy

  20. Paul Lakinaus says: 1 comments

    I love this home, to the point that I am flying back to look at it. I do wish there were more pictures….

  21. Angie T. says: 5 comments

    I was born and raised in Bad Axe. This home had been on the market for some time–nearly 3 years (or maybe more). Maybe it would have sold sooner if the realtor actually took some decent pictures! What a shame…the home is gorgeous both inside and out and the pictures they had do NOT do it justice! (I actually do have more pictures in case anyone is interested…just don’t know how to get them here).

    When my husband and I were looking for our forever home, we fell in love with this one, but just couldn’t justify the 4,500 sq. feet of home. Way too much for just two people. Not to mention that it only had one zone when it came to heating it–yipes! It broke my heart to pass this one up, but it just wasn’t right for us.
    It truly is a gorgeous home—I fell in love with it so much that I did all the historical research on it. Not sure whether it’s a Barber home, but the man who built it, John Ryan, was basically the right hand man of the president (Frank Hubbard) of the local banks. He also had stock at the Bad Axe Planing Mill–probably explains all of the woodwork in the home–and was one of the principal owners of the Thumb Telephone Company as well as director of the Ruggles Truck factory (yes, such a factory for such a type of truck did exist). Maybe his wealth and status would have allowed him to work with George Barber? Mrs. Edith Ryan (John’s wife) passed away in 1901 of cancer of the uterus. As a side note, I spoke with the previous owner of the home (the home had been in her family since 1930)–she states that there is an E.R. carved in the windowsill in (I believe) the kitchen area. She thought it might have been one of kids, but it turns out it is the mother’s initials–the girls were named Helen and Mary.

    I just recently drove by and noticed it sold–hopefully to someone who will adore it as much as I do, and will keep it looking absolutely gorgeous. It would be a shame if they modernized the whole place!

  22. Heather McDermott says: 1 comments

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your findings about this home. I actually am the one who recently purchased it and I have been trying to get more info on the home with little luck. Can you tell me where you maybe found info on Jack Ryan? A google search yielded very little on him.

  23. Angie T. says: 5 comments

    Hi Heather! Sorry it took a bit to respond–I was on vacation for a couple weeks. As to any info about the house, get yourself a copy of “Bad Axe Michigan, the Thumb’s Best Town” off of Amazon (or Ebay). It’s a reprint of a book published in 1901. Because he was so prominent, there is a section on John Ryan. His photo is also in there, as is a picture of the home in 1901–it’s where I found the most information about John and his family. I also did a lot of research on his family via Ancestry.com. The bit about the initials carved on a windowsill came from Tami, the gal that you purchased the home from. Also, once you get settled in, let me know. I also have a picture of the Ryan girls that I had mailed to me, as the owner of the home, I feel that you should have it and I’d love to get it to you.


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