c. 1850 Greek Revival – Bedford, PA

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6698 Lincoln Hwy, Bedford, PA 15522

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  • $199,000
  • 4 Bed
  • 3544 Sq Ft
Restore this 1800's brick two story home to its long ago beauty! Close to Downtown Bedford, PA Turnpike and I-99. Gently rolling acreage. Property acquired through an estate.
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Tina Boozer, Coldwell Banker SKS Realty
(814) 623-7009
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13 Comments on c. 1850 Greek Revival – Bedford, PA

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  1. Ken Ball says: 9 comments

    The past two years have not been kind to this beauty. Will be in Bedford in a couple of weeks, want to drive by her and have a look.

  2. avon01 says: 9 comments

    This lady could be the Queen of the county again. Such a lovely setting and ‘open slate’.
    I know, it needs Everything, but what a “after” photo series that would be!

  3. Lori says: 10 comments

    In comparing the 2013 photo with the current ones, it looks like the house was vandalized…so many things missing, shutters, mantels,etc. Could be beautiful but a lot of work.

  4. Pookha says: 132 comments

    Ah–need deep pockets for this. But it will be so wonderful when finished. And 30 acres–I’m the elbow room girl.

  5. Nonni says: 2 comments

    Now that is one scary house. It’s too bad someone took the fireplace mantle. Any idea how long the house has been empty?

  6. RosewaterRosewater says: 7099 comments
    OHD Supporter

    1875 Italianate cottage
    Noblesville, IN

    Looks to me as if someone may have “started” to do “something” to the house at some point. Unfortunately they did not start in the most obvious and critical place with a new roof. Looks like they removed the shutters, (shown stacked in the front room). The mantles were likely removed and stored as well for their first project, removing the original plaster and lath in favor of the shown drywall job, [just brilliant]. Can’t tell for sure, but looks as if a few replacement windows of unknown quality have been installed at the back. This house has a ton of potential and a boat load of original fabric. Let’s hope the next owner is sensitive to antique houses and turns down a different path than the drywall people were on. Ugh…. The original kitchen hearth in the basement may look creepy now, but in the right hands, that room could be the most interesting and beautiful in this whole interesting and beautiful house. Fingers crossed..

  7. polly says: 1 comments

    The area where this house is located tends to be extremely safe and low crime. Bedford is a beautiful and historic town. It has a charming downtown with a fair number of unique shops and restaurants. The cost of living is lower than many other areas. This house could be spectacular in the right hands.

  8. Beth says: 1 comments

    i used to drive past this beautiful property every time I made a trip home, wish I could get it and fix it up and be living closer to home again. The drive on Lincoln Hwy between breezewood and Latrobe is a beautiful drive, especially in the fall. I’d love to see someone restore this gem!

  9. Kelly, OHDKelly, OHD says: 12114 comments

    1901 Folk Victorian
    Chestatee, GA

    I happen to watch a guy that goes into old and abandoned buildings and recognized this house in one of his videos. Please do not comment about the location on the video but you can see just how bad condition the home is in. link

    • AlliAlli says: 13 comments

      Thanks for the link! It was definitely in poor condition. I actually got emotional when I watched it!

  10. Avonna says: 9 comments

    She can be pretty again. I work for a General Contractor and I also live in a 90 year old home. It would be basically like building a new home in an old shell. It can be done. She can shine again, and someone can make history come alive. I think that guy on the video is not doing History a favor.

    • Mark says: 143 comments

      While it could be pretty again, it would be much cheaper building a new home. This is more than building from a shell. It would take a while just to get to the shell. The basement has serious water issues, asbestos, the foundation looks pretty rough, an entire floor is missing(where did it go?). Missing lots of pieces. Needles and debris from drug users in the basement.

      There are a couple rooms in the video that look like they could just be swept, painted, floors refinished, and ready to go,
      but then there area other areas that require very extensive repairs and at $199 in semi-rural PA it’s a tough investment looking at it strictly financially.

      On another note, I’m guessing it’s not legal to wander around inside a property like the fellow in this video. Also, keep in mind you will get to a creepy scream at the end of the video because old houses are “scary”. I didn’t see the video as creepy. If you’re used to old houses, it looks like a real estate virtual tour.

  11. Handymam says: 55 comments

    This house is currently for sale.


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